The Sentinel: Alex Linder on Dixie

The Day Alex Got Arrested In Tennessee


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We like to study interesting people to figure out what makes them tick – Cornel West, Mark Potok, Maureen Dowd, etc.

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This is a response to Alex Linder of “VNN Forum.”

The Fuhrer of Kirksville has waded into our territory across the Mason-Dixon line. He has stuck his blue tick nose in our business. It is not his place to comment on what goes on in the Southland.

I’ve gotten bored with responding to Charles Blow and Paul Krugman and Barack Hussein Obama. So I will give Alex Linder a new spin on the Wheel of Fortune here for old times sake.

Hmm…you can’t spell disagree, and you seem to think it’s a matter of opinion whether Missouri is in the South. I’ll wager you’ve seen the inside of a Baptist church or two in your time, S-O.

Missouri isn’t a real state.

It is a border state like Texas and Oklahoma. St. Louis is a border city between Dixie and Heartland. The border between Dixie and Heartland stretches underneath St. Louis across Central Missouri before swooping down toward Oklahoma.

Somewhere in the neighborhood of 35 to 40 percent of Missouri is part of Dixie. The other 60 t0 65 percent is part of the Heartland or the Greater Midwest.

Southeast Missouri part of Dixie. North Missouri is part of the Midwest. Southwest Missouri is split roughly 50/50 between Dixie and the Midwest.

If the Confederate States of America was resurrected as the Republic of Dixie, the State of Missouri could be partitioned and “South Missouri” would be admitted to the CSA in the same way that Lincoln created West Virginia.

Alex Linder lives in Kirksville, Missouri. That city is well within the Midwest. It was settled by his German ancestors.

Missouri is a border state – the elite are northern, but plenty of the average people are southern. South of I-44 has a very Southern feel, but even up here 22 miles south of Iowa there is too. Anywhere Baptists are in large number is going to be on a low level culturally, whether those baptists hail from Maine or Alabama.

What is the culture of the Midwest?

It has a very different culture from that of Dixie. The Midwest is the “Nation of Immigrants.” It is the USA. The land of the “American Dream.” That section of the United States has always seen itself as the “real America” because until recently it was the dominant section within the Union.

The Midwest really is the USA: it was the section that won the War Between the States … or so it thought.

Geographically speaking, there is little difference these days between the Midwest and the South. After the War Between the States, the American South became a colony of the Midwest, and all its virtues and vices were exported here, above all else its culture of “main street boosterism.”

The alien Midwestern culture has colonized Dixie: over the past sixty years, every Southern city has been recreated in the mold of Zenith, Winnemac.

George Babbitt is the archetype of the Midwesterner: an economically driven, business oriented, suffocating conformist who gets his “ideas” from newspapers, who believes it is a good idea to transform every city into what Kunstler describes as the “Geography of Nowhere.”

Why does every American politician sound like a moron? In the nineteenth century, the U.S. Senate produced masters of the art of rhetoric like Daniel Webster, Henry Clay, and John C. Calhoun, who came from New England and Dixie.

Ever since the Gilded Age, it has thrown up the George Babbitts of Winnemac into public office. Why is that? If you know your history, the answer isn’t difficult to figure out.

Just walk through the cities of Dixie or New England in the 21st century. You can see the areas which were the organic growth product of our own culture and the areas of the “New South” which were built when the Babbitt culture of the Midwest was exported here in the twentieth century.

Your anecdotal impression could be interesting, but I will guarantee you that emphatically non-Southern state Iowa ranks higher on test scores and the rest of the social indicators than ANY state in the South.

Of course it does.

(1) Iowa is one of the whitest states in the Union.

(2) Iowa is a Midwestern state which means it has strong German influence which is reflected in its authoritarian minded public school system.

(3) This is also reflected in the culture of Iowa. It is a place like Iowa that believes every single child must spend their childhood being put through the public school system in order to be “properly educated” even though this “education” doesn’t necessarily lead to any career path.

So you have spent your entire childhood and young adulthood being put through a system that kills your natural curiosity about the world around you … and you did it all for you can get a job working as a clerk in some bureaucracy or to manage a JC Penny’s.

I won’t crack any ethnic jokes.

(4) This is why states like Iowa and Minnesota have great test scores and public school systems that churn out childlike robots who aren’t particularly innovative.

The Southern idea is that we need a few great people like John C. Calhoun to serve in our state legislatures, not a lot of mediocre people who mindlessly parrot whatever they have been disciplined to believe in a public school.

The “lead souls” and the “bronze souls” should be allowed to work for a living and enjoy their lives in the Sunny South.

And Iowa is emphatically 100% northern, nothing but blue-eyed thick-built German peasants as far as the eye can see, whereas the lower 1/3 of Illinois and Indiana are considered by some (Jimmy Cantrell for one) to be culturally Celtic or Southern. The people you are calling backward in Northern states are very likely Southerners who originated in North Carolina or Tennessee/Kentucky.

This is true.

South Illinois and South Indiana are an extension of Dixie into the Midwest. This is Abraham Lincoln’s people who settled on the other side of the Ohio River. In the 1860s, they were the Copperheads and the Butternuts because they are racially, ethnically, and culturally part of the nation of Dixie.

If we were to partition the United States, South Indiana and South Illinois would find themselves in a situation similar to that of the Germans who lived in Gaul on the other side of the Rhine. Ideally, they should move back home to the Upper South, to Kentucky and Virginia where their ancestors came from.

I hold no brief for the South, true, but that doesn’t mean I think the North is better. I think they’re both unappealing for different reasons. The West is the best part of the country, and the part I identify with.

The South is the only section of the United States that conforms to being a sub-nation: the nation of Dixie.

The North is several different places: it is the Heartland, the Foundry, New England – three sub-nations – New York City and the Beltway – two city-states.

The West is three different places: it is “MexAmerica” in the Southwest, Ecotopia in the coastal strip that stretches from Los Angeles to Seattle, and “Empty Corridor” which is the massive sparsely populated region between the Great Plains and the Pacific Coast.

The South is becoming more powerful in the Union because it is a vast area that is still relatively homogeneous whereas the North and West are fracturing into different sub-cultures. The Midwest has fragmented into “Heartland” and “Real America.”

Just as Buchanan isn’t our friend because the jews attack him with the same terms they use against us, neither is the South free of flaw because the jews abuse it, in their mass media, unfairly and dishonestly.

Granted, the South has plenty of flaws, but they are more obvious to real Southerners than to Midwesterners who do not live here.

To some extent, it’s a matte of taste. The South is not to my taste. I don’t like its religiosity, I don’t like its stupidity, and I find laughable the absolutely invincible Southern belief that Southerners are tough.

Of course it isn’t.

(1) You are a Germanic Midwesterner. We are Anglo-Celtic Southerners. An ethnographer or a cultural anthropologist or a historian could easily explain to you that we are not the same people.

(2) Your dislike of religion isn’t so much about the Midwest as it is because of your own personality. Iowa is a very religious state.  The Heartland is a very religious area.

(3) Objectively, Dixie is the “least stupid” of any section of the country when it comes to race and culture. The only reason we haven’t been driven over the cliff in the year 2011 is because Dixie acts as the brakes on the racial manias that thrive in the North.

(4) Southerners really are far tougher than other parts of the United States. The U.S. military is disproportionately drawn from the South.

The only reason that United States hasn’t followed in the footsteps of Canada and the Netherlands is because the martial virtues still thrive in the Jacksonian areas of America like Texas and Mississippi.

To me, that’s directly equivalent to niggers thinking they’re tough.

“African-Americans” think they are tough because Southern culture has rubbed off on them. In every rap song, blacks sing about the places they identify with whether it be the “West Coast” or the “East Coast.” It is the mirror image of Nashville.

If the South were really tough in the physical sense, it would have won the war.

The North didn’t win the War Between the States because it was tougher. No military historian really believes the North had superior soldiers or generals. It won solely because it had a bigger population, more industrial power, the Union Navy, and a better transportation system.

And I am quite bitter it didn’t win the war, because it was in the legal right, and had the duty to win it. And we are all worse off because it lost.

This is true.

In my view it could have won. And the reason it didn’t win is its culture of vainglorious stupidity mixed with religion.

This is false.

The South could have won the War Between the States … if the South itself hadn’t fractured over slavery … and fought two wars simultaneously in the 1860s … the class war on the homefront and the Yankee invasion on the border.

If the full power of the South had been mobilized behind the Confederacy, by which I mean the anti-Confederate pockets like Kentucky, West Virginia, North Alabama, East Tennessee and so on, the South would have taken Washington itself and settled the war on its own terms.

Its toughness is basically a communal myth that disappears when you look at it closely.

The toughness of the South can be seen in Union cemeteries. The United States has never in all of its history fought a more implacable foe.

The triumph over Germany and Japan was comparatively easier than the War Between the States.

To be tough in my book, and yeah, no reason to care what I think, I just love you enough to give you my honest opinion (well, actually it amuses me and I think I’m right), you would have had to seriously study the technical reasons your culture failed to defend itself.

The biggest problem the South had was that the slavery issue could be used to divide the South against itself. It could be used to split Kentucky from Tennessee, North Alabama from South Alabama, East Tennessee from West Tennessee, West Virginia from Virginia.

Fortunately, the slavery issue is a moot question now, and the former anti-Confederate strongholds like West Virginia and East Tennessee are reconciled to Dixie now.

That has never been done. Otherwise you wouldn’t worship Lee and Jackson, you’d respect them but see where they went wrong. Easy enough to see from the outside. Their christian mysticism killed America and made our racial position today 1000x worse.

This is hilarious.

It was Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson … that are responsible for the 14th Amendment, the abolition of slavery, the “civil rights laws” that only the North wanted, enthroning the banks, enthroning the corporations, enthroning the dollar, etc.

I was under the impression that our side lost that conflict. If our side lost the conflict, then how are we responsible for what exists in Kirksville, Missouri?

Yet another reason to disdain the hated jebus cult.

Why would anyone hate Jesus? What did he do that was so bad?

I actually believe Lee, sitting around moping after the war, came to something very close to my opinion, though I doubt he ever expressed it. Mockers always win. The religious merely endure. Their only real strength is numbers. White men doubt.

I can assure you that was never Robert E. Lee’s point of view. He realized that the North hadn’t won. In fact, the North had lost, even though it had won the war.

In later decades, even the North itself admitted that it had lost as the Gilded Age unfolded in the Midwest and New England, which is why the North abandoned its experiment with “Reconstruction” here.

Less-white men believe. Our race became what it is through daring and doubt, not faith.

How many atheists do you know who are willing to lay down their lives? Are you so bold? If you are so bold, why don’t you go wage war on the Jews of Truman State University … instead of talking about them on your forum?

At some point we are going to have to find within the ability to stand on our racial feet and quit pawning off responsibility on jesus, god, and other noggin goblins.

England in the 21st century has rid itself of Christianity. The same is true of most of Western Europe. Is Italy better off today than it was during the Renaissance? Is Germany better off today than it was during the Holy Roman Empire?

I believe only White racial defense can preserve Southern culture.

This is an amusing point of view – the South has always been White, since the very beginning, which is why the South exists in its present form … the only reason the South is not like that today is because the North imposed its own racial point of view on the South in the 1860s and 1960s.

The counter view is Southern conservatism can somehow prevail as the nation disintegrates. Doesn’t seem likely to me.

I’m betting you are wrong.

I bet that the South will come to its senses as the chains begin to loosen … the collapse of Washington, the collapse of Hollywood, the collapse of New York City … through its own stupid, misguided policies … which we have never really agreed with … which is why there has been a Cold War between the South and the Democratic Party since the 1960s.

No, the South will come roaring back as Washington collapses. The process is already well advanced with Arizona attacking the Voting Rights Act, Texas flirting with secession, and Alabama and Georgia practicing nullification.

The South has never yet been able to defend itself, and as it hasn’t got any new general manager, quarterback or skilled position players, I don’t see that changing.

The South is no longer the Confederacy. It is the Sunbelt now. The Sunbelt is the manufacturing powerhouse of the United States. Is Detroit going to power up its industries to stop us? We build cars in every state from Mississippi to North Carolina.

Same old succotash of jebus and rebel yells will lead the same place it always has.

Let’s see.

50 years ago, MLK was hated in the American South, and Jim Crow was on its deathbed.

100 years ago, the South was in the midst of constructing the Jim Crow South.

150 years ago, the South was organizing itself as the Confederate States of America.

200 years ago, the South was conquering the North American continent under the Virginia dynasty of U.S. presidents.

Why would anyone think the South will be the same place 50 years from now that it is today? If history is guide, then it is clear the South evolves. It is probably still evolving while remaining essentially the same culture.

As difficult as serious change is, I think our chance lies in rejecting our Anglo-Christian legacy in favor of something colder, preciser and fanaticaler.

By all means, feel free to do that, Alex. I’m betting it won’t fly in your own neighborhood in Kirksville. It certainly won’t fly around here.

Whatever toughness Southerners do have is surely more physical than mental. The Southrons fight well enough in ZOG’s neocon jews’ wars

This is nonsense.

I have a different explanation: there is no such thing as “Almighty Z.O.G.” in Washington. Instead, there are a number of different players, and the U.S. military is one of the most important players in the system.

The Jews don’t control the military. The battlefield is one area where the Jews (the Israelis aside) have never really excelled. Instead of serving “Z.O.G.”, the South supports the military because it is a major source of government spending, an aggressive outlet for Southern culture, and because it is one of the biggest employers in the South.

The military has always been an attractive field for Southerners. That has been true ever since the Indian Wars.

I’m sure, harnessed to a White cause, they’d serve us well too. We Northern-Westerners merely have to figure out the right way to organize them.


The last thing in the world the South needs is to be “organized” by the North. That is the story of the last 150 years of American history.

From 1789 until 1861, the South was the dominant section within the United States, which is precisely why the West is part of the United States. The last thing New England wanted was for Texas to join the Union or for James Polk to wage a war against Mexico to win the Southwest.

The only reason there is a “West” is because the South was the dominant section in the Union. Once the Midwest and New England triumphed in the War Between the States, the expansion ended with the exceptions of Alaska and Hawaii.

Puerto Rico was TR’s mistake.

Perhaps by being deliberately insulting I can inspire some Southerner to prove me wrong. Doubt it, but, as a side view, obnoxiousness is an underrated technique when it comes to spurring progress obliquely.

The South has never once needed New England or the Midwest who put Barack Hussein Obama in the White House. American history is the story of conflict within the Union between Dixie and the other sub-nations.

In the year 2011, the conflict still rages on, but the game has changed in several ways. The “Blue State Model” in New England and the Midwest has destroyed the economy there. This has sent millions of refugees to the South, not just blacks, but Northerners of every race and creed!

This has massively augmented the wealth and power of the South within the Union. It has altered the balance of power within the Union. The South is poised to become the dominant section again … or failing that to go its own way … which is why “secession” and “nullification” have mysteriously revived in the mainstream over the last five years.

How are we, if the South has the answers, going to beat people who buy all the books (jews, for those of you who need help) with people who can’t even spell common words – and don’t think misspelling matters?

In a fist fight, who would win? Jim Giles or Ezra Klein? Do you believe the Jews are mightier than God?

How can we beat the jews without being intellectual? Is the South intellectual?

Dixie will triumph over the Jews. I’m certain of that. How do you beat intellectuals? You bide your time.

How can we beat the jews without being ideological? Is the South ideological?

In twenty years, I will still be here in Alabama, but it saddens me to report that the ideological Jews of South Florida will have mysteriously vanished, and the White people of Florida will be moving into their real estate down there in Pleasure Island.

How can we beat the jews without being fanatical? Is the South fanatical?

The South is Christian and religious … which is why it reproduces … which is why it will endure … long after the 82 year old Jews like George Soros and the 71 year old Jews like Abraham Foxman vanish like Simon Wiesenthal.

Where is Simon Wiesenthal? I haven’t heard from he lately. He declared war on God without realizing that God always has the last word with the Jews.

Jewish history is the story of the Jews declaring war on God … and God punishing the Jews.

How can we beat the jews without being coordinated, organized, detail-obsessed?

My proposal is that we convert to Christianity and conservatism … we go about our business, get married, have children, build strong institutions in our communities, reconcile with our neighbors, enjoy our live, pretend to be “lemmings” … and eventually the Jews will simply die off like the rest of the “progressives” … whose worldview is already in the midst of collapsing in their own academic journals.

Are Southerners known for having high numbers of coordinated, organized, detail-oriented people? Are those staples of its culture?

The South has thousands of churches. It has the radio. It has conservatism. It has a martial spirit. It now has its own television channels and entertainment industry. It has far more children.

What do the Jews have? They have a ton of worthless money. They have institutions which are losing their legitimacy. They have power with diminishing influence.

They have their empty synagogues, their pets, their whores, their favorite fantasy ideology, ideas which are losing correspondence to reality, and they have declared war on their own God. Roger Cohen has his “JewBerry.”

If you know anything about Jewish history, you will learn that every time the Jews have forsaken God, he has punished them, whether it be through foreign invasions, whether it be through scattering them among the nations, whether it be through pogroms, whether it be through the Holocaust, etc.

God always has the last word with the Jews. In the Old Testament, God punishes the Jews on countless occasions. Every time the Jews turn their back on God, he retaliates against the Jews and forces them into submission.

God is the biggest anti-Semite in world history. No one gives the Jews a harder time than God. Just read their own scriptures.

But the meta-point here is that the South, the Southerners, aren’t even interested in these questions. They don’t see that they matter.

You’re wrong.

Southerners are Christians. They understand the Word of God. This gives us a massive advantage over the Jews (who the “real Jew” see as apostates) who have declared war on God. Unlike them, we have God on our side.

This is the Mortal Kombat of World History: you have chosen Hitler as your fighter, we have chosen God.

It is not our role to punish the Jews. God always judges and punishes his Chosen People. Do you honestly believe the Jews are going to get away with forsaking God? They keep telling themselves that God hasn’t noticed what they are up to here on earth.

One of our cause’s serious critics, and not an anti, said WN are driven by internal emotional needs, not objective demands of the situation. That’s pretty much the history of the South in a nutshell. No fucking interest in figuring out what’s actually going on – from Robert E. Lee right down to the bottom.

You’re wrong here again.

Southerners don’t have to figure out what is going on. They are too busy going about their lives. In going about their lives, they have found a solution that has eluded you for a decade.

In the 21st century, the Jewish race has forsaken God. Now they are on their deathbed, with great piles of money, with exalted offices and titles, speaking nothing but gibberish to each other in the universities, and having nothing meaningful in their empty lives to really show for it.

Whose fault is it? It is their own fault. God himself warned the Jews that terrible things would happen to them if they abandoned the Lord. Remember the story of worshiping the Golden Calf? Worshiping Mammon? Babylon? Choosing Barabbas?

The Jews have become a race of degenerate priests who write for the New York Times and the Washington Post. They teach nonsense in the universities. They spend most of their time attacking Christianity and working to advance “progressivism” or “communism” or “libertarianism” or whatever “ideology” has become fashionable to them.

It shouldn’t be long now until the Jews realize that Jesus Christ was the Messiah. When the Caliphate rises again and the jihad of all time breaks out against Israel, Europe and America will be too broke and consumed by domestic chaos to ride to the rescue, and the “real Jews” will suffer because of the Diaspora.

Meanwhile, as this spectacle unfolds in the Middle East, the Jewish race here in North America will start dropping like flies, not because of White Nationalism, but simply because the human life span has an expiration date.

As the most “progressive” community in the United States, the Jewish community will soon find out that God had their number. They will start expiring in this decade.

Update: The dialogue with Alex continues.

Where’s the eyeroll graphic?

I’m just saying … it is unwise to talk about places you don’t understand.

Yeah, well, Jesus isn’t a real person, hasn’t stopped him.

Jesus has more pull in Kirksville than you do, Alex. He is a myth and a symbol. Did you know that myths have incredible power?

WTF isn’t real? Missouri is a good state, all told. Apart from defective-nigger conglomerations in the two big cities bookending I-70, it’s filled with fairly conservative, if unintellectual people, some attractive countryside, with rolling hills, lots of lakes, and rivers miles more impressive than anything you’ll find in Europe. It has a history that is highly interesting, to say the least, particularly as concerns the Civil War.

Missouri isn’t a real state.

Alabama is a real state. Mississippi is a real state. These states are both well within the nation of Dixie. OTOH, Missouri is one of the most poorly drawn states in the Union, which is why it is such a dysfunctional bell weather.

Missouri is split between two sub-nations: Dixie and Heartland. The Anglo-Celtic areas in Southeast Missouri gravitate toward Arkansas and Tennessee. The German areas in North Missouri gravitate toward Iowa.

Is this not obvious?

Yeah…but my ancestors were not just German, and German were a minority in the settlement period, which was around 1830. Kirksville is named after a tavern owner named Jesse Kirk. There were many more English and Scots-Irish than Germans at that time, and my ancestors mixed with them, particularly the latter. All these came over from Hardin Country, Kentucky through Illinois, like tens of thousands of others. Same path Lincoln’s family followed, altho they stopped in Illinois.


There are all sorts of cities and places in the United States that were settled by Southerners. This is especially true of the Midwest and the West.

In many cases, the Southerners marched in their first, defeated the Indians, cleared the land, raised the town, founded the Protestant churches, named the cities and the counties. Just the other day Clyde Wilson pointed out that Oregon and Washington have multiple counties that were named after slaveholders.

Anyway, it will suffice to say that after the hard work was done by the original settlers, who were typically White Southerners, the Yankees moved moved to town to set up their businesses and the “immigrants” came from places like Germany, and once enough of them were in place their impact changed the culture.

Missouri used to be a very Southern state. As hard as it is to believe, Kansas was settled by Yankees from New England. The fanatic John Brown fought our people who were moving there to keep Kansas a “Free State.”

Well now, Kansas has been transformed into one of the most socially conservative states in the nation. The abortion issue more or less destroyed the Democratic Party there.

Perhaps Kansas will be admitted to the CSA this time around. It has the same cultural gravity as Oklahoma and votes like us in the U.S. Senate.

My most famous ancestor – Usher Linder was a master rhetorician – and also attorney general of Illinois. Guess what? He was pro-Southern, and is now hated by ZOG-Illinois for getting abolitionist shithead preacher Lovejoy lynched. In fact some say that lynching sped up the Civil War.

Lincoln was at least as good a speaker as the men you named, and tougher than those men physically to boot.

I have lots of famous relatives.

In the 1860s, my ancestors here in this corner of Alabama were the “vanguard” of secession. The secession of Alabama from Lincoln’s Union was quite literally hatched among these fine old homes. In fact, this spot on the map had the distinction of being the single most secessionist county in the entire state.

John Gill Shorter was the governor of the Confederate State of Alabama.

In the 1960s, my relatives here once again rose to the occasion. They sent my cousin George Wallace to Goat Hill where he became Governor of Alabama in 1962.

Ol’ George gave this famous speech in Montgomery:

Today I have stood, where once Jefferson Davis stood, and took an oath to my people. It is very appropriate then that from this Cradle of the Confederacy, this very Heart of the Great Anglo-Saxon Southland, that today we sound the drum for freedom as have our generations of forebears before us done, time and time again through history. Let us rise to the call of freedom-loving blood that is in us and send our answer to the tyranny that clanks its chains upon the South. In the name of the greatest people that have ever trod this earth, I draw the line in the dust and toss the gauntlet before the feet of tyranny . . . and I say . . . segregation today . . . segregation tomorrow . . . segregation forever.

Let us send this message back to Washington by our representatives who are with us today . . that from this day we are standing up, and the heel of tyranny does not fit the neck of an upright man . . . that we intend to take the offensive and carry our fight for freedom across the nation, wielding the balance of power we know we possess in the Southland . . . . that WE, not the insipid bloc of voters of some sections . . will determine in the next election who shall sit in the White House of these United States . . . That from this day, from this hour . . . from this minute . . . we give the word of a race of honor that we will tolerate their boot in our face no longer . . . . and let those certain judges put that in their opium pipes of power and smoke it for what it is worth.

Let it be said that we fought MLK and George stood up to “Bobby” in Tuscaloosa and we waged war against the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. You have to give George Wallace some credit … he did everything he could to save the North from its own stupidity, and was rewarded for his effort when the Yankee fanatic attempted to assassinate him in Maryland.

After being crippled for life, George Wallace realized that black people were really the least of our problems. Jews certainly weren’t the problem.

Did you know the Jews here in Selma supported Jim Crow? The Jews in West Alabama weren’t revolutionaries. It was their distant relatives from places like New York City who came here to stir up trouble. They were joined by fools like James Zwerg from Wisconsin on the “Freedom Ride.”

It is not the first time that these idiots have came here to stir up trouble. They are incapable of minding their own business up there. They are school marms who must mind the business of everyone.

I completely agree with this, and I have done more than any other WN I know of to spread the truth about public education. In fact, the history of public education in the US is like a small-scale model of the entire thing. The wrong tendency got contol in Massachusetts in 1800s, and has never relinquished it since. And now its mind-kudzu has spread over the entire country. Public schooling should not exist – anywhere. I’ve discussed all this at length years ago on Radio Istina

The school marms of New England have spread their “public schools” across the entire nation. It used not to be like that … I am pretty sure they got the idea from Germany in the nineteenth century.

Here in the South, we had a superior education system. This can be seen in the quality of our great statesmen like John C. Calhoun and Thomas Jefferson.

As for women, they once learned how to play the piano, how to draw, the French language, all kinds of things that elevated and dignified women and made them desirable lifelong companions, which you never see anymore today.

The common people were allowed to enjoy themselves. They didn’t work for the Yankee time clock. They didn’t punch the time clock all day saying “time is money” to themselves. They certainly didn’t read the New York Times to figure out how to be a moral person.

I agree the statist German culture can be irritating. I can’t stand public school teachers and their conformist small-mindedness. But that originated, in America, with a strain of WASPs, not Germans.

It is a combination of both tendencies: in the nineteenth century, the “intellectuals” of the North like Thoreau and Emerson admired what they saw taking shape in Germany, and their influence played a major role in bringing that system over here.

Of course the perennial Yankee school marm has been with us since the seventeenth century when the people of New York cracked jokes about the prigs of Yankeeland. After the War Between the States, the Yankee school marm and every other negative aspect of New England’s culture triumphed within the Union and became “American culture.”

I agree with a quote I saw in book that forced public education will do nothing but create a market for trash literature. Unfortunately today, I feel the regional differences are smaller than they’ve ever been, and only partly for political reasons.

Well, this is true.

In the 1950s, the North developed the weapon of television, which has been used to devastating effect to spread its culture across the South, across Canada, across the entire world.

There was a point in history when CBS, ABC, NBC, and PBS were regarded as absolutely authoritative. Newsweek and the New York Times were taken seriously.

Fortunately for us, there has been an amazing turnaround since the 1990s. The MSM is now recognized for what it is. It has lost “narrative power” over much of the South.

Things are finally getting better now. Slowly, but surely.

I definitely believe in decentralization and no public schooling and private arrangements over central coercion. But you feel free to keep calling me a Nazi.

You are a Nazi.

How many times have you proclaimed your fidelity to Hitler? You believe in using Hitler’s methods to restore race sanity to the Midwest. You believe that there has to be a party line. Any deviation from that party line is treason to the White race. You have said in this thread that White people must be ideologues.

I thought Southerners were supposed to be the last non-materialist culture, where honor mattered more than money.

I do value honor more than money … it is Greg that allows you to join the “vanguard” for $120 with American Express. I’m not making any money off this website. This project is a labor of love.

What kind of a Southern Christian, as you’re now posing, tells Commandment-breaking lies under a name not his own?

I believe in God’s Truth.

What lies are you referring to? As for pseudonyms, Southerners have used pseudonyms since before the Federalist Papers to get their point across.

I believe in racial dictatorship to establish a racial basis for the new state. I simply don’t see any way around that given the prevailing circumstances.

So what you are saying is that you must be a Nazi to be a libertarian? Is that correct?

After that, I’m perfectly happy to let the South go its own way. I have no urge to trouble it, live in it, or even think about.

That’s great.

I don’t waste my time fighting with you anymore. I don’t consider you or Greg to really be a target. I’m trying to win over my own people. I confront the establishment with the “hate truth” about what they are doing to my country.

I happen to be Swiss on both sides, as well as German and English and Scots-Irish, and really admire what Switzerland has built AND SUSTAINED for longer than any other body politic in the White West. Heavily armed men, good at fighting, decentralized government, a premium on minding your own business.

I like Switzerland too. It is a great country. When the EU collapses (could happen any day now), Switzerland is one of the few European countries that won’t become an absolute basket case.

All the virtues of the Celtic South with none of the white trash. In fact, rather the opposite of white trash. Something like that is what I precribe for North American after the jewish interregnum.

By “white trash” you are referring to the Crackers. The people like Kid Rock and Lynyrd Skynard. I don’t have a problem with them. In fact, they are wiser than Tom Friedman and Roger Cohen.

The “white trash” instinctively believe they should be able to enjoy their leisure time. They watch football because it is a game. It is something fun to do. The “white trash” likes to party and drink beer.

That’s certainly more fun than spending your entire life working for a time clock for some asshole.

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  1. Thank you for such a fine defense of our nation. It does our cause much mre good then the other fellow’s behavior ever could.

  2. If being “Celtic” is any indication of being Southern then New York would be Southern. You forget the largest Scotch immigration was into New York state. LOL.

    Btw, Stonewall Jackson was born and raised in Clarksburg, Virginia/West Virginia less than 80 miles south of Pitttsburgh, Pa. Also, the famous Stonewall Brigade was mostly from what would become West Virginia.

  3. I hope you are right….but I am not sure.

    No one hates Jesus, but we hate some of His self appointed representatives, whether Social Gospelers or Christian Zionists.

    Western Christianity was a blessing as long is it was WESTERN. It has become jew jacked. It is so bad I would prefer EASTERN Christianity over it. And Eastern Rite Christianity is booming, both the Orthodox and ER Catholic Churches are doing very well. I would rather have a Russian Orthodox or ER Catholic church than an SBC or ELCA one down the block that is for sure.

  4. Yea, there are Scots in New York, but there are perhaps more old French, old Dutch, Irish and everything else. Not a Southern state in any sense.

    If history is guide, then it is clear the South evolves.

    Devolves. You charted there a long history of decline, that’s all.

    In twenty years, I will still be here in Alabama, but it saddens me to report that the ideological Jews of South Florida will have mysteriously vanished,

    Leaving the rest of the Jews who infest SF — Israelis, Lubavitchers, other Orthodox sects, retirees, and regular people. Subtracting the Jew from Florida is to remove one of its sturdiest financial supports, regrettably.

    “One of our cause’s serious critics, and not an anti, said WN are driven by internal emotional needs, not objective demands of the situation.”

    Ah, how pleased would I be if he were referring to me!

    Great post as always. I’m torn. Alex is my first love, but your good sense and scholarship always win me over. I was wondering if I might pick your brain for reliable, basic sources for American history. I know that sounds laughable but, as a New York boy and a half-guido, I’ve never bothered and had no ear for it in school. Write to me if you want, I’d like to have that line open again:

  5. If being “Celtic” is any indication of being Southern then New York would be Southern.

    But yea, it could called “Celtic” … if one ignore all the darkies.

  6. To quote some douchebag (myself) years ago:

    Southern culture was and is predicated on masculine forthrightness and gentility … I don’t claim gentility myself; I’m a Yank, I spit on you.

  7. Hey Compassionatefascist,
    you have one of the most amusing blogs on my list; and I don’t say that because of all the hot big-boobed Jewesses therein. The Jewess as malefactor is an understudied phenomenon. Tell us — short answer plz — why do Jewish broads have the biggest boobs??

  8. I agree. This is the best thing you have ever written. Your analysis of the Jewish issue is nothing less than brilliant. Finally, finally someone gets it! Now perhaps we can break away from the grip of Adolf Hitler — the person who by far has damaged our cause more than anyone! — and emerge from the shadow of World War II.


  9. Devolves. You charted there a long history of decline, that’s all.

    The South has devolved under Black Run America: under the spell of radio, television, the national newspapers, etc. Everything started going to hell in the 1950s.

    The same is true of the entire country. Everything has been homogenized. Comparatively speaking, Dixie is still much healthier than England, France, Italy, etc. It still has a good shot of bouncing back once it sheds itself of the burden.

  10. In 10 to 15 years, it will be time to look for some nice real estate in South Florida, or “Pleasure Island” as I sometimes jokingly call it. Having more or less vanished from the Sunshine State, the Jews won’t be needing it anymore.

    In the meantime, I intend to sit here in Alabama, drinking bottled water, eating fresh produce, raising some chickens, working on my studies and property. BRA’s money will be worthless by then.

    The fortunes of the Jews will be worthless. It will be a short little gallop through the former neighborhoods of a race of people who convinced themselves in the twentieth century that they were divine.

    The Jews convinced themselves they were invincible. They believed they were immortal. Simon Wiesenthal thought he would live forever, but I have outlasted him!

  11. Unless you’re using “God” metaphorically for demographic decline, it’s unclear to me what you mean. Since you’re an atheist, you should explain your lexicon to your readers. In any case, the Jews aren’t powerful because of their numbers. Their numbers don’t matter. I don’t see Jewish power diminishing around me. You’ve got roughly around 18 million Jews ruling over 1.5 billion Muslims. The same applies to the Occident owned and administered by the same international Ashkenazi elite. I don’t see any of that changing.

  12. You know the South and do a great job writing about it. You don’t know the Northwest at all, but persist in writing about it as if you do, which is unfortunate.

    Seattle is not part of something connected to LA. In fact LA is the capital of Aztlan. Angelenos, even the white ones, don’t have much use for San Francisco, much less Tacoma or Vancouver, WA or Ashland, OR.

    The Nine Nations of North America is a great book. I read it for the first time in the early 1980s. A lot has changed since then, particularly in LA and California. So to continue to use his lines of demarcation leads to the simplistic errors like the ones in your post.

    If we’re going to use military participation as the measure of toughness the toughest Americans are from what you call “the Empty Quarter” not the South. The Heritage Foundation did a very nice study on this. You can read it here:

    And the chart summary is here:

    “The states with the highest enlistment propor­tional ratings by far are Mon­tana (1.67), Alaska (1.42), Wyoming (1.40), and Maine (1.39). (A proportional rating of 1.00 means that a state?s enlistee and general popula­tions ages 18?24 are exactly proportional to their respec­tive national populations.)”

    These top military States are all Northern ones, sorry.

    Oregon (score 1.07) is tougher than Georgia (score .80), Washington (score 1.0) tougher than Tennessee (score .89).

    You’re a Southern booster, which is great. I’ve learned alot about the South reading your posts, as I’m sure have many others. Unfortunately much of what you say about the Northwest is simply wrong.

  13. Jackson,

    No one lives in Maine, Alaska, Montana, or Wyoming. How many people are there in Wyoming? Something like 500,000 right? We took a look at that last year in the “White Zionism” series.

    Wyoming, Alaska, and Montana have three House seats. Alabama alone has seven.

    As for the comment about Los Angeles, I was referring to that string of Democratic counties which stretches north of Los Angeles to Seattle. It looks to me like it is very much in tact.

  14. FB,

    If you have been following recent developments in the Middle East, there has been a lot of exciting changes there lately! Some of the most exciting changes are happening in Turkey.

  15. Jackson,

    What is the Northwest? It is still two places: the Pacific Coast strip that is west of the Cascades, where virtually everyone in the Northwest lives, and that vast sparsely populated area east of the Cascades that pushes on through Idaho.

    I don’t care how many times you say it. You will never convince me that Idaho is more like Seattle and Portland than Wyoming and Montana. Idaho is clearly part of the Interior West. It has all the same problems as Kansas and Wyoming.

    Nothing about Idaho’s laws or political system or its culture or its demographics suggests that it is a Blue State like Washington and Oregon.

  16. “There is no such thing as white people”- Thrasymachus.

    This is why we are ruled, because different factions of white people would rather trash each other than respectfully acknowledge our differences and try to figure out together how we are going to get this yoke off.

    I’ll admit I share Linder’s distaste for Southern chauvinism. It’s why I don’t read VDare anymore- the idea that Southerners are the only real Americans, and the country was ruined when they started letting in people who weren’t British Protestants. The North did not win the war only by weight of numbers. Southern whites do not form a happy, united nation- they have severe class conflicts which are ignored.

    Mr. Wallace, your view of the Midwest is grossly oversimplified. You neglect the influence of New England, and you don’t seem to be willing to attribute any positive aspects to the Germanic culture.

  17. Jackson: With regards to military participation of the different states, you’d have to compare the White participation of the southern states with the states of the inter-mountain West. Any sort of social or economic statistics that don’t sort by race are invalid.

    Regarding West Coast socio-political attitudes: There’s a sort of Leftist/hipster hierarchy of latitude. Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo look down on L.A. as a crass, money grubbing place. They never mention the Mexicans, it’s the West Side with it’s Jews and other Hollywood types that concern them. Santa Cruz and Monterey look down on SB and SLO, and Frisco looks down on them all as a bunch of rubes. The well-to-do lefties of Marin and Mendicino Counties look at “The City” (Frisco) the same way that Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo look at L.A., and Portland and Seattle looks down on all of them as a bunch of greedy Californicators. I lived in L.A. for over 30 years, and have friends or relatives in most of those places. This lefty/hipster bias against whoever lives a hundred miles to the south of them makes no sense, but it’s real. The Brown tide is oozing north, but for now, Aztlan stops at the Wilshire corridor, blocked by high property values. From the the Palos Verdes peninsula on up, the coast is allied politically with Portland and Seattle, however much they might despise each other socially.
    Similarly, all up and down the coastal states, once you get a hundred miles inland, the fashionable people thin out. Bakersfield and Redding have more in common with Arizona and Idaho than with the coastal cities a hundred miles to their west.

  18. I know what you mean by the “Yankee Time Clock.” However, the good old boys drinking beer and watching football let Indians own all the convenience stores and let their churches go inter-racial.

    Also, regarding football watching. If you have children, stop watching sports completely and get rid of cable. I’m serious. Ask a schoolteacher if she can tell which kids watch lots of TV and which do not. At the Waldorf school when a kid is jumpy and has no attention span they question the parents if they are letting the kids watch TV in the morning, and it is always the case.

    The TV in the living room is an instrument of mediocritization. It’s the weapon of the enemy. It has kept us from resisting Jewish takeover.

    What message are you sending if you give your attention to a bunch of Negroes on a TV screen rather than your kid or some worthy activity? That is implicitly lionizing the Negro affletes.

    I take my kid to sport activities and tutor her in math and tell her “you better study hard or the Asians will get your place in college/career.” I know it sounds like I’m raising a girl to be a “career woman” but that’s not true. I’m raising her to see the world as a beastly, social Darwinian competition. She can see for herself quite clearly that it is anti-white.

    As for “racism” I focus on the subcontinental Asians who have something we should have — the convenience stores, and also on the Chinese who study harder because Confucius say so. It’s a damn shame, kid, but we must compete with these people.

    As far as blacks I live as much as possible as if they don’t exist. I don’t watch their sports, I don’t listen to their music. I realize in retrospect that I married a foreign woman and have a bilingual household in order to secede from American culture. I didn’t want to have a family with a woman who had ever done so much as bought a CD or tape by a Negro artist, or admired a Negro afflete or actor.

    I created an alternate universe as much as possible. We could do this collectively, too, with an association of homeschooling families that we try to organize into a tribal-religion and a white market dominant minority.

    This more docile, “racial competition-mindedness” is a way to boost the immune system against anti-white forces, without tripping the “that’s not nice” wire. It’s much easier now that the economy is contracting and jobs are harder and harder to come by.

    As Whites get more competitive, we will get more tribalist.

  19. Thrasymachus,

    New England and the Midwest have their virtues. Likewise, the South has its vices.

    I’ve just been responding to Linder here. It is the Southern way to defend our section when it has been attacked. If you would like to hear the story, I could explain the virtues of both of those places.

    If the South was really so great, it would have won in 1865, but instead we lost. It was the North that won. The North couldn’t have won such a great military victory if it hadn’t been good at something.

  20. I also love Germany.

    I’m 1/2 German myself. In fact, my mother was born in Germany. I’ve been saying for weeks now that Martin Luther was the greatest German who ever lived.

  21. Your anecdotal impression could be interesting, but I will guarantee you that emphatically non-Southern state Iowa ranks higher on test scores and the rest of the social indicators than ANY state in the South.

    Of course it does.

    It’s a fallacious argument, because his context is Southern Whites, so you can’t compare states that have a significant black population like those in the South. Based on White IQ estimates by state, Iowa is 22nd (with non-public school adjustment), and Virginia, Texas, and South Carolina rank above it.

    The South is predominantly Germanic from English and other Germanic sources. Texas in particular was mostly German at one point.

    Greater differences are to be found with non-Western European and non-Nordish ancestry in the Northeast and Southwest.

    Linder is about as German as the Jews and Turks that live in Germany. He’s a mendacious and irrational lowlife, it’s a waste of time to attempt to have a conversation with him.

  22. Kievsky,

    Southerners are conservatives. As I said in the Dixie’s Olympics article, the political expression of conservatism in the South is “white supremacy,” not White Nationalism.

    A “white supremacist” is someone who is explicitly and confidently White. Thus, a Southerner can watch an Alabama or Tennessee football game, drink a few beers, and emerge from the experience of cheering for his team completely unchanged from the experience of watching blacks throw a ball around on television.

    I know plenty of Southerners who are race realists who watch college football. They enjoy college football because it is a game.

    It is just a game. Blacks can dribble a ball. They can play some positions in football. It doesn’t mean they are just like us though.

    Those of us who live among millions of blacks know they are unlike us. We experience blacks in our everyday lives. They are not merely noble savages we watch on television.

  23. As for the television, Kievsky is right that the television is the primary brainwashing tool. The Joe Six Pack is mesmerized by the television in his recliner. If it is on television, it must be true … the fantasy world of television is more reality than the real world.

    Of course for people who share our mindset the television is a telescope that allows us to observe the political and cultural establishment. We can watch Chris Matthews and Jim Cramer on television like Charles Darwin or Galileo.

  24. Discard,

    That is an interesting post.

    Have you heard anything about the effort to create the State of South California? It is my understanding that it is a last ditch effort by conservatives to secede from Sacramento and Los Angeles and the leftwing lunatics on the Pacific Coast north of Los Angeles.

    This would unable South California to secure the Mexican border like Arizona and get out from underneath the “gentry liberals” that have ruined Los Angeles and who look down their noses at Central California from San Francisco.

  25. A “white supremacist” is someone who is explicitly and confidently White. Thus, a Southerner can watch an Alabama or Tennessee football game, drink a few beers, and emerge from the experience of cheering for his team completely unchanged from the experience of watching blacks throw a ball around on television.

    If you’re implying that racialist Southern Whites want blacks around, I disagree. Southern Whites didn’t vote to import black slaves. If given a vote I’m confident that most Southern Whites unburdened with Jews and liberals brainwashing them would vote to remove blacks from their state and nation. Southerners have already done this in the past, transferring Amerindians with the Indian Removal Act of 1830 and supporting the American Colonization Society with the repatriation of blacks back to Africa.

    Southerners are a goodhearted and fun-loving people, we can at the same time support racial preservation, segregation, and be social with blacks. It’s just a case of making the best out of a bad situation.

    I personally have no interest in watching predominantly black sports. I’m at a point now where I have a strong aversion to even looking at blacks or non-Whites, even at one in a movie. They’re an offense to the senses.

  26. In the meantime, I intend to sit here in Alabama, drinking bottled water, eating fresh produce, raising some chickens, working on my studies and property.

    Get a water filtration system, it’s cheaper, tastes just as good if not better and you generate less trash.

  27. Mark,

    We both agree that it would be ideal to transport them to Liberia. The Indians were sent to Oklahoma.

    Virginia and Kentucky spent a lot of time working on that project in the nineteenth century. I’m sure you know why Monrovia is the capital of Liberia.

    Kentucky and West Virginia are two of the whitest states in America. They are both whiter than Oregon and Washington. It is sad to think what could have been accomplished if only we could have won our independence.

    The slaves could have been sold out of North Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Virginia in the same way they were being sold out of Kentucky and Maryland. They could have been sold to the Deep South which would have lost use for them due to soil erosion and then to Texas and points beyond.

    Eventually, we could have sold them all to Brazil and Cuba, and having divested ourselves of the curse of slavery peacefully on our own schedule, we could have built a magnificent country over the course of the next 100 years.

    Alas, it wasn’t to be.

    Instead of the CSA in 2011, we got the “New Birth of Freedom,” we got the Gilded Age and Wall Street, we got MLK and the Jewish Question, we got the “Geography of Nowhere,” etc.

  28. We both agree that it would be ideal to transport them to Liberia.

    Not necessarily Liberia, but somewhere in Latin America, Africa or as a compromise within a future racially partitioned America.

  29. I fear if we sent them to Haiti, it would be too easy for them to swim back. In fact, I fear that Haiti might wash up on the coast of Florida one of these days, when the “cheap food” era finally comes to an end.

  30. “It’s why I don’t read VDare anymore- the idea that Southerners are the only real Americans, and the country was ruined when they started letting in people who weren’t British Protestants. ”

    Well, it was!

    And I say this as an Eastern Orthodox Cleric. But, truthfully, the demographics of the USA stayed pretty much ‘WASP’ until about 1900, and remained so, after the 1924 Immigration bill kept the ‘SE European class’ out. The Irish assimilated pretty well, but the basic foundation stock were WASPS. I’m a Catholic Celt and a Protestant Nordic mix, and I sometimes confuse myself, (lol) but if I have any affinity, it is to the English side of things, when it comes to culture. Peter Brimelow is an English Anglican, for the record… so it would be pretty obvious why he is for the WASP culture, but one that is living and vibrant. To see how that culture can be restored, I would strong suggest Andrew Fraser’s “The WASP Question” for your readers….


  31. “Southeast Missouri part of Dixie. North Missouri is part of the Midwest. Southwest Missouri is split roughly 50/50 between Dixie and the Midwest.”

    This is not exactly correct. I live an hour away from Kirksville. This part of the State was once known as “Little Dixie.” See:

    Bloody Bill Anderson was born here. William Clarke Quantrill and Cole Younger conducted operations from what is now suburban Kansas City. In general, Northern and Western Missouri were Pro-Confederate. Southern and Eastern Missouri were pro-Union.

  32. HW: I haven’t heard anything about seceding from the coast. There used to be a lot of noise about the cerebral, environmentally aware northern half of the state separating from the icky kaka heads of the vulgar southern half, but it was just childish chatter from (San Francisco) Bay area liberals who didn’t like the GOP governors, who all came from SoCal.

  33. Hunter: As for the comment about Los Angeles, I was referring to that string of Democratic counties which stretches north of Los Angeles to Seattle. It looks to me like it is very much in tact.

    Here’s the link for the 2004 USA Today Electoral Map by Counties. There are a lot of holes in the string of Democratic counties, including most of Oregon’s coast. It’s not that intact.

    Have you ever been to coastal Oregon, Hunter? Coos Bay is about the grittiest blue collar city in Oregon. It’s not Kerry country, and it won’t be Obama country in 2012, either.

    Really the infection in the NW is a few big cities that, because of population density, utterly dominate the states they are in. It’s that way in a lot of America. I think political analysis based on urban vs. non-urban would yeild more meaningful results in many cases than the ‘nine-nations’ theory. So yes, their are dividing lines, but it’s not along the ridge of the Cascades, it’s more like an infected zone of 30 miles circumfrence with Portland’s Courthouse Square in the center, and another for Seattle.

  34. “Hunter Wallace says:
    August 28, 2011 at 12:37 pm
    I fear if we sent them to Haiti, it would be too easy for them to swim back. In fact, I fear that Haiti might wash up on the coast of Florida one of these days, when the “cheap food” era finally comes to an end.”

    Gosh. I thought Haiti had already done this….ONegro has brought in more foriegn Darkies than any other JooTool installed in the House Formerly Known as White.

  35. Jackson,

    No, I have never been to Oregon.

    I can only study Oregon through my telescope and formulate theories about this place. Seeing as how you live, you have an advantage over me in that you can observe your surroundings whereas I can experience Oregon indirectly.

    One way to study Oregon is to post my online journal to this blog here and listen to people like you post comments. I think there is a lot of substance to the “Nine Nations Theory.” It has been decades though since that book was published. Times have changed.

    Check this out:

    There is a strip of House districts that run down the Pacific Coast from Washington 6 to California 23. It reflects a massive divide in California, Oregon, and Washington between the coastal counties and the inland counties.

    It is kind of amazing that this sting of counties put up such a Blue face in a Republican wave election year. It is my understanding that Aztlan is the area south of here in California. Aztlan isn’t this strip of blue counties that I am seeing.

  36. As for Oregon, the last I heard about that state was Pete DeFazio saying that Oregon could turn red in 2012. There is also a good chance that “Change We Can Believe In” is coming to Pennsylvania and Michigan.

  37. Beautiful text (note: I hope that my comments, a white of Latin America is not an offense to you).
    ””I learned through the media the Brazilian Communist-Jewish hating the U.S., after waking up from the Matrix two years ago I realized how irrational my hate was.
    I’m praying for the United States, Europe, South Africa, Australia, Caucasian whites in all regions of the world, we will all wake up from our greatest enemy, the Jew.
    Blacks and Arabs sold out to Zionist interests. The Iberians (paternal descent nearly full) and then expelled the Muslims to expel the Jews, the same should be done in Europe.
    The concepts of human races fell deniers, Bias and Gould have been exposed as fraudulent pseudo-scientists.

  38. @Uh

    Why do they such big breasts? Historically, Jews have always been a nomadic people, originating in the wastelands of present-day Syria. I suspect that the ample breast-size and early maturation in Jewish girls is some sort of genetic adaptation to the environment (arid, desert, scant food and water) which they spent the most time evolving in. Females that developed the fastest and could nurse offspring the best, where the ones most sought after as mates, and thus the genetic characteristic was passed on and re-enforced.

  39. HW: I neglected to mention that although there is a break in the Brown occupation at the tonier parts of L.A., the Central Valley is awash in Mexicans. They don’t/can’t vote, so the counties show up as red. The Whites in those areas are fully aware of the consequences of open borders. Read Victor Davis Hansen, Professor of History at Cal State U at Fresno (Bakersfield?) and grape grower, on Mexifornia. Read him on ancient Greek warfare, for that matter.

  40. Thanks for the link to the Time’s electoral map. What’s really amazing is the perfection of gerrymandering in Oregon. Basically 4 of 5 districts have been perfectly tuned to include just enough of metro Portland to deliver thin but reliable Democratic victories. There is no logical reason for this.

    Unlike California and Washington it is not the coast of Oregon that is liberal, it’s actually the city of Portland and surrounding areas, which is over 100 miles inland from the coast, with a pretty formidable mountain range separating us. It is often called the I-5 corridor as it extends to the adjacent areas of Salem (state capital and thus a liberal swamp) and Eugene (home of U of O and this a liberal swamp).

    Logically there might be two or even three districts encompasing these areas, but instead all natural political and geographic boundaries have been overwritten by political considerations.

    That’s why the county map is useful, it is more detailed and thus more accurate. You see the coast isn’t very liberal at all. (The weather in Oregon being what it is the coast is not all that attractive to the Beautiful People. Unless you want to go contemplate fog, storms and rain. At a year round temperature of <65* it's too cold to swim without a good wetsuit. Much of it is rocky cliffs, not beaches. People do go there for romantic weekends in the summer. In the winter the two of the three roads that go there are treacherous )

    They would probably like a representative who stood up for their interests, which would include things like supporting commercial fishing, logging and even the poposed LNG port. Instead their are dilluted with a killing percent of the Portland Metro area voters, and they end up with clowns like David Wu, the disgraced Democratic Congressmman who was a drunken pervert in a tiger suit, who reliably vote against their interests.

    We're going to redistrict it might get a bit better, we'll see. The GOP has split 50/50 ownership of the state House, so they should be able to prevent more of this nonsense.

    Also the David Wu district has been growing (the city of Portland hates growth, but the far suburbs are more amenible to it), and it's added more conservatives, so it's not at all sure that it can be retained. It became obvious to everyone paying attention that both the local Democratic Party and the local big media (Newhouse owned) conspired to cover up Wu's problems, as they have previously covered up the Mayor's "affair" with a 17 year old boy and the previous Governor's molestation of his 14 year old babysitter. (Gov. Neal Goldschmidt, now a figure of ridicule in the state).

    If ever a backlash was overdue now is that time.

  41. Jackson,

    That is a very useful comment. It explains a lot.

    The Democratic Party controls Oregon and has gerrymandered a liberal majority in 4 out of the 5 House seats. Now that the Republican Party has triumphed across all of Dixie in the pivotal 2010 midterm elections, the GOP has been gerrymandering new conservative majority House seats across all of Dixie.

    If the maps were drawn by a Democratic majority in the South, these states would be much more favorable to the Democratic Party. The only reason we have black holes in the South is because of compliance with the Voting Rights Act which requires us to draw majority black districts in Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia.

  42. Why is Portland such a weird place?

    In the Nine Nations book, Joel Garreau describes the Northwest as being the most immature section of the country – the section which was settled last and which has doesn’t have a settled identity.

    New England and Dixie have been settled for centuries. Garreau claims that the “New Age” movement had a major impact out there. He also says that the Northwest is two distinct places – this I-5 corridor and the vast area on the other side of the Cascade Mountains.

    I saw a map the other day which suggested there were a ton of Hispanics in Eastern Oregon. This came as somewhat of a surprise.

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