Libertarianism and National Parks

As I suspected, Gary North of LRC wants to auction off the national parks and use the money to cut taxes. He confesses that he wants to turn the land over to be raped by the developers and real estate speculators. This is precisely the dire scenario that I depicted in my last past about the subject.

Incredibly, North has the audacity to dress up this ugly scheme of his in faux populist garb. The National Park Service, you see, is just a restricted access scam by the super-rich to hold down the common man. In 2008, 8,188,561 visitors toured Alabama’s National Parks and Historic Sites. In 2006, 272,623,980 visitors toured the National Park System as a whole. The system is incredibly popular, relatively inexpensive, and open to everyone year round for a nominal fee. The horror!

The National Park System covers 84 million acres of land. The notion that anything remotely like this would be open to the public in a pure free market is, well, just absurd. At most, if he is lucky, the average citizen might be able to nab a few acres of land from the public domain, not unlike what he has now. That doesn’t remotely compare to the experience of touring a Yellowstone, Yosemite, or Glacier which would be carved up, exploited for every natural resource, and destroyed forever under the laissez-faire system North advocates.

This rant of his against the “super-rich” is a spectacular piece of nonsense. By all means, let’s get rid of property taxes, the income tax, capital gains taxes, unions, public schools, social security, child labor laws, trade barriers, the national parks, regulation of financial markets, all regulation and workplace safety standards whatsoever, and so on …  oh, and while we are at it, add crippling the state to this wish list. That will have the “super-rich” trembling in their boots!

Note: As for PBS, I would rather watch an informative documentary about the National Parks, even a horrible one which ignores Madison Grant’s contributions, than the great entrepreneurs over at MTV.

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  1. North’s is an extremist position and he knows it. Obviously there are other ways to cut spending. I think North wants to be perceived as a tough, no-nonsense dude who is striking out at the ‘super-rich’ and spoiled-brat environmentalists on behalf of regular Americans, or ‘commoners’ as he calls them.

    I get the sense that guys like North, a prime specimen of Homo Economicus who sees the world only in monetary terms, would sell their own mother if they could turn a profit.

    I remember reading Steve Sailer recently (over at Takimag) who reported that the Ken Burns documentary is heavily focused on the role of negroes and other muds in the National Park Service. Who knew? I’ve certainly never seen a black park ranger, but apparently there have been a few over the years.

  2. Your point is well taken,Prozium.However,I just can’t stand Burns,PBS, and the whole anti-European radical-democratic vomit spewed in this latest abomination.Forgive me my weak stomach.

  3. I just wanted to post for the first time to say I wholeheartedly agree with your recent series of articles against fanatical libertarianism. I am generally of the sentiment that any pro-White movement is going to need to dump the ideological extremists like the libertarians, Ayn Rand fans, anarchists, neo-nazis and klansmen to get any traction among the regular, “normal” White people of America.

    Regular White people are anti-pollution, pro-environment, and like national parks, and any sane person is a conservationists and understands species management.

    Great series I hope to read more. This is one of my new favorite blogs.

    • If you value parks, pay for them yourself by visiting them. User fees should fund 100% of park upkeep. Taxpayers should not have to subsidize parks. That is stealing. There are also many private parks that are sustainable.

  4. National Parks do need to be preserved but some ‘back east’ forget just how much land the Federal Government owns out here in the Future Northwest Republic.

    The land in the county I live in is SIXTY PERCENT owned by the Federal Government! This is occurring during a recession where the unemployment rate is around 15% and is most likely in reality closer to 25%.

    ‘Backwards’ Eastern European nations have lower unemployment rates! The Zionist Occupied Government is driving Whites off the land!

    There is a reason many out here speak of an Hostile ‘Eastern Establishment’, often a code for Organized Jewry.

  5. Auctioning off the parks is the one libertarian policy the new non-white majority will get behind, or at least not oppose. I went to Rocky Mountain National Park not too long ago and counted the minorities. There were some Asians, but I saw no blacks and only one Mexican, who was there with some older white people (probably adoptive parents). This just a few hours away from multi-culti Denver.

  6. If I had to choose between most libertarians and National (Forest) Parks (to keep, here in America), I would choose the latter!

    The libertarians are mere pawns for the anti-White corporate elites. Many of them even support harming our beautiful environment.

    A toast to another of Prozium’s great articles promoting America’s natural environments!

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