Evolution Happens

What do antibiotics, Roundup, and the Mandatory Diversity regime have in common? They are blunt force instruments, and they work really well, for a while. Then the diminishing returns kick in; and then the objects that were being hit by the blunt force instruments hit back, HARD.



Superbug, super-fast evolution
April 2008


Fascination with tiny microbes bearing long, difficult-to-pronounce names is often reserved for biology classrooms — unless of course the bug in question threatens human health. MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) now contributes to more US deaths than does HIV, and as its threat level has risen, so has the attention lavished on it by the media. At this point, almost any move the bug makes is likely to show up in your local paper. Last month saw reporting on studies of hospital screening for MRSA (which came up with conflicting results), stories on MRSA outbreaks (involving both real and false alarms), and media flurries over the finding that humans and their pets can share the infection with one another. Why is this bug so frightening? The answer is an evolutionary one.

Where’s the evolution?
MRSA is resistant not only to the antibiotic methicillin, but also to whole other suites of our drugs, making it very difficult to treat and, occasionally, deadly. Modern strains of MRSA did not, however, show up out of the blue. In the early 1940s, when penicillin was first used to treat bacterial infections, penicillin-resistant strains of S. aureus were unknown — but by the 1950s, they were common in hospitals. Methicillin was introduced in 1961 to treat these resistant strains, and within one year, doctors had encountered methicillin-resistant S. aureus. Today, we have strains of MRSA that simultaneously resist a laundry list of different antibiotics, including vancomycin — often considered our last line of antibacterial defense.

How did S. aureus morph from a minor skin infection to a terror? When the media report on MRSA and other drug resistant pathogens, they often say that such pathogens have recently “emerged” — that they’ve “developed” resistance or “learned” to evade our drugs. In fact, it’s more accurate to say that these bugs have evolved resistance. It’s particularly ironic that newspapers might shy away from describing bacterial evolution as such because, when it comes to evolution, bacteria have most of the rest of us beat.

Evolution happens among


too. Whaddya know?

American farmers’ broad use of the weedkiller glyphosphate — particularly Roundup, which was originally made by Monsanto — has led to the rapid growth in recent years of herbicide-resistant weeds. To fight them, farmers are being forced to spray fields with more toxic herbicides, pull weeds by hand and return to more labor-intensive methods like regular plowing.

The anti-white regime has been using the same direct heavy-handedness as Vancomycin and Roundup. Why would they be more savvy in dealing with the human population, as that of bacteria and flora? They don’t. That’s why political correctness so outrages is, when it isn’t simply making us laugh.

William Rome’s

    my awakening story

is one good example among many of the evolution of the virulent strain. Superbug, superweed . . . Mind-Weapon.

The first phase of the Mind-Weapon is when he understands that the real world does not follow a cinematic script. It’s not an action film. It is more tragic, and more interesting.

It is possible that the US government will devolve into a bandit state of freebooting gun grabbers and revenue collectors flashing the badge of a hollow state. However, if it comes to this, the hollow state will be checkmating itself.

Control of production will be the arms of the Mind-Weapons, and freebooters will be be easily bribed. Any armed formations that are collecting revenue and grabbing guns will be hungry for something to eat, something to smoke, something to get high with, and something to fuck. It will be far easier and more effective to subvert them, rather than getting into firefights with them. I know that some will say this is a “Semitic strategy.” Well, duh. Evolve and conquer, or keep playing those action movies in your head and end up dead or imprisoned.

Our rulers, being able to deploy “predator drones” as President Obama boasted to the Jonas brothers, have crossed the line into tragic hubris.

It is their tragedy, not mine, and that is why I will not be opposing the hollow state with force. I do not want to be one of the dramatis personae of this tragedy. Rather, I’m looking forward to seeing what comes out on the other side, and I urge you to do so as well.

Things are breaking bad, folks. Processes that were set in motion decades ago, such as

    giving up our manufacturing to China

are now playing out. America was very resilient, but not indestructible. Destroying America was both fun and profitable for the banksters, but it isn’t sustainable. From the above linked Buchanan article:

One in every three manufacturing jobs we had in 2000, nearly 6 million, vanished. Some 50,000 U.S. factories shut down. We have run trade deficits totaling $5 trillion since NAFTA passed. The real wages of working Americans have been stagnant for a decade.

While China has resumed her 12 percent growth rate, the United States, with 25 million unemployed or underemployed, appears headed for a double-dip recession.

Yet, even as the end of America’s tenure as the world’s first manufacturing power was being announced, the Wall Street Journal admonished us to keep our eyes on the prize: a new world order where it does not matter who produces what or where

“The pursuit of some ideal global ‘balance’ in trade and capital flows is an illusion. … World leaders would do better to worry less about (trade) imbalances and more about whether their own nations are pursuing policies that contribute to global prosperity.”

There you have it—the conflict in visions between us.

For decades, America’s leaders have followed the Wall Street Journal ideology. We put a mythical world economy before our own economy. We put “global prosperity” before national interest. We forced our workers to compete, in their own country, against the products of foreign laborers earning a tenth of their pay. And we let in tens of millions of semi-skilled and unskilled immigrants, legal and illegal, to take the jobs of our countrymen.

And the Chinese? They put China first, second and third.

And who won the decade? And who is winning the future?

The global economy is evolving a new White nation, as Buchanan said.

I don’t think it’s going to be about hot lead and cold steel this time. This time, it’s about evolving internally — evolving into a Virulent Strain.

MLK’s dream — the White man’s nightmare.

But in creating our worst nightmare, they are setting up the conditions to create their own.

Ever look at a movie that was really scary the first time you saw it, and then you saw it again years later and it wasn’t frightening at all, because reality itself became far more frightening? This happened with me with the movie, “Mad Max.” Watching the Mad Max movies on HBO in the 1980’s was terrifying. I recently saw them again and Monday-morning quarterbacked the whole thing.

The Mad Max movies miss the Mind-Weapon factor. Biker gangs would get either IED’s or bribes. Less corrupt beta provider White men would quickly organize very powerful micro-states that will be able to defend themselves, and proactively search and destroy local threats. Any attack on a single micro-state will provide intel to the other ones to defend/counter-attack. The self-organizing future will be in the making (h/t to John Robb).

Cinema verite Holocaust movies with violins playing are going to be seen by historians as actually underestimating the horrors that would come after the fall of the USA. The end of the growth economy will herald a very explosive combination.

1. The sudden loss of pushbutton surplus wealth-power that can be deployed quickly to any corner of the planet.

2. The emergence of Evolved Mind-Weapons.

Try to live through this, and maybe I’ll see you on the other side.


  1. Hopefully we end up in a situation more promisng than living in a former Soviet Republic like that craphole Belorussia or the Stans ruled by violent mobster/cult of personality lowlifes. Which seem to be anti-evolutionary at the moment since they devolve on wordism of the chief thug of the day.

    Other than that keep up the fine work, Robb is certainly has interesting work.

  2. Hail Renner!

    Billions will die! We will win!

    By the way, I use the “hail” greeting with my friends now.

  3. Simmons,

    Anglo-Saxons create different kinds of societies than Slavs. Honesty and transparency is a very deep part of our culture. We know in our bones that a transparent, less corrupt society works better.

    Slavs went from Tsarist autocracy to Judeo-Bolshevism. They believe in force more than trust.

  4. Kievsky: I have been involved with foster care, and have thereby had contact with lots of people who cannot be trusted and who do not trust others. That is the root of their poverty, especially the more intelligent among them. There is a huge social divide between the generally honest and the generally dishonest, two different worlds, really. I think you are right about Anglo-Saxon societies having honesty as their default setting. Sometimes when I meet someone, we size each other up and I just know that this is someone I can work with. And sometimes not. The latter category rely on theft or the State to sustain themselves. In a Mad Max world, they will raise hell but will be no match for determined, honest, White men. We need to be those determined, honest, White men.

  5. Western Slavs are quite different from both Eastern Slavs and Anglo-Saxons in their political organizations. Let’s not forget the velvet divorce of Czechoslovakia, both the Czechs and the Slovacks seem to be doing quite well, neither has develoved to strong man rule.

    As far as the largest Eastern Slavic nation, Poland, it had a democracy of the aristocracy during the Polish-Lithuanian Commenweath period (1569-1648). This was quite early for such an advanced system of governance anywhere.

    During an era when England was ruled by absolute (and frequently despotic) Kings, the King of Poland was elected by the aristocracy. They seem to have made some pretty good choices, including the brother of the King of France at one point.

  6. I should clarify — by Slavs I meant the ones I know best — the Russkies!

    We’re going to be playing the post-Soviet game for a while during the coming “time of troubles” period of the USA, bribing the police to get by.

    This won’t be such a bad thing. I think Whites will bribe the police to keep undesirables out of town, and the police will happily do this job. Sundown towns will be back!

  7. ‘I should clarify — by Slavs I meant the ones I know best — the Russkies!’

    As a matter of “Nordish” physical anthropology, I would be interested to read your thoughts on the physical and temperamental differences between various Slavic tribes, such as Ukrainians, Ossetians, Serbians, etc.

    I seem to recall that Nikola Tesla was of Eastern European ancestry, and perhaps his mental state had some identifiable genetic component that could point out other Eastern European geniuses.

    ‘We’re going to be playing the post-Soviet game for a while during the coming “time of troubles” period of the USA, bribing the police to get by.’

    I imagine the process of dealing with police in Idaho or Montana is very different than the process of dealing with police in Seattle, Detroit, or Chicago. Ethnic diversity in police forces is a detailed subject.

  8. Fights are won with tactics, battles are won with strategy, but wars are won with logistics. Whites have something the enemy does not. High trust and cohesion. The non-Whites are already alienating themselves from Whites in their stupid attempts to assert dominance, but like that goofball Mugabe in Zimbabwe, they will soon find the food it comes from us. Lets see them fight without their free corn. Cut off their food supplies and they will die in a week to ten days with only cannibals and small raiding parties left. It will be easy. We know the layout of our lands and most of these fools don’t. We made the maps, and most of them can’t read them. Fighting will be minimal if we can cut them off from food sources. After that its a simple mop up operation.

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