Losing Louisiana

Sen. Mary Landrieu is the last White Democrat in the U.S. Senate from the Deep South


As America prepares to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, White racial attitudes are quietly hardening again under the surface in the American South.

In the 2010 midterm elections, the Democratic Party effectively collapsed in the South: Republicans captured the Alabama state legislature, the North Carolina state legislature, and the Tennessee state legislature.

The Republican victory was overwhelming in Georgia and Texas. The Louisiana House fell under Republican control after the defection of White Democrats.

Republicans control the state governments of South Carolina and Florida. In the 2010 midterm elections, they won control of key congressional seats from veteran Democrats in Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Virginia, Texas and Missouri.

This is highly significant.

The Solid South is coming back now. It has taken 63 years since the Dixiecrat Rebellion in 1948 opened the rift between the South and the Democratic Party, but the South is rapidly consolidating and returning to the one party system that characterized the Jim Crow era.

Lost in the headlines about the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks and the reaction by pundits to Barack Hussein Obama’s “Pivot To Jobs” speech is the fact that the 2011 state elections are coming up on November 8th in Louisiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Virginia.

We’re about to have another referendum on Barack Hussein Obama’s stewardship of the Democratic Party:

The stroke of 5 p.m. Thursday marked a dark moment in the history of the Louisiana Democratic Party. For the first time in modern memory, the party did not field a single major candidate for statewide office. . .

In its broadest strokes, though, what has happened in Louisiana is what has happened across the South and especially the Deep South. Emory University’s Merle Black, a leading scholar of Southern politics, notes that Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La, the only remaining statewide-elected Democrat in Louisiana, is also the last Democrat in the Senate from a Deep South state, which now sends but a single white Democrat — Rep. John Barrow of Georgia — to the House.

The cause, Black said, is Democrats’ loss first of white conservatives and now, with a big assist from President Obama, white moderates.

“There are not that many white liberals in the South,” Black said. The result is “the number of whites who identify as Democrats in the Deep South is now in the 16 to 17 percent range.”

What began as white defection from the Democratic Party in national elections, has in the past decade percolated down to the state and local level.

Democrats will be defending both chambers of the Mississippi state legislature, their majority in the Virginia Senate, their remaining seats in the Louisiana state legislature, and the Kentucky and West Virginia governorships.

Please keep in mind that the Democratic-controlled Virginia Senate and the Democratic-controlled Mississippi state legislature were instrumental in blocking Arizona-style immigration reform earlier this year which was successfully passed in Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina.

This was largely due to the fact that the Virginia, Louisiana, and Mississippi state legislatures weren’t up for grabs in the 2010 midterm elections.

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  1. “White racial attitudes are quietly hardening in the American South.”

    This is true in other parts of America although there may be some differences as to the meaning of “hardening” or its impact.

    The best place to note this hardening is in the growing opposition to new taxes. It’s a theme of Republicans, conservatives, libertarians, Tea Party members, and others. There are two elements to this New Hardening.


    The first element is the morphing of “pluralism” which was imposed on Americans around the turn of the 20th Century (how that was done is another story) into “multiculturalism” in the mid-20th Century, and then into “multi-racialism” in the first decade of the 21st Century. While some aspects of multiculturalism may have sounded good, in practice it was really just the rounding up of everyone with a beef against the diverse white American peoples into demographic groups to harass and undermine the American culture bequeathed by the diverse white Americans.

    Multiculturalism has died, and has no salience in political debate any more. It excluded our demographic, embracing only those individuals of us willing to grab the 30 pieces of silver offered to self-haters. Multi-racialism is now the order of the day, and the diverse white Americans are catching on to the fact that they have no meaning outside their demographic…that American citizenship does not protect them.


    While immigration and favoritism to other demographic groups have served to let the diverse white Americans know something harmful is happening to them, the element that is really coming clear to them is that their children and grandchildren are smeared every day in classrooms, in their newspaper and on TV by the dominant media culture, and throughout the corporate entertainment culture.

    The diverse young white American children have had the right to name themselves stolen and replaced with hate labels like cracker, goyim, and gringo….terms used openly in all kinds of written and broadcast propaganda.

    This has extended to a blanket denial, if implicit, that these children are Americans and that their demographic lacks diversity. We saw it all in Obama’s labeling his grandmother “a typical white person.” Not an American, not with a diverse background, and not with the right to label herself….just typical.


    The overall impact of these two realizations (multi-racialism and overwhelming hate speech) is driving the diverse white Americans (consciously or unconsciously) to look for tools to effect change. We know that electing white politicians and campaigning for winning initiatives will not change anything, so there appears to be a growing consensus that the regime needs to be starved of the money that it needs to assault us. Thus, no new taxes.

  2. They don’t say multi-racialism, it’s too explicit and might wake people up, because after all part of the narrative is that race doesn’t exist, at least for White people. They use multiculturalism as a euphemism for multiracialism, it’s more vague, sounds more appealing and less threatening.

  3. Mark, you are entirely correct that our adversaries seem stuck on the label “multiculturalism.” However, we are entirely free in public comments and arguments to simply label the doctrines devoted to our destruction “multi-racialism” if we like, and to just move beyond multiculturalism as a label.

    The diverse white Americans have traditionally been losers in the contest to create grand sounding terms and labels, and this is a good chance to point with alarm at any evidence of multi-racialism to our friends, and let them draw their own conclusions.

  4. Multi-racialism (multiculturalism), race replacement (immigration), anti-White discrimination (affirmative action), and the list goes on.

  5. I don’t see where the GOP has done much for White folk. The best I see the GOP doing for the White race is lowering taxes so we can afford to have more kids. But that would be more of a side benefit of lower taxes. The GOP will never try to help us on purpose. I doubt they would even try to remove the laws that put White men at a disadvantage

    We would have to some serious work with in the GOP before it’s an ally of the White race or Old South

  6. The Republican Party is controlled by the business establishment. It is the voice of the business community.

    The business elite flies first class. The millions of ordinary conservatives who are the base of the Republican Party fly second class. This explains the strange behavior of the Republican Party.

    Within the Republican Party, the business establishment is often (but not always) opposed to our agenda, whereas ordinary conservatives more or less agree with us on all the major issues, especially immigration.

    The sole issue which unites all factions within the Republican Party is a stubborn refusal to raise taxes: ordinary conservatives don’t want to raise taxes because they hate Washington for the right reasons and want to defund Washington, the business establishment is self interested and wants the lowest tax rates possible, and its wants to defund Washington which regulates the business community.

    As for the Democratic Party, it is the party of Jews, blacks, Hispanics, Asians, homosexuals, progressives, the rump of organized labor, SWPLs, and the liberal establishment.

    The major difference between the Republican Party and the Democratic Party is that the latter is ideologically, culturally, racially, ethnically, and religiously alienated from White people in the Heartland.

    In contrast, the Republican Party is controlled by greedy White businessmen, who are comparatively easier to deal with. The key to changing the political system is to consolidate the White vote within the Republican Party.

    What most people don’t realize is that the two-party system is responsible for much of our present racial malaise. The White vote has been evenly divided between the two parties. It slightly tilts Republican which gives leverage to the racial blocs that overwhelmingly vote Democrat.

    Why has there been so much upheaval in the Republican Party in recent years? It is because the Democratic Party has ceased to be an option for White people. As the White independents, White moderates, and White Democrats abandon the Democratic Party and consolidate with White conservatives in the GOP, they will change the nature of the Republican Party.

    The business establishment will be on far more precarious ground than it was before. In a one party system, it can always been challenged from the right. It can be purged from the right.

  7. Yeah, but the business people have a shitload of $$$ and can buy out the politicians in the GOP. In modern politics, those with the $$$ have the power. Look at alot of the GOP voters, they totally buy into the pro-corporatism bullshit of the GOP and seem to entertain fantasies of returning to the Gilded Age economics wise.

  8. @ Hunter at 7:20 pm

    It is too bad that these facts and this analysis was not part of the day put on by NPI on Saturday.
    Interesting though it was they seemed unable to address their own topic of choice. Hopefully, better next time.

  9. TPTB really don’t want Whites to start really paying attention to politics. To start playing hardball. But that’s where all the trends are heading, since the easy-credit big government party is coming to an end.

  10. “The business establishment will be on far more precarious ground than it was before. In a one party system, it can always been challenged from the right. It can be purged from the right.”

    Yup. And if that happens in the US then it makes it easier everywhere else.

  11. Very nice to see the intelligent comments to this article. No ‘ebonics’, or name calling ‘haters’.

    Hunter Wallace is correct when he states the 2 party system got us into this position in the US. It is also correct, looking at the recent events in Egypt, Syria, etc., etc. that substantial change happens rather quickly in other ways as well.

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