That’s Racist!

In the AP, liberals worry that ‘racism’ is losing its currency:

The word is being sprayed in all directions, creating a hall of mirrors that is draining the scarlet R of its meaning and its power, turning it into more of a spitball than a stigma.

Playing the race card isn’t the rhetorical atom bomb that it used to be. Here’s some recent evidence of this:

1.) The backlash against Obama that followed the Gatesgate fiasco.
2.) Glenn Beck’s soaring ratings.
3.) Obama choosing to punt instead of lining up behind Jimmy Carter when he accused the Whites behind the Tea Parties of ‘racism’.
4.) The rightwing blogosphere turning against Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs.

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  1. Media propaganda is reaching a saturation point, it’s losing its potency.

    Racist is a figment of the Marxist mind.

    Again, the Obama administration and the media’s dedication to him and the left is causing the MARs uprising. We wouldn’t have had this with McCain. So the “worse is better” strategy appears to be working.

  2. In your OPINION I’m a “racist”,
    You just say that because I’m white,
    Anti-“racism” is just a code word for Anti-White.

  3. If racism or antisemitism come up in our on-the-ground workings, we say the terms just mean “shut-up,” that we intend to speak out, and we move on. If pressed, we repeat. If re-pressed, we re-repeat until our interviewer is tired.

  4. The Gatesgate fiasco was instructive. There was clearly a backlash as a direct result of Obama’s criticism of the Boston cop. It appears that as a result Obama’s handlers have told him to keep the R-card in his wallet, as evidenced by example three on Prozium’s list.

    It would be devastating to the left if “racist” went the way of “communist” as a mark of dishonor. Obviously they still have the ability to put economic pressure on dissidents, but the death of racism would go a long way towards freeing the minds of White Americans.

  5. “The rightwing blogosphere turning against Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs.”

    Very pleased to hear this. Just a few minutes ago I made the mistake of going over to Johnson’s site. I feel like I need a shower.

    These so called “conservatives” posting over there are truly the biggest bunch of morons I’ve seen in a good long while. The Kosers and other lefty jackoffs look positively brilliant in comparison, and that’s saying something.

    We’ve been bashing aracial conservatism pretty hard around here, and thank god for that. Those curs deserve nothing but mockery and kicking around. The Little Green Football crowd is probably the purest distillation of aracial conservatism: vapid, stupid, utterly ignorant. Couldn’t spot a fundamental premise or major idea if it bit them in the ass. The sort of nancys that buy into all the key liberal premises, but then are shocked, shocked, when liberalism wins. Again, curs fit only for mockery and kicking around.

    The fetid gutter into which the vile sludge of aracial conservatism drains: Little Green Footballs. I’ll tell you this: I certainly don’t want these clowns as citizens in the coming white nation.

  6. The professionals, and say what you like about him but Obama is a professional politician, are treading very lightly so as not to awaken the sleeping giant, White america. Of course the loose cannons and raving moonbats can’t help themselves, and their constant drumbeat about race is beginning to irritate the sleeper.

    The sleeper must awaken.

  7. Damn, man, WordPress just shut down my blog. No reason given, no refund, plus they are stealing all my content and refusing to give it back. There is no way to contact anyone, emails will probably not be returned, and phone calls get voice mail. God what a shitty service.

  8. What did you do to piss them off, Robert? They don’t usually suspend accounts; the only other one which I can recall being taken down was Zionist Watch (for obvious reasons).

  9. I haven’t the faintest idea. I had some shock videos on there, but I read the TOS scores of times, and they seemed to be allowed. There’s some content that’s not allowed, but that’s not part of it. Furthermore, it says they don’t censor “offensive” content. The worst I did was be offensive, and I thought that was allowed.

    I’m really pissed that they’re stealing my content. Even Blogger isn’t that low. Fuck WordPress. Fuck all these “Internet corporations” anyway. This is like the Wild West. Nowhere in the US is the consumer so abused as on the Net. Same goes for the “software industry.” It’s been full-throttle consumer abuse cubed from Day One.

  10. I noticed your blog was down yesterday. It looks like you are going to have to rent some server space for a year and host the blog yourself like we do here.

  11. “Again, the Obama administration and the media’s dedication to him and the left is causing the MARs uprising. We wouldn’t have had this with McCain. So the “worse is better” strategy appears to be working.”

    Agreed. What the Left doesn’t grasp is that the very existence of a black nationalist Obongo government, has inadvertently helped defuse the ‘racism’ weapon.

    The enormous double-standard, where the racial consciousness of negroes and other non-Whites is encouraged and celebrated while that of Whites is forbidden if not illegal, has become apparent, I think, to many previously clueless Whites. In other words, some might be asking themselves, if it’s okay for Obama to advocate for blacks (and he’s the president for God’s sake), why isn’t it okay for Whites to advocate for Whites?

    Worse is better, indeed. More, please.

  12. Good comment #9 by Trainspotter!

    About WP’s comment #17: Frank Rich and the Jew York Times are of course part of the Jewish tribal press waging a Jewish tribal war on Eurochristians. That’s all that’s going on with that. There’s nothing more to it than that: it’s not “leftism” or “liberalism” but a tribal war. Alex Linder is right: when it’s Jewishism don’t euphemistically call it “liberalism.” Call it what it is, Jewish tribal warfare. Don’t refer to “the liberal press,” call it what it is, the Jewish press. It’s not liberals prosecuting liberal warfare but Jewish tribalists waging Jewish tribal warfare.

    Part of what’s needed now is for us to wage the same exact war on Jews and Israel in reverse: start attacking Israel as a Nazi apartheid state. (I’m on record as supporting Israel and I still support it, both in principle and viscerally. I support the Jewish people in general — in principle of course, but also viscerally. But we’re under Jewish genocidal attack and we have to fight back or go extinct. They’re playing the filthiest tricks imaginable on us. We HAVE TO turn the tables and use those tactics right back on them. They’re very hard tactics to defend yourself against, given the characteristics both inborn and cultural of the broad Eurochristian world we and the Jews have to appeal to for backing (those are the characteristics which, like it or not, we have to work with), and one reason the Jews are in such a strong position is precisely no one is using those tactics against them, while they’re using them against us at will.) Thus, Israel of course has to be relentlessly attacked for “Nazi-like” racism toward and ethnic-cleansing and genocide of the Palestinians, for not having a multicultural society, for not having racially/ethnoculturally/religiously diverse groups of government ministers, heads of government agencies, staffing of bureaucracies from top to bottom, prime ministers, presidents, heads of companies, university professors, for not having affirmative action for non-Jews, non-whites, Moslems, and so on. That list can go on forever, exactly as the Jewish list of Eurochristian crimes of “prejudice and racism” goes on forever. Whites in this country are going down to extinction and still the Jewish-compiled list of Eurochristian crimes, and the Jewish demands for Eurochristian contrition and “reform,” go on without let-up. All those tribal-warfare techniques have to be adopted, by us, from the Jews, their originators, and used against Israel with relentless tenacity until that society and country are on the ropes and not expected to survive, just as we are on the ropes and not expected to survive thanks in large part to the Jews and their tribal warfare tactics. It makes no difference that I may inwardly sympathize with the Jews and with Israel. I may sympathize with a man aiming a gun at me but that doesn’t mean I fail to take whatever measures I need to to save my life, including aiming a gun right back at him to defend myself.

    The same exact thing must be done to the Jewish diaspora as to the nation and society of Israel. Accuse the diaspora non-stop of racism as the cause of so few non-whites converting to their religion. Why is the process so hard, so complicated, that lots of Negroes can’t do it? That’s racist. The Jews have made the conversion process hard deliberately so they stay lily white. We want to see far more Negroes, Mexicans, Orientals, and Subcons converting to Judaïsm. And why are so few Jews marrying outside the Caucasian race and why are so few adopting children outside the Caucasian race? Every time we see female Hollywood stars running to Africa to adopt Negro kids they’re never Jewish female stars. That’s because Jews are racists. We demand the Jews do something internally among themselves to mend their ingrained anti-black racism. We want so see more and more interracial Jewish families. Let Jews make the necessary changes in their religion as they expect the Vatican to make the necessary changes in its religion every five minutes. And how about apologies such as the Jews are always coercing from Eurochristian groups, societies, and nations? When are the Jews going to apologize for their predominant role in the slave trade that brought hundreds of thousands if not millions of Negroes to the U.S. as chattel slaves? When are the Jews going to apologize for Bolshevism? For the Cheka? For the Holodomor? When are they going to apologize for murdering the Tsar and his family and retainers?

    By their iron control of the mass media the Jews have succeeded in sheltering themselves and Israel from any such counterattacks, counterattacks based on using exactly their own tactics, the filthy ones they use against us, against them. They’ve successfully propagandized themselves as innocent little persecuted saints and Israel as a perfect democracy beyond any conceivable reproach. The Jews still control the mass media of course, but to the extent the internet is now giving us a voice for the first time since the Jewish revolt known as “the Sixties,” we should very simply and relentlessly copy their tactics and use precisely the same ones on them. It doesn’t mean we believe our own words any more than the Jews believe their own words when they say “there are no such things as races.” They don’t and we don’t have to. In saying such things against us, they’re not trying to be honest: they see themselves as in the midst of a tribal war and are saying anything that will help them win. Well, we’re in that war too, obviously — we didn’t want it but we’ve got it — and when you’re confronted with someone who fights dirty you’d be well advised to copy his tactics if it looks like he’s winning thanks to them.

    When a bully and a persecutor pretends not to understand the ways in which he’s hurting you, when he refuses to listen when you politely tell him, one way to get his attention is by doing the same things right back to him. Then he’ll figure it out real quick. Also, if we start attacking the Jews and Israel in this way they’ll 1) have to devote more of their time, energy, and resources to defense, leaving less for offense against us, and 2) they’ll be in the position that all their “anti-racist” type of propaganda against us is simultaneously propaganda against them, especially where Israel is concerned since that nation has no choice but to funciton as a National Socialist apartheid state, so they may have to tone down that propaganda considerably as one of their preferred and hitherto most successful lines of attack on Eurochristians.

  13. That NYTimes article was a bit rich to say the least, coming from a rag that’s complicit in covering up the identities of the murderers of three thousand U.S citizens. LOL! And they hire amateur cartoonists too. Drummer-boy Glenn Beck’s right hand is drawn the wrong way round. Oh – call me a racist and I’ll reply, “It be my pleasure, sah!”

  14. It’s back up again. There was one video that was messed up – “Human Beasts”. WordPress said it’s beyond anything they can host so they just removed the video. That’s proper behavior of them cuz reading the TOS, there is no way that you can tell that that’s a violation.

  15. Have any of you guys seen “Human Beasts”? Otherwise known as 3 Guys 1 Hammer. It’s only the worst, most evil video on the whole Internet. If you can make it through the whole thing, pat yourself on the back.

  16. Concerning the internet censorship issue, I think that an alternative internet employing computer-linked HAM radios should be set up. Learning Morse code was once required to get a HAM license so there is no reason why an “internet code” couldn’t be bounced around, network fashion. I believe such a network would be very difficult to censor, but I don’t know if it would be legal.

    I would not recommend it if it’s illegal, of course. If something is useful, but difficult to control, the government usually bans it.

  17. Fred’s comments (#19) are very apropo, and should be a part of WN’s strategy and tactics. By any standard or definition, who but the Zionist Jews, could be any bigger “Nazis” in fact and deed? If they want to sling “racist” mud, then let’s get down in their gutter and let them have it!

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