The Youth Vote

Here’s a surprising finding: White teenagers are less enthusiastic about Barack Obama and the American future than White adults.

– 69% of black teenagers believe their standard of living will be higher than their parents, but only 36% of White teenagers expect this to be true.

– 70% of black teenagers give Barack Obama a favorable approval rating, but only 21% of White teenagers approve of his job performance.

– 92% of black adults approve of Barack Obama’s job performance, but only 35% of White adults give him a positive approval rating.

– 58% of young voters under the age of 35 believe America is in decline.

-57% of elderly voters over the age of 65 believe America is in decline.

In 2008, Barack Obama won 43% of the White vote, but defeated John McCain by 10 points with White voters 18 to 29 years old. By June 2010, 46% of White voters under 40 approved of his job performance and Obama had fallen into negative territory with White women (35% approve) and college educated White voters (54% disapprove). Only 28% of Whites now plan to re-elect Barack Obama as President of the United States.

The enthusiasm gap is even bigger: 46% of Whites strongly disapprove of Barack Obama’s job performance; 19% strongly approve. If Barack Obama continues to push forward with the progressive agenda, Whites will increasingly act less like the divided, apathetic majority we are accustomed to, and more like a united, racially conscious minority.

Progressives like Spock are counting on racial conflict diminishing as the Baby Boomers retire and the Greatest Generation dies off. The racial polarization between teenagers suggests otherwise.

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  1. Analogman,

    I disagree with your last sentence. If only we Whites get our heads on straight, our work will be cut out for us. It’s just a matter of White consciousness, and there not being a large reservoir of brainwashed Whites somewhere for the Jews to use.

  2. EEuro: you can’t throw out the baby with the bathwater. Regular white americans have no power. no matter which side of the coin we vote into office, it’s still the same coin and the same list of usual suspects.
    When others bash america, they are simply equating the populace with the power structure.
    When americans bash america it falls into two categories: 1) brainwashed anti-whites (totally off the mark) or 2) frustrated whites wanting to clean up our own backyard (often off the mark, but mostly well-intentioned)
    I’m fairly certain that most of the people on OD are Americans, and well, we are the only people who have a right to say anything about America…sorry, your opinion doesn’t matter. If there is a future for the White race, it’s happening here or it’s happening nowhere.
    Why not post on ‘Tiny Eastern-Euro-Nation Dissent’ instead?

  3. Why do racialists promote the fiction that Europe is “doing it [i.e. multiculturalism] to itself”? Europe has not had sovereignty in any of its affairs since 1945. The end of WWII saw the division of Europe between two powers. There are still American troops in the heart of Europe. The present parliamentary condition of Europe is a direct result of America’s intervention as they found such regimes serviceable to their agenda there. Since the dismantling of the USSR, America’s agenda took over completely and Europe subsequently began to decline even faster – and we’re supposed to think it is just a coincidence that cultural Marxism in Europe has increased vastly since America’s period of unchecked hegemony? I’m not saying that white America desired all of these things but it hardly matters because the government of Yankee-Judaea has always gotten their way regardless of what the majority population desired.

  4. Thank Odin we have geniuses like Parler White to determine who is ideologically acceptable or not.

    Someone sarcastically called me a genius on the internet – what to do? Consider the source I guess:

    That’s why it is our job NOW to make Whites, including, and especially, the so-called “elite” Whites very uncomfortable. We need to upset their world using any means. Anything we can do to upset the economy, the food distribution system, to create pandemics, to burn every forest in the USA to the ground, it needs to be done. We need to create a situation in which there is no place in America where Whites can go and have a normal life. They need to have the maximum pressure put on them daily

    Because nothing says “serious activist” like posting online about creating pandemics and burning forests. Or perhaps we could look to his buddy Mark:


    13 stabbings, 5 deaths raise fears in Flint, Michigan

    Posts like these may to the untrained eye look like obvious trolling to discredit MacDonald’s blog, but the elite vanguard like heartfelt and Mark knows that posting online about terrorism and serial murder is the best way to spread pro-white ideas to the masses. And don’t forget the cool uniforms!

  5. American politics and politicians are filtered by jewish money and media. The few who manage to get through the net like Buchanan and Paul are too few in number to have much effect. Americans can be blamed for letting their country be hijacked but they’re no more in charge of America than the Russians were in charge of Russia when the Bolsheviks invaded Poland in 1921.

    “Why do racialists promote the fiction that Europe is “doing it [i.e. multiculturalism] to itself”?”

    A certain percentage (15%?) of white people are naturally inclined to moral idealism. Multicult propaganda in films and television where the “good person” is the one who most sides with non-whites against whites have been converting that percentage to the multicult since the 1950s. It’s why places like Sweden can be so multicult despite there being so few jews. I think this process originally started with Hollywood films but once the first wave of multicultists were converted in each country they started producing their own multicult media and propaganda in their own country and the process became self-reproducing.

  6. Heartfelt- if dressing up like nazis, discrediting successful mainstream movements, and generally making a fool of yourself constitutes an acceptable ideology, then you’re in the wrong place.

  7. Wandrin:
    I hadn’t heard of the “moral idealism” hypothesis, but it is sensible. Do you have any reference(s)? May I use your general thought on how multiculturalism has infected places like Sweden? Thanks, I really liked the insight.

  8. OK, lettuce study idealism first:

    “. . .idealism, the attitude that places special value on ideas and ideals as products of the mind, in comparison with the world as perceived through the senses. In art idealism is the tendency to represent things as aesthetic sensibility would have them rather than as they are. In ethics it implies a view of life in which the predominant forces are spiritual and the aim is perfection. In philosophy the term refers to efforts to account for all objects in nature and experience as representations of the mind and sometimes to assign to such representations a higher order of existence. It is opposed to materialism. Plato conceived a world in which eternal ideas constituted reality, of which the ordinary world of experience is a shadow. In modern times idealism has largely come to refer the source of ideas to man’s consciousness, whereas in the earlier period ideas were assigned a reality outside and independent of man’s existence. Nevertheless, modern idealism generally proposes suprahuman mental activity of some sort and ascribes independent reality to certain principles, such as creativity, a force for good, or an absolute truth. The subjective idealism of George Berkeley in the 18th cent. held that the apparently objective world has its existence in the consciousness of individuals. Immanuel Kant developed a critical or transcendental idealism in which the phenomenal world, constituted by the human understanding, stands opposed to a world of things-in-themselves. The post-Kantian German idealism of J. G. Fichte and Friedrich von Schelling, which culminated in the absolute or objective idealism of G. W. F. Hegel, began with a denial of the unknowable thing-in-itself, thereby enabling these philosophers to treat all reality as the creation of mind or spirit. Forms of post-Kantian idealism were developed in Germany by Arthur Schopenhauer and Hermann Lotze and in England by Samuel Coleridge; forms of post-Hegelian idealism were developed in England and France by T. H. Green, Victor Cousin, and C. B. Renouvier. More recent idealists include F. H. Bradley, Bernard Bosanquet, Josiah Royce, Benedetto Croce, and the neo-Kantians such as Ernst Cassirer and Hermann Cohen.”

    Start with the first sentence- “idealism, the attitude that places special value on ideas and ideals as products of the mind, in comparison with the world as perceived through the senses.” We then have TWO worlds- the one you see (sensory), and the one you don’t (non-sensory, or NON-SENSE). The unseen world is the ideal, usually known as Platonism. The one you see is often called Aristotelian.

    OK, the book that got this going is The Critique of Pure Reason by Immanuel Kant (1776). Kant sez there are two worlds- the phenomenal (the seen) and the noumenal (the unseen world of nonsense). THIS NOUMENAL, UNSEEN WORLD IS TO BE THE BASIS FOR ALL MORAL JUDGMENTS! Acting morally involves the “categorical imperative”, which is generally opposed to self-interest. “Reality” in the noumenal world can be bent in ways that can’t happen in the phenomenal (seen) world. This “bending reality” is moral idealism.


    The “evidence” we discuss- DNA, crime rates, etc. DOES NOT COUNT (they say) as it comes from the “lower” world of the senses. The left does not mean “reality” in the same sense that a sane person does.

  9. @Bonus Gift

    The main thing with me is i have that trait and i remember watching films like “To Kill a Mockingbird” and being effected by it and turning into exactly that kind of multicult person (and that is despite growing up somewhere where the reality of diversity punched me in the face every day which shows how powerful it is in the most extreme cases). Most multicultists will probably remember being effected by those films although they’ll think it was a good thing.

    However it was Kevin MacDonald’s writing that crystalized it in my mind and made me think about it so everything by him is good. I think one of the essays on this page directly refers to his theory that cold climate evolution led to nuclear families rather than extended kin structures which then led to group unity being based on shared moral-idea-value structures rather than simple ethno-centrism.

    I think his idea that white evolution led to creating shared idea-structures as a unifying force rather than the simple ethno-centrism that evolved elsewhere is absolutely correct and something we need to learn so we can consciously manipulate ourselves better than our enemies do.

  10. “Somebody needs to get word to kmd to close comments on his web sites or at least get some moderators.”

    – A couple months ago I had contributed quite a few posts on one of his forums (it was a forum for one of the contributing writers to O.O. – Lasha Darkmoon) and there was a problem with a troll who called himself “appollonian” who would post diatribes which sometimes ran to two pages of total nonsense causing other posters to complain that the forum should be moderated. Dr. Darkmoon’s repeated response was that it was Kevin McDonald’s forum and he did not want moderators and did not approve of “censoring” anyone. That policy could be detrimental to the credibility of his blog and unhealthy in the type of attention it garners.

  11. Wandrin:
    Yes, I am aware of McDonald’s work and have read much of it. I was specifcally looking for a direct link from the notion that whites are more predisposed toward being ‘morally idelaistic’, naturally sympathetic toward the perceived downtroden, or what have you. I now know it’s your guess, but the “15%?” number got me to thinking whether there is some critical percentage that tends to form a tipping point under certain conditions (e.g., economic good times) when the false diversity propaganda would be self-reinforcing. Anyway, thanks for the reply and I’ll fish around on my own to see if I can find any article showing that Europeans tend to have this trait in more signficant percentages than other groups/races (as I would be surprised if this was not the case, but for me it’s nice to nail it down anyway). Thanks again.

  12. @Lew and Biased Observer

    I’ve also noticed that the comments on KMD’s blog are dominated by the dimwitted VNN/SF types, and are likely to drive away his intended audience.

  13. @Bonus Gift

    Ah sorry, this i think is the specific essay that describes the moral idealism idea but i’ve read a bunch of his stuff now so it’s all a bit jumbled up.

    I think the strength of this trait varies along a spectrum and the 15% is just a pure guess based on experience of the percentage who are most prone and i’d say there was a similar percentage at the other extreme who were strongly ethno-centric and the great mass of 70% in the middle who are mildly ethno-centric *but* who are also *much* more strongly prone to being guilt-tripped by the accepted moral authority, which currently happens to be the multicult. They are herded by the guardians of the accepted moral authority.

    If true that suggests various possible tactics:
    1) Make the middle bloc more naturally ethno-centric.
    2) Make the middle-bloc less naturally guilt-trippable.
    3) Make the middle-bloc less guilt-trippable by the multicult specifically i.e break the multicult’s moral authority.
    4) Outwiegh the guilt-trip somehow – fear?
    5) Reduce the number and certainty of the multicultist 15% to reduce the pressure they can apply to hold people down with.

    I don’t think changing people’s nature is possible so 1) and 2) are out. Some of the others are happening automatically as things get worse. My parents and their friends were part of that 15% but they had zero experience of immigrants at the time. I think the 15% is a maximum and as things get worse the number of active white multicult defenders will decrease which will automatically reduce the guilt-tripping force pushing down on the middle bloc.

  14. David;

    That was not the case with the particular site that I was posting on (called “Lasha Darkmoon’s latest”), there was one, and only one troll – but he was unbelievably obnoxious. There were several people pleading with her to ban this nut (“apollonian”) from posting, and he had even admitted to having been banned on VNN and Stormfront, so you can imagine just how bad he was. Still, it was to no avail. She just kept saying it MacDonald’s blog and there was nothing she could do (and she wasn’t inclined to either since she also did not believe in “censoring” anyone-even if the poster was demonstrably stupid). Amazing how someone as intelligent as KMD and Darkmoon could be so, er,well…obtuse.

  15. @Biased Observer

    I remember the episode with apollonian. There seem to be more of that type now, and fewer high-value posters.

  16. Wandrin, I agree with you statement regarding the naive idealism of a large percentage of the white population. Northern Europeans tend to have it bad, and the Swedes are among the worst in this regard – which is a shame because the Swedish race is also one of the most creative and enterprising of all white races esp. given their relatively small numbers. But the idealism taken to absurdity makes them in some ways akin to a bunch of children.

    But, I also think Fred Scrooby is correct when he says that America exerts a lot of behind-the-scenes influence in Europe’s policies, and this influence makes it difficult to discern where America’s policies end and Europe’s begin. Certainly Europe’s elites are in lockstep with America 99% of the time on matters of internal politics, e.g. mutual supporting of the culture-parasitism which mass immigration from the third world brings.

  17. Kasimir
    “But, I also think Fred Scrooby is correct when he says that America exerts a lot of behind-the-scenes influence in Europe’s policies, and this influence makes it difficult to discern where America’s policies end and Europe’s begin.”

    Yes i agree that happens as well, especially with regards to anti-nationalist policies like the EU, bombing the Serbs or pushing for the entry of Turkey into the EU.

  18. “Apollonian” appears to be schizophrenic or otherwise seriously mentally ill.

    I think WN blogs and forums in general are way too lenient with trolls. My opinion is a poster becomes a troll when their personality, style or presence attracts more attention than the idea content of their posts. By that definition, there are a lot of trolls. The goal of moderation should be to keep the discussion focused on the topic at hand or related issues and to keep personality driven conflicts and soap opera bullshit at a minimum.

    Too many people try to create an attention grabbing persona online, like they are some kind of literary figure, instead of just acting normal.

  19. ATBOTL: “…online persona…” Yes. Just like kids do for their D&D, World of Warcraft, fantasy games. I hadn’t thought of that.

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