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8.) Conspiracy Theories – There are any number of websites that cater to conspiracy theories. This isn’t one of them.

These rules are only a temporary stop gap measure. When I find the time, I will flesh out a more comprehensive set of guidelines which will be permanently adopted. If everyone followed these few simple rules, the comments would quiet down and we can all return to business as usual.

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  1. “Glenn Beck understands the importance of framing new ideas in the garb of older ideas.”

    Hunter, there is no evidence that Beck has any new ideas. Everything points to him being a con-artist who says things based on what advances his career. That’s the opposite of what Alinskyite liberals do. Alinskyite liberal are people with activist backgrounds in the far left who toned down their rhetoric to get involved with electoral politics.

    Look at Beck’s background. He was a Howard Stern wannabe a few years ago. He has no history of pro-white or conservative activism before he changed his radio act to from “shock jock” to right winger. BTW, all the right wing radio hosts are like that. They were in the entertainment business long before they ever expressed an inkling of conservatism. They are all frauds and con-artists of the lowest sort and they have nothing in common with sincere, committed leftists like Obama.

    David Duke in the early 90’s would be a legitimate example of a pro-white figure using Alinsky-like tactics.

  2. ATBOTL says:
    “David Duke in the early 90?s would be a legitimate example of a pro-white figure using Alinsky-like tactics.”

    JR Replies.
    Agreed. David Duke’s successful campaign to WIN his LA State Rep race and his very strong challenges for Governor and US Senator are what brought me in to WN. He broke through, looked and sounded good, principled, reasonable and on my side. I liked him so much I went down to try to talk to him (I am ~ 28) Duke meets with me, takes me to lunch and tells me the entire, full story – complete with Holocaust Revisionism, Jews controlling the media. Neo Conservatism being just another scam. I thought he was a bit crazy at the time, but I stayed with things, read the books he gave me (Dispossessed Majority). I always thought the Duke in the early 90s should be the model for those of us who want to try to work within mainstream politics. The key is to go for local political office, where you can go face to face with White voters and not have to rely on the lame stream media to filter you and your message.
    Our side always makes the mistake of putting all our hopes in some long shot, no shot Presidential campaign, where we really have no chance of doing much of anything except looking old and dying.

  3. ATBOTL,

    1.) Glenn Beck chose “The Overton Window” as the title of his new book. That shows he at least has a passing familiarity with the concept.

    2.) Glenn Beck is almost certainly familiar with Saul Alinsky. Rules for Radicals is popular in Tea Party circles.

    3.) Couching a new idea in the garb of an older idea is exactly what the Left has been doing for years. I will remind you that MLK invoked Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln to legitimize the Civil Rights Movement.

    4.) Glenn Beck has successfully positioned himself as an arbiter of the MLK legacy. White Americans now look to Glenn Beck, not the NAACP, to interpret the meaning of the Civil Rights Movement. Beck has used his newfound authority to promote the wild idea that MLK was against “socialism” and “wealth redistribution.”

    5.) Alinksy’s followers are radicals who set aside their own rhetoric, enter communities, establish their legitimacy, organize, and then agitate for change. They establish a power base first. Then lead the people in their chosen ideological direction. This is not the same thing as toning down the rhetoric. That’s marketing.

    6.) I think Beck is much smarter than he lets on. I don’t think he is a secret White Nationalist, but I do think his actions (like those of Palin) are calculated, and that their presence in the mainstream has worked in our favor.

    In August, I predicted the Beck rally would produce a polarizing overreaction from the Left, one that would further erode the legitimacy of leftwing special interest groups in the eyes of White America. That has since come to pass.

    7.) Duke is a “mainstreamer” in the White Nationalist sense. He watered down his message to reach a wider audience. This isn’t the same thing as starting where you audience is today and rallying them around uncontroversial issues.

  4. 1.) That has no bearing on the issue. You are assuming that everyone else understands that concept in terms of pro-white politics when the creator of the term and most people who use are not thinking about racial nationalism at all. WN is not the only idea that is outside of accepted discourse.

    2.) Being familiar with Alinsky has nothing to with my point. I am am saying that Beck does not have real beliefs to begin with, let alone pro-white beliefs. Alinsky was a committed leftist radical who wrote his guide to help card carrying communists and socialists types break into the mainstream after those movements collapsed. He was an on the ground labor activist for many years before the book was written. Beck is a huckster who has no background of conservative activism and who talks about conservative politics on the radio because he gets paid to do it.

    3.) I’m not disputing that, why do you think I am?

    4.) That’s questionable. If Beck said that, he’s totally wrong. Maybe if Beck were using MLK to justify white survival, you would have a point, but he’s just giving us the same decades old aracial capitalist swill.

    5.) It’s the same or very similar. The whole problem with your theory is that there is no reason to believe, and every reason not believe that Beck and the like will lead the Tea Party in a pro-white direction. The only thing Beck is likely to lead people to is enhancing his own wealth and fame.

    6.) You are engaging in wishful think here. It’s true that polarization has increased, but that is not enough. Polarization of the electorate has gone up and down many times over the years. We need an increase in racial consciousness. Without that, polarization is useless.

    7.) At some point “controversial” issues need to be addressed.

  5. 1.) You claimed there is “no indication” that Glenn Beck has any new ideas. This is contradicted by the fact that he clearly understands the Overton Window and we know that he reads White Nationalist websites from his Twitter account.

    2.) The fact that Beck is almost certainly familiar with Alinsky (Rules for Radicals is a Tea Party favorite) is further proof that he is not half the dumbass kosher con that White Nationalists make him out to be.

    3.) Glenn Beck’s actions make sense in light of someone who understands the Overton Window and Saul Alinsky. I also think it is a bit of an exaggeration to say that Glenn Beck has no real political beliefs when he spends more time on political activity each day than either of us.

    4.) Because you continue to insinuate that “Restoring Honor” was something other than it was. In the 1960s, there were certainly Far Left radicals who attacked the idea of paying homage to white supremacists like Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln.

    5.) I think Glenn Beck has successfully positioned himself as an interpreter of the MLK legacy, while marginalizing its legitimate heirs in the eyes of White America, and that he has used his authority to twist that legacy into something it is not.

    6.) It’s not similar at all.

    Moderate White Nationalists tone down their rhetoric to reach a wider audience. That’s marketing. The focus is on the rhetoric, not building a power base.

    Alinsky’s followers identify uncontroversial issues, organize the masses around them, establish their legitimacy, and THEN lead people in their ideological direction when they have the authority to do so.

    7.) The effective result of Beck and Palin’s influence will be a Senate that is more receptive to our point of view on immigration than other any of the past decade.

    This has been accomplished by making Whites feel like outsiders, getting them involved in the political process, telling them the country has been lost and needs to be restored, and that the existing elite has no legitimacy.

    8.) Racial consciousness is useless when it is untethered to action in the real world. It is better for implicit Whites to remain implicit, and act in the real world on issues like immigration, than to become neutered radicals who are incapable of communicating with their contemporaries.

  6. Just found the Guidelines. As I thought, so vague as to give the operator any excuse to shutdown opposition will work.

    Just noticed the one guideline that appears to be a problem for Brad. You know the one, Brad, about no LOLs. I detest LOLs myself and never use them. You, however Brad, do use them. Isn’t that odd. When will we see your trial, Brad? Shouldn’t be before mine, huh, Brad?

    Or will Brad grant himself a pardon?

  7. What don’t any of you understand, Denises? Rules are rules. Or as admin is Brad held to a different standard? Think carefully before your answers.

  8. Sir, I was not aware that you had formulated these regulations, and, that so, I think you have been exceedingly generous and permissive in you application of them.

    These are a fine set and clearly articulated.

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