Black Run America: The Wire Celebrates Bulletmore, Murderland

HBO's The Wire glorified the violent negro underclass of Baltimore much to the acclaim of White liberals


The latest revelations in the Chrissy Lee Polis beating in Baltimore has reminded us of watching all five seasons of HBO’s The Wire which glorified the violent subculture of the negro underclass in Bulletmore, Murderland.

I can’t help but observe and point out how much SWPLs loved that show. In fact, The Wire is officially recognized as Stuff White People Like #85.

Oddly enough, the very same people who loved The Wire are now outraged that a member of the LGBT community could be assaulted by diversity in a Baltimore McDonald’s, and come here and react with feigned PC incredulousness at the notion that such a vicious assault had anything whatsoever to do with the race of the suspects.

Did it really?

Update: After some reflection, it has also occurred to us that only in Black Run America would black thugs and murderers like Omar and Stringer Bell be portrayed as sympathetic role models, and that The Wire is just one example of an entire black sub-culture that glorifies violence which is relentlessly promoted through art, film, and music toward America’s youth.

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  1. It’s not just the SWPL crowd that loves The Wire. Blacks themselves watch it too. I’ve read that when BET re-aired episodes of The Wire they devoted 90 minutes to each episode in order to add commercials. But for season 2 – which focused primarily on white dock workers instead of the usual black drug dealers – BET simply cut 20 minutes from each episode and aired them in 60 minute time slots. I guess they figured black people wouldn’t be interested in a plot line involving white characters.

  2. Although The Wire was deficient in its portrayal of black-on-white crime in Baltimore, the show did touch on the role that race plays in city government in Black Run America. Here’s an example of real life imitating The Wire:

    For more background on some of the vicious interracial attacks that have taken place in Baltimore in recent years, this article might be a good reference.

  3. “After some reflection, it has also occurred to us that only in Black Run America would black thugs and murderers like Omar and Stringer Bell be portrayed as sympathetic role models”

    The whole series was very racially conscious from a PC point of view. Both the black cops and robbers were portrayed as particularly intelligent, although i would have thought too “white” for black audiences and all the mistakes were caused by the white characters etc. You could spend a long time dissecting all the layers of animosity and divide and rule. However i’d say “The Wire” was more about excusing than promoting. They promote the violence on MTV for the low-brow, cover it up on the news and Law & Order for the middle-brow, and then excuse it and blame it on White people, “Stringer could have been Bill Gates if he hadn’t been born in the get-o,” for SWPL high-brows with “realistic” portrayals like The Wire.

    Reality: most White criminals are dumb as rocks. Most black criminals are even dumber.

  4. watching all five seasons of HBO’s The Wire

    How the hell could you stand it. I can’t watch a mostly White series that has diversity in it, especially considering that 99% of it is misplaced and enforced for a political agenda.

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  6. “How the hell could you stand it.”

    The Wire is pure PC propaganda. Watching it you can figure out what they think the weak spots are e.g black average intelligence, because that’s what they focus on compensating for. They overdid it imo. There must have been a dozen occasions when one of the characters explicitly says how smart they [the black crims] are and that’s on top of all the implicit stuff. Reading between the lines of a series like that tells you they’re *really* sick of blacks as a tool and want to use some other group as their cossacks to attack white people with.

  7. Wow, all the hate for The Wire… I guess everyone gets something different out of it, they see the parts they wish to see…
    I see a very accurate portrayal of Baltimore, one of the Beta cities for Black Run Liberal America. The Police, City Hall, the schools, all function at a level that is so bad it is shameful, all because the PC liberal socialist run them in the most useless, anti-productive way possible. The criminals aspire to be government contractors and fall in with shady politicians. The Police, even the very few who actually give a damn, must jump through hoops to accomplish anything. Every decision in the government starts with weighing the racial element instead of the best solution to that problem. The criminals evolve and change tactics far faster. “They f*** up, they get beat, we f*** up, they give us pensions”
    I lived in Baltimore for 7 years, and The Wire hit the ball out of the park.

  8. I work with undercover detectives in a unique symbiotic sort of way.

    I don’t watch the show so I can’t give my opinion on it but a handful of them do watch it and love it. They say out of all of the police shows it is the most realistic and is the least dramatized like most shows are.

    Now you’d be surprised but these same people love Dexter and love it so much that they had me watch it one day while we was sitting there waiting for our own subjects to make their heroin deals.
    I hated it. Dexter is incredibly fake and is nothing like how it’s done. It’s so fake that it bothered me that real cops would even think this was good cause it imo made us look bad to put it short.

    So I can only wonder what they would like with this show with how utterly stupid Dexter is but they do say they use some of the same techniques we do and have used.

    And hinty hint…It’s all done through wiretaps and even though you blacks seem to know this our case right now is all cell taps and our next one will be too ha.

    Right now our subjects seem to think that switching the word heroin for some other word somehow makes it so that they can say “Yo Anthony, let me get a stack of Apple’s” isn’t him doing a deal.

    Hinty hint….we put right in the beginning of the explanation of this guy’s court evidence: “Apple= brick of heroin.

    The stupidity of some. Ha.
    I could go on and on.
    Maybe I should make my own show?
    Any takers?

  9. Blacks are endowed with inadequate grey matter. That is their problem. God created them that way and who are the rest of us to question God? Blacks will just have to deal with their inadequacies their own way. It is Gods will. It has nothing to do with racism.

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