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August 31, 2010 Andrew Yeoman 40

On Friday evening September 3rd, we will be protesting the release of the film Machete. This film is an explicitly anti-white blood-bath that encourages Latinos […]

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A Path To Redemption

August 29, 2010 Val Koinen 6

by Val Koinen August 28, 2010 A brief message regarding the plight of White people in America and the world over – and especially concerning […]

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House of Paul

August 24, 2010 Hunter Wallace 36

Ron Paul has released a ridiculous editorial slamming the “political demagogues” who are opposed to the Ground Zero Mosque. According to Paul the Elder, this […]

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The Youth Vote

August 13, 2010 Hunter Wallace 76

Here’s a surprising finding: White teenagers are less enthusiastic about Barack Obama and the American future than White adults. – 69% of black teenagers believe […]

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End-Game, Anyone?

August 12, 2010 Val Koinen 34

by Val Koinen August 12, 2010 No question about it. We White Americans in recent years have most certainly seen – in fact, we have […]

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The Big Picture

August 11, 2010 Hunter Wallace 35

In the Wall Street Journal, William McGurn draws attention to the escalation of the Kulturkampf between the Reds and Blues in the United States. Thirty […]