Georgia: The Color of Crime (Rape, Robbery, and Homicide)



According to the 2010 U.S. Census, 65.0 percent of Georgians are White and 30.2 percent are African-Americans. Hispanics are 8.3 percent of Georgia’s population, but are counted as White in Georgia crime statistics.

In 2009, there were 309 rapes in the State of Georgia. Whites committed 167 rapes and African-Americans committed 230 rapes. Therefore, Whites (and Hispanics) committed 49.6 percent of rapes and African-Americans committed 50.4 percent of rapes.

Source: Georgia Crime Information Center, 2009

In 2009, there were 3,526 robberies in Georgia. Whites committed 527 robberies and African-Americans committed 2,999. Therefore, African-Americans were responsible for 85.1 percent of robberies in Georgia. Whites (and Hispanics) committed 14.9 percent of robberies.

Source: Georgia Crime Information Center, 2009

In 2009, there were 479 murders in Georgia. Whites committed 108 murders and African-Americans committed 371 murders. Therefore, African-Americans committed 77.5 percent of murders in Georgia. Whites (and Hispanics) committed 22.5 percent of murders.

Source: Georgia Crime Information Center, 2009

Update: The actual source was the “Georgia Crime Information Center,” but this was mislabeled by accident in the graphics. I will correct this error later tonight.

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  1. The white parents pay the bills. The minority children make themselves a terrible burden and horribly misbehave.


    1. find out how adult children can be turned into responsible adults as a group; see case studies for individuals

    2. unburden the white group so they are free to support only their own children rather than their own children in addition to all the adult children

    3. end the welfare state behavioural enabling paid for by the white parental demographic

    4. further extend the foregoing domestic policy into curbing foreign aid/refugee relief

  2. 50/50 for rape in Georgia ?! I don’t believe that statistic at all. Who are the white people raping?

  3. It is because of the Hispanic population in Georgia.

    Hispanics are counted as White in FBI crime statistics. These state reports are the basis of the federal data that is compiled every year.

  4. “Hispanics are counted as White in FBI crime statistics. ”

    Not that I think you’re wrong but that’s is ridiculously illogical. What if the perpetrator is a black Cuban. Is he then white simply because he is not american and is a native speaker of castillian?

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