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How about this one for a counterpoint to David Lane: “The South Shall Rise Again.”

Note: Barry Obama is down to 38 percent approve, 55 percent disapprove and 23 percent strongly approve. I wonder what those numbers look like in Dixie. 92 percent of Whites in Alabama and 89 percent of Whites in Mississippi voted against Obamamessiah in 2008.

What do you suppose his approval rating looks like now in Virginia, Florida, and North Carolina? Thanks to Mein Obama, the Solid South is coming back. You have succeeded in killing the John Edwards/Bill Clinton/Mark Warner Democrat.

In July alone, 21,000 guns were sold in Alabama.

To put that number in perspective, 4 years ago, Alabama gun sales hit just over 14,000.

Since 2008, gun sales have steadily climbed each year.

Is the Democrat Party ready for the 2011 elections in Virginia, Mississippi, and Kentucky? Gun sales are soaring in Alabammy. Now Playing on the OD Jukebox: Johnny Rebel’s latest hit, Obama’s stimulus.

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