Cracks in the Anti White “Rainbow Coalition” – Blacks Kill Gays

We racially aware White Americans often get frustrated over other groups ganging up against us; it’s usually some “progressive” coalition of Blacks, Hispanics, Indian Native Americans, gays and lesbians and feminist White women, progressive (Communist) labor unions all banding together to oppose us – White males or just all Whites. And these “Rainbow coalitions” of non White “minorities” are always cheered on by the largely Jewish mainstream media.

So – it’s always nice to see some cracks in this anti White coalition – always nice to see Blacks and certain Hispanics going after each other instead of teaming up to hate “Whitey”.
Today, I note a very significant break in the “progressive” Black and Gay alliance. It seems that some Blacks in Atlanta have not fully embraced something called “Atlanta Black Gay Pride”. Blacks who do not “embrace” alternative lifestyles tend to express themselves in strong ways – as in this instance they brutally executed two homosexuals.

Here are some excerpts presented for “fair comment”.

Execution-Style Murders Plague Atlanta Black Gay Pride

Atlanta, Georgia – Two gay black men attending last weekend’s Atlanta Black Gay Pride were found shot to death “execution-style” on Sunday night in southeast Atlanta. The Advocate reports that the victims, Calvin Streater, 26, of Atlanta and Samuel Blizzard, Jr., 21, of Spring Cove, Virginia, were discovered by a friend at the Richmond Hill Apartments at approximately 10 p.m..

Blizzard was a student at Georgia State University. Atlanta police said that one man was found in a front room and the other in a bedroom in the apartment. Both of the victims had been shot in the back of the head. At this point in the investigation, the Atlanta Police Department is not yet ready to classify the murders as hate crime killings. As an investigator for the APD told The Examiner, “The men were at a Black Gay Pride event at some point during the day…We do not know if their sexual orientation played a role in the shooting deaths.” Police surmise that the men knew their killer, since there was no evidence of a break-in, and Richmond Hill is a gated facility. Others suggest that the killer or killers could have gained entrance to the complex on foot when a car was buzzed in by other residents.

The Atlanta Black Gay community is up in arms, and is demanding answers. In the days prior to Atlanta Black Pride, one of the major organizers of the event, Durand Robinson, also a gay black man, was gunned down on a street in southwest Atlanta. His body was found in the middle of the street with a gunshot wound to his chest. EDGE reports that Robinson’s murder has not yet been classified as a hate crime killing, since police are operating on the theory that Robinson was murdered in a car-jacking incident. The slayings of three gay men associated with Atlanta Black Gay Pride have marred the Labor Day weekend event, which is billed as the largest gathering of LGBTQ black people in the world. The state of Georgia does not have an anti-LGBT hate crimes law on the books. These recent murders have made the debate over such legislation more urgent. No arrests have been made in any of these cases.

Commenting on the lack of hate crimes legislation in the state, Carlos Campos, spokesperson for the Atlanta Police Department, told the Examiner, “In March 2006, the Georgia Senate reinstated a hate crime bill in the state, but after much debate, the House deleted provisions that specified hate crimes as those committed because of the victims’ sexual orientation, race, gender, religion or ancestry to naming the only offenses committed “because of bias or prejudice.” Vigils have been held in memory of the victims, and more activism on their behalf is sure to follow.


  1. I’ve heard absolutely no details in the national media of any gay bashing incidents since those two drug addicts robbed and beat that gay student at the University of Wyoming twelve years ago. This means that the statistics gays keep flaunting about thousands of gay bashings going on each year are either bogus, or minorities are perpetrating these incidents. Because if white men were going out and bashing up all these homosexuals it would be flaunted in our face on the national news as proof once again that white heterosexual males are the root of all evil.

  2. Nightowl is correct there have been no National Media morality plays since the Mathew Shepard incident in Wyoming was it really 12 years ago?

    I do hear homosexuals complaining about gay bashing, threats on local Public Radio and it always sounds like low life mostly Hispanics doing it, but it just gets presented as justification for more “hate crime laws” and it gets put in to the category that homosexuals/gays are another minority victim group like Blacks, Hispanics, Jews, and…… Muslim immigrants.

    It’s interesting to read the back pages of city newspapers, hear of crimes and understand who is doing what to whom. Another hush hush story is that Mexicans are ethnically cleansing formerly all Black areas of LA, Southern California and Mexicans are brutal to Blacks in California prisons. If you are in prison in CA – get hooked up with Mexican gangs against the Blacks.

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  4. Tyberia Blaqk says:
    November 12, 2010 at 7:54 pm (Edit)
    Hello I’m Author Tyberia Blaqk. I write lesbian novels, right now my first deal published book is entitled TAKA. I am currently residing in Charleston SC. and am in dire straits. …

    JR replies
    Tyberia – please understand that Occidental Dissent is working to promote the legitimate rights of White Indo European People/White Americans. I think for most of the folks on O.D. that we wish you the best in your life, given the lifestyle that you have chosen – that of a Black openly Lesbian writer/artist living in South Carolina. As long as you do not attack our community or abuse our people, we wish you the best, but also understand that we’re really not in the position to help/save the Black lesbian community.

    Here’s Ms. Blaqk’s web page/photo:



  5. I only had hours of sleep last night – and when I began to read the Typhoidia Blakckc Crie de Ghetto – I thought I was about to enjoy some really excellent little piece of snark.

    I then clicked on the link that Jack provided.

    We really have fallen into an Evil Alternate Universe…..I’m still not sure that this is *real*. Blaqueck is a Ghettoastic Black Lesbian Authoress. And she’s broke? There’s not a vast voracious audience for Blakcqueck Lesbian Ghetto Romances?

    What happened to her ‘Bama Money?

    It’s so Cold in Da Hood….

  6. “There’s not a vast voracious audience for Blakcqueck Lesbian Ghetto Romances?”

    Nice dresses. No audience without nice dresses. Fatal marketing flaw.

    She should set them in 18th century New Orleans or Ancient Egypt – the lesbian adventures of Cleo-shaneesha-patra.

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