South Carolina: The Color of Crime (Rape, Robbery, Homicide)

South Carolina


According to the U.S. Census (2005), 69.12 percent of South Carolinians are White and 29.7 percent are African-American. Hispanics are 2.95 percent of South Carolina’s population, but are counted as White in South Carolina crime statistics.

In 2005, 647 people were arrested for rape in South Carolina. Whites committed 286 rapes and African-Americans committed 348 rapes. Whites men (and Hispanics) committed 39 percent of rapes and African-Americans committed 59 percent of rapes.

White females accounted for 60 percent of rape victims in 2005, 61 percent of whom were 21 years of age or younger; blacks for 39 percent of rape victims.

Source: Crime in South Carolina, 2005

In 2005, 1,888 people were arrested for robbery in South Carolina. Whites committed 359 robberies and African-Americans committed 1,380. African-Americans were responsible for 78 percent of robberies in South Carolina. Whites (and Hispanics) committed 22 percent of robberies in South Carolina.

64 percent of robbery victims in South Carolina were White.

Source: Crime in South Carolina, 2005

In 2005, 315 people were arrested for murder in South Carolina. Whites committed 76 murders and African-Americans committed 238 murders. African-Americans committed 75 percent of murders in South Carolina. Whites (and Hispanics) committed 24 percent of murders.

37 percent of murder victims in South Carolina were White. 62 percent of murder victims were African-American.

Source: Crime in South Carolina, 2005

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  3. My thoughts of SC are a distant memory. I became a citizen of Denmark several years ago. I had to leave the violence & hate of the USA. Where I live there is very little crime virtually no blacks and very educated white people. America is beyond a fix. If you want a better life go elsewhere.

  4. Your rape numbers don’t match your source numbers. Can’t rely on the rest when the first one is wrong.

    Robbery is 23% white and 77% black. It’s bad enough without you rounding it the wrong way.

  5. What journalist or website would be willing to discredit their seemingly good info by not saying what the study is or by who it was conducted?

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