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January 31, 2010 Hunter Wallace 237

Here’s the face behind the name. In the name of “human rights,” Jeffrey Imm attacks our constitutional rights of freedom of speech, freedom of association, and freedom […]

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Toledo Rape

January 30, 2010 Hunter Wallace 26

I just heard about this story from real world friends. A few days ago, a 15 year old negro in Toledo, Ohio armed with a pair of scissors […]

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Let HIM Leave

January 30, 2010 Matt Parrott 38

The stand-up comedian Doug Stanhope thinks that Americans whose jobs are stolen by illegal immigrants are “losers of epic proportions“. I didn’t laugh when I […]

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Thinkpol vs. Amren

January 27, 2010 Hunter Wallace 112

R.E.A.L. (an anti-White hate group) is claiming to have persuaded the Westin Washington Dulles Hotel to cancel the 2010 Amren Conference. They also claim to be […]

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Yearning for (the other) Zion

January 24, 2010 Matt Parrott 129

National Geographic has written a relatively balanced and comprehensive article on the FLDS (Fundamentalist Mormon) communities throughout the American Southwest. They’re explicitly racial, have one of […]

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Limo liberal loses, LOL

January 20, 2010 Kievsky 40

Martha Coakley sounds like a very pampered rich limousine liberal warmly nestled in a bed of taxpayer money. I have met Boston politicians and Democrat […]

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Scott Brown Wins

January 20, 2010 Hunter Wallace 74

Scott Brown (R) has defeated Martha Coakley (D) to win Ted Kennedy’s old seat. This means the Democrats have lost their filibuster proof majority in the […]

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Fatal Flattery

January 17, 2010 Matt Parrott 87

In any competition, it is crucial to accurately analyze both yourself and your competition. If they have strengths, we must identify and study them. If […]