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  1. Libertarianism is the antithesis of White Nationalism. Whites will become extinct if they hold to libertarian principles. Aside from communism (with which it shares more than a passing resemblance), there’s no more destructive current of thought for Whites to adopt.

  2. When I hear noise like that it makes me think of these speakers on wheels that blacks drive around and what’s the most effective way to blow them up.

  3. It just isn’t that good.

    Rap music doesn’t naturally lend itself to anybody with conviction about anything besides blacks who are rapping about their oppression.

    There are a few whites (and a couple of Jews) who do some good, introspective, self deprecating hip-hop but other than that it is a genre that only lends itself well to niggers.

  4. I *was* worried about the state of our civilization. But who can worry, when we have libertarian artistes intoning that “Them hoes can’t take my mind”? We’re in fantastic shape.

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