1. Excruciating….though for a fact, it’s just a Red-Jew replacing a Red shabbatz-goy WASP. Barky’s next appointment will make it 5:4 anti-1st/2nd Amendment Reds on SC. That’ll happen co-terminous with Iran War and economic collapse, leading to onset of Civil War II, during which we will take back the whole country. Not – sorry, Harold – just camping out with Bigfoot somewhere in the Pac. NW.

  2. you want to keep yourselves a boy’s only club…

    I would never demean a woman that was on our side but if most women were honest they’d have to agree that Kagan looks like a man in drag. I’m sorry, there’s no delicate way to put it.

  3. Starts off a little slow, and then really picks up. The northwest republic ending is really dumb—why not Alaska? LOL.

  4. Dean- of you want to attack her on politics, okay fine, but to attack her appearance is cheap and petty.

    Easy way to avoid it, follow your grandmother’s advice of if you have nothing nice to say, it is better not to say anything.

    I thought one of the essentials of classical western civilization is the code of conduct?

  5. That really is a spectacularly unpleasant looking woman! No doubt, in this case, she really is every bit as ugly inside as well!

  6. How about some more serious reviews of my music video?

    I worked really hard to find the most repulsive photos of this Jewess lesbian New York Marxist beast.

    And I thought HAC’s commentary was excellent.

    What are our viewers here doing with their time, watching the NBA draft?


  7. Jack,

    I think you did a great job with this.

    It’s technically proficient.

    It’s amusing.

    It drives home important information.

    It directs people toward real world action.

    I don’t support the Northwest Imperative. But I’m not against it, either. As long as these different strategies are pursued without undercutting the other, then that’s great.

    Leveraging new media like audio and video reaches a much wider audience than blogging. I’m not implying that blogging is useless. It’s not. But what you’ve done here expands our potential audience dramatically.

  8. Thank you Matt Parrott for the kind words.

    In this fallen age, I often feel that no one is listening, no one even takes the time to view/review my efforts to change the course of human history and bring forth a great, White new age (OK, rough word there) by my essays, poetry, music videos.

    Thanks to you and everyone under the age of 30 who still has a some idealism and also an attention span > than 15 seconds.


    14 Words.

  9. Looking at those faces in the video, I’m convinced these are lonely desperate women crying out in the dark for the affections of a man while they plot to murder the world.

  10. She looks like a fat Jewish kid who ate too much candy at summer camp in the Catskills.

  11. Mr Ryan

    I really liked your music video and the commentary by HAC.

    Instead of people complaining like “respectable conservatives”, they need to do something to stop these things from happening.


  12. Whoa! One look a Kagan and any red blooded male would need triple strength viagra to get Mr. Johnson back up and running. Kagan is the most singularly unqualified person ever to be nominated and her nomination is illustrative of Jewish power and Jewish ethnic nepotism in these disunited states we live in. Goy White is steering clear of this one since it undermines his specious claims that Jewish success is always the result of high intelligence and hard work instead of Jewish ethnic nepotism.

  13. There’s so many creative ways to deal with our enemies in non-violent ways that will result in their demise. Jewish men love to take shiska brides that they use to mine gentile genes. Some beautiful White Nationalist women could take up with some of these men, get married, get impregnated with Aryan sperm and pass the children off as kosher certified. If it happens often at a high rate, whatever occult bonds that bind Jews together would be destroyed. It would throw the Jewish community into chaos and they wouldn’t know what hit them.

  14. Dermot Walsh says:
    July 2, 2010 at 2:48 pm
    Mr Ryan

    I really liked your music video and the commentary by HAC.

    Thanks for the kind words.

    Yes, I agree in this instance HAC’s commentary was dead on, concise, funny when some humor was needed and then brought the listener back to understand what needs to be done… and it isn’t being a “Conservative” and always moaning and complaining about what those “Gosh darn Liberals are doing”.

  15. Jack, Matt and co.

    I’m no supporter of Kagans and am not pleased that she’s been nomionated (or that we have such a powerful court to begin with) but I’d like to go through your family albums and select pictures of YOUR mothers and make a music video deriding her. Fuck, I’ve seen pictures of quite a few of you on this very website and your chosen race plainly didn’t engage in much eugenics if it allowed such creatures to birth and grow but show us your moms you pleasant folk.

    It’s unfortunate that the only people willing to discuss certain subjects at all are people who are so viscious and downrotten immorally rotten in their own souls. By being yourselves you bolster the cause of your enemies by creating the false dichotomy that in order to discuss anything race or HBD related you need to be an asshole. Well done guys.

  16. Published on The Brussels Journal (http://www.brusselsjournal.com)
    The Fall of the Belgian Church
    By Alexandra Colen
    Created 2010-06-24 23:26
    In Belgium, today, police searched the residence of the Archbishop of Mechelen-Brussels and the crypt of the Archbishop’s cathedral in Mechelen. They were looking for evidence of cover-ups in the ongoing investigation into widespread pedophilia practices within the Belgian church in the decades during which Cardinal Godfried Danneels was Archbishop. Danneels retired in January of this year.

    Police also confiscated 450 files containing reports of pedophile offences by members of the clergy, that had been submitted to an investigation committee which was established within the church to deal with pedophilia cases.

    Since the revelation in April that Cardinal Danneels’s close friend and collaborator, Mgr Roger Vangheluwe, the Bishop of Bruges, had been a practicing pedophile throughout, and even before, his career as a bishop, victims have gained confidence that they will be taken seriously, and complaints have been pouring in, both to the courts and to the extra-judicial investigation committee of the archdiocese. The new archbishop Mgr. André-Joseph Léonard, has urged victims to take their case to the courts.

    His predecessor, the liberal Cardinal Danneels, who was very popular with the press in Belgium and abroad, was Archbishop of Mechelen-Brussels and Primate of Belgium from 1979 until 2010. The sympathy for pedophile attitudes and arguments among the Belgian bishops during this period was no secret, especially since 1997 when the fierce controversy about the catechism textbook Roeach made the headlines. The editors of Roeach were Prof. Jef Bulckens of the Catholic University of Leuven and Prof. Frans Lefevre of the Seminary of Bruges. The textbook contained a drawing which showed a naked baby girl saying: “Stroking my pussy makes me feel groovy,” “I like to take my knickers off with friends,” “I want to be in the room when mum and dad have sex.” The drawing also shows a naked little boy and girl that are “playing doctor” and the little boy says: “Look, my willy is big.”

    The drawing also showed three pairs of parents. Those with the “correct” attitude reply: “Yes, feeling and stroking those little places is good fun.” This “catechism textbook” was used in the catechism lessons in the catholic schools, until one day I discovered it among the schoolbooks of my eldest daughter, then 13 years old. On 3 September 1997 I wrote a letter to Cardinal Danneels, saying:

    “When I see this drawing and its message, I get the distinct impression that this catechism textbook is designed intentionally to make 13 and 14 year olds believe that toddlers enjoy genital stimulation. In this way one breeds pedophiles that sincerely believe that children actually think that what they are doing to them is ‘groovy’, while the opposite is the case.”

    I told Cardinal Danneels that, although I was a member of Parliament for the Flemish-secessionist party Vlaams Blok, I was addressing him as a Catholic parent “who wishes to remain faithful to the papal authority and also wishes to educate her children this way.” I insisted that he forbid the use of this book in the catechism lessons: “This is why I insist – yes, the days of meekly asking are over – that you forbid the use of this ‘catechism book’ in our children’s classrooms.”

    Today this case, that dates from 12 years ago, assumes a new and ominous significance. Especially now that I know that Mgr Roger Vangheluwe, the pedophile child molesting Bishop of Bruges, was the supervising bishop of both institutions – the Catholic University of Leuven and the Seminary of Bruges – whence came the editors in chief of this perverted “catechism” textbook.

    Monsignor Vangheluwe not only entertained pedophile ideas, but also practiced them on his 11-year old nephew. Hundreds of children who were not raped physically were molested spiritually during the catechism lessons.

    After I started my campaign against the Roeach textbook, many parents contacted me to voice their concerns. Stories of other practices in the Catholic education system poured in. There were schools where children were taught to put condoms over artificial penises and where they had to watch videos showing techniques of masturbation and copulation.

    Because Cardinal Danneels refused to respond to requests to put an end to these practices, I and hundreds of concerned parents gathered in front of his palace on 15 October 1997. We carried placards with the text “Respect for parents and children,” and we said the rosary. Cardinal Danneels refused to receive a delegation of the demonstrators. “I shall not be pressured,” he said in the libertine magazine Humo on 21 October 1997. The Archbishop’s door remained closed when we demonstrated again on 10 December 1997.

    When we demonstrated at the palace of the Bishop of Antwerp on 19 November 1997, Mgr Paul Van den Berghe received a delegation of mothers that included a local councilor from the Christian-Democrat party and myself. Mgr Van den Berghe, who was the Episcopal supervisor for education, listened to the mothers, wept and promised to investigate the practices in the sex education and catechism lessons. He also announced this intention in a declaration to the press.

    He must have been reprimanded by his colleagues, because on 24 November, after a meeting of the Bishops’ Conference, in a press release to the press agency Belga, the Bishop of Antwerp announced that, in spite of his promise, there would be no investigation. Today we know that one of the colleagues present at the Conference was the child molester Vangheluwe, which makes that incident, too, very unsavory indeed.

    On 18 February 1998 we were at Cardinal Danneels’s door again, myself and a group of parents. Again the door remained closed. So on 18 March 1998 a group of two hundred parents went to the Papal Nuncio, the ambassador of the Vatican, in Brussels. But the Nuncio, who was a friend of Danneels, also refused to meet us. He had, however, alerted the police, who had several water cannons at the ready just around the corner.

    Meanwhile Danneels’s friends in the press started a campaign against me. “Colen continues to pester the bishops,” was the headline in Gazet van Antwerpen. One evening Toon Osaer, Danneels’s spokesman at the time, phoned me to tell me that as a Catholic I had to “be obedient” to the bishops. In Humo Danneels insinuated that I was “conducting my election campaign.”

    On 5 January 1998 the daily newspaper Het Volk interviewed Patrick Vanhaelemeesch, a catechism teacher in the diocese of Bruges and one of the co-authors of Roeach. He gave some details about the illustration concerning masturbating toddlers in the catechism book. He said that the illustration was intended to convey the message that “toddlers experience sexual lust.” Vanhaelemeesch revealed that the committee of bishops had mentioned this illustration in an evaluation report of the catechism book. The report stated: “The presentation of the sexual-pedagogical attitudes is rendered ridiculous in the eyes of the pupils by the text balloons.” According to Vanhaelemeesch this criticism “indicates that the bishops had no objections at all to the message conveyed [i.e. toddlers experience sexual lust], but feared that the pupils would not take it seriously.”

    When I had exhausted all possibilities and it was clear that the Belgian church did not want to hear the parents, I decided to sever all ties with the Catholic education system. I took my five children out of school and set up a homeschool together with other parents, so our children would be educated in a Catholic environment.

    I sent a letter to all the cardinals in the world to inform them about the contents of the Roeach textbook. “Please be assured that this Dicastery will give your report all due consideration, answered Mgr. Clemens, Cardinal Ratzinger’s personal secretary, for the Congregation of the Faith in Rome; Cardinal Gagnon from Rome appreciated “the just battle which you are conducting”; “The matter which you raised is very important,” wrote Cardinal Arinze from Rome.

    I received letters of support from cardinals from all parts of the globe. “I share your concern. It is important that you do not leave the matter uncontested,” wrote Cardinal Meisner of Cologne; “You have good reasons to be concerned,” wrote Cardinal Wamala of Uganda; “I feel strongly enough to write to Cardinal Danneels in the hope that he may enlighten me,” wrote Cardinal Vidal of the Philippines; “If I have the opportunity to discuss with Cardinal Danneels the matter you have drawn to my attention, I will do so,” wrote Cardinal Williams of New Zealand; “I shall try to do something in order to help you,” wrote Cardinal Lopez Rodriguez of Santo Domingo; “I am aware that your concerns have been brought to the attention of Cardinal Laghi, Prefect for the Congregation for Catholic Education,” wrote Cardinal O’Connor of New York.

    On 27 February 2010 the daily newspaper De Standaard wrote that these letters “enhanced Rome’s perception of the weak church leadership in Belgium.” Hence, the liberal Danneels was replaced by Mgr Léonard. Rome hopes that he will be able to restore the church in Belgium. I share this hope. However, it is a pity that it has taken so long. The damage that has been done is greater than anyone could have imagined.

    Dr. Alexandra Colen MP is a member of the Belgian House of Representatives.


    Source URL:

  17. I have to throw a large penalty flag at vygnm for this ridiculous, treasonous post defending Elena Kagan and complaining that I, Matt and others are being unfair and cruel for showing pictures of Kagan and other Jewish lesbian, feminists that make them look….


    Hey vygnm.

    Elena Kagan is very ugly – she’s one of the most ugly women/persons to ever being nominated for a high level US government position.

    And it isn’t just her physical looks – it’s her entire life, her political views, her soul.

    She’s ugly – hateful, destructive of all things White, beautiful and positive.

    And vygnm

    did you know that less than 2% of the US population is Jewish?

    What’s the lesbian population – 1%- 3%.

    So do the math – what’s 2% of 3%?

    Not a real high percentage of Americans are Jewish lesbians… New Yorkers, Harvard PC marxists.

    So, it’s safe to say that SOMEONE is packing the US Supreme Court with tiny elites that are extremely hostile to regular, decent White Americans.

    No vygnm – we’re not being mean and unfair to Elena Kagan, Rahm, the DNC, SPLC, ADL, Jew York Times, MSM – they are the ones being unfair to us.

  18. vygnm,
    I didn’t create the video and would not have chosen to take that particular path. I know that I’m goofy looking and that my extended family is pretty funny looking, as well. It was still technically proficient and its emphasis on their physical differentness has political value. It viscerally conveys that they are a different people.

    We’re bombarded every day with negative stereotypes of “White trash”, “Wal-Mart shoppers” and “inbred hillbillies”. I am an inbred hillbilly Wal-Mart shopper whose first comment on my big new website was that I looked like a “fat faggot in a fedora”. That’s an occupational hazard of living a public life. Our opponents use every chance they get to mock and humiliate us. I’m not going to begrudge a man for fighting back on this front.

    I also think it’s a bit of a stretch for you to declare me an asshole for merely failing to condemn this video. In fact, I think that might make you an asshole.

  19. It’s preaching to the converted.

    If you want to convince more people the facts are going to have be laid out and explanations given as to why this is seen as wrong. Or emotional associations created. I don’t believe either facts or effective emotional triggers exist on their own terms in the video, only for people who already embrace a WN ideology.

    To most people it’s going to be just another white face on the Supreme Court, and to many at least it will be a woman, which will be seen as a long overdue improvement.

  20. Having spent years in the Washington Metro area – I came away with the impression that there are a lot of strange/marginal people populating the ranks of the Federal Government.

    Cranky, childless, weird women, Obsessive/Lunatic techno males, Poorly closeted males —name it – they’ve got it. So the choice of Kagan was not surprising.

    Good Day!

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