Permanently Blue

Permanently Blue?

Lost in a Fantasy World

In The Huffington Post, Dylan Loewe has a triumphalist article about his new book, Permanently Blue, which predicts the Democrats will rule America for at least a generation. The bold subtitle is “How the Democrats Can End the Republican Party and Rule the Next Generation.”

Heading into the 2010 elections, this prediction of Blue hegemony over Red America sounds awfully out of touch with reality, and slightly reminiscent of a similar claim made by James Carville in 2008. Not to worry. Young Dylan predicts this is only a temporary bump in the road.

His basic argument is essentially the “common wisdom” of popular clichés that prevails on the Left:

1.) White America is rapidly aging. By mid-century, Whites will become a minority, and the Minority-Majority of blacks, Asians, Jews, and Hispanics will rule America with White liberals.

2.) Millennials are “without question” the “most socially liberal generation” in American history. Younger voters will turn out for the Democrats and sustain a “permanently blue” majority.

3.) By caving to the Tea Party and anti-immigrant rhetoric, the Republican Party will alienate the Hispanic voters and Millennials it needs to remain a viable political force on the national level.

Says Dylan, “November might be an ass-kicking. But it’s poised to be our last one for quite a long while.”

At first glance, this seems to be a persuasive argument, but upon closer inspection it doesn’t wash. It is based on a number of key assumptions which are already being exposed as false.

1.) Holding Action – Dylan Loewe takes for granted that Democrats can hold on to the White voters who are already in their column. The majority of Whites who vote Democrat are moderates, not liberal progressives, especially in the Midwest.

Loewe assumes that caving to the Minority-Majority will not alienate White Democrats who are ambivalent about progressives. Yet in states like Arkansas and West Virginia we can see the Clinton Democrats were leaving the fold to vote for John McCain.

The Democratic Party is heading for disaster in 2010 because it has alienated Whites who do vote by pandering to non-Whites who often either don’t vote or can’t vote. Only 28% of Whites now approve of Barack Obama.

Progressives are clueless if they believe they can govern America by losing the Midwest like they once lost the South. As we move further into the twenty-first century, “Heartland America” will increasingly take shape as Whites in the American interior – the “Country Class” – find a greater unity.

2.) Economic Recovery – This rosy scenario assumes that the Democratic Party can provide solutions to America’s economic decline. The economy is the only card that Democrats have to play over Republicans. Two years into the Obama administration, “hope” and “change” fizzled into nothing but trillion dollar bailouts for the banks.

States like Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania – where Whites vote Democrat for economic reasons – are now shading Red because there is no compelling economic reason to vote for Democrats anymore. Even California could soon emerge with a Republican Governor and Senator.

In times of plenty, Americans are more optimistic about the future and willing to share. The Civil Rights Movement triumphed in the boom years of the 1950s and 1960s.

In times of hardship, Americans become pessimistic and turn inward, which explains the sudden outrage about taxes and government spending. Now that we are officially in the “bust phase” of American civilization, the political environment will only grow radically more unfavorable to progressives.

3.) The Youth Vote – Progressives are suddenly pinning their hopes on the Millennials because the Greatest Generation and Boomers have turned on them. This is a startling oversight on their part.

The Greatest Generation was raised on FDR, Truman, and JFK. These are people like my grandmother who proudly voted for LBJ and Bill Clinton. Many of them have voted Democrat almost their entire lives out of habit. Their worldview was formed in the Depression.

The Baby Boomers, of course, were the hippies and beatniks of the 1960s. They were the ones who brought the counterculture into the American mainstream. Their worldview was formed in the Civil Rights Movement and Vietnam years which were a time of unprecedented prosperity.

Now the Greatest Generation and the Baby Boomers constitute the overwhelming majority of the 72% of White Americans who reject Barack Obama. This means that Whites who voted for LBJ, McGovern, and Clinton are now involved with the Tea Party.

What makes progressives think the Millennials won’t turn on them as well? If anything is true, the White Millennials are even more likely to turn on them, and far more radically, as they and their children will be the ones who inherit the Minority-Majority, decades of racial conflict, and a bankrupt Third World America.

The Millennials are now graduating from high school and college. In a few years, they will be in the real world and outside the indoctrination centers, trying to establish independence from their parents. Let’s see how racial harmony fairs in the long run in Depression conditions and a zero sum game of racial conflict over scarce resources.

4.) Passivity – Dylan Loewe assumes that Red America will passively accept permanent Blue hegemony. This is a delusional fantasy. The political class has already suffered a total collapse of legitimacy in the eyes of White America.

Loewe assumes that the next forty years will be like the previous forty. This is a gross mistake. In the years ahead, White America will cease to feel like the insider, will start acting like a minority voting bloc, and will become conscious of its own identity.

The American South went through a transition in the 1840s and 1850s from Jacksonian nationalism to Calhounian sectionalism. Nullification and state sovereignty have already returned in spectacular fashion.

In the twenty-first century, “Heartland America” will experience a similar awakening, as the gap between “Real Americans” and others widens to the point where there is a rupture. Like the Union in the 1860s, the White minority will dissolve the country before it is passively led in the direction the Blue elite is heading.

5.) Minorities – Loewe assumes that the Democratic advantage with minority voters can be sustained. This is also an illusion because Whites will remain powerful enough to frustrate politicians like Barack Obama who try to deliver on promises like “comprehensive immigration reform.”

The most likely scenario is gridlock. The declining White majority will torpedo the progressive agenda in one Congress after another. The end result will be the mutual hostility, frustrated ambition, and polarization that will solidify Whites into a racial voting bloc.

That’s what destroyed the Union the last time around: a frustrated majority trying to rule, an implacable minority unwilling to surrender power. It is how we will get from here to the ethnostate.

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  1. Daley says:
    September 13, 2010 at 1:52 am
    >It’s not 1955 either and America is now ruled by a hostile racially alien elite that >control the levers of government, the media, both political parties and have targeted >us for extermination. Playing footsie with mainstream Republicans and media >celebrities while parroting GOP boilerplate doesn’t quite cut it.

    O.D. is not playing “footsie” with mainstream/Beltway Republicans or any corrupt powers that be. And we are well aware of racial realities, media realities, Jewish realities. We’re “aware”, “awaken” and ready, willing and eager to do battle for our people in the here and now – year 2010.

    We’re looking to win things, small things at first, local things – but looking to WIN not lose… not lose getting under 1% and putting out the word that we’re a bunch of…

    Kooks, idiots, loners, losers, conspiracy mongering mental cases, contrarians that just can’t seem to function in mainstream White society.

    So folks – let’s get back in to mainstream White American society, these are our kinfolk. We need to get to know White Americans – get them to know us and…

    Like us
    Respect us
    Learn from us

    14 Words in this the year of our Lord J.C. 2010

  2. Your definition of kooks, idiots, loners, losers, etc. are people who bring up the Jewish question or are skeptical of the events leading up to 9-11. The last time they did a poll several years ago 1/3 of the public didn’t believe the official government story. I’d dare say it’s more mainstream now than it was then.

  3. Daley says:
    September 13, 2010 at 2:35 am
    >Your definition of kooks, idiots, loners, losers, etc. are people who bring up the Jewish >question or are skeptical of the events leading up to 9-11. The last time they did a poll >several years ago 1/3 of the public didn’t believe the official government story. I’d >dare say it’s more mainstream now than it was then.

    Take another poll… you’ll find that ~ 98% of sane, regular White Americans don’t support open borders immigration from Islamic countries, less than 2% of regular, SANE White Americans want to give unsupervised student visas to Al Qaeda terrorists like Mohammed Atta.

    That’s because ~ 98% of regular, SANE Americans are….

    RACISTS – not idiots.

    Hope that clarifies things.

  4. As the economy gets worse, discontent will grow. As HW has suggested before, it is quite possible that during the next couple years, with the public increasingly feeling economic misery and hardship, that Beck, Palin, and the rest could lose control of the more grassroot elements that make up the Tea Parties and other conservative voters. A paleo candidate might appear for us in 2012 if the economy is devastated like it hasn’t been since 1947 (and it is going to be). This candidate may be legitimate or an establishment opportunist or plant. Even if the latter is the case, this doesn’t mean that such a character wouldn’t pull a Putin on the establishment after being elected. If such a candidate didn’t and betray his constituents then that may radicalize just enough to make more extreme measures (like secession) possible.

  5. As the economy gets worse, discontent will grow. As HW has suggested before, it is quite possible that during the next couple years, with the public increasingly feeling economic misery and hardship, that Beck, Palin, and the rest could lose control of the more grassroot elements that make up the Tea Parties and other conservative voters.

    Right….and as more White people are the victims of non-White crime, that will cause their anger to rise….and as more White women are raped, that will cause a drastic increase in the number of pro-White people….as former thriving White neighborhoods are turned into slums, that will radicalize the White people….as decent jobs are shipped overseas and replaced with WalMart greeter positions, that will encourage people to take a stand….as thousands and thousands die in wars that were nothing but complete lies and fabrications, that will convince people of the vile mechanisms that control every aspect of this rotted corpse of a nation……..

    Sorry, but this is exactly what you get when you allow a growing wave of White resentment to be circumvented and guided by anyone other than an unapologetic “racist”:

    Freedom Works: “Racism is repugnant and has no place in American society or our movement,” responded Matt Kibbe, President of FreedomWorks. “The NAACP’s attack on the good men and women of the tea party movement is baseless, a political attack that undermines the cause of a colorblind society. Ours is a colorblind movement based on principles not race, and has welcomed with open arms all people to our cause regardless of the color of their skin.”

    Tea Party Express: “In light of the NAACP resolution accusing the millions of Americans who attend Tea Parties of embracing racists, the Tea Party Express is hosting a National Black Conservative Press Conference to speak out against all of the bogus, false and malicious charges leveled against the American people who have rallied to take their country back from the big spending and irresponsible and unconstitutional growth of the federal government. Apparently the NAACP and other groups are afraid to acknowledge the fact that the tea party welcomes people of all races, and is a much bigger and more diverse group than they’re willing to admit,” stated Lloyd Marcus. Black conservative leaders, organization spokespersons, authors, entertainers and activists from across America will gather in Washington DC to introduce themselves and their individual roles in fighting the good fight promoting conservative principles, values and patriotism within the tea party movement.

    Tea Party Patriots: “We believe these two missions are not inconsistent and that the NAACP should be embracing the individual freedom and responsibility promoted by the movement. It is nothing less than “hate speech” for the NAACP to be smearing us as “racists” and “bigots.” We believe, like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in a colorblind, post-racial society.”

    Tea Party Nation: “The Tea Party Movement is not racist. Tea Party Nation and many other groups have repudiated racism and racists. If you look on our website’s FAQ’s, you can see we have a no tolerance policy against racism. We have banned members who were racists and will ban any members who show themselves to be racist. Tea Party Nation welcomes all patriots, regardless of gender, ethnicity or national origin to join us and help save this great country.”

    Good luck with that group of hardened visionaries and budding racialists.

    You either support an emphatic individual who makes no excuses about being race-driven(at least to some extent), or you end up supporting one who is at the opposite end of the spectrum[anti-racist]. The current system does not validate any views that contradict an anti-racist, globalist agenda. Which is why I’m amazed that anyone with racialist tendencies would look for validation from a system that is specifically designed to keep you believing that you can control of the direction of society. You can NOT! Nor are you going to elect an “implicit” pro-White person to do so. Not a single person in Congress admits to being anything but a rabid, “we all bleed red anti-racist.” Not a single F’ing one!

  6. Celestial Time,

    1.) If I understand you correctly, your strategy is to write off the 20% of Americans who are involved with the Tea Party, which constitute around 40% to 50% of White Americans, and probably 80% of the people who are against comprehensive immigration reform.

    Your reasoning? You dislike FOX News conservatives. White Nationalism is about you. It is about your feelings. These people are moderates who say things that you dislike. Thus, we should not bother with the annoying task of engaging them and convincing them to change their views.

    2.) Actually, it is idiotic to write off the only constituency in America that could possibly be persuaded to adopt our views. It makes sense though when you think about it. Those who are immersed in a fantasy world exempt themselves from having to engage their peers in reality.

    3.) Glenn Beck got millions of Joe Six Packs to pay attention to politics again. That is more than I can say for the White Nationalist movement. If those Joe Six Packs vote down politicians who supported amnesty, they will have accomplished more than all the empty pissing contests I have seen on White Nationalist websites over the past ten years.

    4.) Your strategy is what? Let me guess. Tell people what you believe. Treat them as non-persons without their own thoughts. Completely dismiss the necessity of framing your arguments in terms that people can understand and relate to. That is a formula for getting laughed out of town.

    5.) My rude awakening was realizing that after I invested ten years of my life, thousands of dollars, and countless hours of my time entertaining White Nationalists on the internet that I had effectively accomplished nothing.

  7. Take another poll… you’ll find that ~ 98% of sane, regular White Americans don’t support open borders immigration from Islamic countries, less than 2% of regular, SANE White Americans want to give unsupervised student visas to Al Qaeda terrorists like Mohammed Atta.
    That’s because ~ 98% of regular, SANE Americans are….
    RACISTS – not idiots.
    Hope that clarifies things.

    No it doesn’t. I’m talking about Jews being involved in 9-11 and your bringing up this red herring of mulsim immigration. Your trying to link truthers to being pro-muslim. Of course, seal the borders, keep all nonwhite out but it hasn’t nothing to do with what I’m talking about.

  8. Daly says:
    >No it doesn’t. I’m talking about Jews being involved in 9-11 and your bringing up this >red herring of Muslim immigration. Your trying to link truthers to being pro-muslim. >Of course, seal the borders, keep all nonwhite out but it hasn’t nothing to do with >what I’m talking about.

    No – I’m stating the rather obvious fact that “truthers” – come off as a a tiny, drop out cult that is very strange to mainstream White Americans.

    O.D. is going mainstream. We’re working to connect with regular White Americans who are not obsessed with bizarre conspiracy theories EVERY SINGLE WAKING MOMENT OF THEIR LIVES.

    Sept 11th is a fantastic propaganda opportunity for our side – it dramatically shows the difference between White Western people and other, non White people that want to flood in to our country/countries.

    There simply is no way anti forces can make Islamic extremist immigrant terrorists look cute and lovely – and we should welcome them because they bring us such joys of “diversity”.

    So when we argue for strict pro White European immigration policies we argue to “Just look at 9-11-01, that’s what happens when you let in Third Worlders”.

    Our side used propaganda from 9-11-01 to recall Lib Dem governor Gray Davis who wanted to give CA drivers licenses to illegal aliens. Our side used a photo of Osama Bin Ladin on a California drivers license – an outstanding propaganda poster that hit the hearts and minds of White voters – saying “Gray Davis wants to let these nasty 9-11-01 Arab/Asian Muslim terrorists to flood in to California, give em drivers licenses and let them drive around to murder us!”

    The propaganda campaign worked. Gray Davis was recalled. And using 9-11-01 in effective propaganda ways will always work for reaching mainstream American Whites. We would have to be complete idiots not use this huge propaganda event.

    But, there are always going to be idiots that insist on doing everything the hard war, contrarian ways that alienate ~ 98% of sane White Americans.

  9. Celestial Time is drunk on some bad hootch (drop out, loner American WN 1% cult that hates everything mainstream White American).

    He’s insulting the host, rant and raving
    Celestial Time shouts:

    “YOU’RE A……

    Hunter, you are a moron…
    you doofus…
    You’re the chubby little guy that shook hands with Jeffrey Imm…
    you’re the comatosed sheep who’s too pussified to…
    You were/are a chubby little guy looking for acceptance…

    Hey Celestial Time – this is Hunter’s place, Hunter’s bar. You’re behaving like a bad drunk and are about to be escorted by the bar bouncer out of the bar and tossed in to the street gutter.

    And this is Hunter’s main point. The problem with American White Nationalist is they way they act. It’s not a question of ideology – everyone wants to work FOR our White people, and oppose the attacks on Whites by Blacks, Non Whites and oppose, defeat the various anti White Jewish programs. How do we learn to be more effective in promoting our program?

    Hunter and I and so many other intelligent, sane White Americans understand the issue is:


    We want to reach mainstream White Americans, not insult them, scare them off, we don’t want to convince mainstream White Americans that anyone even remotely associated with White Nationalism is a crazy, dangerous kook that simple can’t function in mainstream society, can’t engage in a simple conversation without ranting and raving and insulting people.

    So please Celestial Time either apologize to Hunter and the rest of the O.D. readers, and clean up your act or..

    Leave the O.D. bar.

    There are plenty of places on the web where you can go and rant and rave about Jews, Conservatives, write off all of mainstream White America as worthless and be stuck 24/7 in a 1% drop out WN cult.

  10. All right.

    That does it. I’m not wasting any further of my time on kooks who rant and rave on the internet but can’t participate in a conference call, face down a digital camera, or talk to their next door neighbor.

  11. Celestial Time says:

    Yes, yes, yes….You want to reach mainstream White America so bad that you will endorse and promote a rabid anti-racist. So kooky and crazy is the idea of pro-White views and politics, that it’s “implicit” form must be endorsed and spearheaded by a guy[Beck] who officially declares America to be the equal conglomeration of all races under the sun, and who declares it’s multiracial diversity to be it’s most positive defining characteristic.

    Jack Ryan replies:

    I agree that the Beck’s “we’re not racist, we love MLK” speeches were anti White pandering at their worst ; I just recognize that’s the way it goes, it’s the rule now that anyone who is given access to the MSM – which now includes FOX feels they have to do this, say they worship MLK, multi racialism, love Blacks, hate White Racism etc. to be allowed to stay on the MSM air.

    But why go postal and start ranting and raving and calling Hunter all sorts of names over what goes out over controlled American TV? Beck and his group were able to mobilize huge crowds of Whites, it’s the organization that counts, not some toss away speeches directed at the MSM.

    This stuff happens all the time in White countries:

    Just look at Central and Eastern Europe from say 1970-1990. These were 98% all White societies and our White kinsmen living in Eastern Europe liked living in all White societies – so they had to put up with posters of Marx and Lenin and have their official government news media issue proclamation in support of Black African marxist liberation/terrorist organizations and denounce the “evil American RACIST, capitalist regime” that supposedly oppressed Blacks etc. Most Whites in Eastern Europe just accepted this as something to be put up with under their system – and their system was all White, had safe all White public schools, all White sports teams, classical music instead of rap music – all very good things. Beck’s group is overwhelming White and the people in this group want to live in safe, prosperous places, with low crime etc – that’s a White thing, who cares what someone on a platform says to appease “the powers that be”.

    Celestial Time says:

    So dangerous is the thought of a man bold enough to say Fuck You …

    Jack Ryan replies:

    Well C.T. – one of my jobs was working as a 7th and 8th grade math teacher in a Brooklyn Public School where I (taught) lots and lots of foul mouthed Black and Latino punks who shouted “F YOU” all the time. I didn’t consider them to be “bold” or “manly”, just considered them to be foul mouthed punks and I would call their parents, sometimes called their grandparents and the parents would spank them, wash their mouth’s out, make them sit in corners with no TV etc.

    So, I could have the phone number of your parents to discuss your over use of “the F word”?


    Most White Americans don’t much like to be around foul mouthed punks, Black, White or any race who insist on using the “F Word” over and over.

    Hunter’s main point about the failings of the American 24/7 White Nationalist movement is:


    Too many full time American WN have poor manners, just don’t know how to act, how to dress, how to communicate with regular White Americans. O.D. is going mainstream and cleaning up the comments section a bit. Don’t anyone worry, O.D. is not going Neo Con.

  12. Hunter Wallace: I was one who e-mailed about the Jacksonian clubs, but I backed off after reading about the dust ups between some of the posters and ex-posters here, and some of the foolish comments. I take no sides, because I don’t know enough about the events behind the scenes. I comment here because I want to read and participate in an exchange of ideas. For White sociability, I’ll stick to my hobby groups, where the disputes don’t get so vicious.

  13. Mossad Did 911.


    Gosh, I wonder why you folks drive away obviously intelligent and worthwhile individuals like Hunter?

    Internet, jokes.

  14. Gosh, I wonder why you folks drive away obviously intelligent and worthwhile individuals like Hunter?

    The only thing that’s obvious is that a pudgy little guy who looks like he wears man panties is praising Glenn Beck as a spark plug to White political action. Nothing intelligent there, and certainly nothing worthwhile. His only retort now is to be another typical Internet sissy who hides behind moderation and deletion.

    Hunter Wallace and this GOP blog are about as instrumental to advancing White interests as Kevin Strom is to embodying masculinity.

  15. I’m tired of GOP politics but I will just say the GOP recognizes it won’t win any national elections without the so-called 1% drop out WN cult. The truth is there’s millions of us and along with paleocons/liberatarians we make make up a significant bloc of voters, enough to thwart any more ziobots from getting into the White House, at least on the Republican side. You people are so transparent in your motives. You trash Ron Paul and then you hail Beck’s neocon Woodstock in DC as the rebirth of White Nationalism. Pathetic.

  16. Jen if White Nationalism is such an epic failure then why the need for all this persuasion and all these fake websites that are popping up on the internet? Just ignore us. We’ll go our way and you can go yours.

  17. Don,

    If the GOP required White Nationalist support to win elections, it would appeal to them like it does to other constituencies. That is not the case.

    There is no pressure on the GOP coming from White Nationalists. The pressure comes exclusively from the Left. That is why the Republican Party is always moving to the Left, not the Right.

    In order to change this situation, White Nationalists would have to launch a viable third party like the A3P that could peel off enough Republican voters to force them to move to their Right.

    Unfortunately, we have seen that White Nationalists are unwilling to support their own advocates. There are thousands of White Nationalists who read this website, but the A3P only has a few hundred members. Why is that?

    It is hardly any wonder that the political spectrum has moved incrementally to the Left over the last forty years.

  18. Celestial Time,

    I have restored your comment. I’m not sure why this one was in the Trash folder (maybe because it is a flame?), but I thought it worthwhile enough to resurrect, as it makes my point.

    I have been trying to call attention to the fact that White Nationalists are unwilling to communicate with others in terms of their own experience. This results in a failure to persuade others to adopt your position.

    In my case, comments like the one above incline me to think even more negatively about White Nationalism, and confirm what I have been saying here. If I find your remarks so repulsive, how do you suppose the millions of implicit Whites who are not even sympathetic to White Nationalism are likely to react?

  19. Chad,

    The vast majority of ordinary White people ignore White Nationalists. I write about them for a very obvious reason: I have spent the better part of the last ten years involved in the White Nationalist movement.

    I would still like to see the creation of a White ethnostate, but what I am seeing here does not incline me to believe that White Nationalists are capable of persuading the mass constituency they need to translate that goal into reality.

  20. There’s enough of us along with the Ron Paulers and Buchanites to split the “conservative” vote and keep Sarah Palin out of the White House. Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

  21. Don,

    Yes, I understand that.

    In Nevada, Harry Reid is running in a close race against Sharron Angle. 2% of Nevada voters could swing the election to Angle, who opposes comprehensive immigration reform and supports building the border fence, and oust Harry Reid, who is going to hold a vote on the DREAM Act next week which, if passed, could grant amnesty to 2.1 million illegal aliens.

    Applying your logic to the Nevada Senate race, White Nationalists should sit out the election or vote for Reid under the “worse is better” theory. After Reid is reelected to the Senate and shuttles “comprehensive immigration reform” through Congress, the disaffected masses are going to lose faith in the system and flock to White Nationalism.

    There is one small problem with that theory: Harry Reid has been in the Senate since 1986. He is running for a fifth term. That means he has defeated four other Republican opponents over a period of 24 years. A quarter of a century has gone by now and the “worse is better” theory hasn’t translated into any appreciable gains for the White Nationalist movement in Nevada.

    People like you will vote against Sharron Angle because she is not radical enough for your tastes. The consequence of that action will be that illegal aliens get something (i.e., amnesty) and White Nationalists get nothing. Ordinary people will be left worse off. They will face a steeper mountain to climb after the election.

    Thanks for illustrating my point: White Nationalists have adopted an extreme rhetorical position that effectively translates into active pacifism. That is exactly why the White masses will never flock to White Nationalism. There is no alternative to voting for the Republicans.

    Note: The Buchananites and Ron Paul libertarians will all vote for Sharron Angle, the Tea Party candidate, in the Nevada Senate race.

  22. So the Buchananites and Ron Paulers are going to support this ziotool? Are you sure about that? This is from her website:

    National Security and Public Protection
    Sharron Angle is a staunch supporter of the U.S. military, and will work tirelessly to secure the peace and security of our country.

    She supports strong sanctions against rogue nations that export, support or harbor terrorism and believes that we must do whatever necessary to protect America from terrorism

    This is doublespeak for wars, wars, wars, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran for the Jews. A neoconservative running against a liberal progressive. What’s the difference? They both work for the same people. If there were a real conservative in the race, I doubt it would be this close. This is all just a stupid game with the people behind the curtain pulling all the strings.

  23. Listen to Hunter. Vote the lesser of two evils like we’ve been doing for years. You’ve seen how great that turns out. Go GOP!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

  24. Don,

    If I am not mistaken, Buchanan has endorsed Angle. He remains a supporter of Sarah Palin. The libertarians will also vote for Angle the Tea Party candidate.

    Two years ago, it looked like libertarians might abandon the Republican Party over taxes and spending, but the success of the Tea Party in defeating GOP establishment candidates changed that.

    The post-Bush GOP is similarly more amenable to paleocons who oppose comprehensive immigration reform. Instead of joining the White Nationalist movement, paleos and nationalist conservatives will elect more Senators like Jeff Sessions and Jim DeMint to the Senate.

  25. Chad,

    I don’t believe in voting for the lesser of two evils. In 2008, John McCain was the lesser of two evils, but I voted against him. I would do so again today. It was the right decision.

    The Tea Party has a more intelligent approach to the status quo than White Nationalists. Instead of abandoning the system, they run their own challengers in the primaries, and have succeeded in moving the political spectrum in their direction.

  26. Ed,

    I’m confused.

    The Jews support “comprehensive immigration reform.” They don’t want Sharron Angle to defeat Harry Reid. They don’t want Jeff Sessions in charge of the Senate Judiciary Committee. They want a Democratic Congress that will pass amnesty for illegal aliens.

    Along with Chad, you want the Tea Party candidates in the midterm elections to be defeated. You want a Senate where Jews have more power and their platform on immigration has a greater chance of succeeding.

    But I am the phony White Advocate? You advocate voting the same way as our opposition, pushing away ordinary people instead of reaching out to them, burning bridges instead of building them, but I am the fraud here?

    What are you offering White people? I see nothing but words. For a decade, I have seen nothing but empty rhetorical posturing from White Nationalists about how awful things are in America. I haven’t seen much in the way of an effort to change the political landscape.

    You don’t like Glenn Beck? You don’t like Sarah Palin? You don’t like the Tea Party? You don’t like the GOP?

    Okay, fine.

    Let’s see you create a viable alternative. Go join White Nationalist organizations like the A3P or CofCC. Go build the organizational infrastructure and mass power base necessary to challenge the GOP from the Right.

    Oh wait. That’s right.

    White Nationalists refuse to support their own advocates. Yet they expect everyone who isn’t a White Nationalist to join their cause. They offer ordinary people no alternative to the GOP, but expect them to revolt against it, when anyone with common sense can see that will only empower the Left and the Jews who dominate the Democratic Party.

  27. If I might make a suggestion, since you are so contemptuous of White Nationalists why don’t you rebrand this website for more conventional political thought along the lines of Red State America or National Review? That way you can link it to GOP websites. It doesn’t make any sense to bill it as a White racial site when your thought processes are clearly centered around mainstream political discourse. I’m not trying to be critical just offering some advice here.

  28. Alex,

    I joined Stormfront in Fall 2001 when it was a small vBulletin forum. Over the past decade, I have watched it grow into one of the biggest political websites on the internet. At first, this growth seemed promising.

    White Nationalists were reaching more people. More people were being exposed to the truth about race and Jews. How could this be anything but a good thing? I launched my own forum and it became one of the biggest in the online racialist scene.

    As the years went by, 2001 fading into 2010, it gradually become clear that the internet cuts both ways. It exposes more people to our ideas, but it also gives them an escape valve (one equivalent to masturbating to pornography) where they can act out their fantasies in virtual reality and anonymity without translating their anger into real world action.

    Do you know Don Black? Have you spoken with him? He will be the first to tell you that more people were doing stuff in the real world in the 1980s and early 1990s – before the internet – than they were in the late 1990s and 2000s.

    Think about it.

    In the early 1990s, David Duke was such a political force that he had a real shot at becoming Governor of Louisiana. What has happened in the White Nationalist world since the Duke campaign? The internet has completely dominated the pro-White scene since that time.

    I spent the 2000s believing that reaching new people in cyberspace and persuading them to become White Nationalists was the solution to our problems. I don’t plan to spend the 2010s wasting my time in a similar way.

    Over the past decade, I posted upward of 50,000 messages on the internet and reached thousands of people, but I have nothing to show for my efforts. You won’t have anything to show in 2020 by wasting your time in a similar way.

    Good luck

  29. I haven’t given up on a Jew-free, White ethnostate. My ideological views haven’t changed. In an ideal world, I would like to see White Nationalists succeed.

    I just don’t think they are inclined to do what is necessary to win. Everything that I am seeing here indicates to me that White Nationalists are unable to communicate with ordinary people or create the organizational infrastructure and mass power base necessary to challenge the status quo.

  30. BonusGift – fascinating analysis. This is becoming a very interesting site with many “outside” perspectives that I think bring much to the table. Most such sites (the excellent MR for example) are too heavy on the philosophy and genetics to be of overt interest to laymen.

    Malthus, and Anglican priest, had I think the best vantage to observe reproduction against resources – and the short-sighted perspective of the local working class. We owe a lot to him even if his name is Mudd today.

    Please do me the kindness of emailing as you progress on your book – I’d like to learn more about your theory.

    Nightowl: you prove the point by making your own. There is no such thing as universalist white nationalism because there are many distinct white nations. To expect a race as spirited and freedom loving as mine to submit to ideology, even one purporting to be beneficial, is to belie a fundamental ignorance of human nature. Ironically, the anti-Americanism (which is to say, anti-North American Britishism) is exactly the opposite of universalist WN: it cries out that “rust belt Poles” etc. are unassimilable except at a rather high level of abstraction.

    The answer of course is Liberty. If Poles and Slavs want to inhabit Wisconsin, it’s no skin off my nose. But the culture of Wisconsin (I know I lived there once upon a time, and in neighboring Minnesota and Ohio, too) resembles only superficially the culture of the original colonies. Remove commerce and national media from the mix and you have, essentially, a European version of free-agency peasantry. No one, especially me, doubts these are “good people”. But they are not New England free men and that’s just a fact of life.

    Again, nothing wrong with that – but it is imperative that Whites recognize there is not now and never will be a “one size fits all” model of advancing White civilization and population.

    Hunter obviously understands this. He is not reliving the losing side of an ancient war. He is fighting today’s battle for his genes. Nazi Germany does not speak to me or to most Whites, nor will it ever speak to us. We are not “folk” in that sense — we are cousins who went our separate ways millenia ago.

    Having said that, there is no reason we cannot advance the common agenda: restoration of the White biomass; encouragement of the fine arts and culture; self-rule however it is defined (i.e., non-imperial, as I imagine the lowest common denominator); and of course cooperation on improving our material and spiritual conditions through the marketplace of ideas.

    Now in my middle age, I’ve lived long enough to see the exact same patterns play out in more “movements” than I care to recount. Whether it is the disintegration of institutions such as the Protestant churches (esp. the Episcopalianism of my birth), the perversion of academe, or the wholesale manipulation of the masses by control of the media, the story is the same: gullible people are ignorant people, by and large, who are susceptible to “one size fits all” cons mainly, IMO, because they eliminate the need of actual, personal judgment.

    Heavy sigh and so be it.

    The strength of the Anglo-American experience, from the time my forefathers disembarked Mayflower onto Plymouth Rock until, as it happens, the arrival of the unified, overbearing federal government of the late 19th/20th C.*, has been that of self-segregation, self-rule, self-reliance, common piety, corporate commerce , native ingenuity and personal creation.

    These attributes find many expressions in our history. But here in America, we already know which worked — and worked well enough that the rest of the world risks death to migrate here, to the Land of the Pilgrim’s Pride.

    Something to think about.


    * that overbearing federal government is coincidentally marked by the arrival of numerous Europeans, coming from late feudal societies little used to self-rule.

  31. Joe of the Mountain:

    I do not think it is appropriate to divide the White Race in the United States. At about 63% and dropping rapidly, we are all in this together. Kick out the non-British, and we could see a new Ted Kennedy. Alienated Irish and Slavic American Nations siding with Black and Brown ethnostates (against British-Americans) or at least voting constituencies is a Big Loss!

    A form of political divison is manageable, but throwing genetic differences between Whites in, is potentially very dangerous.

  32. “A form of political divison is manageable, but throwing genetic differences between Whites in, is potentially very dangerous.”

    Much less officially recognized ethnic differences. What about an American Yugoslavia, like (White Christian) Croats and (Muslim) Albanians siding against the former’s Civilization group, Serbs? Partially due to that, the Serbs lost!

  33. Excellent. Serbs were Russia’s catspaw, all 20th century-long. They deserved to lose. Real “Guardians of the Gate” against Asia (Jews, Islam), were (and will be again) the Austro-Germans. That aside, as the anti-white depredations of Jew-controlled ethnoids intensify – esp. in a context of economic collapse – so will white collective consciousness and unity. Now I’ll go look at HW’s new site….also, what is Kievsky’s URL? Thanx.

  34. Joe of the Mountain:
    Thanks, sure. My goal is to get something out around the first or second quarter of next year. I am teaching at three different places and therefore mostly on the road for the remainder of this year (i.e., before Christmas break); and I need to push something toward publication I finished early in the year. Which is also why I don’t always respond at once to comments. Anyway, I will hopefully have something around the time it is clear the U.S. economy is in depression (i.e., more formally than now). Hell, I’m not even sure they can keep it together before the Midterm Elections. It’s funny, it seems it is going to take the virtual economic destruction of the country to give it a reasonable hope of surviving in some form that we would find acceptable. Ah well, ‘timing is everything’.

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