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Every story eventually comes to an end


I’ve been quietly following William Rome’s recent articles on multiculturalism with considerable interest. Personally, I haven’t really felt inclined to post or comment here in recent days.

There are similarities and differences in our life experiences.

Coming from New York, William Rome grew up in a world where multiculturalism is normative and White racial consciousness is highly taboo. It was thus a gut wrenching experience for him to break out of the liberal paradigm and multicultural cocoon and embrace full throated White Nationalism.

Here in Alabama, there has never been much enthusiasm for multiculturalism and the majority of White people in this state are already racially conscious to some degree. When I was growing up, I never experienced anything in the way of social pressure to conform to the mores and pieties of anti-racism.

Hence, there is no pressing need to fight multiculturalism from within in the Deep South, whereas that might be the case in Upstate New York. The problems we are squarely facing in this region is a failure to communicate (poor messaging) and the lack of any viable means (other than the internet) to reach our target audience.

White people in Alabama, Georgia, and Florida should be sympathetic to White Nationalism.

It is a sad testament to the failure of the White Nationalist movement (and the ingenuity of our enemies) that White Nationalists have been seemingly unable to connect with and organize the millions of Whites in America who are already explicitly racially conscious.

How can White Nationalists possibly create a White ethnostate in North America when the majority of White racialists in this country cannot be persuaded to get on board?

First Awakening

In spite of the differences in our cultural backgrounds, there are striking similarities in the way the two of us wound up in the White Nationalist movement.

William Rome has already shared his account.

In my case, the world that I was leaving behind in Alabama was a world of Christianity, American patriotism, and cultural conservatism. This is a world which I came to believe wasn’t radical enough for my tastes. It wasn’t moving fast enough in my chosen direction.

I know what it is like to feel alienated from mainstream society. I know what it is like to withdraw from that world and attempt to create a new one in your own ideological image. I know what it is like to feel the rage, cynicism and desperation and to be motivated by such sentiments.

Been there. Done that.

I spent about ten years struck in that mindset. Over that time frame, there were a few occasions when I took a few tepid steps back from that world, but I was young and angry and those two things always seem to correlate with political radicalism.

Second Awakening

The second awakening happens when aging and experience gradually wear down and temper the passions of youth. The initial emotional reaction of rage and alienation burns itself out. This is what happens to most young radicals.

There comes a point when you start asking yourself a different set of questions:

(1) Are we making progress toward our goals?

(2) Do we have anything to show for our efforts?

(3) Why is the White Nationalist movement idling through history?

(4) Why aren’t people responding well to our message?

(5) How can our message gain traction?

(6) What are we doing wrong?

Instead of being frustrated and enraged at society, you start focusing your attention on how to change that society in constructive ways, and those questions tend to lead you down another rabbit hole.

In my case, I was truly astonished that it led to me to conservatism and back to the cultural milieu from which I came in the Lower Chattahoochee Valley.

It started with the realization that there really wasn’t much of a substantial difference between my own political views and those of my neighbors. Just a difference of degree.

Ordinary White people in East Alabama and West Georgia are against the federal government, against immigration, against political correctness, against multiculturalism, against affirmative action, against free trade. Most of them are explicitly racially conscious.

The Lower Chattahoochee Valley, once the heartland of the Confederacy, is the arguably the national capitol of conservative populism in the United States. The populist tradition here stretches back two centuries to Indian Removal and Bloody Kansas.

For many White Nationalist intellectuals, the White Republic is an abstract utopia. These people are literally in love with an abstraction and devalue real communities on the basis of that measuring stick.

Here in Creek Country, “White Nationalism” was the basis of our entire society, which was born in the frontier race wars of the War of 1812 and the land rushes of the 1820s and 1830s.

Alabama has more Indian place names than any other state, but very few actual Indians because they were decimated and driven out by White settlers. Those people were my ancestors.

Fever Swamps

My version of White Nationalism was always about my attachment to a specific people and place.

A decade ago, illegal aliens began to flood into my local area to work as a cheap labor force in the construction industry and at a local chicken plant.

Illegal immigration was the origin of my political odyssey. Simply put, I felt that my people were being displaced in our own lands, the mainstream media was telling us lies, and that the federal government was siding with the invaders. I still feel this way.

Everything that followed stemmed from the political nucleus of my worldview.

It goes without saying that different people end up in the White Nationalist movement for different reasons. This is the source of much divisiveness within the movement. I’ve written at length about the subject.

Specifically, the marginalization of the White Nationalist movement by the reigning taboos attracts kooks, misfits, sociopaths and exhibitionists who wouldn’t fit into any society, whether it be a White ethnostate, Barack Obama’s multicultural utopia, or the White Republic of the Founding Fathers.

There are con-artists and rent seeking charlatans who trying to make a living for themselves off the gullibility and desperation of alienated people.

There are intellectuals who are drunk on ideological kool aid like their counterparts on the Left who believe in “the brotherhood of man.” These people are in love with some type of abstraction. No existing community can ever measure up to their high standards.

They are not motivated by any sentimental attachment to any peculiar people or place and go absolutely out of their way to let that fact be known to others.

Going down the list …

There are hotheads and net nazis who are just blowing off steam on the internet.

There are fantasists and time wasters who are here primarily to entertain themselves.

There are hateful people who just plainly dislike other groups.

There are prophets of doom and an endless supply of disagreeable curmudgeons.

There are other people in the White Nationalist movement who are here just because they are looking for some type of social acceptance.

Finally, there is the perennial agent provocateur and troll community, headquartered at VNN Forum, whose sole purpose for being here is to polarize and drive as many wedges as possible between White America and White Nationalists, in order to make the latter anathema to the former.

These people are always seeking out fresh new ways to narrow our potential audience in service of the SPLC and other professional anti-racist organizations. This is why their political agenda always lines up in lockstep formation with the Left.

Most of us are familiar with their M.O. by now:

You can choose between being a decent civilized person and being a White Nationalist.

You can choose between being a Christian and a White Nationalist.

You can choose between being an American patriot and being a White Nationalist.

You can choose between your family and ethny and being a White Nationalist.

You can choose between being in favor of exterminating the Jews and being a White Nationalist.

It will suffice to say that under the common umbrella of the “White Nationalist movement” there exists an ecosystem of different types of people – the broadest two groups of which are “mainstreamer” and “vanguard” – whose political views spring from a wide variety of different sources.

The point I am driving at here is that many self described White Nationalists are not motivated primarily by sympathy for their own people and therefore lack any incentive to identify with their own people and think rationally and realistically about addressing the various problems they are facing.

The synergy of these destructive types lashing out on the internet is the source of the well known “fever swamps” metaphor which is used to describe the Far Right.

Like mosquitoes that carry malaria, interacting with these flies over any extended period of time is physically draining for most people, and very few can handle it or find any incentive to persist indefinitely in such environs.

William Rome has already described the way in which he struggled with his initial aversion from these types. Jared Taylor is one of their favorite targets of abuse. Jack Ryan thinks we need to find some productive use for them.

Most people just feel awkward and walk away.


The natural instinct of human beings is to withdraw from situations and places which they find disagreeable.

I learned quite a lot in Virgina.

Since returning to Alabama, I have shook off my youthful alienation from mainstream society. I have found constructive ways to advance our views in the real world. I’m increasingly preoccupied with these activities.

I’ve reached the point in my life where I want to invest in my future. I’m systematically weeding out bad habits and replacing them with positive substitutes: things which add value and increase in their net worth over time.

Which brings me around to the White Nationalist movement.

It’s not badly written, but it’s a lie. It’s a lie I told myself in order to struggle for the white nation — that doesn’t actually exist — except in my fevered imagination.

I fight for Ireland and for Europe. America remains — in my mind and in the arenas of world power — the anti-Europe, the anti-Ireland.

Americans may prove me wrong, but I doubt it — if WN means anything. . . .

Americans, even middle-class, anglophile, conservative white nationalists, I’m hoping, will be more receptive to the abiding ‘truths’ of our Borean/Aryan/European origins — which are inevitably those of our destiny. The New America will be explicitly European, or it will not be.

This is just a typical example of the material I see floating around day in and day out. I used to post my favorite examples on the “Daily Vanguard” page.

After reading this comment and the extended version of the rant against “America-Jewry” in the latest TOQ, I’m long past ready to forget that I even know people like Michael O’Meara and Greg Johnson.

Their version of “New America: Aryan Dawn” will never exist because there isn’t a constituency for this alienated worldview in North America. Their message is repulsive to nationalists, conservatives, and the majority of racialists in America who are the parallel of the base of the nationalist parties in Europe.

Speaking for myself, I have grown weary of returning like an old horse to this poisoned well.

It is full of sociopathy, misanthropy, nihilism, intense hatred of Christianity, anti-Americanism, fascism, all things Nazi, lashing out, not just reasonable criticism of Jews, but genocidal sentiments and especially disagreeableness and alienation and outright hostility and loathing toward our own people – a total and complete contrast to the other circles in which I am now engaged.

It is the one consistently depressing spot in my day.

What’s more, these things are all hitched to a political project of doing absolutely nothing about our racial problems, and insulting and alienating the very people we need to win in America. I have seen this videotape for ten years now.

All the time I ask myself the question: do I want to sit around and watch this same videotape play out for another ten years? Every time the answer I arrive at is “no.”

The sheer force of habit brings me back. I’m getting a lot better at breaking bad habits though.

I’ve thought a lot about political radicalism in recent weeks. A few months ago, a reader sent me an email about fascism which has been a source of much reflection.

Fascism burns hot and exhausts itself. It is a volatile substance that tends to explode in counterproductive ways. Look what happened the last time it was tried out. Just look around the internet and project what would happen if it was tried out again.

If you thought the T4 euthanasia program was over the top, just wait to you meet the “man-animal chimeras.” We have learned nothing from history and especially the appropriate lessons from why White people rejected racialism in the first place.

We need a cooler, more measured, slower burning way of channeling our anger down constructive channels. Anger which is so volatile that it cannot be harnessed and put to good use is nothing more than an escape outlet that props up the status quo.

Unfortunately, the worlds of fascism and racial conservatism tend to overlap on the internet, but not entirely. There is still a large area where these worlds do not intersect.

Unless some miraculous transformation happens within the White Nationalist movement, a highly unlikely scenario in which the fever swamp is drained and a sympathetic face is presented toward the public, a project which is well advanced in Europe, I see no reason to carry on any further.

For once I have nothing further to say.

I just want to crack open a good bottle of wine, read some old books, and quietly enjoy my retirement – as winter shades into spring.

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  1. If you’re pulling the plug on this blog, then thanks for your effort. I think it had larger impact than you think.

  2. Well if you are pulling the plug I too wish you well. You work has always been interesting with plenty of food for thought. Good luck.

  3. Meet a nice girl, marry and have a lot of kids. You’ll do more for your people in that way than any number of years screaming into the winds of change.

    If you’re signing off — 73 and best of luck. I’m certain you’ve encouraged a few others who were scared shitless by the provocateurs.

  4. “You can choose between being in favor of exterminating the Jews and being a White Nationalist.”

    Or any other ethnic group, it is a complete non sequitur to politicize an agenda of enacting violence on another group because they merely happen to exist.

  5. Hunter Wallace writes:

    “I just want to crack open a good bottle of wine, read some old books, and quietly enjoy my retirement – as winter shades into spring…..”

    Jack Ryan replies:

    Um, OK – but unless you live in France, most White folks aren’t allowed to “retire” with good benefits at the age of 31.


    I just think Hunter should get away from WN, do other things, work in other areas, be successful in life but not…..


  6. I was wondering how long it would take for you to get tired of repeating yourself. Now, when you “retire” you can leave the blog for Ryan and his electronic eraser. He can then bask in the glory of his ego, a legend as the saying goes, “in his own mind”.

  7. You’re in favor of two men being allowed to get married? CPAC thinks you’re just swell, and will even let you be an official sponsor of the event. But don’t you dare suggest that it’s best if white people marry other whites, or that white people have interests just like blacks and Hispanics do, or you’ll be treated like a pariah.

    Notice the Ron Paul supporters who grow increasingly hostile because Jamie is wearing a Campaign for Liberty button. At the end several of them physically confront him and make it clear that if he doesn’t remove the button, they will. At which point Jamie decided it would be best to leave.

    Jamie gets and A for effort, but this video makes it clear that the “let’s just infiltrate the GOP and conservative organizations” approach isn’t viable. These days, “conservatives” are even more anti-White than liberals are. And more and more of them actually believe the nonsense they spout about Equality and there’s only one race, the human race, blah blah blah. So I don’t think we’ll be “taking over” the Republican party in this lifetime.

    As some of my fans have already commented, there is little difference between Tim Wise and today’s run-of-the-mill college Republican.

    If you’ve ever wanted to see what a person infected with White guilt and self-hate looks like, click below and take a look at the video:


    It’s almost too painful to watch.

  8. I’ve reached an impasse.

    Every other aspect of my life is going swell. I had a great Valentine’s Day with my girlfriend. I’m in the best shape of my life. I love my job. My family life is great. I am once again enjoying myself with all my lifelong friends.

    The one exception is the time that I spend in our little world.

    It certainly isn’t politics. Granted, the country is going to hell, but there are plenty of people in this area – Alabama, Georgia and Florida – who think like I do on the most important issues, perhaps an outright majority of the population.

    It has never been easier to connect with these people.

    If you step outside the White Nationalist movement, you will find that there are literally tens of thousands of White people within a few mouse clicks who are fired up and ready and willing to do something about immigration and affirmative action. You will also find that the discussions going on in these circles never get bogged down in perennial sidetracks that prevail around here.

    Many of these people are receptive to a racial message … provided they are introduced to it in the right way.

    There are two prevailing theories in the White Nationalist movement:

    (1) Every aspect of society is hopelessly arrayed against us and our demise is a foregone conclusion.

    (2) We are doing something wrong and would have more success if we simply changed our ways.

    In my little sphere of activity, I have discovered that the latter was true. I was doing a lot of things wrong. When I changed my habits and approach, I began to have a lot more success.

    I lost all the weight and got in the best shape of my life. I started having more success with women. I have even tried out some new strategies and have found that we can make headway in politics on issues like immigration.

    The problem here is either on my end or the movement end. Perhaps it is somewhat on both ends.

    I know that I never have all these fights with either my friends in real life, perfect strangers in real life, or in other circles on the internet. Harmony tends to prevail.

    It has got to the point where I will have a great day at the gym, a great meal, great times with my girl and great times with my friends and family, and a great time meeting new people who think like I do on immigration . . .

    BUT …. then I log onto these websites and something or another (i.e., a “turd in my punch bowl”) sours my day and puts me in a negative mood. I honestly don’t know why I bother.

    If there was some plausible chance that participating in this little world would make a positive difference, then it could be justifiably worthwhile. I’ve tried to justify my activities on such grounds … mostly because I have invested so much time in this over the past ten years.

    Now, I have started to think that participating here is just another bad habit, a legacy of the past, which only has the effect of ruining my day and wasting my time.

    Instead of writing about White Nationalism on the internet, I could spend my time getting in better shape, making more money, networking with people in my local area, hanging out with friends, even reading a book or doing something else that would be profitable in some long term way.

    Anyway, I don’t really know what to do, but I know that something has got to change on this front. This must be the fifth or sixth time in less than two months that I have dwelled on the issue.

    So everything is in limbo right now.

  9. Do what Guessedworker of MR does, post once in a while when you have something to say. This shouldn’t be a part-time job or a chore but an outlet for your thoughts, a political diary.

  10. Hunter Wallace says:
    February 17, 2011 at 1:32 am
    I’ve reached an impasse.

    Every other aspect of my life is going swell. I had a great Valentine’s Day with my girlfriend. I’m in the best shape of my life. I love my job. My family life is great. I am once again enjoying myself with all my lifelong friends.

    The one exception is the time that I spend in our little world.

    Anyway, I don’t really know what to do, but I know that something has got to change on this front. This must be the fifth or sixth time in less than two months that I have dwelled on the issue.

    So everything is in limbo right now.

    Jack Ryan replies:

    I don’t think you are at an impasse – sounds like you are doing very well in life. This area that we are in here is just one part of life – it sometimes works, other times doesn’t work and shouldn’t be a full time, lifetime job/duty; think of this as a time in college where you are in a frat house – nothing wrong with that, as long as you aren’t still trying to do a college frat house life for ~ 20 years.

    O.D. was often great, usually very good. If someone said that about some TV sitcom, then most fair people would say the sitcom was a solid success.

    Hunter, I think you should check out videos for the final episodes of the Mary Tyler Moore Show, Newhart, but skip MASH.

    No reason to be in a sad mood – your post is clear that you are doing the right things.

    I also had a rather good month myself in reality, so why stress about “virtual reality” on the internet?

    How about a positive going away party for Hunter and O.D.? I’ll help pay for the strippers, provided they are not drunk Black strippers like the one who did the Duke Lacrosse team rape hoax.


    Take care Hunter – you’re a great young man and we wish you nothing but the best.

    14 Words

  11. While we are on the subject of two worlds, here are a few typical examples of how ordinary White people respond to you outside the White Nationalist movement, people who just share a common interest with you in a subject like immigration:

    “Thank you for inviting me to be your friend. Have a great day!

    Hey ****, thanks for the invite. Bless you, my friend.

    Thank you for asking me to be your friend. Hope to get to know you better. I am from Arkansas.”

    I get this all the time.

    I’m always touched by the kindness and courtesy of White people in the South. There is a still a lot of good in this country. We are such a generous people.

    After spending so much time in the White Nationalist world, you would be surprised how agreeable and friendly White people are who live in your local area, the type of people we should conceivably be reaching who are now involved with the Tea Party.

    It is also a reminder of how strongly the negative aura of the White Nationalist movement works to filter out and select for certain personality types. You would never know that women are just as opposed to immigration as men from following these websites.

    We recruit 500 disagreeable curmudgeons and alienated intellectuals for every 1 little old lady.

    It is not because society is just against us either. This can laid squarely at the door of tone and messaging.

    You know, this is one of the major reasons that conservatives have been so much more successful than WNs. I have seen them raise a gazillion dollars now from ordinary White people and especially the little old ladies who look forward to receiving direct mail in their mailbox.

    What’s the secret of their success?

    It’s their approach. They don’t unload with the blitzkrieg on grandma without so much as getting their foot in the door.

  12. Keep this site up, Hunter.

    You provide a valuable voice to the racially conscious. I don’t recall how I stumbled on this site, but it has been one of the most informative in the cold void of cyber-space – I am infinitely grateful I found OD.

    I’m more aware, informed and educated because of it.

    I wish I had something profound to say to nudge your decision, but I don’t.

    Just don’t shut it down.

  13. Let’s be honest, Covington might be right and the patron of this site suffers from depression and being white it is of the manic/depression variety. In that case it would be cruel to involve him in politics which is the meanest cruelest mass participation event on Earth.

    Good luck young man.

  14. According to his own brother, Harold Covington suffers from paranoid schizophrenia, and abandoned his own family in Ireland.

    I’m not suffering from manic depression. I actually said above that my personal life is roaring along and has never been better. Life is better on all fronts. I’ve been nothing but upbeat and optimistic about our chances of making progress on immigration and other issues.

    Clearly, I am not a fellow traveler of the “all is lost” camp, or someone who believes that the collapse of civilization is necessary to “wake up” the White masses.

    This is just a case of making a bad investment.

    For a year now, I have operated in two worlds, the WN world and the conservative world. This has given me a front row seat in seeing how ordinary people respond well to the same exact message (i.e., secure the border, deport the aliens) when it is presented in a different way.

    I know for a fact that nothing is stopping us but our own lack of initiative, a lack of technical skill, and a failure to communicate in organizing the White majority against immigration and other important issues. I have seen people with my own eyes do this quite successfully with a mass conservative audience.

    William Rome has seen it himself.

    I’ve been doing that while simultaneously doing this. See the above examples. That seems to be going somewhere. It has proven to work.

    As for the noble cause of “mainstreaming” the White Nationalist movement, I am not so sure. I’ve put a Herculean effort into doing so. I gave it my best shot. Maybe someone else will have more success.

    Jared Taylor has spent decades on that endeavor. He is smarter and more talented than I will ever be. Look at the reception he gets on the internet.

    Right now, I think the best course of action is to redirect my energies (politically speaking) toward making progress where I can, which is on immigration and other racial issues in the Southern states.

  15. Hunter,

    I’ve come to the blunt conclusion that the White Nationalist movement has been a complete failure. There is no point in trying to mainstream it. But just because this particular movement has been a failure and should be declared dead doesn’t mean the fight for our people and heritage is lost. Like you said, we need to direct our energies elsewhere.

  16. Why is ethno-nationalism on the move in Europe with powerful parties, etc. even though Europeans have to deal with hate-speech and human rights legislation, but in NA we’re treading water?

  17. You did a great job with this blog. Good luck in your future efforts.

    The natural conclusion of going conservative means you probably would have had to cut the formal ties to White Nationalism anyway at some point. The Tea Party is where the real world political action is now, so ride that wave, enjoy the thrill of campaigns, make connections and gain experience.

    No WN party or group offers the opportunity to get comparable experience as you can get with a mainstream party or group. I would consider getting mainstream political campaign experience like going to graduate school. You may have to hold your nose at times and do some self-censorship, but the experience and skills developed will make it worthwhile.

    Again, good luck !

  18. It’s because of what we are doing in North America.

    It should be just the other way around. Take the Netherlands for example. Why in the world is the Netherlands – one of the most liberal countries in the world – backing off and in some cases actually leading the rest of Europe away from the insanity of multiculturalism and mass immigration?

    The United States is a far more conservative country. There are far and away more racially conscious Whites in North America than in Western Europe. It is by several orders of magnitude a more hospitable environment for White Advocates to work in.

    In states like Alabama and Mississippi, half the White population is already explicitly racially conscious. Yet there isn’t even a White Nationalist sheriff in a place like Cullman County, Alabama.

    The majority of White Americans dislike the federal government, dislike immigration, dislike multiculturalism and political correctness, dislike foreign aid and interminable foreign wars, dislike free trade and outsourcing.

    Just look at the polls. White America hates and distrusts the mainstream media. You can poll most White Nationalist policy positions. Many of these positions enjoy 60 to 70 percent support in White America. They are more popular than either political party.

    In California and Washington State, White voters managed to ban affirmative action. They just recently banned it in Arizona. The White majority is desperately trying to fight back against illegal immigration.

    You know what the real problem is?

    Why does you suppose the people who frequent a place like VNN Forum act the way that they do? They are hardly a random cross section of Americana. A very peculiar type of individual is attracted to that kind of message. Just like a peculiar sort of people are attracted to the Tea Party.

    Is it just society that determines that our fate? Christianity has been around for 2,000 years. White people drank more in the Middle Ages than they do today. White people have enjoyed sports for centuries. Football and basketball were popular in the Jim Crow era.

    The modern world is around 500 years old. The United States once had the most elaborate race regime in world history. Even now millions of White people are still racially conscious here.

    You learn in politics the importance of communication (your messaging and tone) before you even reach first base.

    A major problem we are facing is that White Nationalism is tied down to over a dozen different deal breakers which put unnecessary distance between us and our target audience. The Europeans wised up to this and started taking corrective measures over a decade ago.

    There are some people who simply go out of their way to make White Nationalism look as unattractive as possible. The rest of us who subscribe to the same label are forced to carry around all this dead weight.

    The media makes absolutely sure that the dead weight is front and center. Before I arrived in Virginia, the local media in Roanoke had spent untold hours writing about the Bill White of AssWipe trial, who has since went to prison for violent rhetoric.

    Bill White received by far more publicity in Roanoke than any other political operator in the area. Every single time the vanguard does something even slightly newsworthy they are talked about on television and in the newspapers.

    I’ve often made the remark here that just about anyone (even people who hate football) would rather watch a football game than listen to alienated, disagreeable people constantly whine all day on their soap box. Because football is fun and entertaining and simple and you can follow along.

    That’s half the problem alone right there.

    If you just changed the tone and the message, you would see an immediate improvement in results, as certain personality types would be discouraged and others would be encouraged, but in order to do that the indispensable separation has to come first.

    The Europeans have written about this at length. What they say is true.

    If you start where people are at today, show a real sympathy for them, and come across as agreeable and somewhat competent, you will find wind blowing into your sails.

    I’ve tried and failed to deliver that message. At least in this venue. I’m ready to try other venues where I think we can enjoy more success.

  19. My point exactly about CPAC:


    Yet on the other hand, CPAC did not interfere with the presence of a pro-White group, Youth for Western Civilization (YWC) at the conference. YWC was permitted to hawk their wares and promote their ideas. CPAC took hits over YWC’s presence from anti-racist progressive extremists who smeared YWC as “white supremacist”, but did not cave in to their pressure. Watch the YWC video embedded below:

    So why was Jamie Kelso run off and YWC tolerated? Since both use civil discourse, the difference must lie in content. While Kelso frames the racial argument in racial terms, YWC frames the racial argument in cultural terms. Therein lies the key difference, and provides strategical insight to White activists who want to use mainstreaming tactics. Mainstreamers will get their foot further in the door if they gain entree using the cultural argument. This may be too much of a compromise for those who Hunter Wallace designates as “vanguardists”.

  20. Don’t tell me that WN is not making progress because of VNN that nobody reads.

    North Americans should copy what works in Europe, clean-cut, pleasant, attractive, smiling, hip, funny, smart, polite leaders like Marine Le Pen or Christian Strache. Above all else, stop talking about Jews as this brings up, in a Pavlovian way, images of the Third Reich and Auschwitz. Get a moderate platform that speaks to real issues. You won’t get very far if you start talking in racialt terms from the get-go. You need to speak in code for the foreseeable future. Stop obsessing about Zionists, especially since we’re fighting a global Jihad, you don’t want to come across as a traitor.

  21. For the record, I have seen White Nationalists react to Jamie in much the same negative way.

    I remember last year when we went with Kelso on a tour of DC after the cancelled 2010 Amren conference. Jamie was kind enough to show us around the city.

    When we were at the Washington Monument, Kelso went up to random European tourists and repeatedly asked them unabashed questions about the BNP, Front National, Vlaams Belang and so on. Just random people on the street.

    I could tell from their reaction that they felt quite awkward and unsettled with the brazen approach. I would have never approached them like that. It also seemed like he talked to just about everyone on the National Mall.

    Kelso is very evangelical and full of positive energy. That’s a good thing online, but offline it doesn’t work in all situations. Some people are just annoyed by Jehovah’s Witnesses.

  22. VNN is just the most prominent example of the disagreeableness and negativity that is ubiquitous in WN circles.

    I can say with a high degree of certainty that type of message repulses a lot of White personality types like a magnet. This is especially true of women and older people.

    You trip over them in the conservative world, but they are a rare bird around these parts.

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