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I want to share some good news with my friends in Pennsylvania. It comes from our enemies at the National Immigration Forum:

Preliminary assessments of the likely outcome of proposed copycat measures in state legislatures across the country indicate that at least seven states (Georgia, Mississippi, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Tennessee) are likely to pass a measure similar to Arizona’s. These projections are based on Governors’ publicly stated positions, intelligence and information gathered on the positions of key state legislators, and general information about the make-up of the state legislatures. This report is not intended to be an exhaustive account of all states that may consider copycat proposals. Several states are highlighted to showcase examples of the kinds of dynamics at play in states. These states have some combination of the following: a re-elected, highly motivated potential bill sponsor, an already introduced measure similar to Arizona or a legislature–approved resolution supporting Arizona’s SB 1070, as well as a conservative Governor and conservative majority in the legislature.


Both chambers in the Pennsylvania legislature are now controlled by conservative law makers and a very vocal member of the House has promised to introduce a harsh anti-immigrant bill in the next session.

Re-elected Representative Daryl Metcalfe (R) introduced House Bill 2479 in May 2010. His legislation is closely modeled after Arizona’s SB 1070. Metcalfe’s bill would direct police officers “to attempt to verify the immigration status of suspected illegal aliens.” It would also: create a new third-degree misdemeanor “for illegal aliens who violate federal law by either willfully failing to register as an alien or failing to possess proper proof of such registration when stopped for another primary offense, such as a traffic violation;” crack down on employers who hire illegal aliens without first checking to see if they had registration papers and are in the state legally; create a new third-class felony “for intentionally smuggling illegal aliens (into the state) for profit;” and allow police officers to “impound any vehicle driven by an illegal alien or used to transport illegal aliens.” Metcalfe’s measure obtained 43 cosponsors last session, out of a total of 203 members who make up the state’s House of Representatives.

Representative Metcalfe is also the founder of the innocuously titled State Legislators for Legal Immigration (SLLI), a front group for FAIR, a Washington D.C. based hate group. The SLLI announced in October 2010 that it is leading an effort with antiimmigrant lawmakers in several states to contest the interpretation of the 14th Amendment.

The group’s release crows: “State Legislators Form Nationwide Task Force to Halt Anchor Baby-Exploited Illegal Alien Invasion.” SLLI contends that the 14th amendment is being misapplied, and “…As a result, hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens are crossing U.S. borders to give birth and use their child, or ‘anchor baby,’ as a means to obtain residency, access taxpayer-funded benefits and steal American jobs for themselves and for their families.” The group claims legislator participation in Idaho, Indiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas, and Utah.

A failed legislative effort in the summer of 2010 could provide insight into how Pennsylvania will behave if an SB 1070-type bill moves forward. In June, Metcalfe led an effort to mandate the use of e-verify for state contractors. HB 1502 and HB 1503 would have barred contractors and subcontractors who hire illegal immigrants from bidding on state construction contracts and would have taken away state licenses and certifications from private contractors who hire illegal immigrants. Both measures passed with overwhelming bipartisan support in the Democrat-controlled House, but they failed in the Republican-controlled Senate where an odd coalition of the Chamber of Commerce, SEIU, the ACLU, Governor Rendell and others were able to engineer its failure. The bills were notable not for their provisions, but for the odd coalitions they
created on both sides of the debate.

Finally, SB 1070-style legislation has a friend in Governor-elect Tom Corbett, where as Attorney General of Pennsylvania he filed a legal brief in support of Arizona’s controversial law.

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  1. “Georgia has a history of passing crackdowns on undocumented immigrants including a 2006 effort passed by the Assembly requiring Georgia businesses seeking government contracts to make sure their employees were [in the U.S. legally].”

    It’s amusing how these people think enforcing the law is considered a ‘crackdown’.

    If every state required all business – large and small – to verify citizenship, and imposed hefty fines and jail-time for those who refused, then the snakes head would be sliced off and all we would have to worry about is disposing the convulsing, bloody, body.

  2. Corbett’s a sell-out jerk, but he’s a million times better than UberDemonJew greasy Eddie.

    The GOP reps know that they owe their new office space to the Tea Partiers. We intend to keep ’em on tight leash. They KNOW it. We are UP their butts.

    We all got invitations to Corbett’s Inaugural Ball. PA is suffering economicall,y like everywhere else – but I am going to get the gals to coordinate the red gowns. (We all wear red, to events…)

    Daryl Metcalfe is straight up wonderful. I can’t say enough about him. Keep your eye on him; he’s in for the long haul.

  3. If you want to control immigration you have to find some way to bring the Permanent
    Government under control:
    There is a book out, “The Deporter” by Ames Holbrook. Holbrook was an INS agent who had the job of actually physically deporting illegal alien felons when they finished their prison terms. Most of them stayed in America.

    Here are the reasons they remained in America:

    (1) The supreme court, led by Darth Vader Ginsburg ruled that if the illegal felons were not actually out of the country within 6 months of their release from prison they could stay.

    (2) The Supreme court led by Ginsburg also ruled that INS agents could not simply pick them up at the prison and put them on a plane for their native country. They could not be physically deported until an immigration INS Judge ordered them to be deported.

    (3) If the illegal felon was ordered deported, he had the right to not one but several appeals.

    (4) The immigration Judges are liberals who see themselves not as impartial Judges but as illegal alien felon’s advocates.

    (5) Federally funded attorneys and pro immigration groups managed to continue the hearings for more than 6 months. Thus the illegal felons had to be released.

    (6) It was not just the immigration attorneys who worked for the tax payer funded non profit law firms. It was also the tax payer funded immigration advocate groups, usually connected with churches who kept appealing and appealing until the 6 months was up and the illegal felon was released on the street.

    (7) On the few occasions when it was possible to deport the illegal felon there were more obstacles.

    (A) His own country had to accept him back. Sometimes his happened, sometimes not. The acceptance had of course to be within the 6 month time frame. These were terrible felons, murders, rapists etc. Many countries are happy to dump them on America.

    (B) The airline had to accept him as a passenger. The illegal felons would cause a huge scene at the airport, screaming, threatening, rolling on the ground etc. Their friends and relatives and even tax payer funded immigration advocates would come to the airport and join in the screeching and howling. So he would not be allowed on the plane.

    Because of this the Deporters kept the date and place of departure secret to avoid the family and friends riot at the departure gate. At one time the Deporters sedated the illegal felon.

    (C) The federal Judiciary agreed with a joint ACLU ADL lawsuit that the illegal felons should not be sedated to get them through the airport and on the plane.

    That’s how it works folks. No matter what laws the people manage to pass, the federal Judiciary and the federally funded immigration lawyers, immigration advocates and ACLU, ADL etc will manage to get around it.

    We are taxed to pay for our own destruction.

    Are we dumb or not?

    Holbrook worked in New Orleans for a long time. He thinks that part of the enormous crime rate in New Orleans is due to the large amount of illegal alien felons the New Orleans INS hearing Judges release into New Orleans.

    The INS houses these illegal felons waiting to be deported in city and county jails and sometimes state prisons if the prisons are within reasonable distance of the INS deportation hearing offices.

    The cost of housing these prisoners is substantially cheaper in the south than the midwest and northeast. Louisianna is the cheapest of all the states. So the feds send as many as possible to Southern Louisianna to be near the New Orleans hearing offices.

    With the help of taxpayer funded non profits such as ACLU, they are not deported, but released into the streets of New Orleans to continue their criminal careers.

  4. ICR,

    Great comment — very interesting and insightful.

    I see a trend — that as the economy contracts, people like us have more leverage, and the anti-white enemies with their “Open Society” funding seem to have less and less leverage. If you’re a politician and your constituents are unemployed and the state is going broke and the constituents want a hard line on immigration (which we do), what are you going to do? Back in the good times, it was easy to grease everyone, but now are the hard times, the time of contraction and budget cuts. I know a few people (businessmen/selectmen/judges) who are personally friends with many CT politicians, and they tell me that the CT politicians tell them in private that the budget will get worse and worse every year, but they can’t say this publicly. All the politicians know this, so this really is the time to do what Hunter advocates — call the politicians, work for Republican congressmen, et cetera.

    See the article over at TOQ online by Yggdrasil, here’s the excerpt I found very relevant, I hope you guys will subscribe to TOQ, Yggdrasil is a great guy:

    A far more likely scenario is a slow withering away of the regime’s resources, and a gradual abandonment of functions it can no longer afford.

    Secession happens slowly, by degrees.

    First there are the noticeable stresses and fissures that become visible: rising unemployment, falling real incomes for our children, and government policies that deprive us of secure savings opportunities.

    In this case we would be wise to stay where we are and make ourselves useful to local officials: the county sheriff and the elected state representatives, those with the power to quietly and unobtrusively reverse the policies which unfairly burden our people, as we transform ourselves from an educational charity to a welfare organization that helps our people through rough times, provides teachers and schools for the gifted (when these programs are canceled for lack of funds), organizes medical care as the insurance system collapses, and provides emergency food and shelter for those most likely to rebound and contribute. These are all activities that, through selection of recipients, provide help in ways that reverse the wildly dysgenic effects of the welfare state on the fitness of our people.

    Already serious strains are showing up in state and local finances that put the local authorities at odds with the Feds. Most of the states have elected representatives who actively solicit educated, unpaid volunteers to serve as legislative analysts. Since most of the TOQ crowd have college degrees, and many have graduate degrees, we are particularly qualified to take advantage of these stresses by helping our elected state legislators.

    If you have a Republican state representative, call him or her and volunteer. With every analysis you are asked to do, you prepare an estimate of the impact of the proposed legislation on Republican voters, a useful proxy for Whites capable of being salvaged. This will condition your Republican representative to actually think about the interests of their Republican voters—something which Republicans generally are not inclined to do. Of course, you never mention WN, but you should constantly remind them that a Republican must motivate the base, and that real political motivation requires not just remote benefits to a universalized “everyman”, but benefits us and not the identifiable “them” who oppose us and our interests.

    In Texas, we have a part time legislature and those elected to serve in the Texas House (as opposed to the Senate) have no budget for staff beyond a lone secretary/receptionist. It will be the same in most other states. So the opportunity for meaningful activism is there. Carpe diem!

  5. Its all hopeless run to Idaho buy dried eggs by the crate. Hogwash.

    Folks the left is comprised of cults which exist to provide the leaders a living. So we are dealing with cults nothing more, and most certainly we are not dealing with acts of Yaweh or someother omnipotent deity.

    In the post by icr he mentions some sub-cults responsible for the fiasco of deportation. The key word here is “RESPONSIBLE” this word, this notion is the absolute cult killer, it kills cults dead.

    I won’t run on and on, but I will leave an example of a cult being killed dead by this notion of “RESPONSIBILITY.” The actions of Nixon/McCarthy while seemingly mild put the notion of responsiblity upon actual real live humans of the Communist cult, doing so destroyed the ability of the commie cult to actually thrive and expand simply because people join cults to avoid responsibility and the bad guys Nixon/Tail Gunner who dared cull a few out of the human herd of the CC and brand them responsible destroyed that paradigm. From then on the CC was a marginal bit player that few would join.

    Place “RESPONSIBILITY” upon the heads of these anti-whites and their cults will collapse faster than Jonestown. Quibble the details and they linger for decades (crime and IQ studies anyone?)

  6. that’s nice, but it remains to be seen whether federal judges will allow the states and municipalities to defend themselves. Most of these laws have been overturned or neutered by black-robed activists in the past.

  7. Oh and for the people always on the look out for a “jooz did it” story. Judaism is a cult, there simply is no notion of responsiblity with judaism for its actions outside of its walls, and then even inside it they more often then not resort to magic thinking to explain their trevails.

    In a way the jews have helped us become aware of our notion of responsibility and after the anti-White cults are disposed of we can then evolve into the next generation White Man (hattip to vanguardists here).

  8. And coldequation goes back to the legends of omnipotency, good god maybe its time for a crime study to break this chain of all is lost.

  9. Your mention of RESPONSIBILITY can’t be said enough Simmons. It never occurs to the White anti-White, that one day they must answer for what they are doing right now.

    Whenever I use the ‘R’ word on these people, it is like watching sleepwalkers wake in confusion, when they realize they are not safe at home in their beds.

    >that’s nice, but it remains to be seen whether federal judges will allow the states and municipalities to defend themselves.

    It may be revolutionary for me to ask these questions, but who elects judges so they can interpret the constitution, according to their own personal opinions? Does their lack of community accountability, not make them unelected dictators?

    Perhaps these people should be consigned to the dustbin of history, along with Kings and Queens.

  10. When you begin to understand the Chamber of Commerces real position on illegal labour and also that is most of our duly elected republicans are business owners themselves and Chamber members than you can see the common bond they share.
    Most of these business dont want to hire legal labour they want cheap illegal labour. We see this big push here at OD that we need to work the system and yes we can but at the end of the day the men and woman running who can afford it are business men who use this labour or there fellow chamber of commerce memebers do.
    I hope you take the time to see how much money the COC put into republican canidates this year and why….

  11. dan neil says:
    December 30, 2010 at 7:48 pm
    “When you begin to understand the Chamber of Commerce real position on illegal labour and also that is most of our duly elected republicans are business owners themselves and Chamber members …”

    Jack Ryan;

    Dan, you need to get away from this mindset that large, all powerful, impersonal corporations, business associations are CONTROLLING THINGS. This puts out the idea that there are no individual persons to be held responsible for actions.

    We just completed a very effective political elections removing traitorous political individuals . Traitorous business leaders can also be identified and knocked down, removed. Patriots are using RICO laws to go after real business leaders who employ illegal aliens to cut wages from legal American workers.

    You need to think and act locally, where you can make a difference where you live. There are good people and bad people where you live. The good people should be supported and encouraged, the bad people, identified, and held up to public ridicule.

    A good project that has worked for our side is to publicize the businesses and business owners in an area that hire illegals. Do what Reds do to Nationalists, identify them, contact their associates, treat them as RICO criminals – which they are.

  12. coldequation,

    Justice Department lawsuits is another reason to pass Arizona-style immigration laws in other states. They will be upheld in other federal courts (as opposed to being neutered) and the conflicting decisions will make their way to the Supreme Court where we have the advantage.

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