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  1. Letting apollonian comment on one’s blog is a death sentence for said blog. Just look at White Reference. I would love to unmoderate my comments section but that mentally ill freak is the reason I keep moderation on.

  2. There is never an end to Apollonian’s strange posts and personal attacks, no matter the blog or website. The web vibrates with his foul rants from one end to the other. If he is repelled in one place, as he inevitably always is, he just pops up someplace else. It is something that long time users of white oriented sites have had to accept, akin to the common cold and tax season.

  3. Compare Occidental Dissent to the ghost town that is ‘White America’!

    Laugh out loud, philo-semitic ‘Race Realism’ is deader then a door nail, whilst White Nationalism is rising in the light!

  4. Hello Prozium,
    I wanted to thank you for this site. You’re interpretation of the tremendous shifts in racial understanding and events are akin to my my own, and a much needed voice to keep my sane. I am very glad to have found you – A

  5. “Why let a schizophrenic loser like Fred Scrooby post at all?”

    I don’t think Scrooby is a schizophrenic, as he is too rational and organized in his thinking to be one. He does, however, possess certain unsavory traits within the spectrum: he lacks liveliness, has certain fixations (in his case racial and ethnic), and he’s humorless and anhedonic. Nothing original comes out of his mind — it’s all boilerplate racialism of the lowest kind. You read his posts and can’t help but think: “Loser.”

  6. A message board I used to frequent had what they termed a “eugenic posting policy” which is in contrast with the quasi-libertarianism of Linder’s VNNF that lets all sorts of kooks and trolls have free reign over the board.

    I enjoy your blog and (most) of the people commenting here. Demanding a little more out of people in terms of intellectualism is the natural evolutionary next-step for a growing forum or blog that doesn’t want to turn into a sewer due to its increasing popularity.

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