White Opportunity alert — underenrolled high tech high school in Phoenix, Arizona

Before any commenters whine, “Why bother to learn technical/scientific fields?” read this:

The Coming Urban Terror
John Robb

Found this on VDARE

Phoenix seems to have big wads of cash to spend when it comes to schools that nobody wants to attend. Case in point: Phoenix spent gobs of cash to build a school called CREST for the purpose of educating and training today’s students to become the unemployed techies of tomorrow. The problem for the school is that few students are interested in attending.

High-tech school off to slow start
A new high school expected to boost the number of Arizona’s science and technology professionals has attracted interest from only about half of the number of students it plans to enroll in the fall.

The Center for Research in Engineering, Science and Technology hopes to enroll as many as 150 students in its freshman class when it opens in northeast Phoenix in fall 2010, but so far slightly more than 60 students have submitted applications for the “small, specialty” school.

Looks like it’s a high school. They should make them as community colleges that high school kids can attend, because post-high school kids who’ve had a taste of minimum wage labor are much more eager learners. Anyway, if you are raising a White kids with mathematical/scientific/technical aptitute, you may want to consider to move to Arizona. Here’s what passes for the school’s web page right now:


It looks really good, even though it seems to overly specialize in three fields, Engineering, Biotech Research and Development, Biotech Sustainability

Don’t let that bother you. Your kid will learn solid basic math and science, and can use the knowledge for whatever they like. The requirements are fairly stringent, too — an 8th grader needs to have passed Algebra 1.

Rob Sanchez has a pessimistic view

for the purpose of educating and training today’s students to become the unemployed techies of tomorrow.

But I say knowledge is never wasted. There’s so much you can do with knowledge you develop in yourself besides sell it to corporations.

I think we shouldn’t overly specialize in one field of science, but rather be “Renaissance men.” Of course specialization is required for employment, but one should be like Francis Bacon and study the other fields as well, just for fun.

And be bold. If you are reading this from somewhere far away from Arizona, and your nerdy son or daughter isn’t being challenged at their school, consider moving to Phoenix just while he attends the school, and then when you pack him off to MIT or Caltech, you can go back home. It looks like it’s a really great school, and so far very unenrolled.

Rob Sanchez is right that the gov’t/corporations are taking away our jobs with outsourcing and H1B insourcing. The solution is to not to go in the fetal position and whine about losing our niches. The solution is to keep fighting, and the way to keep fighting is to become knowledgeable and look for economic niches to crash and to seize, until we have enough financial and cultural clout to exercise some influence on the laws of our nation state/brand.


  1. Whites still have an advantage in technology because our immersion in the dominant culture and our creative intelligence serve as bridges between mere programming and the implementation of desirable final products. The outsourcing and immigration epidemic have been very hard on American IT professionals, but we’ve weathered the storm very well considering what we’ve been up against.

  2. @uh
    That’s an inspiring compliment, especially coming from you.

    I don’t have the self-discipline to blog consistently enough to maintain my own. So the irregular posting I do in here is about it. Customers who liked Wikitopian’s posts at Occidental Dissent may also like Hoosier Nation, the book. It’s available to read online at my website, Hoosier Nation. It’s all part of my grand scheme…a Hoosier Nation.

  3. You’re basically calling for white people to act like Jews and move to foreign lands and organizations and infiltrate them on the sly, lately.

    I don’t think we are made for that.

  4. I’m not saying to move to foreign countries. The foreign countries have moved to us, in case you didn’t notice.

    We have to make the best of a bad situation. The great thing is we can do quite well in this bad situation.

    I have to wonder who the lurker Whitey Whiteman III is. That sounds like an insincere username.

    I bet Jews would want us to believe that “we aren’t built” to do what it takes to begin to unravel their power.

    It is not about battling openly this time, at least not at first; it is about a great unraveling and then re-winding to suit us.

    It is a technical problem, and a psychological problem. Neurolinguistic programming is a technical psychology, and television is of course a psychologizing technology. Jews took Philo Farnsworth’s invention and turned it into a very formidable psychology machine.

    You’re telling me, WWW, the Third, that we aren’t built to overcome the psychology machine? Haha. I beg to differ!

  5. I’d rather see high-IQ, racially conscious young whites working their way into the financial, business, legal, and academic (humanities/social sciences) elite than doing scientific/technical work. Those are the people who call the shots. Let liberals and patriotards hack code and solve differential equations.

    Get your kids into Harvard or Yale, not MIT or Caltech.

  6. Can do propaganda, the cult of self help, is another jew snare.

    Kievsky sometimes writes as if the entire modern world and every value it promotes should not be overthrown. Like we can just learn some mad skills and win fair and square.

    I don’t think so.

  7. Olde Right,

    I don’t think so.

    Who cares what you think? Why should anyone care what you think? Because you know “how to beat jews”? Do you? Why should anyone believe you? It can’t be your stunning record of success.

    Yeah, bettering oneself is some ‘cult’ activity, but the impenetrable ramblings of a psychopath like Evola that’s something every white man should be getting into.

  8. Silver
    Who cares what you think? Why should anyone care what you think? Because you know “how to beat jews”? Do you? Why should anyone believe you? It can’t be your stunning record of success.

    It’s the record of failure that concerns me. This self help optimist approach has been tried before. The white society that counted on individualistic self improvement to protect it from its racial enemies was conquered by the jews in two generations.

    In the past the jews have only been beaten by removing them from society. Anything short of that failed. The society created by jews is designed to prevent jews from being expelled. Anything you do within that system either feeds it or poses no threat to it. You can’t win by following the rules if your opponent is a born liar and cheater and already controls the rules committee.

    Any suggestion for dealing with the jews has to take that into account.

    But even assuming that everything works as Kievsky thinks it will, what is the result? Whites end up as a “market dominant MINORITY” in their own lands. Just one racial pressure group among many fighting it out against the growing non-white population which is united on only one issue, their shared hatred for the white race.

    And if whites become skilled technicians as recommended in this entry they become skilled servants of the jewish elite, helping to refine and perfect the instruments of social control to assist in the genocide of their kind. Winston Smiths toiling for the military-industrial complex, designing new and better telescreens and drones.

    I’m not seeing the upside.

    I’ve never read Evola so I don’t know what he suggests.

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