The Jews and White Nationalism

Surfing the blogosphere, I stumbled upon The West’s Darkest Hour, a blog written by a TOQ Online reader and Lawrence Auster fan who has some concerns about the presence of anti-Semitism in the White Nationalist movement. Like Tanstaafl, it appears that Chechar learned of us through his involvement in the anti-Jihad movement. In his previous post about White Nationalism, Chechar described his odyssey from liberalism to spectator of the racialist underworld as being like awakening from “The Matrix.” Each revelation is the tip of a much larger iceberg.

I wish I could distill the essence of our attitude towards the Jews into a few choice paragraphs. If I was forced to try, I would describe the Jews as being like a “huge anchor” in American life. They overwhelmingly congregate on the opposite side of the political spectrum. The Jews are massively overrepresented in culturally sensitive areas like the news media, entertainment media, the social sciences and liberal arts departments in our universities. The sheer weight of their numbers in these sectors, combined with their enormous wealth, intelligence, and ethnic networking, allows the Jews to distort our culture and pull our political system in an anti-racist direction.

Here’s another way of putting it: suppose you are having a pool party and 2% of your guests habitually urinate in the pool, covering everyone in their piss, changing the mood of the event. That is essentially what the Jews are doing to our racial and cultural discourse in America. They can always be found injecting poisonous memes into our national dialogue on these issues; memes which trickle down from our media and academic elite, and become almost universal over the course of a few generations. These degenerate ideas rot and weaken our social fabric.

A final analogy can be drawn to trying to run on a treadmill while wearing a 70 lb. backpack. The most objectionable aspect of Jewish influence is the fact that they openly and actively try to thwart our efforts to reverse our racial dispossession. Jews fund anti-White disciplinary organizations like the SPLC with millions of dollars. They use their media influence to portray White Nationalism in the most demonic, unfavorable light possible. They manipulate the status system to associate our movement with low status and immorality and its anti-racist counterpart with high social status and righteousness. They use cultural rabies (or political correctness) to control what passes for legitimate political discourse. If that were not enough, Jews harass our employers and pressure our friends and colleagues into engaging in ritual shaming. The cumulative weight of this oppression has kept White Nationalism bottled up on the fringe.

Quite naturally, White Nationalists want to cut loose that “huge anchor” pulling America in an anti-racist direction, eject the people who are “urinating” in our discursive pool, and cast off the “70 lb. backpack” holding down our movement. As Spock would say, it is only logical.  I emphasize: this is not to say the Jews should be rounded up in concentration camps and exterminated. Rather, we believe they should seek refuge elsewhere, maybe in Israel where they already have a state of their own.

If the Jews were to disappear tomorrow, I am not naive enough to believe that all of America’s problems would be solved overnight. I’ve clearly said otherwise on multiple occasions. However, I will argue that White America would be indisputably much better off than it is now. I believe our racial immune system would kick into action and we could begin to recover. I don’t see that happening so long as Jews continue to enjoy their present level of wealth, power, and status in the United States.

I don’t expect anyone so new to the White Nationalist movement to grasp this. I struggled with the Jewish Question for a long time. Nothing in my background prepared me for what I discovered. It was the cumulative weight of the “ooh” and “ah” moments over the years (reading a book, watching a movie, interacting with them) that changed my mind on the issue. Once I was familar with the theory (that Jews are a negative influence on racialism and traditional mores), I began to see multiple confirmations and the emergence of patterns.

The dots are not hard to connect. In the Gentile nations, Jews seem to push the radical envelope everywhere they go, whether it be America, Russia, Poland, Germany or South Africa. At home, Jews build a huge wall to keep out all the immigrants they push on the West. Let them carry the banner of anti-racism and multiculturalism in their own environs, I say.

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  1. Good article. Great analogies. Prozium, Ziopedia’s Voltaire and the caustic Alex Linder are the intellectual vanguard of a nascent resurgence of self-respect for beleaguered whites. I’m not up on the contribution to European culture made by Moses Mendelsson, but Larouche thinks there was one. This is a dated quote, but things have only gotten worse in Israel since Sharon’s stroke which hasn’t been reported on since the day it felled him.

    “Within Judaism’s ranks, fascism found its most immediate enemy in the Judaism of Moses Mendelssohn and the Yiddish Renaisance. In Israel today, a Nazi-like form of fascist tyranny is centered in the currently ruling, bonapartist consulate of the ruling circles of the IDF (Israeli Defense Force). In the background, we find that the corrupting influence of existentialism, as spread back into Israel by the arguments of Martin Buber, has been the corrosive, anti-Mendelssohn sickness, which made possible a widespread abandonment of everything precious which the Mendelssohn-led reform and the Yiddish Renaissance had contributed to European civilization at large. Today, any American Jew who wishes to know what Nazism was, and who supports the present rampage of Sharon and the IDF directorate, need but stand before the mirror, and look into his own hate-filled, enraged eyes. Take the case of wild- eyed Congressman Tom Lantos, for example.”
    -Lyndon Larouche

  2. I have no problem with Israel being a National Socialist state. It’s the only ethnostate left standing, we should study it deeply and learn from it. The Jews have a great deal to teach us.

  3. The only ethnostate left standing? What about Japan? Japan is a work of art, just ask Jared Taylor. Croatian nationalism is on the rise. Tudjman got the Ustasha checkerboard flag re-introduced and wrote a nice revisionist book about WWII that included a Catholic swipe at holocautsianity. Israel was created by Britain and the United States as a Club Med for lampreys. It’s not a state it’s a suppurating wound.

  4. “The Jews have a great deal to teach us.”

    You mean like how to starve, torture, enslave and murder the Other by the tens of millions? I think I’ll pass.

  5. Israel is the only ethnostate around. Japan, Croatia, etc. might be more homogenous but Israel is the only place that refers to itself in specifically racial terms, i.e. as a Jewish state and persecutes miscegenation as a matter of grave state policy. As far as I’m aware Japan hasn’t outlawed race-mixed and racially mixed marriages can occur.

    The Jews have so much to teach us, I’m a very keen student of Judaica myself. Smart White Nationalists would do well to learn from Jewish methods, organizational skills, and tactics.

  6. What Israel is doing along the lines cited by FB, namely running itself as a Jewish Nazi state complete with its own version of the Nuremberg Laws in reverse, is very good and FB is right that we should do the same thing for ourselves that Israel is doing for the Jews. One of the things it’s doing is not permitting Christians or other goys to run things or influence anything of importance there, certainly nothing of importance to national survival or societal health. We, on the other hand, have gotten ourselves into a position where the Eurochristian-loathing Jews are our overlords. Part of emulating the Jewish approach to running Israel (virtually identical to the Nazi approach to running Germany) would be for us to overthrow Jewish overlordship here. There’s nothing wrong with Jewish overlordship in itself: if our Jewish overlords respected our race and ethnoculture instead of trying to annihilate both I’d see nothing to criticize in being under Jewish rule. But they don’t respect those things, as everyone with functioning eyes knows.

  7. Politics is the art of the possible. It’s impossible to overthrow Jewish power in the post-World War II setting. Therefore, I’d rather work with Jews than against them. Let me explain, as we all know the Jews are incredibly influential in our western societies, nothing will change without their agreement. I’d rather cooperate with racialist Jews (they do exist) than reject them simply because they’re Jewish. The Jews have produced some fantastic race theorists and eugenicists, there’s no people fundamentally less liberal and race conscious than Jews. It’s gentile anti-Semitism that forced them to embrace liberalism, liberalism isn’t a natural development of Judaism. Anyone who has studied Judaism cannot miss the fact that on all essential points Orthodox Judaism presents an anti-liberal worldview. Jews even show Nordicist tendencies. A case has been made my anti-Zionist scholar Norman Finkelstein that Israeli authorities welcome immigrants from Russian knowing that many aren’t Jewish or have non-Jewish spouses precisely because those migrants have a high rate of blondism and blue eyes and the Israeli Ashkenazi establishment favors that racial type. Personally, I want to work with anti-immigrant, racialist, eugenicist, anti-liberal, Nordicist Jews. I mean, these are my positions as well. Let’s face it, there’s no more driven, talented, intelligent, hardworking people in the world. In light of what precedes, I have to regard the anti-Semitism of the German National Socialists as a fatal error. There’s simply no doubt that had the German National Socialists been neutral on the Jewish Questions they would’ve won the war. They didn’t have to be anti-Semitic, there’s nothing in fascism per se that requires it to be anti-Semitic in outlook. Anti-semitism isn’t a natural component of fascism. Mussolini wasn’t anti-Semitic and many of the founders of Italian fascism were of the same ethnic background as his long-time mistress (I realize that Italy became anti-Semitic as the war effort progressed, but that was mostly due to German pressure). Ditto for Franco, Salazar, Pinochet, or the Boer Republic. Actually, apartheid South Africa had excellent relations with the Jewish state. The talent, drive, perseverance, ambition, hard work, intelligence of the Jewish people should’ve been harnessed by the Third Reich and not expelled. Had the Third Reich taken of advantage of Jewish intelligence, organizational skill, and vast international networks it wouldn’t certainly won the war and established the greatest empire the world has ever seen. I’m sure that a National Socialist Disraeli could’ve been found (nobody contributed to the building of the British Empire more than that Sephardic convert). And let’s not forget the development of nuclear weapons, had Jewish physicists remained in Germany and contributed to the war effort, the Third Reich wouldn’t been the first to obtain them and with them the mastery of the entire planet. Today, every city in the world would have a Hitler Platz and his name would be universally praised and worshipped and my posts would be in German. Personally, I don’t want to have anything to do with anti-Semitism, it’s an ideology for losers and low-lifes.

  8. Geez Braun, that it like saying, “Gee, if Germans were just Jews there would have been no reason for the war!” Yeah. But Germans are not Jews, and if you miss the sublime differences, you have missed everything!

  9. I’m not an anti-Semite and I know nothing of this “ideology” of anti-Semitism. Where Jews do bad stuff I criticize them; where they don’t I don’t; same as for everybody else. As for “welcoming Jews of good will,” fine — the minute any show up I’ll welcome them. I’ve certainly never chased any away.

  10. FB:”The Jews have so much to teach us … Smart White Nationalists would do well to learn from Jewish methods, organizational skills, and tactics.”

    Ha. That would actually be funny if the Jews hadn’t learned nearly everything they know about building decent cultures from their living as bloodsuckers on the backs of Whites for the past 1,700+ years. The Jews are the last people we ought to look to learn ‘statecraft’ from considering they are basically a permanently stateless/homeless ethnic group. I still don’t think you realize that without non-Jewish group(s) and nations to latch on to, Jewry would perish.

    I’ve always thought it thoroughly absurd regarding the major role which Jews play(ed) in the politics of many nations (particularly White/European nations), and even in international geopolitics…I always thought: why would various countries and groups allow a failed nationless ethnic group like the Jews to have any true say whatsoever in the serious affairs of settled nations and peoples? No one would let other nomads like Gypsies of Bedouins or whatever have any input in the long-term politics of settled non-Jewish nations, so why the Jews?

    The historical evidence is clear on the role which Jews play in statecraft…they are a political menace and they are economic pests, and they rot nations from the inside which is of course the main reason they are a wandering group of stateless parasitic nomads who have been persecuted, massacred, and/or expelled dozens upon dozens of times from nation after nation, city after city, region after region: — yeah Mr Braun, sure thing, ALL of those nations and peoples were wrong in seeking to take back their nation and culture from Jewish corrupters and plutocrats and mass-importers of non-Whites; history is entirely incorrect, the horrible persecutors of Jews were just a bunch of “losers and low-lifes” for wanting to permanently preserve their racial heritage and nation from utter ruination at the hands of greedy ugly anti-cultural anti-White meddling kikes. We should all just bow down and submit to perpetual Jewish leadership/domination and live happily ever after under a Judeocommunist dictatorship as they would have wished us to do during the 20th Century wherein they control everything and we are but intentionally uneducated and unfree peons fit only for slaving as their factory drones, house-servants, sex-slaves, and subjects for their science experiments. I mean, wouldn’t surrendering to kikery eventually lead to the total ruin of all true White/Western culture as it eclipsed by the Oriental/Semitic as well as the widespread mongrelization and/or near-extinction of the White race as the ‘Chosen’ seeks to forever eliminate Whites as their main Darwinistic competitors? Hell, here in the USA we currently live under a plutocratic/technocratic Jewish dictatorship and look at the disgusting depths to which this nation has fallen…life in the modern USA is exactly what life under Jewish ‘leadership’ is like, and it’s just great let me tell you, a rootless cosmopolitan plutocratic Jewish elite that seeks to mongrelize Northern Euro Whites in the USA/Canada and establish just another Jew-owned Brazil-like coffee-colored nation right here in North America. Yeah, Jew dictatorships are just great, just like the USSR was, or Weimar Germany, or pre-1492 Spain before they expelled them all, or the Christianizing Late Roman Empire which was crawling with Jews, or all of the other places in history Jews have infested and ruined with their lies, and greedy Mammonism, and cultural decay, and their conscious seeking to genetically destroy Northern Euro Whites (again, because they are their main Darwinistic competitors in the competition for worldly resources). Are you really just ready to give up and allow kikery to take over the entire world and steal thousands of years of White evolution away from us via the outright theft, destruction, and/or enslavement of our best European genes? If they do, they won’t show any kindness as we have shown to them over and over again….in collusion with the East Asians, they’ll attempt to make cattle-like slaves of us Northern Euro Whites, I guarantee it — it’s where we are currently headed in fact if the situation doesn’t change within the next few decades.

    In many ways the so-called ‘Jewish state’ (yeah, right) of Israel closely resembles the ethnostate which the German National Socialists sought to build back in the 1930s/40s…but which never came to fruition due the warmongering machinations of the borderless control-freak warmongering anti-White Finanzjuden.

    “I’m a very keen student of Judaica myself.”

    I am too, but shouldn’t let the study of Jewish sociology slip in to some kind of admiration of them and their twisted history. The Jews are a very sick and a very sad group of people, and they like to lash out at others and start wars and collapse economies to hurt other groups just as they have hurt for so long — remember, they have been homeless for well-nigh 2,000 years now. Bad luck just seems to follow them wherever they go. Let us be clear here — they are and always will be nation-wreckers unless and until they are permanently (probably forcibly) quarantined off from the rest of humanity in one or more ‘Jewish reservations’ on the Earth.

    How could you admire Jewry? Do you admire termites, or leeches, or ticks, or mosquitoes? What about vultures? How about hyenas? If you say ‘nay’ to all of the above, then you ought not like Jewry very much, since their patterns of living resemble all of the above creatures.

  11. Wh.P. you still have lots of reading, reflecting, and maturing in front of you. Perhaps some day you’ll get there.

  12. @whodareswings Japan is a model for White America and White Europe to follow. No immigration to speak of, clear and strict racial lines, the highest tech, and long terms plans for the future. I hope White America and White Europe continue close, mutually beneficial cooperation with Japanese Japan.

  13. Anti-Semites always turn out to be the bottom feeders and intellectual dregs. That has been my experience over the last ten years. Wintermute and AntiYuppie being the exceptions.

  14. FB:”I encourage White Nationalists to welcome Jews of good will.”

    Yeah, we should welcome the Jews of “good will” so in 1 or 2 or 3 generations henceforth they can turn around and stab us in the back yet again by taking over our economy and economically enslaving us as they have done time after time (this time Jewry has basically sold [via JEWDEBT] the USA to East Asians), or by starting war(s) to kill untold millions of Whites in the prime of their youth and health, or by changing laws to allow millions of non-White immigrants to flood our White nations, or via polluting the minds of gullible Whites via the gutter Jew mass-media, or by filling our soft and trusting White heads with their anti-racist/philosemitic cultural Marxist garbage in their utter grip over Western academia, etc etc. GREAT PLAN! How long have the Jews been saying that…they sneer: “But not ALL of us are bad!”…they’ve been saying: “You can trust us!”…for how many goddamn centuries now?!

    Welcoming Jews of supposed “good will” has already been tried, numerous times throughout history in fact…how many chances to re-prove themselves have Whites given to Jewry in just the last few centuries, how many times how we re-forgiven them (like good lil’ Judeo-Christian sheep) and allowed them to come back and settle in our White nations even as our wiser White elders shook their heads in shame and warned us of doing so? And always the same thing happened — when they got back in they once again used us, they abused us, they sought our destruction, and they have always betrayed us even when we trusted them fully (as we have, stupidly, far too many times) with our money, or politics, or our printing-presses, or whatever else.

    To put it frankly: Jewry cannot be trusted — they are damaged goods, a bunch of psychopathically exploitative and perennially violent homeless bums as far as I’m concerned, and unless very severe legal restrictions are placed upon them to prevent them from gaining too much power they are the ferment of racial/ethnic, sociocultural, economic, as well as political decay within any and all nations which allow them to settle in their midst. We Americans never did any substantial harm to them, in fact many Americans welcomed them with open arms as just some other fellow Europeans fleeing “irrational and barbaric” so-called “religious” persecutions. We American have given them so many chances, even as our (former) non-Jewish American elites noticed time after time over the last 80+ years especially how they were causing major rot within the nation on a multitude of levels. Well, we kept forgiving them and “welcoming them,” and just look now at the racial/ethnic havoc, economic disarray, and sociocultural decay they’ve caused in our nation now that they virtually control it. Barring a series of very unlikely miracles and recoveries, the United States of America is basically through, done, toast, screwed…another once-glorious White nation brought under by rotten Jewry.

    Predictably, Jewry betrayed North American Whites just as they did to the Whites back in Old Europe. Throughout the past 2,000+ years, aside from a few flashes of occasional brilliance (which were likely caused by the temporary expression of a slight influx of Northern Euro genes in to their Jewish gene pool), they have sown nothing but decay and destruction wherever they have went.

    As others have noted here and elsewhere, Jewry has a genetic compulsion to undermine the nations and peoples they settle amongst; they feed on the blood of we gullible goyim. They especially view Whites (particularly Northern Euro Whites) as their main competitors in the competition for worldly resources and they will stop at nothing to dominate, subvert, weaken, and ruin us until we are either (1) their permanent slaves or (2) mongrelized in to racial decrepitude or (3) dead.

  15. The clear pattern of Jewish intellectual, political and economic involvement in the life of European Man has been that which disrupts the organic life of the latter in a fashion which allows Jews to ascend to positions of prominence and exploit the people as a mere resource. THAT is the only true consistency in the behavior of the Jewish people, all the rest mere window dressing which is discarded pragmatically once it is no longer of use. Given that, the Jews will not cooperate with racialists until the final moment at which there is absolutely no other choice. If our people can be made to remain passive whilst their managed decline is effected, and their genetic material eaten up as yet another resource, the Jews will be content with that.

  16. “Anti-Semites always turn out to be the bottom feeders and intellectual dregs.”

    That is the problem with you Braun, you view everything through the prism of status, which is a function of your narcissism. There is never any depth of insight, only the appearance of it. No constancy, no love, no genuine loyalty for your people. The type of personally that fawns before power, dreams of acquiring power and thinks puissance all the good in the world. No, the flaw is in you.

  17. Well, for right now I’m through trying to convince people who prefer to ignore history rather than face the hard and sad truths about the terribly malevolent biological nature of anti-White Jewry.

    As rapidly as you’ve changed your mind about these important issues, it makes me think that some Freudian psychologist and/or rat-faced (yet doe-eyed) Jewess must’ve got their poisonous fangs in to you in the past year or something, Mr Braun. If one of those is indeed the case, then I recommend you tread very carefully….and ‘mazel tov’ or whatever.

  18. Back for a few more quick words since I’m in a writing-mood tonight I suppose. Thank y’all for the compliments, Lena and others…and appreciate the backup there Captain.

    FB:”It’s impossible to overthrow Jewish power in the post-World War II setting.”

    No, it isn’t impossible…don’t be so defeatist. Jewish power is so corrupt and rotten and harmful that it basically overthrows itself in due time — only so much can be taken before the sound and healthy instincts for racial and national survival kick in and once that happens Big Jewry’s destructive run is over and then they’ll soon be scurrying away to the next unfortunate victim(s) for the fresh blood they need to survive.

    I’m sure the Weimar Germans thought that it was “impossible” to counter the Jewish rot back in the 20s, and the pre-1492 Spaniards too, and all over peoples who have been horribly exploited by Jewry always thought it impossible too. Well, we cannot just give up like so many of those Slavs did after being crushed by Judeocommunism during the 20th Century, because that shattering experience seemed to have left many of those unfortunate nations utterly Jew-wrecked nightmares which will take a very long time to recover. We have to fight back before the Jewish rot gets as deep as it did over there in the JEWSSR.

    Eventually though it will happen, Jewish power will be challenged and then mostly broken here in the USA over a period of time, just as it has happened in the past in all kinds of other once Jew-infested nations. In the USA it’s only a matter of time now before the whole project of Jew-controlled crypto-Communism they’re trying to push here in the USA falls apart, because remember that once Jews actually manage to gain control of a nation it rapidly starts to rot from within because of rampant Jewish corruption and demoralization of the non-Jewish populace that occurs, leading to eventual rebellion and ousting of the Jews who were responsible for the calamity. That is Jewish history in a nutshell, basically — just a series of slyly working their way in to a nation or people and then eventually getting booted out, massacred, ghettoized, etc. They start by slowly establishing themselves, gaining ill-begotten ‘trust’ from those gullible and idealistic Whites; then begins the slow gathering of money, and the ethnic networking, then gradual monopolization/centralization; then comes the massive hoarding of wealth and power, and the media control, and the bureaucratic/tax/religious/royal/big gubmint control; then they stupidly start to overstep themselves big-time, Jewish greed and Mammonism rules the nation, economic problems and political corruption abounds along with rampant Jewish arrogance and entitlement and elitism, and for a while nearly all seems lost to the Jewish bloodsuckers, the situation seems hopeless, the people seem as slaves. Then the healthy portion of the masses start to stir and resist, and the racial immune system eventually kicks back in amongst the host nation, and they then work to oust the Jewish pestilence in their midst and restore racial, social, cultural, political, and economic health again. That’s Jewish history right there.

    “I’d rather cooperate with racialist Jews (they do exist) than reject them simply because they’re Jewish. Therefore, I’d rather work with Jews than against them. Personally, I want to work with anti-immigrant, racialist, eugenicist, anti-liberal, Nordicist Jews.”

    Yes, I’d like to work with them too even though I am very reluctant to do so because of all their back-stabbing in the past. I’d work with Jews if only to try and prevent the inevitable anti-Jewish violence that is (judging by history) likely to occur again in due time if these matters are not settled by rational and common-sense policies. But for that they’ll have to stop their endless meddling and interference in our affairs. Upon our orders, they will have to fully separate from us physically, geographically, and genetically as much as possible. We of course have plenty of land in the USA, and thus perhaps we could even give them a decent chunk encompassing their preferred NYC environs wherein they could form their own semi-autonomous Jewish ethnostate/citystate (and they can even keep Israel too). But situated there within their own ‘Neo Pale’ in the USA they will have to GET OUT of all our other territories, and GET OUT out of our monetary affairs, and GET OUT our politics, and leave our media and academia entirely, and our medicine and law, and everything else of true racial, cultural, economic, and political importantce. Once those very key important areas are Jew-free, then and only then will we cooperate with them. And we will possibly engage in info-sharing and shared policies and such if we deem it necessary, and likely we will still have to feed them too, and other heavy-labor jobs too. I’m fully willing to work with rational Jews on all this, for sure — the problem is that very many Jews aren’t willing to do this because they instinctively realize that separation from Whites = slow death of Jewish power. Again, Whites should not again have to resort to more violence, or wars, or revolutions to dislodge them as we have so many times in the past — we will again use violence if we must, but as rational people we would prefer not to, we want to avoid the massive spilling of White and Jewish blood such as occurred in the last century due in large part to Jewish warmongering and crazed greed. We just want to move forward in our evolution and leave behind Jew-fomented wars, and their disgusting Mammonism, and the gutter mass-media, and lying academia, and all else they have infected our race and our culture with. We just want to be free of them, indeed we must if our race is ever going to be able to evolve to higher and better levels instead of remaining forever mired in their stinking Semitic swamp of greed and materialism — as Prozium wrote in the blog entry, the Jews are indeed a huge weight which drags down the White race and has been doing do for many centuries now in various ways. With the heavy Jewish/Oriental anchor remaining around our ankles and always dragging us down, our Faustian/Western souls are unable to reach very high…

    “A case has been made my anti-Zionist scholar Norman Finkelstein that Israeli authorities welcome immigrants from Russian knowing that many aren’t Jewish or have non-Jewish spouses precisely because those migrants have a high rate of blondism and blue eyes and the Israeli Ashkenazi establishment favors that racial type.”

    Yeah, they favor Northern Euro physical features because they want to keep blending in to various White European nations for as long as they possibly can in order to keep exploiting us; they favor that racial type because it allows them to mask and hide themselves in crypsis for a bit longer. However, barring continuous infusions of good White blood (i.e., gene-theft from Whites), their inner-Semite will always emerge and reveal itself again very soon only 1-2 more generations down the genetic line…and then, well, you know the rest of the story.

    “And let’s not forget the development of nuclear weapons, had Jewish physicists remained in Germany and contributed to the war effort…”

    I’m not a Third Reich fetishist (yeah I admit they had a lot of good ideas…many nations do), but you must remember that the vast majority of Jews would’ve never assisted the intensely anti-Communist Third Reich because most Jews were of course involved in a definite internationalist conspiracy in trying to impose Marxist Judeocommunism (i.e., an anti-national Judeoplutocratic/Judeobureaucratic dictatorship) upon all of Europe and eventually the entire Earth if possible. Forced Judeocommunization (meaning: near TOTAL and ABSOLUTE Jewish control of finances, industry, bureaucracy, government, etc) was indeed the plan of international finance-Jewry during the last century, no doubt about it. While Hitler made a clear mistake in ordering the strike against the USSR in 1941 (which was too soon), the glorious fighting heroes of the Wehrmacht were able to mostly hold off the forced Judeocommunization of Western Europe through their amazingly valiant efforts on the Soviet front between 1941-45 — and they will always be remembered as White/Western heroes which held back the Western-destroying scourge of Judeocommunism and thus saved many Whites from the likely ‘aristocide’ and near-death of Western culture that would’ve occurred had the USSR managed to take over all of Europe.

  19. “If the Jews were to disappear tomorrow, I am not naive enough to believe that all of America’s problems would be solved overnight.”

    I concur but that’s largely because whites are accustomed to the egalitarian/anti-racist paradigm that’s been constructed by Jewish elites. And yes, I’ll concede many whites have liberal, anti-racist tendencies even without Jewish paw prints on virtually every newscast, newspaper editorial and mainstream books, both fiction and non-fiction. Still, white gentile self hate and indifference to racial self-preservation wouldn’t be at the terminal stage if not for a helping hand from the Jews.

    I think the white tendency toward liberalism is yet more evidence that a white ethnostate would need to be authoritarian in character rather than libertarian. And don’t forget that while most of you wouldn’t dream of sending Jews to concentration camps they would have no compunction about herding all of us into deaths camps if the opportunity arose.

  20. Mr. D. : “whites are accustomed to the egalitarian/anti-racist paradigm that’s been constructed by Jewish elites.”

    It depends what kind of egalitarianism and what kind of anti-racism you have in mind. Maybe today an equalitarian is a fool or a fraud who says human races are all the same? but the word originally used to refer to a partisan of classless society.

    In a homogeneous society, I am all in favor of some equality of status and income. I wish everyone had his own house. I am also opposed to any ill-treatment of members of other races. But the race replacement policy can not honestly be described as an anti-racist, equalitarian policy. The aim is to destroy the Whites.

  21. Armor,
    I meant racial egalitarian. Don’t forget that organized Jewish groups and race replacement advocates use anti-racism as a weapon to prevent us from opposing our own demise. As such race replacement and anti-racism are not mutually exclusive.

  22. Another fine, well reasoned article Prozium, keep ’em coming.

    Has F.B. taken leave of his senses, with his comments here, or has someone else usurped his name? Thank you WP, Lena, CC, & Mr. Dithers for your sensible rejoinders.

  23. ” Jews even show Nordicist tendencies.”

    Yeah it is called ‘parasitism’. The parasite tries to take on the traits of its host to try and blend in.

    ” Nordicist Jews”

    Laugh out loud!

    The absurdity of thinking such a being exists! Friedrich Braun please turn back to Authentic National Socialism, and soon, before you do IRREPARABLE harm to your reputation with such non-sense.

  24. Friedrich Braun, despite all his aristocratic posing, is a narcissistic half-wit without a moral compass.

  25. I find anti-Semite such as yourself increasingly disgusting. You people are invariably dregs and low-lifes.

    If you aren’t a Jew, why play their word games? ‘Anti-Semitism’ = we dislike/resist their agenda for us. But wait:

    Is this the same guy who was the vehement Antichrist?

    Is this the same guy who was the convinced Nordicist?

    You know, the “blonde racial elite”?

    Is this the same guy who was the sworn Hitlerite?

    Is this the same guy who was the insistent denier of a holocaust?

    The same guy who was a “increasingly disgusting anti-Semite”?

    Yes, it is.

    I said he was a lunatic all along.

    Gone the way of William the Fairy and Konstantinos Hofmeisterstein.

    At least one person noted the ridiculous about-face.

  26. RE: Friedrich Braun

    The ol’ 180 turn, eh?

    Is this the same guy who was the vehement Antichrist?

    Is this the same guy who was the convinced Nordicist?

    You know, the “blonde racial elite”?

    Is this the same guy who was the sworn Hitlerite?

    Is this the same guy who was the insistent denier of a holocaust?

    The same guy who was a “increasingly disgusting anti-Semite”?

    Yes, it is.

    I said he was a lunatic all along.

    Gone the way of William the Fairy and Konstantinos Hofmeisterstein.

    Apparently I’m not the only one who found FB’s about-face strange…

  27. Jews are only a problem insofar as they push humanism and liberalism; and they’re far from the only ones with that agenda. I don’t see why I should oppose Jews who share my worldview and concerns. Anti-Semitic mania is counterproductive. In the current climate, any whiff of anti-Semitism automatically bars one from access to the M.S.M. and from any position of influence. Normal White people will shut you off the moment you starting ranting about Jews. Fact. Practical politics dictates that we seek allies where allies can be found.

  28. I disagree with Braun’s characterization of Jewish behavior as simply being a response to anti-Semitism. The record clearly shows their religion is incredibly chauvinistic. They could have easily been assimilated by their host countries over the centuries but they chose to remain distinct and separate, not just as a religion but as a genetic people.

    For Germans to have brushed aside all of the wrongs Jews did to them and ask for their assistance and assimilation would have been cowardly and pathetic, and Germans are not that. Jews wouldn’t have accepted anyway.

    America has been very philo-Semitic, and look where it got us.

    To assimilate Jews would also be going against racial preservation. It would be the ultimate capitulation. Accepting genetic defeat. You would become like HBDers and conservatives.

    Jews are not Nordicist because they like Nordic features, any more than a mestizo or negro is because like having sex with Nordic women. All they can do is corrupt it.

    We must be intelligent and strategic with how we approach conversations with the public and media of course. The unproductive part is the failure of white nationalists to have a good political strategy that will appeal to the masses. That’s where Jared Taylor and David Duke are far superior to the rest.

  29. Lets expand on Marks great observations with some real World Historical examples:

    ” They could have easily been assimilated by their host countries over the centuries but they chose to remain distinct and separate, not just as a religion but as a genetic people.”

    1.) Pre-Inquisition Spain went to great lengths to try and culturally assimilate Jews (who were causing all sorts of Problems). After that failed they had no choice but to utilize proto-Racialist formulations ( ) to try and get the trouble making Jews under some type of Control. Note the exact same thing happened in Germany in the Last century! Notice a pattern here people!

    2.) Lets take a look at how Jews have assimilated into British Society… hmm well they now call London ‘Londonistan’ and the place is over-run with Pakis that the liberal Jews worked hard to let in so it is apparent that allowing Jews to become part of your Ruling Elite is nearly fatal to the remaining White Populace (look at all the Jewish bankers married into British Aristocracy or even Winston Churchills family tree..)

    3.) How has allowing Jews to run amok done here in the Obama Nation? Well we have the war in Iraq, which was lobbied for by AIPAC, we have Madoff running around with millions he looted, there are lots of Jewish lawyers working in Civil Rights making sure anti-miscegenation laws are non-existant and affirmative action is in place… jeez does one need to go on with anymore examples?!?!?!!?!

  30. ”I don’t see why I should oppose Jews who share my worldview and concerns.” ( — FB)
    You shouldn’t. I certainly don’t oppose them. I welcome them. There are a microscopic number of them. Like six worldwide. Unfortunately Jewish power, which is very considerable, is wielded exclusively the ones who don’t share your “worldview and concerns.” Those are who are meant when people on our side complain about “the Jews,” not the ones who agree with you. The miniscule number of Jews who agree with you also complain about them. They call them “the liberals,” not “the Jews.” This is because they don’t see or refuse to see any cause-and-effect relationship between their membership in the Jewish tribe and their destructive politics. The problem is, there is a cause-and-effect relationship.

    ”Anti-Semitic mania is counterproductive.”

    OK for “mania,” but what about rational criticism? Is rational, commonsense criticism of the Jews counterproductive? The answer is no, of course it isn’t. Jews may not like it but we have to discuss the factors that have maneuvered us into this mess if we are to have success getting out of it. If the Jews are an important factor for Jewish tribal reasons, not solely for “generic liberalism” reasons, we have to discuss that, have to thrash it out, get it straight, and be aware of it. Jews who, like us, hate what’s going on, ought to join us in nailing that aspect down. Do they, like us, want to solve the problem? Then running from it isn’t the answer.

    ”any whiff of anti-Semitism automatically bars one from access to the M.S.M. and from any position of influence.”

    First: calm, rational, objective criticism of Jews isn’t “anti-Semitism.” Second, any opposition to race-replacement also automatically gets one barred from acccess to the MSM. You don’t have to be “anti-Semitic” for that to happen to you. Holding almost any normal view gets one barred: opposition to homosexual “marriage” gets one barred, opposition to partial-birth abortion, to two men “marrying” each other, to putting women in front-line army combat — anything normal. The Lord of the Rings movies have been called “anti-Semitic” by the Jews. If you liked those movies you’re “anti-Semitic.” What it comes down to is if you’re Eurochristian you’re anti-Semitic and forbidden to exist.

    ”Normal White people will shut you off the moment you starting ranting about Jews. Fact.”

    Or race. That’s true. How did they get that way? Who has spent the last forty-odd years brainwashing them to be that way?

    ”Practical politics dictates that we seek allies where allies can be found.”

    Absolutely no quarrel there.

  31. After all this tribe has accomplished for the sake of europe’s destruction, Friedrich Braun has some nerve. He is either hopelessly retarded, or Jewish. Wake up. We break the Jew-Gentile rape-exodus Cycle by exterminating them, or evicting them. We are dealing with a race of cockroaches, that seeks shelter under the paleness of their own skin when the light of truth shines on them. Once they are driven into the shadows, we will always require vigilence to keep them there. Cockroaches cannot be exterminated, only kept in check.

  32. A person maybe, but who?

    An entire people changing after thousands of years is hard to believe.

    When Jews create an organization that is genuinely pro-white, I will take that argument seriously.

  33. Fr.Scr.: “they don’t see or refuse to see any cause-and-effect relationship between their membership in the Jewish tribe and their destructive politics. The problem is, there is a cause-and-effect relationship.”

    Somewhat random thoughts: Jewish ethnicity is relevant to the study of destructive politics, just as race is relevant to the study of crime statistics. The antagonism between Jews and non-Jews is real. There really exists such a phenomenon as Jewish hostility to white society. It is not a subset of white self-hate and white nihilism, and it can only be seen as a product of Jewish identity, Jewish ideology, Jewish politics and Jewish group dynamics. In the same way, as a comparison, Quebec separatism cannot be described as a Canadian phenomenon where Quebeckers of French origin only “happen” to be somewhat overrepresented. It is specifically a Quebec phenomenon. It doesn’t mean that all French Quebeckers are separatists, although I think most of them are. A difference between Jews and Quebec separatists is that the latter do not hide their ethnicity and their motivations, and do not have any hostility to white society and white people.

  34. Friedrich,
    Hah! I suppose you’re normal? Hell I wouldn’t call anyone that uses the pseudonym Friedrich Braun “normal”. You’re like that fish that tries to negotiate with a shark because “there’s good sharks”. Pathetic. JEWS OUT

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