Libertarianism and Conservation

My latest contribution in the ongoing debate at VNN Forum over libertarianism.

The White man is complemented by tradition and experience. We’ve had a hundred years now to reflect upon our various mistakes in killing off so many of these species. In particular, we banned indiscriminate market hunting almost a century ago. We recognized that ecosystems are interconnected and stretch across private property lines. The federal government set aside 150 million acres of land as national wildlife refuges where threatened and endangered species have the space to recover.

Although there have been a few mistakes, the system has been a spectacular success. Many of these species have bounced back to such an extent (the white tail deer and wild turkey) that it is hard to believe they were ever seriously threatened. A whole industry has grown up around commercial exploitation of the turkey. Thanks to Madison Grant’s efforts, Alaska, Wyoming, Montana and other Western states have a thriving tourism industry. Sportsmen have bountiful fish and game to pursue every hunting season. Significant parts of North America’s unspoiled natural wilderness was preserved for posterity. If that were not enough, tons of good, secure, high paying jobs were created in both government and the private sector.

In the name of the common good, a few limits were placed on individual liberty, property rights, and short term profits. Everyone benefited in the long term. T.R. held out hope that effete urbanized White males would get out into the wilderness and rediscover their manly virtues.

It is worth noting that the park system and wildlife management is one of the few enduring examples of America’s flirtation with illiberalism. At least when it comes to wildlife, liberals have come around to appreciating aesthetic preservationism, which is a small hop away from racialism. In Madison Grant’s case, there was no contradiction between wanting to preserve the magnificent American bison and the great American Nordic. The former logically led to the latter.

Here is where Lewpus comes into the picture. Out of fidelity to a liberal abstraction, to a principle untethered to history and experience, he would scrap the entire system of game laws, wildlife refuges, national parks, and international treaties that protect endangered species. He would send in the market hunters, stripminers, loggers, developers, and real estate speculators who would chew up everything in sight like a horde of locusts.

After they get done milking these areas for every natural resource, they would bulldoze and pave over everything, build highway strips and collector highways clogged with automobiles and dotted with fast food shacks, muffler shops, chain hotels and big box stores, all of which would service cookie cutter suburban McMansions sprawling out into the decimated countryside. A cheap labor force of non-White helots would be imported to flip cheeseburgers and mow lawns.

Do entire species have to die for bourgeois women can decorate their hats with a few colorful feathers or for hog feed and fertilizer to be a few cents cheaper? The racialist in me recoils from such a prospect. If the state happens to be against that sort of thing, then I am for the state, at least on this one issue.

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  1. Thats fine Friedrich Braun, however given that Evola is held in pretty high esteem on the Far Right his views are indeed worthy of at least mention!

    ” I’d rather not live with Irish, Slavs, and white people under 115 IQ, does that mean I’m a racist?”

    Rose Mcgowan… Norah O’donnell… Fiona Apple (Mcafee)…

    If that is what you want to reject… THEN BY ALL MEANS SEND THEM OVER TO ME INSTEAD! 🙂

  2. (sorry for double post)

    Have you guys heard of Eric Pianka???

    He is a Texas Professor who proposed releasing an Ebola like Agent ‘to thin out’ 90% of the Worlds Population! Afterwards he proposed enforcing Eugenics!

    Anyhow a few years ago this guy got hounded by Department of Homeland Security types for his reasonable views because some Judeo-christian complained!

    ” Results 1 – 10 of about 10,900 for eric pianka eugenics. (0.45 seconds) ”

    Sounds like an all around good guy to me!

  3. “An all-white community that includes the entirety of the intelligence bell-curve.”

    Right. And being all White and pro-White, no silly notions like “it’s society’s fault” when dumb crooks do their thing.
    In an all-White society there will be, just as a matter of course, fewer of the low-IQ-ers who are criminally minded. But we WILL, inevitably, have a few. Toss ’em in the slammer, no ifs, ands, or buts.

  4. Gentilhommes,

    “The state, like a gun, by itself is neither good or bad. It depends on who’s using it and for what purpose.” (Friedrich Braun)

    The corollary to which is that the only *good* government is *your* government, whatever the form it might take or the measure of its power to enforce its demands.

    For a disinterested “night-watchman”/referee state cannot be arranged, in theory or in practice, such as to please those (a’ la Linder) who wish to be left alone to return to their personal indulgences – or to revive the *status quo ante* of a prior day – once the extirpation of the objectionable ethnics has (somehow) been seen to.

    Thus, whatever the prospects, WN cannot delusionally abandon capture of the State as a primary objective, for the State cannot be escaped or eliminated, as would the secessionist or the libertarian have it, in their dreams of relief from the impositions of an alien regime.


  5. NeoNietzsche, I take you are against the ‘Secessionist wing’ of our ‘movement’????

    What is your critique of this position?? (Perhaps a post at your own blog may be called for!)

    Myself I think it is something that may even be inevitable as Balkanization beckons.

  6. Charlez U. Farley, you take me correctly.

    My critique of this position primarily points to the examples of the War of Northern Aggression and the recent episode in Eastern Europe, wherein an “ethnically pure” state was explicitly not to be permitted under the NWO and to the enforcement of which proscription there was to be no limit as to the military means employed.

    In brief, such a regime would be completely at the mercy, militarily and economically, of whoever commands the armed forces of the continent. So, get control of the Greater Judean military and then we could talk about secession – but then we wouldn’t need to! Or, if you think that a “Red Dawn” bare-bones resistance could be conducted to a successful and durable stand-off, you’d still need to count on somehow inducing the ideologically-hostile Chinese and Russians to keep you supplied, per the example of the last-ditch North Vietnamese success against a heavily constrained and delimited offensive.

    In my judgment, no greater service to our alien oligarchy could be performed than the self-concentration (encampment) of its enemy.

    A Dodo-bird-like maneuver.


  7. Also, Charlez, there is a more general and grievous error in believing that presently engineering the mere exclusion of racial aliens from our midst is a solution to our politico-economic woes.

    It was, after all, a relatively pure nation of “Whites” that arranged or was subjected to the antecedents of the present declension.

    These antecedents were the outcome of the inescapable class division and confrontation of the turn into the Twentieth Century into which International Jewry inserted itself in service to a plutocracy that had neither the inclination nor organization to deal with the Populist challenge to the continued economic depredations of a (relatively) laissez-faire regime.

    So, as the insider, Cholly Bilderberger, long ago instructed us in the pages of *Instauration*, we were sold into the hands of Jewry (who knew how to manipulate the stupid Populists to their own ends) in a Faustian Pact that preserved the plutocrats’ wealth, at the expense of condemning the nation to eventual catastrophe.

    I am pointing to, then, the secessionist impulse as a product of comfortable and ideologically-facilitated ignorance about politico-economic history and logic that require as much attention to the analysis of society in terms of *class* as in terms of race. This former analysis projects that a concentration of Whites would eventually provide the same target-rich environment for alien exploitation of class divisions amongst those whites (who are not supposed to be unified in perpetual war as were the orders of Roman society – until imperialism reaches its limits and class-war breaks out anyway, as happened in Rome).


  8. Robinson Jeffers is one Hell of a kickass poet. I would recommend one of the Collected Works volumes. He lived in some weird stone tower he built himself in Big Sur. This guy is sort of ignored, but he needs to be more widely read. And if you ever get to California, I recommend a trip to Big Sur! Not yet ruined by illegals, I assume. Take the trip down Highway 1. Yeah!

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