BRA Files: SPLC Still Ignoring Transgender McDonald’s Victim

SPLC snubs its own LGBT supporters


It is becoming increasingly obvious that the SPLC hate racket in Montgomery is snubbing the LGBT community which is outraged by the Chrissy Lee Polis beating.

Heidi Beirich has a new blog post up about the anti-Semitic Christian Right. We know they are watching over there.

Personally, I don’t think this was a “hate crime” (given the prior criminal conviction and the frequency of these incidents), but since when has the SPLC ever been so hesitant to drop the “hate bomb” whenever a member of the privileged classes is assaulted?

Have you ever known the SPLC to NOT INSERT ITSELF into the middle of a hate crime controversy? What’s going on here?

I have a theory: the SPLC is silent and refuses to weigh in because doing so would force it to take sides and piss off one major group of donors.

When Jared Loughner shot Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in Arizona, Mark Potok argued on MSNBC that a “climate of hate” had set off that poor nutcase in Tucson, even when it became clear that Loughner was a leftwing anarchist and pothead suffering from the onset of schizophrenia.

Leftists also drew the most absurd links between Sarah Palin’s PAC crosshairs map and the Gabrielle Giffords shooting. Pundits like Paul Krugman attempted to link Loughner to the hateful rhetoric of Rush Limbaugh.

The SPLC isn’t exactly known for its credibility.

Earlier this year, the SPLC listed this blog as a “hate group” and the Montgomery Advertiser ran a story claiming that “hate groups” were on the rise in Alabama on the basis of that report.

The SPLC has one guy from the CofCC in South Carolina listed as three separate “hate groups.” They have even labeled FAIR and the Family Research Council as “hate groups.” Most recently, the SPLC has gone after Kyle Bristow for selling White Apocalypse on Amazon.

There is only one thing stopping the Chrissy Lee Polis beating from being labeled a “hate crime” in the media: the attackers in this case were black and making black people look bad is the WORST THING you can do in the ‘BRA.

If a White girl (from a low status group) had assaulted Chrissy Lee Polis in the Rosedale’s McDonald’s, the SPLC would have no problem calling the incident an “anti-LGBT hate crime” and portraying Polis as the new Matthew Shepard, but because blacks enjoy higher status than trannies in the PC pecking order of victimhood, this case is being quietly sent down the memory hole.

Black privilege is the ULTIMATE race card.

Update: Now that I think about it, we haven’t heard from Jeffrey Imm of R.E.A.L. in all of this either (who lives less than an hour away), which is kind of surprising given his repeated claim of being “responsible for equality and liberty” and the sheer amount of time and effort he put into sabotaging the 2010 Amren conference and harassing the employers of Matt Parrott and Kievsky.

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  1. This story has drawn the attention of non~negro America and has opened the eyes of many people on the incidence and virulent nature of negro~on~human crime. Main street media choose to ignore the untold number of heinous crimes perpetrated by negros each and every day in America, but the McDonald’s negro~on~a~tranny video is hard for even them to ignore. The GLBTQQ community have been attacked. Liberals don’t know what to do. If they choose to protest the beating on the grounds that a tranny was attacked they must face the fact that she was attacked by a pair of she~boons. The older of the two boons had been arrested before. The other teen~aper, more than likely committed other crimes but might not have been caught. This dilemma is a vexing one for the negro~loving liberal community.

    We must continue to write and protest the attack by the negro beasts against civilized society. I wrote to McDonald’s protesting and stating that I am boycotting their business. Not that I would ever set foot in a McNignog! I’d rather eat my left foot than eat something cooked up by some nappy~headed fry~cook. Wouldn’t want to find some short~and~curlies in my fries! Blech!!! But, I suggest that everyone should be writing to McDonald’s and stating that you are boycotting them and their 365Black program.

  2. This is Jewish Run America. Jews use blacks to destroy European American neighborhoods. Jews use blacks to destroy European American schools. American blacks are the violent army used by Jews to destroy European Americans.

  3. The problem is, thus far the LGBT community doesn’t see this as a Black-on-LGBT crime–they (at least in the Northeast) look at this as another hetero-on-LGBT crime. Until that narrative changes, the SPLC and its also-rans can be as quiet as churchmice on the matter, and no one will care.

  4. CNN HLN ran a story on this tonight. They spoke about the need to stop and fight against LGBT hate-crimes.

  5. So she has a prior history of attacking real White women, that answers that question then.

    Primary motives were race and jealousy, transgender was secondary.

    Judge Stone should be removed from the bench.

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