Prairie Fire

Kris Kobach and Nebraska State Sen. Charlie Janssen file lawsuits against in-state tuition for illegal aliens


Deep in the heart of the “Real America,” the peasants are sharpening their pitchforks and preparing to storm the pearly white gates of the Kansas state legislature.

This is the homeland of populism where conservatism is based on the rage of the White working class against coastal liberal elites.

It is difficult to point out a spot on a map of the United States further removed from the progressive values of San Francisco and Washington than Kansas. Flyover country was unimpressed with the “Hope and Change” delivered by Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama.

In particular, the Obama Justice Department’s lawsuit against Arizona succeeded in rubbing populist Whites in Kansas the wrong way. They will be responding next month with a big push to bring Arizona-style immigration reform to the Sunflower State.

Kansas and Kris Kobach

I’ve been silently watching the rise of Kris Kobach in Kansas. I’m also taking notes and drawing the appropriate conclusions. Kobach is simultaneously one of the most valuable and unknown White Advocates in America.

Kris Kobach first came to my attention as a boogeyman who was repeatedly mentioned on the Imagine2050 website. This got my attention over the summer and I started doing some digging on search engines.

I was pleasantly surprised by what I found. I had discovered a “Hard Right” role model.

Kobach is a lawyer for the Immigration Reform Law Institute. He has been a prime mover behind everything from the Hazelton ordinance to Arizona’s SB 1070. He has filed three lawsuits against in-state tuition for illegal aliens in Kansas, Nebraska, and California.

Here is someone who never wasted his time on the legions of alienated rhetorical radicals in the White Nationalist movement. Instead, Kobach has made a lucrative career for himself out of being a hardline restrictionist on immigration and an effective advocate for our interests who has successfully pushed at the boundaries of mainstream respectable conservatism.

Kobach burrowed deeply within the system and rose to become Chairman of the Kansas Republican Party. In the midterm elections, he was elected Kansas Secretary of State, and will undoubtedly use that position to leapfrog to a higher position in Kansas state politics.

The most exciting developments on the immigration front that I have tracked over the past few months have been a direct result of Kris Kobach’s influence upon our political system.

If a single individual could have this much of a positive impact upon White America, then clearly we need to be producing more White Advocates in the Kobach mold, especially in the South where racial attitudes are more favorable.

Kansas and Immigration

The word broke this afternoon that Kansas will be taking a shot at Arizona-style immigration reform in less than two weeks when the Kansas state legislature convenes on January 10th.

The Kansas Chamber of Commerce is expected to put up fierce resistance to the bill. Governor Sam Brownback could also prove an obstacle to a reform. A similar bill was passed by the Kansas House and Senate in 2008 but failed in the reconciliation process.

Brownback has said that he supports Kobach’s voter ID and proof-of-citizenship bills. Georgia passed a voter-ID law in 2005 which King Roy Barnes litigated for years. It has since been upheld several times in the Georgia Supreme Court.

I’m confident that we can at least get something out of the next session of the Kansas state legislature. Even a small victory on E-Verify could lay a foundation for further reform. We saw what happened after Arizona passed its initial crackdown on employers in 2007.

Kansas and NumbersUSA

The Kansas delegation in Congress shakes out as follows: Senator Pat Roberts (A), Rep. Todd Tiahrt (A-), Rep. Lynn Jenkins (A-), Rep. Jerry Moran (B+), Senator Sam Brownback (C), and Democrat Rep. Dennis Moore (C-).

Brownback is leaving the Senate to become Governor of Kansas. Jerry Moran, who was elected to the Senate in the midterms, is a NumbersUSA true reformer candidate. He will be a vast improvement over his predecessor.

Tim Huelskamp, another NumbersUSA true reformer, won his race in Kansas 1. Lynn Jenkins was reelected in Kansas 2. The Republican Kevin Yoder, who supports attrition through enforcement, won Dennis Moore’s old seat in Kansas 3. Mike Pompeo replaces Todd Tiahrt in Kansas 4.

Senators Roberts and Brownback voted against the DREAM Act in the Senate. Reps. Moran, Tiahrt, and Jenkins voted against the DREAM Act in the House. Rep. Dennis Moore, the outgoing Democrat, voted for the DREAM Act.

The Red Revolution in Kansas

Kansas was already a heavily Republican state before the midterm elections.

The Republicans swept everything in the midterms. They replaced Brownback with Moran in the Senate, retained control of their three House seats, and picked up the only Democratic House seat in Kansas.

As noted above, Kris Kobach was elected Secretary of State. Republicans also won the statewide races for Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General.

Heading into the midterm elections, Republicans controlled the Kansas House, 76 to 49. In the upcoming legislative session, they will control the lower chamber, 92 to 33.

Republicans have a supermajority in the Kansas State Senate. They control the upper chamber, 31 to 8. In Kansas, state senators serve four year terms. The next elections in the Kansas State Senate will be held in 2012.

The Democratic Party has more or less ceased to exist in Kansas.

Final Thoughts

Kansans have a lot to crow about this year.

They replaced Sam Brownback in the Senate with a NumbersUSA true reformer candidate, replaced Jerry Moran with another NumbersUSA true reformer in Kansas 1, knocked off Dennis Moore in Kansas 3, provided three votes against the DREAM Act in the House, set the stage for Arizona-style immigration reform in 2011, elected Kris Kobach as Secretary of State, and twisted the arm of Senator Brownback into voting against the DREAM Act which he co-sponsored in 2007.

The only black cloud over Kansas is having to put up with Governor Sam Brownback for the next four years. We can’t expect to win every battle.

The vanguard ridicules the whole concept of working within the system. Kansas is yet another example of a state where this approach is bearing fruit.

I suspect we will be returning to Kansas early next year to celebrate a big victory there.

Note: Did any Kansans here catch that bullshit play calling in the Pinstripe Bowl?

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  1. Hunter,

    Yes, he practiced Taqqiyah to “burrow in” to the Kansas GOP, and now he’s financially sound and basically unassailable. He can fight from a strong position, and it won’t be so easy to knock him down.

    That’s exactly what we need — sleepers to get in the GOP and NEVER express anything but “party loyalty,” and work your way up. Party Loyalty people are in it for the money, and you should pretend to be that way too if you are a sleeper. You’ll have to talk about the local restaurants and sports teams (blechh) and what TV shows they watched last night (barf). Do not show any idealism or passion, just dog-loyalty to the party and lickass subservience to anyone with higher rank than you. Here’s something to read, sleepers:

    Go for it! A dozen “hard right” sleepers can make a huge difference. I’m sure there’s already some sleepers in the GOP already.

  2. “Burrow”, poor choice of a word. You make Kobach, sound like a gopher.

    Here in America, political parties are part franchise operations like MacDonald’s Burger King etc., and part social-fraternal organizations like the Moose, Elks, American Legion.

    Kobach has bought a franchise, and run with it, and won.

  3. I support O.D.’s movement towards the mainstream/success and was very pleased with the White Conservative political victories in Kansas and the South etc.

    That said, people should not simply join the heard of the Pat Robertson Religious Right, Pro life, low taxes Conservatism that took over places like Kansas from th 1980s on.

    This type of politics doesn’t seem to bad for a place like….


    There are virtually no Black people in Kansas.

    Even though everyone in these Religious Right Kansas GOP is White, they aren’t doing White nationalism much or at all, because race isn’t an issue where they live.

    Well, now because of immigration – this one issue has at least gotten in to discussion and some folks on our side are addressing the problem.

    Kansas was probably a state where the Huckster ( ex Baptist Minister ex Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee ) did really well.

    With these hard right, Religious Right White folk conservatives in places like Kansas – there are lots of hang ups, problems that say some White Italian American guy doesn’t have who lives just inside/outside some brutal Black area like Philly, South Side of Chicago, Camden New Jersey etc.

    These Religious Right Conservative Kansas White folks are conditioned to see “The Liberals” as “the enemy” and are defensive when the MSM Liberal media calls them “Racist” – so then you get the terrible predictable instances of these Kansas folks getting all excited over some Black patriot/conservatives like Alan Keyes or Colin Powel who are supposedly on their side (pro life, pro military, for vouchers etc).

    I think the best strategy is to have healthy White folks from Kansas go serve some time in a very rough, NW urban place – this is the best racial education and really the only education that works.

  4. I like the idea of “sleeper” White Nationalists. However, the Republican is the “White” party only be default. They could be more accurately be described as Globalist, Inc., a military-industrial cabal that, if they thought they could replace Whites with Mestizos, Negros, Asians, and Muslims, they would do so in a NYC minute. Thus, constant attempts with “The Rove Strategy” and Michael Steele’s “Hip Hop Party.

    Right now, the Republicans have been ambushed by borders enforcement activists. I do not give credit just to White Nationalists, but American Nationalists of every color, who do not want to see their children end up as glorified serfs fighting a Third World Tsunami of workers for coolie wages.

    However, the Republican platform, with its Big Business Libertarian platform is NOT necessarily the best friend Whites can have as is evidenced by how quick they are to promote the interests of the Oligarchs by “reaching across the aisle” and striking “compromises” with the Anti-White Democrat Left.

    For those White Nationalists without a paper trail who cannot stomach Conservatives, the Democrat Party is still fertile ground to plant yourselves. The Democrats have the potential to serve our long-term interests far better than the Republicans do. We have to remember that THEY were ambushed by LBJ’s Great Society and were not happy at all about losing the Solid South. The Democrats were better about defending Southern interests back then than the Republicans which only paid lip service to Conservative values while stabbing White America in the back every chance it got.

    The one lesson we can take away from the 2008 Democrat Primaries is how much it underscored that old saying about how one’s tolerance for diversity is in proportion to one’s distance from it. Well, the White Democrats have had to form uneasy coalitions with the Jews, the Negros and the Mestizos for decades now. Their relationships got downright testy in 2008. The Democrats have bent over backwards to seal them, but there are cracks in this alliance. Howard Dean recognized the necessity of wooing the Nascar Dads with the Confederate Flag decals and the gun racks. Hillary belatedly went to bat for the core constituency the Democrats have all but abandoned after Obama’s “bitter clingers” remark and nearly took the Democrat Primary.

    For one thing, the Anti-War wing, which is increasingly Anti-Zionist. They have kept us out of Iran and I fear that the Repugnants could drag us into yet another endless war for Israel if it isn’t thoroughly purged of Neo Cons by 2012. If not, I would have to hold my nose tightly and vote for BO.

    They are hostile to Big Business abuses and would punish those who outsource them to other countries with prohibitive tariffs and they would be inclined to fine the crap out of those businesses who use illegal labor and pay them less wages under the table. Of course, they could use politically correct indignation about businesses exploiting the poor, especially those Third World poor of color, but if it benefits White people in the long run, so what.

    There is the environmental wing that has been hijacked by Algore’s global warming crap to effect a destructive cap and trade policy. It could be wrested back by White Nationalist Sleepers whose concern should be about eliminating the kind of pollution that can come from overcrowding industrial countries.

    Zero Population Growth Democrats could ally with Pro-choice Democrats and encourage free birth control and abortion in poor areas full of low IQ people. In fact, Norplants should be mandatory for all women on welfare and cash bonuses given to any poor who get vasectomies or tubal ligations.

    Unlike the Republicans who are hostile to any entitlements NOT being used to appease the welfare underclasses, the Democrats favor programs designed to help the working-class and middle-class workers like universal health care insurance. It was the Republicans who fought the single-payer public option tooth and nail to allow Congress to force everyone to buy health insurance like state legislatures everywhere forced people to buy automobile insurance. Because buying it was no longer an option, the system touted to save money resulted in paying more for less services, thanks to the costs of “administering” to an increased insurance pool.

    The point I am trying to make is that White Nationalists need to take a page from the Jewish Political Strategy by finding a way to be on every side of all issues and subvert them to the White Nationalist cause.

  5. Kris Kobach is probably the most effective White Advocate in America. His defeat in Hazelton didn’t stop him.

    He pushed through SB 1070 in Arizona and the racial polarization that resulted will imminently lead a statewide SB 1070 in Pennsylvania and Kansas.

    This is exactly what we need to be doing: radicalizing conservatism, building from the mainstream end, not watering down White Nationalism, or moving even further toward the fringe.

  6. Jack,

    If you are saying we need to get rid of the likes of Sam Brownback in Kansas, that much is obvious. Mission accomplished on the Senate front.

    Moran is a NumbersUSA true reformer who supports ending birthright citizenship and cutting legal immigration.

  7. Kobach hasn’t really practiced taqqiyah, except inasmuch as he has avoided outright admitting he’s a WN (if in fact he is a WN). Immigration has been his big issue for years. It hasn’t stopped him from getting nominated to run for Congress in 2004 and for a statewide office this year, or from getting or at least keeping his post as a law prof.

    Note how he got where he is. He’s a Rhodes scholar law professor. Some of those big brains at sites like MR or Counter Currents could have written admissions essays like Kobach instead of blog posts about Julius Evola and done the same thing. If I were a young, smart activist (I’ve never been all three at the same time), that’s how I would play it.

  8. I just can’t see converting the Democrat party into any form of pro white resistance or advocacy. While there are still a good number of working class white Democrats and some bone scraps are occasionally thrown their way, it is simply too compromised by non whites, queers, and radical liberal whites. The Democrat constituency is overwhelmingly anti white.

  9. Coldequation,

    You are exactly right! We figure out too late, that we should have kept our mouth shut and went in as sleepers.

    But the fact that we are figuring that out now is a good sign. Look at how many smart people we have now, and I’m our writing is training future sleepers.

    One way is to send in our own children as sleepers.

  10. Coldequation is right. There are many highly intelligent WN’s who could be using their brains to infiltrate our Institutions. I don’t know how many are actually doing this, but hopefully some are. The problem, though, is that many who are otherwise intelligent are so incompetent that the first thing they will do is to openly espouse full on racial sentiments.

    A perfect example of this is/was Matt Hale. It is hard to imagine a worse strategy than the one he used. If he had had half a brain he would be a lawyer today able to help the cause instead of in prison doing hard time. Instead of being openly racial and broadcasting his views to the world while still in college and law school, if he had kept quiet and went under the radar he would have been easily admitted to the bar and been able to get to work, just like tens of thousands of other law students, most not half as talented and gifted as Hale. In fact, at the very same time Hale was being denied a license to practice law on moral and ethical grounds, a black parolee, whose crime was being an accomplice in the murder of a cop, was being granted a license to practice law in Ohio.

  11. More on Kobach:

    Four years later, he earned an A.B. (summa cum laude) in Government from Harvard College, graduating first in his class in the Government Department. Subsequently, the Court of St. James awarded him a Marshall Scholarship, which allowed him to earn M.A. and D.Phil degrees in Politics from Oxford University (in 1990 and 1992, respectively). He then returned to the United States and attended the Yale Law School, where he earned his J.D. in 1995[1][4] and served as an editor on the Yale Law Journal. During this time, he published two books: The Referendum: Direct Democracy in Switzerland (Dartmouth, 1994), and Political Capital: The Motives, Tactics, and Goals of Politicized Businesses in South Africa (University Press of America, 1990).

    I also found this tid bit from Kobach’s background interesting:

    Kobach served as a missionary to Uganda in 2005 and 2006. Previously, he had volunteered to help build a school in a South African township

    If Kobach eventually comes to the forefront on the national stage, it will be hard for the usual suspects to portray him as a racist given his work in Uganda and South Africa.

  12. The case I mentioned above, about the black parolee, should be exhibit Number One in any argument with anyone who doubts that there is extreme pressure placed on public officials being applied behind the scenes in order to advance the “Progressive” cause in general and anti white policy in particular.

    I well remember the case. It was in 1998 or maybe 1999. William Pierce did a show on it. It was big news, especially locally. The black was an accomplice in the killing of a cop. Moreover, though the evidence that could be proven only allowed a conviction of the lesser crime, it is believed and most likely the case that he was in fact the actual trigger man.

    Apparently he used his time in prison to get a college degree and upon release enrolled in law school. He was then admitted to the Bar. When news of his admittance to the Bar and soon to be appearance in courtrooms representing clients and trying cases was first released, there was understandably a huge outcry of protest. The Cincinnati Enquirer was loaded with editorials, letters to the editor and articles quoting judges asserting that he would not be allowed into their courtrooms; prosecutors threatening resignation, cops and police organizations loudly condemning the act, etc., etc. You can well imagine, a cop killer for all intents and purposes was going to be an officer of the court. But within little more than a week an about face took place. Suddenly the very same judges who a few days earlier had swore they would not let the black into their courtroom were “thrilled” that such a fine man was able to so turn his life around and go straight, and they were “looking forward” to seeing him in court. Police chiefs who a week earlier had had conniption fits were now pleased with the status of the former cop killer. Prosecutors who had threatened resignation one day the next were going to be proud to work with him.

    As I said, this drastic change of heart took place literally within 10 or so days. And of course, as always happens with the media and public interest, after about two months or less the story died and I have not heard any mention of it since, from any quarter. I do not know what became of the cop killer turned lawyer.

  13. Everyone is right of course that sneakiness pays handsome dividends, but sneakiness really isn’t the way of traditional Americans. Has anyone here read the great book “Albion’s Seed: Four British Folkways In America” ? I’m sure more than a few of you have. Of those 4 folkways (New England Puritan, Delaware Valley Quaker, Virginia Cavalier, and Back Country Presbyterian) which culture has even a hint of sneakiness about it? Sneaky, sleeper insurgency is so foreign to our race that we even have to employ strange words from Islamic culture to describe it. Not that the time has not come for sneakiness, but that it doesn’t have tradition with White Americans. The mistake Matt Hale made was to be over-excitable, and hence something of a died in the wool kook.

  14. The brutal truth is sneakiness is very much a part of our race. This is a good example of how many WN’s have a fantastic and idealized view of white people. To be fair, however, I think many people who have more or less only recently come aboard on WN’s issues are and have been so immersed in majority or near majority non white areas, or are only yet young and thus these websites are pretty much the exclusive picture of the world they have, are as divorced from the realities of what actual white people really are as are the radical nonwhites and coastal Liberals. I often either have to shake my head or chuckle when I read some posters image of most white folks.

    There are going to be many people in for a surprise. I am not saying white people are “bad” or denigrating them as do Liberals and anti whites, only that white people are NOT what many on these WN’s board apparently think.

  15. Most of us do lead lives of concealment. I find it stressful to always have to hide my perfectly healthy and rational beliefs, lest I lose my job.

  16. Discard,

    In my life I don’t have to live cryptically. I don’t want to argue with everyone constantly so I am not blasting forth with my opinions all the time but my opinions are no secret. No doubt I would be fired if I worked for a corporation. The whole loss of freedom for Americans revolves around this loss of workplace independence. Most people are employed by a small group of corporate lords, of which no one had better fall afoul ideologically, or they lose their work permit. Farming or trades or the professions has to be the way to go. Otherwise one may as well be a damned serf.

  17. SS Club: I used to work in the trades, but production work got sent out of the country, so I switched careers. I was a lot freer then.

  18. Brutus posted:

    “I just can’t see converting the Democrat party into any form of pro white resistance or advocacy. While there are still a good number of working class white Democrats and some bone scraps are occasionally thrown their way, it is simply too compromised by non whites, queers, and radical liberal whites. The Democrat constituency is overwhelmingly anti white.”

    I respectfully disagree. White Republicans bend over backwards to appear racially oblivious. The Democrat Party is filled with Disingenuous White Liberals who absorbed the College 101 Class instruction showing them how to speak to Negroes while acquiring the means to live as far away from them as possible.

    There is an important fundamental difference between the Republicans who pride themselves on being the Party of Lincoln, the Great Emancipator and the Down and Dirty Democrats. The Republicans became the “White Party” by default when LBJ bucked his own party to push through his Civil Rights agenda and he did this with solid Republican support. The Republicans then started their proud tradition of “running to the right” during elections and then governing center-left the minute they take office.

    “Compromise” is the first word out of those weasels’ mouths no matter how wide a margin they win by. And that does not begin to include the “maverick Republican” RINOs who vote with the Dems, anyway. “We rule” is the first word out of the Dems’ mouths even if they have a mandate of a one-vote majority.

    Republicans hate being seen as the “White Party.” To that end, they have enacted “the Rove Strategy,” where they blew off their White constituency to court Negros, Mestizos and Muslims. They made Michael Steele their RNC Chair to transform them into “the hip hop party.” Contrast his remarks to DNC Chair, Howard Dean, who wants to woo back the “Nascar Dads with the Confederal decal stickers and the gun racks on their trucks.”

    Republicans dismiss every White vote they get while celebrating any Non-White gains, however miniscule, they get. Democrats don’t GAD what race votes for them; they will work for whoever votes for them. Moreover, there has been increasing racial polarization that has emerged from the hotly contested 2008 Democrat Primary by the Clintonistas who felt the full brunt of racial intimidation by the Obambots both before and after Clinton was blackmailed into conceding victory to Obama.

    Before Mainstream White Nationalists break their hands patting themselves on the back, I would like to point out that the Democrats had the numbers to push through the DREAM act and an even full-fledged amnesty to all illegal aliens via “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” when they took office in 2009. They even had weaselly Repugnants like McCain and Graham in their hip pocket. They had all the votes they needed to ram it through.

    So, why did they choose to waste all their political capital by ramming through the unpopular mandatory health insurance bill first? Hmmmm? I submit that White Democrats already had a bellyful of decades’ dealing with obnoxious Negroes and Jews behind them and were in no hurry to pander to another racial faction. Especially one that has this nasty history of replacing an incumbent with one of their own the minute they achieve appreciable demographic advantages.

    I applaud any and all White Nationalists who can practice “taquiyyah” so adroitly as to get around Republican paranoia about appearing RAYCISSSSS. I hope we can replace all those White Country Club Checkpant Conservatives that so disdain working class and middle class Whites. But we must never relax our guard with the RNC and remain ever mindful they will stab us all in the back at any given opportunity.

    Enough White Democrats have been caught wandering off the Rainbow Reservation to convince me that White Nationalists, especially those with leftist leanings — Vanguardists, I’m looking at YOU — should infiltrate them.

    Again, what I am recommending is a left-right, two-fisted approach to White Nationalism. The last thing I want is to see our race marginalized, either as hunted animals in some multicultural nightmare and/or hoping to barely eke out an existence
    on some desolate White Bantustan.

    Both sides should work together to prevent this with the two-fisted approach.

  19. “Republicans hate being seen as the “White Party.”

    There is no doubt about this. Although it ought to be said that the Republicans have many wings, as in corporate, libertarian, fundamentalist, populist. It is the corporate wing of the Republican Party that truly hates being seen as the White Party, and this is because the world is not White and the corporatist see the world as their domain.

  20. I can only say, “good luck,” concerning the project of converting the Democrat Party to a white orientated party.

  21. Exactly.

    There have always been factions in the Republican Party. The corporate wing was dominant under Bush, but there were still populists in Congress like King and Tancredo.

    Now the populists have the upper hand on immigration policy and we must continue to move further in that direction. This means defeating Jeb Bush and Newt Gingrich in the primaries.

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