Virginia: Bob McDonnell and Confederate History Month

Bob McDonnell, Governor of VirginiaBob McDonnell, Governor of Virginia, has stirred up a national controversy by having the audacity to declare the month of April “Confederate History Month” in the Old Dominion. Jews, White liberals, parasites, and negroes across America quickly began to shriek in horror about the Confederacy’s horrible legacy of racism and slavery. As everyone knows by now, McDonnell folded under pressure and issued a wimpy apology in which he decried slavery as the cause of the War Between the States.

White Virginians know the history of their state better than anyone. In 1860, Virginia was carried by John Bell, the Constitutional Union candidate. Virginia rejected secession after the Cotton States left the Union. The majority of Virginians didn’t believe Lincoln’s election warranted secession and favored a compromise solution like those of the past. The only reason Virginia seceded from the United States is because Lincoln decided to resort to force to coerce the Confederacy.

Virginians refused to take up arms for a Northern despot to spill the blood of their co-ethnics. That was the real issue. Lincoln’s own policy was that slavery could flourish in the states where it already existed. He didn’t foresee the final extinction of slavery happening until the twentieth century. Most Virginians thought South Carolinians and Alabamians were misguided to leave the Union, but acknowledged their right to do so. The states had created the federal government, not the other way around.

Lincoln’s attack on the Confederacy was seen as the destruction of republican government in America. Virginians clung to the old notion that the legitimacy of any government rested on the consent of the governed; coercing the Southern states back into the Union at bayonet point made a farce out of America’s own vaunted principles. It was a states’ rights issue, plain and simple. A tyrannical precedent was being set.

This is how the conflict was seen around the world at the time. Europeans wondered why the 13 American colonies had the right to unlawfully rebel against the British Empire, but the 13 Confederate states didn’t have the right to withdraw from the Union. It didn’t make any sense. Wasn’t George Washington a rebel? Weren’t the Founding Fathers of America openly committing treason by throwing down the gauntlet of the Declaration of Independence before the world? The Confederates were only taking America’s republican principles to their logical conclusion.

But this is a digression into history. The present and future is what should concern us. Bob McDonnell naming April as “Confederate History Month” is only a small victory for us. February, for example, is “Black History Month.” The month of April already honors financial literacy, crime victims, organ donors, and child abuse prevention. May is simultaneously “Jewish American Heritage Month” and “Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month.” Mid-September to Mid-October is “Hispanic Heritage Month.” The descendants of Confederate veterans, the majority of White Virginians, are only asking to be honored alongside all the other groups in the multicultural pantheon.

Yet this is controverial. “Confederate History Month” was even rescinded when Mark Warner and Tim Kaine were Governor of Virginia. America’s ruling class (and its underclass of racial grievance groups) look down on White Southerners. In their eyes, White Southerners are synonymous with white trash, racists, white supremacists, nativists, rednecks, bigots, hicks, hillbillies, etc. They do not believe in lowering themselves from their lofty perches of moral superiority to acknowledge that White Southerners are their equals. At the New York Times, we are openly described as an “anachronism” destined to fade into history. Unlike every other group, White Southerners are not allowed to celebrate our culture and heritage, or have a positive sense of ethnic identity and self worth.

In my mind, this raises a fundamental question: as a White Southerner, one of the millions of American natives loathed by our hostile elites in Washington and New York City, why should I desire to be a part of the same Union as these people? We literally have nothing in common: racially, ethnically, culturally, or politically. These people salivate over their dream of the future in which my descendants will become a degraded, oppressed minority in the land of their ancestors. I have come to dream about the glorious day when White Southerners wake up and sever our ties with these loathsome hypocrites forever.

Just think about it: in a society where children are aborted by the millions, where the institution of marriage is redefined, where young women aspire to careers as porn stars, where young men look up to Lil’ Wayne instead of Robert E. Lee,  why should the Union of all things be sacred? Individual couples get divorced all the time. The Left considers this an inviolable right. The people of the United States now have less in common than some of the most bitterly separated partners. It would be better for all parties involved to go our separate ways.

Frankly, I realized long ago that America is lost. The Confederacy had the right idea in striking out on its own. Too bad we lost. I passionately despise our national government for similar reasons. My loyalty has devolved back to my local community, state, and co-ethnics in the American South. It certainly doesn’t belong to the alien regime in Washington, DC with its genocidal policy of White dispossession.

The sooner we break away from it; the better off we will be.

Update: Pat Buchanan and Ellison Lodge weigh in at VDARE.

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  4. “Jews, White liberals, parasites, and negroes”

    Indeed. You are doing good work here to advance the cause of humanity.

    But this? “Unlike every other group, White Southerners are not allowed to celebrate our culture and heritage, or have a positive sense of ethnic identity and self worth.?

    Come on, you’ve got tractor pulls, wrastlin’, and NASCAR to celebrate your culture and heritage, even if lynching niggers was determined to be illegal.

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