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Here’s a little news item I seem to have missed. Back in May, James Loewen and Edward Sebesta launched a campaign to convince President Barack Obama not to send the annual wreath to the Arlington Confederate Monument, which they call a “symbol of White Nationalism”. It seems to have failed. Obama went ahead and sent the wreath anyway. It looks like he wanted to avoid controversy because Bill Ayer’s name was on the list of petititioners and that attracted a lot of negative attention. Not to be discouraged, Sebesta has already set up a blog and plans to try again next year. Loewen has an article up at HNN complaining about Obama’s “separate but equal” decision to send another wreath to a monument honoring the negroes who fought and died for the Union.

For those unfamilar with his activism, James Loewen is a notorious anti-racist agitator. I haven’t been able to find any information about his ethnicity, which I assume to be Jewish or German. He is the author of Sundown Towns: A Hidden Dimension of American Racism and Lies My Teacher Told Me. Loewen is also a contributor to the Jim Crow Encyclopedia which I happen to own. I’m not sure why he hasn’t been mentioned so far on VNN’s Top 40 Enemies of White People. He could easily make the list.

Like the NAACP’s campaign against the Confederate flag, this episode is only one example of the daily assault by “progressives” on symbols of our culture. Although Ian Jobling hasn’t realized it yet, this neverending drumbeat against all aspects of whiteness is the most compelling rationale for separatism.

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  1. “I haven’t been able to find any information about his ethnicity, which I assume to be Jewish or German.”

    He’s most likely of ethnic Jewish descent. The root of his surname is a common Jewish one, “Löw” (or “Loew”), related also to Jewish surnames “Löwe”/”Loewe,” “Loeb,” etc.

  2. I just did 20 minutes of research on the guy, and I am almost certain that he is a German Catholic. Loewen is either German or Jewish, but his Mom’s name is Winifred (German, not Jewish), he teaches at a Catholic University (how many Jews do that?!), he comes from Decatur, IL (few Jews, probably lots of Germans), and his phenotype appears to be Middle German or High German.

    He has a classic German face that few if any Jews have. Further, he appears to be tall and angular. Another classic German type that few Jews share. I have an email to him, but he may not respond.

  3. Ha, I just researched this geezer and I also came up with the same results as Robert.

    He does look more Bavarian than ‘Brooklyn’, if ya get my drift… .

    Additionally, ‘James’ is a distinctly non-Khazarian name.

  4. “Additionally, ‘James’ is a distinctly non-Khazarian name. ”

    Yes that was one of my thoughts as well.

    Jews are not averse to utilizing names from the New Testament time period, but will usually use an alternate spelling for it to differentiate themselves from the hated ‘goyim’ who the (self) chosen think they are above. Mark = Marc, John = Jon. Some of these spellings are used by French people to though, but with enough diligence it is usually easy to find if the person using an ‘alternate spelling’ is a Jew.

    There really aren’t that many alternate spellings for James though so Khazars rarely use it.

  5. He could be a an American of mixed Jewish and German descent? We all know how much the Jews like to mix with the German/Teutonic blood…

  6. Does it really matter whether he is Jewish or not? He’s still a Anti-White POS no matter what his ancestry.

  7. Possible related story to all out assault on ‘Traditions’ by Progressives (note I’m not even a Judeo-Christian, but this story is upsetting none-the-less due to the general nastiness of Progressives):
    Pentagon nixes flyover

    Saturday, July 4th, 2009
    NAMPA — Organizers of the God and Country Family Festival say the Pentagon denied a military flyover, which the celebration has featured for 42 years, because of the event’s emphasis on Christianity.

  8. This is more proof why white racialists should reject the nonsense of “white-lite.” There is no lite when it comes to the hatred of White Americans. That the uncontrolled, unscripted and uncensored words written or spoken by whites presents more of a threat to the gate keepers of civility then standing armies or the vicious and violent crimes of various shades of color should be enough for any white to reject ‘lite.’

    And here, here, we have an agitator that wants to discredit the heroism, genuine nobility and very humanity of the Confederate fighters, who stood down and ended the war, and that war left a bad taste for war in their human hearts. I guess they weren’t devastated enough, I guess the blood shed, displacement and poverty just wasn’t quit enough, they now should not be honored at all, not even for their humanity and suffering. To mock their humanity and struggle is disgraceful. They did not want to see more blood and death of their countrymen, and they did not revel in the violence. They lost. What is the purpose of ‘white lite’ discussion when faced with this type of hatred? That white dialog concerning the future of our race needs to be more fun, more entertaining so it can be ‘mainstream’? That it should not agitate or disturb anyone’s fictions? Spiritual bondage, history revisionism, rape, murder, displacement and total exploitation are serious matters not fun or funny ones, and they are not things that anyone who cares about the future of Whites on this planet should want to make ‘lite.’ Especially Americans.

  9. Endless complaining about the Confederacy is the equivalent of beating a dead horse. The Civil War was almost a century and half ago; and I find Sebesta’s obsession with the Confederacy pathetic.

    I guess he just wants to destroy any solidarity Whites might try to share with each other.

  10. Felim: “Does it really matter whether he is Jewish or not? He’s still a Anti-White POS no matter what his ancestry.”

    Your right, Felim…if he’s anti-White it doesn’t matter what his ancestry is.

    The hypocrisy of people like Loewen is incredible. This is a guy from Decatur, IL (almost 80% White according to the 2000 census) who also teaches at a Catholic university (how many Black Catholics are there?). This is a guy who has likely lived his whole life around Whites and associated very little with Blacks, and when he did associate with Blacks it was probably just him lecturing Blacks about how valiant he is for fighting against “evil Southern racists” and so on.

    With all of these “anti-racists,” it all boils down to ‘diversity snobbery’ as Prozium and others have noted; this makes them feel morally superior to the White “racists” who are actually the ones who have healthy and sound racial instincts gained from real-world experiences (often negative) with non-Whites, as opposed to people like Loewen who, as stated, likely has had very little realistic experience dealing with Blacks. He has dealt with Blacks and other non-Whites only in the abstract, in his academic Ivory Tower and on the page, safe and sound in the snug office of his all-White college.

    Lets take Loewen and have him to live in a Black-wrecked city like Detroit, Newark, etc. for a year and then subsequently interview him while he’s drunk or under the influence of another similar truth-serum – we’ll then see how “anti-racist” he remains after having lived in one of those Black hellholes.

  11. Sebesta portrays himself as a mind reader and offers up the usual bizarre defense of egalitarianism. This world is so sick I really can’t believe I am not yet dead from the disease. It seems to be the dull, unanimous boring conclusion of those who want to break white people that Whiteness is something made up of different theoretical “racist” ideologies, instead of sensuality, experience, reflection and empathy. Somehow, it is assumed that whites lack the imagination and depth to arrive at their own conclusions about life. It is suggested that when two white people arrive at the same conclusion about their experience in this fictional “egalitarian” hellhole, that one must have learned it from another as opposed to that which experience has revealed. It depends on denying experience and therefore reality. It depends on one actually gauging out their own eyes! It takes a real pervert to conceive such a vulgar view of white people. It is a historical fact that whites do not need mediators to teach them how to think, write, speak or create. Genius, history, the only cultural narrative that matters, and experience are self evident.

    The apotheosis of the diversity defended by the likes of Sebesta is violence. This is reality. Violence of the type that is becoming common place would not be tolerated in an all white society. But as long the economy gives the illusion of functioning amid the decay and rot, the rapes and muggings, who cares? Breaking Whites pays, with lawyers and courts, and prisons. The diversity industry pays. And as things degenerate further it will be crime that will become the biggest industry. It can help stimulate consumption as law abiding whites have the last of their possessions looted; it is a boon to security agencies, it makes doctors and coroner rich; Why then, should those that hate whites be tolerated? Crime pays.

  12. ‘Diversity snobbery’… I like that, it is going into the canon right along-side ‘Racial Nihilism’ in my arsenal of rhetoric.
    Blogs helps to develop an alternative language/ discourse. It is happening now!

  13. A pretty good website made by an older White woman who has had enough of anti-Whiteness and Jewish control – – the motto of her website is “I REFUSE TO DIE FOR THE JEWS”

    It’s a good sign when even females start joining in with us in opposing White genocide and bloodsucking Jewry…a very good sign. She is also a grad of an elite American uni (UC Berkeley) – another good sign.

    I came across her website from a comment she left in the following article by an Amerindian who is strongly opposed to White extinction –

  14. From Loewen’s Wikipedia article: “For 20 years, Loewen taught race relations at the University of Vermont. Prior to that, he taught at Mississippi’s Tougaloo College, a historically black college.” –

    LOL! Wow, Loewen taught “race relations” for 20 YEARS in VERMONT, one of the Whitest states in all of America. Courageous guy, I tell ya. But uh oh, his tenure at the Black college (Tougaloo in MS) seems to have been MUCH shorter…wonder why that is? He spent only a few years at a Black college in MS, and then 20 years at a White college in Vermont. This guy sweats hypocrisy. Even he admits it: “LOEWEN: I taught for many years at Tougaloo College, a college in Mississippi that is predominantly African-American. Then I moved to the University of Vermont, so I went from the blackest to the whitest college in America.” –

    Loewen is a SOCIOLOGY professor…’nuff said – modern academic sociology is one of the most Judaized and unabashedly leftist as well as White-male-hating fields in all of American academia.

    And what about Tougaloo’s vaunted Sociology Dept. where Loewen taught? Well…”By using archival documents, a social history of the Tougaloo College Sociology Department was constructed as a method of viewing the significant contributions of Ernst Borinski, a German Jewish émigré scholar who played a pivotal role in the postwar development of the department. The paper examines Borinski’s life, the social context in which he worked, and his influence on the institution and its students. The archival documents were derived from the Ernst Borinski Collection in the Tougaloo College Archives, including diaries, letters, and scholarly papers. In addition, documents from the Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission and secondary sources regarding Tougaloo College’s academic life such as college catalogs, institutional self-studies, and school newspapers were used to examine the unique institutional constraints related to a historically African-American liberal arts college in Mississippi. Through grantsmanship, Borinski developed a Social Science Advancement Institute, Social Science Forums, and a Freshman Social Science Seminar. Between 1947 and 1999, he produced approximately 22 students who received Ph.D.’s, approximately 10 in sociology or social work; and approximately 88 students received master’s degrees, including 26 M.S.W.’s.” –

  15. Hey Lena…are you the same Elena who runs the website that I just posted about? Strange coincidence, as I posted that previous comment BEFORE I managed to put 2 and 2 together and notice the similarities.

    If so, great website! Judging by your website plus your comments here you are clearly a brilliant pro-White thinker-writer, and I hope that you’ll continue to advocate for the permanent survival of Whites in North America (as well as worldwide) and against the Jew-led White genocide that is occurring.

  16. Lena sure is one kick-ass writer, I’ve got to say that. And she’s a great thinker too. I’m such a sexist jerk that I almost can’t believe a woman is writing that stuff, lol.

    Is English your 2nd language, Lena? Even if so, your English prose is quite remarkable.

  17. “Sundown Towns”? Yet another example of the increasingly flagrant guilt-inducing anti-White propaganda.

    From Maine to California, thousands of communities kept out African Americans (or sometimes Chinese Americans, Jewish Americans, etc.) by force, law, or custom. These communities are sometimes called “sundown towns” because some of them posted signs at their city limits reading, typically, “Nigger, Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On You In ___.” Some towns are still all white on purpose.

    Sure, pay no mind to the White no-go zones all over America today, and while you’re at it, make sure you write (on purpose) “African Americans”, “Chinese Americans”, and “Jewish Americans”, while lambasting “whites”.

  18. No, I do not run a website. Cut and paste is about the extent of my computer savvy. I started reading this site when Prozium wrote that piece on Raimondo who I liked reading and knew nothing about. It was a piece of writing I wish I had conceived. Not because it was a total rip into Raimondo, but the symptom of the nihilism and the ugly dispassionate world view of so many that he so eloquently revealed.

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