Zimbabwe: Blacks Admit Rhodesia Was Better

Zimbabwe is DyingThis article needs to be kept in your short term memory archive. Zimbabwe, formerly the breadbasket of Africa, is starving. In the New York Times, earnest, bleeding heart Jewish liberal Nicholas Kristof writes:

In a week of surreptitious reporting here (committing journalism can be a criminal offense in Zimbabwe), ordinary people said time and again that life had been better under the old, racist, white regime of what was then called Rhodesia.

“When the country changed from Rhodesia to Zimbabwe, we were very excited,” one man, Kizita, told me in a village of mud-walled huts near this town in western Zimbabwe. “But we didn’t realize the ones we chased away were better and the ones we put in power would oppress us.”

“It would have been better if whites had continued to rule because the money would have continued to come,” added a neighbor, a 58-year-old farmer named Isaac. “It was better under Rhodesia. Then we could get jobs. Things were cheaper in stores. Now we have no money, no food.”

Over and over, I cringed as I heard Africans wax nostalgic about a nasty, oppressive regime run by a tiny white elite. Black Zimbabweans responded that at least that regime was more competent than today’s nasty, oppressive regime run by the tiny black elite that surrounds Mr. Mugabe.

That’s it! The multicult experiment is failing, and even the New York Times is being forced to admit it! I knew way back in 1994, when South Africa was handed over to black dictatorship, that the day would come when the mainstream media would be forced to do a full 180 degree turn. This Kristof article is it.

Be sure to use this article in future debates, when you tell misguided liberals about the history of Southern Africa. We should get some articles from 1979-1980 where the liberals were celebrating the death of Rhodesia and the handover to Oxford trained pet communist negro Bob Mugabe, and compare then and now.

It doesn’t take an Edgar Cayce or Nostradamus to successfully predict the failure of multiculturalism.


  1. Brilliant, “full circle” as you noted in an earlier article. I’m saving this one for the archives. I also make a habit of saving YouTube videos to my hard drive… so that in the future I can show my kids all the happenings. A picture is worth a thousand words… and video material is priceless.

    Oh, an update on Eugene Terre’blanche’s funeral (via the PRAAG website) today in Ventersdorp, South Africa. There were reportedly 30 000 thousand people, from all walks of life, present at the funeral. Link provided below (Flemish or Dutch speakers will be able to understand the Afrikaans webpage). Full article featuring text and images will be available tomorrow from PRAAG.


  2. “It doesn’t take an Edgar Cayce or Nostradamus to successfully predict the failure of multiculturalism.” Jesse Ventura calls himself “a fiscal conservative and a social liberal.” Why should people like the ex-gov think about supporting the WN position? There are now non-white gangs in Anchorage, Alaska, and Billings, Montana. Many of the white liberals in SA now are getting the idea that Terre’Blanche’s fate is their future. Is SA today the USA with another 20 years of open borders?

  3. Kievsky-
    The old Rhodesia was multicultural- just with a ruling Germanic/Celtic elite and a mixed population. Now it has a black ruling elite with a mostly homogenous black population. The issue isn’t multiculturalism. The issue is how different ethnic groups create different types of societies. Zimbabwe is simply now returning to the natural type of society that black Africans create. The European/American and Jewish leftists do not want to admit that European Germanic/Celtic/Finno-Urgic/Slavic societies are different that Black african societies.

  4. Rhodesian philosophy and politics were softer than the South African.

    When I first came to england I joined the Conservative Monday Club (which endorsed voluntary repatriation of non-whites from the UK). This club was set up while Rhodesia was still going to support the White Souther African colonies within UK politics.

    The manager of the club at this time was Dennis Walker, who was Minister of Bantu Education in Ian Smith’s Rhodesian cabinet.

    He met me in an Armed Forces club. He went to great pains to stress that the Rhodesians weren’t the same as SA. That they believed the Blacks would one day be ready to vote (although maybe not for 100s of years). This is completely different to apartheid. They have no right to ever be part of our countries because they are not of our blood.

    He also stressed that if I’d been involved with the BNP this would be a major problem.

    There’s more point for a WN to pretend to be a liberal in order to make money and get on in the world, than there is to being a mainstream conservative. Mainstream conservatives have lost every battle for the last two hundred years.

    The Liberal Democrats in Britain were the only mainstream group to defend David Irving’s free speech. The conservatives in the UK are so far left they’re probably worse than the liberals

  5. No goods on the shelves due to price controls. Price controls go against Econ 1A. Guess who put on price controls in 1936?

  6. Thanks Rob! I found it on the C of CC site, but that’s the kind of thing I always look out for. I remember being very frustrated back in 1994, knowing the day would come when the mainstream media would acknowledge the folly of giving blacks the vote.

  7. Collapse of “Zimbabwe” is a failure of Black rule + Communist rule. Like having two fatal diseases at the same time. National Geo had a typical article back when Mugabe took over; portrayed him as a “moderate socialist” and “a leader unto his people”. More recently, even as Zimbabwe lay in ruins, NG ran an almost identical piece on Red Caudillo Chavez in Venezuela. In general, Libs never learn and Jews always lie….so I am genuinely shocked at Kristof’s admission.

  8. I passed that article around to a few people today and got a really good response.

    It’s a strong statement when even the big promoters of ending apartheid and White rule in Rhodesia admit publicly they were wrong.

  9. Its a strange experience commenting on some ‘white nationalist’ American sites. Hard to figure out what exactly the psychological issue is. Is it cause I am a white african woman, or is it just cause you white american males think you are superior to us white africans, whom you can now and then pretend to express some sort of support for those white guneapigs over in Africa who are dumb enough to be your canaries; but fuck it if you ever bother to even acknowledge their existence when they share a word or two?

    White Refugees from Africa… huh? Who the fuck needs to educate anyone about that right? Fuck em, lets just sit and watch as they get themselves fucking slaughtered like those tutsis… should be a fun bloodbatch to watch…. maybe we can get Disneyland to make it into a cartoon playstation game…

    When does this stop being some go***amn little bloggers hoohah, and become something you guys are serious about setting aside your fucking superior macho shit, and saying fuck it lets work together?

    Pardon my Semper Fi outburst, but my gunnery sgt sniper buddy explained to me long time ago, some white men, a white woman cannot wake the fuck up with anything but a goddamn fucking slap in the face.

  10. White Refugee,

    That’s an odd comment. There has been a lot of acknowledging of the plight of White S. Africans here.

  11. Kievsky, this is an excellent addition to the recent news coming from South Africa. White people need to learn that if you hand over the government to blacks they will ruin the country. It doesn’t matter if it’s Rhodesia, South Africa, or Detroit. It happens every place they go. A second point that our people need to learn is that if you allow the blacks to outnumber you they will eventually seize control. Future White nations must be exclusively white if we are going to maintain our existence and freedom.

  12. I stumbled upon this site while researching why it is that former Rhodesians living in Zimbabwe are still so appallingly racist. Two evil regimes cannot be compared — pity the people who have lived through both of them — and this article proves absolutely nothing.

    And what exactly is the “plight of White S. Africans”? The chance to live in a free, fair, democratic nation that is building itself up out of the rubble of hatred and atrocity? What a great time to be alive in South Africa. Get over your hatred; open your closed little minds.

  13. The “rubble of hatred”was a first class infrastructure that rivaled Europe and America.
    SA is an AIDS infested termite mound overrun with Nigerian Army Ants.

  14. “What a great time to be alive in South Africa. Get over your hatred; open your closed little minds.”

    If it’s so great! Why are you posting here.

  15. James Bolton ,you are an idiot….the blacks will destroy South Africa as they have zimbabwe

  16. There were many slaves throughout history who have come to the defence of their masters, that still does not excuse slavery. Childish headline.

  17. What a surprise. Rhodesia was a free market and constitutional monarchy, Zimbabwe is a socialist dictatorship. What do you expect?

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