Obama’s Big Day

Shit out of luck ... and hope

District of Corruption

Today is Barack Hussein Obama’s last chance to turn around his collapsing presidency.

Obamamessiah will give his long awaited speech on the “pivot to jobs” tonight before a joint session of Congress. He is widely expected to make a plea before the nation for a $300 billion dollar Second Stimulus package on jobs and infrastructure spending.

I’ve read reports that Sen. David Vitter will be skipping town to watch the New Orleans Saints game. Sen. Jim DeMint is another probable no show. Several Republican members of the House have already announced they won’t be attending this charade.

For those of you who aren’t political junkies, the latest Gallup poll shows that Obama’s support has cratered to 33 percent among Whites, 48 percent among Hispanics, and 84 percent among African-Americans.

In other words, The One is politically floating face down and dead in the water in the Potomac. Barring a miraculous turnaround, we will get to find out how black people handle a landslide defeat in 2012.

Update: As if on cue, Maxine Waters is upstaging Obama just hours before his big speech by demanding a “targeted” program to alleviate black unemployment.

The jaded Obama might be tempted to respond: what happened to the last trillion dollars in the “stimulus package” that I squandered on the black community? Poor Obama is finding out that no amount of government spending or coddling will ever be sufficient to satiate black people.

In case you missed the last Obama speech, he was recently in Michigan on Labor Day where promised that Detroit was coming back, after there have been 250 murders there so far this year.

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  1. Obamba may go down in American History as the Worst President Ever. The way the Economy has Imploded while he has occupied the White House is unprecedented.

    However, the Demonrat Party is still behind him 100%, even though he has All but Given Congress to the GOP. Each successive Demonrat President is Worse than the predecessor. Its hard to see how anyone could be Worse than Obamba, but that’s what Everyone thought after Bubba Clinton.

  2. The Prince Africannus Usurpation is the equivalent to Ancient Egypt’s 25th Dynasty. As in – the End of Things.

  3. I still say no riots when Obama loses because it’s the wrong season. Race riots happen in July and August, not November.

    The question is whether we will have riots in the summer of 2012. It’s a small step from 50-250 person flash mobs, to 250-1,000 flash mobs, which are probably big enough to set off one or more Rodney King style conflagrations in various US cities.

    I assume that the Obamaites are evil enough to do anything, including using “social networks” to kick it off. They seemed so thrilled with what was going on in Egypt.

    But I’m not at all sure that riots help Obama. The last time we had widespread riots in the US the citizens responded by electing Nixon over Humphrey. We went for the more conservative, law-and-order guy over the man who seemed more sympathetic with the rioters. I think the same dynamic would occur today.

  4. “we will get to find out how black people handle a landslide defeat in 2012.”

    oh yes

    “I still say no riots when Obama loses because it’s the wrong season. Race riots happen in July and August, not November.”

    Normally yes but this won’t be a normal situation.

    “The question is whether we will have riots in the summer of 2012.”

    I’m guessing both. Lots in the summer plus, if there haven’t been 100,000s of arrests during those, a conflagration in November – unless it’s *really* bad weather.

  5. Blacks rioted in April 1968 after MLK was shot. The L.A. Koon riots of 1992 were during Black History Month, weren’t they? Any time is riot time.
    However, the police will be standing by on election night across the country. We’ll see what happens then.

  6. Obama doesn’t really want to see mass suffering and hopelessness. Not because he’s a good person, or he cares, because he’s not and he doesn’t. He would like to keep his job though and be left in peace to play golf.

    The problem is the people who run things do-not-know-what-they-are-doing. Obama is just a puppet, he can call the most brilliant minds on Wall Street and in the Ivy League and say “how the hell do I- and you- maintain our credibility with the unwashed masses?” But they have shot all their arrows. All they know is monetary stimulus (low interest rates, now zero, and money printing, up to a trillion now) and Keynesian fiscal stimulus (4 trillion in deficits, asking for merely 300 billion more tonight.)

    It’s not like replacing Obama with anyone acceptable to the rulers will make any difference. They don’t know what to do within the limit of what will allow them to stay in power that will work, because nothing will.

  7. Not to change the subject—but—do you have numbers & % of “legal” immigrants getting EBT/food stamps.

    One % being kicked around is 25% of legal immigrants.

  8. “Any time is riot time.”

    I am reminded of rapper M.C. Hammer’s “You Can’t Touch This” when he says, ‘It’s Hammer time,” when I read that above statement.

    “The problem is the people who run things do-not-know-what-they-are-doing. ”

    They-do-not-know? As in: the people responsible for Jesus’ death (the Jews) were the ones Christ spoke of in Scripture when he uttered the famous words, ‘they know not what they do,” from the Cross? Nope. sorry. NO WAY. The scripture reference in the N.T. at this point, is to the pagan ROMAN centurions, and NOT the Pharisees (the forerunners of all modern jewry) for the next sentence is in the Scripture is: ‘and they cast lots for his vesture.’ Now, back then, a ‘pious Jew’ would not have wanted the clothes of a dead man, but a soldier on lousy pay, would GLADLY have taken a condemned man’s clothes! Clearly, the Jews knew EXACTLY WHAT THEY WERE DOING THEN , and the Jews know EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE DOING NOW.

    That’s what the Billions in bailouts for the Jewish bankers was all about, folks! In 2008, we almost went UNDER as a nation, and YET…. the Jews would have been able to buy up America (Had we done so), as they had almost bought up Germany after WWI- until a little Austrian house painter came along and said, ‘Enough!’

    After the latest ’round’ of ‘ candidate talks,’ I can only hope that the vast majority of Americans are seeing that the whole thing is RIGGED- if, for no other reason, than to KEEP RON PAUL OUT OF THE NOMINATION PROCESS! Only until we Whites (who want our country BACK) make a loud, vocal and en masse MARCHED presence to FORCE his acceptance (the “Ron Paul or No Deal” website is brilliant, but too few cowardly ‘political wiggers’ are stepping up to defend this nation) as the ONLY CANDIDATE, we WILL have Obama again…. or worse, Hitlery! (For, contrary to another poster saying the Dems are behind his Obummerness, the statement “Obama is destroying the Democratic party” came from a lib/Dem writer over at the Atlantic, for cry-iy!)

    Now, I’m not comparing Adolf to Rep. Paul. But both are small men, quiet men, who sought to save their country from the Bolshevik/Jewish menace – and, Paul’s continual ‘Audit the Federal Reserve’ is just as frightening to this vampire race now, as the Nat Soc Party was to the Jews in Germany in 1933!

    Obummer is going down, and good riddance. As they used to say in Jerry Brown’s days as Ronstadt’s lover boy-Governor of Californication, ‘If it’s brown, flush it down.’

    But DON’T for a MINUTE think that Romney, Perry, or all the other clowns EXCEPT FOR REP. PAUL is a ‘valid’ candidate. THEY ARE ALL WHORES AND PIMPS FOR ISRAEL…

  9. Fr John! Lay out that crazy rap! I dig your scene! 20 million snaps.

    I think Jesus said what He said in a metaphysical sense. The Hebes know what they are doing. They are concerned with Earthly power. Satan ruled the world. The Spawn of Satan delight in evil, treachery, and mayhem. They thrive in chaos. As Hunter has pointed out – they always fail. All the disaster they create invariably crashes on them.

    They’ve been running loose, in the West, for almost 200 years. Behold the wreckage. Yes yes yes, Hunter – I KNOW there are loades of greedy, feckless, irresponsible, feckless, disingenuous Shabbos Goy, aiding and abetting the Kosher Krime Spree, every step of the way – but with all their “intelligence”, gifts, and other resources – why do they always seek destruction?

    It’s THEM.

    In wreckng the USA, they’ve ruined the best Host they have EVER had. I’ve gotten Jews to admit this fact. Hitler never did to them what he’s been accused of. Apres Le USA – le deluge.. All other Nations are on to them. The Chinese won’t lift a finger to protect them, and will cast then off when they are no longer necessary, in taking down the USA. The Pet Darkies of Die Juden will turn on ’em in a ghetto second. Whites have been the only people foolish enough to protect and defend the Vampyre Race – but soon, very there won’t be enough Whites left to serve as Golem. Whites will simply be trying to survive…this time the Solution will be final.

  10. Jackson is right. Blacks do not riot in the wet and cold. The Rodney King LA Riots in 1992 happened in warm weather – as LA has an endless summer climate – good for many out door things like Blacks rioting.

    Never ever make the mistake of trying to justify Black riots, Black crime – like there is some important “issue” that justifies their actions or that riots or crime are something hard to understand so there needs to be all kinds of “Commissions” to find the root causes of these disorders/uprisings.

    Just shrug your shoulders and say “that’s what they do” – cold climates don’t have these problems, which is a good reason to consider living in cold weather areas in the winter – low crime, few Blacks causing problems.

  11. Obama more a symptom then a cause, lest we get dragged back into the frenzy to hate Bill Clinton the sequel.

  12. “Watermelon season”…reminds me of a NYC episode a few years back. Was out for an early AM bike ride in the Fort Green section of Bklyn, then inadvertently strayed into a black area. No one around. Very still and silent. Then an open truck comes slowly down the street, distributing free watermelons….w/in seconds it was like, “who turned out the lights?”….hundreds of Dark Folk came streaming out of I don’t know where, thronging that truck and carting off the watermelons. All gone w/in seconds, and then….No one around. Very still and silent. I’m chuckling at the wonderful memory as I write this.

  13. They won’t touch them, The Cherokee Nation is a recognized federal tribe with self-governance.

    The simple fact is those negroes had no Cherokee ancestry, they were just descendants of slaves that some Cherokees had owned.

    Let’s not forget that they sided with the Confederacy. They’re one non-White group that is not hostile to our interests. No surprise really considering they look to have significant if not majority European ancestry.

    Chad Smith meets with Cherokee Nation members in California, 2006

  14. I do agree that the Five Civilized Tribes probably had/have European blod. Also, I’m impressed with a tribe who had a member (Sequoyah) who – after interacting with Whites – decided that his people needed a written language, and proceeded to create one from scratch!

    However, I think you underestimate Erik Holder’s capacity for hate. At the very least, I think the Reichssicherheitshauptamt eh, Justice Department, will try to obstruct federal funding for as long as they can.

  15. Sequoyah was mixed, 1/4 or 1/2 White. They have a written language thanks to White civilization and White blood.

    They weren’t significantly mixed prior to European colonization, except for haplogroup X which is West Asian Caucasoid.

    Over time they have assimilated European ancestry into their tribe which is why they need blood quantum laws. Most tribes only require 1/4, 1/8 or 1/16. Many of them could pass for White by mainstream standards. Leading them to state that the Cherokee Nation is not the historical Cherokee tribe but instead a “successor in interest.”

  16. Mark, Erik,

    It’s also worth noting that the last Confederate general to surrender was the Cherokee Brigadier General Stand Watie.

  17. But both are small men

    Paul is 6’1. He looks small but he isn’t.

    Adolf was 5’8 which wasn’t really small given the time period.

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