Vermont’s New Immigration Policy

Gov. Peter Shumlin: Look The Other Way At Illegal Aliens

Vermont has adopted a new immigration policy: it just so happens to be the exact opposite of the one we have in Alabama, South Carolina, and Georgia.

Don Lemon just had a segment about this story on CNN that has been brewing in Vermont for several months now:

“Vermont farmers can’t survive without workers from outside America. That’s just the way it is. We’ve got to keep our dairy farms strong, so we’ve always had a policy in Vermont where we kind of “look the other way” as much as we can.

The new policy states that Vermont State Police troopers should not try to identify people whose only suspected violation is that they are present in the United States without proper documentation, but also makes it clear that officers should continue to investigate suspected criminal activity,” Gov. Shumlin said in a released statement.

If it were not for illegal aliens, dairy farming would be impossible in Vermont. Can you believe this? Do these people know anything about the history of New England?

Do you think Eric “My People” Holder will be suing Vermont which has announced its intention to become a sanctuary state? In the third video below, the Vermont Migrant Farmer Solidarity Project blocks a U.S. Border Patrol vehicle from detaining illegal aliens in September.

Vermont Gadfly (almost) nails it.

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  1. Vermont farmers can’t survive without workers from outside America

    Hunter Wallace comments:
    If it were not for illegal aliens, dairy farming would be impossible in Vermont. Can you believe this? Do these people know anything about the history of New England?

    There is one tidbit about the history of Vermont annoys “these people”. Vermont itself, from all I understand, is a holdout region of the Old-Yankee stock and folk-culture. It remains the whitest state in the ol’ USA, but beyond that, its whites are not a random collection or Ellis-Islanders: Whereas in the past 160 years, Lower New-England has been inundated with Irish-Catholics, Italians, Slavs, Portuguese, and others — to say nothing of the large numbers of persons of non-European-origin, like Jews, Puerto-Ricans, Blacks, and on and on — Vermont’s ancestral stock is still mostly Colonial-Yankee. This irks “certain people”, an entire state of mini-David-Dukes!, their neurotic minds impel them to believe.

    Vermont’s evil lack of diversity is so inhuman that they must bring in the darkest Nonwhites at hand, ASAP, and intermarry with them, or risk being bombed on orders from B.H.Obama or another Nonwhite regime, in time. Too far-fetched? Give it time. B.H.Obama has already threatened to defund national parks because not enough Nonwhites visit them. (See here).

  2. Well there goes the hideout for gentile liberal losers, now the tribe of genocide wants to ruin that little whitopia.

  3. Corporate agribusiness, and various ag organizations that “represent” small and mid-size farms constantly push more immigration to boost their own, immediate bottom line, regardless of the cost to other citizens; whereas those who truly have in them the love of the soil continue to farm regardless of profit, as long as they can or are allowed, such as some local small farmers I know, who are my age and have never been on a vacation, and really don’t regret it, while “big” farmers nearby who “need” foreign labour go jetting around to ag conferences and other entertainments while hired managers direct the work in the field.

    Just one typical article (I could cite endless examples) from a “big ag” journal:

    But they’re getting close to deploying robots now to do most of the picking, pruning and spraying:

  4. RobRoySimmons,

    Yes, Vermont is going to Hell. It was too mountainous and pretty to leave to white people.

    The anti-white liberals there are going to have to taste their own medicine. And perhaps original Vermonters will form a pro-white culture out of this misfortune.

    Non-whites will have to abandon Vermont if no one is taking care of them. So no worries, this isn’t permanent. It’s just a provocation by the enemy of white people — a spit in the face on us. Don’t think that will pass unnoticed.

  5. Does Moby Dick shed any insight on or prefigure the insanity of the Yankees and their heirs? Captain Ahab at the head of a multicultural crew (with homoerotic overtones no less) trying to kill a WHITE whale! Although radical republicans were originally the Pequod party, the democrats make no pretense any longer and are now the Pequod party – with mulattoes now running a ship thats no longer owned by Quakers but by YKW!

  6. Leahy on Repealing DOMA: ‘All Married Couples Deserve Legal Protections’

    ( – The Senate Judiciary Committee postponed debate and voting on legislation today that would repeal the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), but Chairman Sen. Leahy (D-Vt.), who voted for DOMA’s passage in 1996, said the law “must now be repealed,” adding that the federal government must “recognize that all married couples deserve legal protections.”

    At a mark-up hearing on legislation to repeal DOMA, Sen. Leahy said, “When I voted for DOMA in 1996, I believed that it was a way to allow states to maintain their independence and define marriage as each state saw fit.”

    But “much has happened” since DOMA became law, he said, including his own and five other states legalizing same-sex “marriage,” and that “it must now be repealed.”

    “The time has come for the federal government to recognize that all married couples deserve legal protections,” Leahy said. “I look forward to the repeal of DOMA.”

    The Defense of Marriage Act basically says that for any federal purpose, marriage is defiend as being between one man and one woman, and no state can be forced to accept a same-sex “marriage” from another state.

    Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-Calif.), who sponsored Senate bill 598, the Respect for Marriage Act, said DOMA was “clearly discriminatory” and should be repealed. feinstein

    Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-Calif.) sponsored the legislation to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act, which she said on Nov. 3, 2011 was “clearly discriminatory.”

  7. Vermont is the whitest state in America while simultaneously being the most Judaized and at the very forefront of every stupid ridiculous cause in America from amnesty for illegal aliens to gay marriage.

    Can anyone here explain why Vermont is like that? What happened there?

  8. I’m not sure if this is backed up by demonstrable facts, but the Yankees I believe had a low birth rate in New England in comparison to catholic immigrants and got swamped. They were effectively emasculated by their women. The women were aware of the demographics situation but instead of having more kids thought to spread eugenics-based limited-fertility propaganda in the catholic ghettoes. To see a depiction of Yankees in action bullying a son of the south watch this:

    Generations of women that have been indulged by their menfolk. Note how Katherine Hepburn’s mother wears the pants in the family and quickly seeks to belittle Howard Hughes by comparing his engineering exploits to building a birdhouse!

  9. “Can anyone here explain why Vermont is like that? What happened there?”

    A multi-decade inflow of loud, rude, crude and obnoxious denizens from the Big Bagel-area will do that to a paradise.

  10. All of this extremism smells to me like desperation – YKW must have demographic info on the liberal kind and the migratory habits of Hispanic laborers that they’re not sharing with everyone else. This activity in New England and elsewhere seems like a feverish attempt to shore up their own home base against a possibly resurgent white middle and lower class that if ever awakened to racial realities would throw the multi-cults out on their ears. Nearby to where I live a famous law school is harassing a local blue collar town that is seeking to preserve its white ethnic heritage against mestizo invaders. Given the transparent gaming of immigration to favor the democratic party and minorities it is a wonder why the southern states even choose to play the federal court game – isn’t it about time one of the southern states nullified a decision of the federal courts?

  11. “Vermont is the whitest state in America while simultaneously being the most Judaized and at the very forefront of every stupid ridiculous cause in America from amnesty for illegal aliens to gay marriage.

    Can anyone here explain why Vermont is like that? What happened there?”

    It sounds like you answered your own question.

  12. that is:

    Its easy to go along with jewthink when reality doesn’t stare you in the face (from beneath a XXL dark hoodie) every day. Those goyim are long hanging fruit for the connivers

  13. Cipher – exactly. VT is the Jew Commie gangster Bug Out State. VT was a state filled with rural Whites. Contented with thier lot. The Hebes moved in, and did what they always do – systematically work to take over the mechanisms of Government. Whites have been too busy “doing their thing” to ever notice. They’ve never had to notice, in the past. The taciturn Yankee Prole style – “Aay-yup go along to get along/keep your mouth shut/don’t cause trouble/don’t make a scene” – serves the Jew well.

    There are still large swathes of White populations that don’t even know what a Jew is – as well as not every having been forced to deal with Non-Whites on a day to day basis. They’ve never ever ever lived around non-Whites – and only know what TalmudVision tells them about Negroes, Mestizos, and every-one else. Well – Yankee “tolerance” pf Die Jude is about to change their “rigged individualism” forever.

    Getting back to the Jew take-over of VT – Jews already control RI lock stock and barrel – and have, ever since they ran the Southern Black Slave trade out of RI. RI is a very small state – and there’s not much undeveloped land. VT will serve as a hide-out for the Tribe, from all the craziness about to explode all over. VT has load of land. It’s like parts of PA – you think you are driving through completely uninhabited, rough country – but there are lots of little teeny compounds, back up that gravel or dirt road, beyond the trees. Has lots of water. Has an agricultural base that can sustain the population. Not fancy; but functional. It’s still pretty close to JewYork City, when more…errr…sophisticated” tastes, in all sort of millieu, needs be satisfied. Almost, fopr practical pursposed, un-restricted capacity to own any kind of weapn one would want. The land prices are out of sight, for most (not fof th Tribe, though) – but barely any jobs, beyond the dual Kosher Educational Elite/Service station Goy grunt employment realms. This keeps all sorts of outside Goy out. Yet there’s stil that uncomplaining, compliant, very hard-working “honorable” Yankee Goy element – to serve and protect the Tribe. Until they are replaced with the ever-eager, ever-fast breedng Brown Orc demo, that is.

    VT is far more a Jew’s Paradise than Israel EVER was.

  14. Jewish Population of the United States by State

    Estimated Total Jewish Percent
    Jewish Population Population* of Total
    Alabama 9,000 4,557,808 0.2
    Alaska 3,425 663,661 0.5
    Arizona 106,100 5,939,292 1.8
    Arkansas 1,675 2,779,154 0.1
    California 1,194,190 36,132,147 3.3
    Colorado 78,620 4,665,177 1.7
    Connecticut 111,830 3,510,297 3.2
    Delaware 13,500 843,524 1.6
    District of Columbia 28,000 550,521 5.1
    Florida 653,435 17,789,864 3.7
    Georgia 127,245 9,072,576 1.4
    Hawaii 6,990 1,275,194 0.5
    Idaho 1,100 1,429,096 0.1
    Illinois 278,810 12,763,371 2.2
    Indiana 17,420 6,271,973 0.3
    Iowa 6,140 2,966,334 0.2
    Kansas 18,225 2,744,687 0.7
    Kentucky 11,450 4,173,405 0.3
    Louisiana 16,190 4,523,628 0.4
    Maine 10,315 1,321,505 0.8
    Maryland 235,350 5,600,388 4.2
    Massachusetts 275,030 6,398,743 4.3
    Michigan 87,665 10,120,860 0.9
    Minnesota 46,685 5,132,799 0.9
    Mississippi 1,500 2,921,088 0.1
    Missouri 59,165 5,800,310 1.0
    Montana 850 935,670 0.1
    Nebraska 6,850 1,758,787 0.4
    Nevada 69,600 2,414,807 2.9
    New Hampshire 9,970 1,309,940 0.8
    New Jersey 480,000 8,717,925 5.5
    New Mexico 11,250 1,928,384 0.6
    New York 1,618,320 19,254,630 8.4
    North Carolina 26,345 8,683,242 0.3
    North Dakota 430 636,677 0.1
    Ohio 144,955 11,464,042 1.3
    Oklahoma 5,050 3,547,884 0.1
    Oregon 31,850 3,641,056 0.9
    Pennsylvania 284,875 12,429,616 2.3
    Rhode Island 18,750 1,076,189 1.7
    South Carolina 11,225 4,255,083 0.3
    South Dakota 295 775,933 (z)
    Tennessee 19,300 5,962,959 0.3
    Texas 130,970 22,859,968 0.6
    Utah 4,400 2,469,585 0.2
    Vermont 5,510 623,050 0.9
    Virginia 97,840 7,567,465 1.3
    Washington 43,135 6,287,759 0.7
    West Virginia 2,335 1,816,856 0.1
    Wisconsin 28,330 5,536,201 0.5
    Wyoming 430 509,294 0.1
    Total *6,452,030 296,410,404 2.2

  15. Southern Partisans from Alabama and other states have my permission to really mess With idiot, PC liberal Whites in Vermont – they like NW illegal aliens, GIVE EM Lots and lots of NW illegal aliens. Now is a good time to organize reverse “Freedom Rides” and put out the publicity that Vermont is too White. Rent buses all over the South, Southwest and do intense propaganda about how nice and rewarding Vermont is to NW illegal aliens – certainly that must be some rich Southerners, Texans looking to get back at White Lib Vermont and just enough bad NWs in Vermont might tip the state in to th Red State column. When your area is all White. Cold like Minnesota, Sweden or Vermont once were – it tends to cause Whites to say stupid things about race.

    Give em a rebel yell and bus loads of NW illegal aliens boys.

  16. “Shumlin’s father, George, a third generation American, was Jewish and descended from immigrants from Russia;”

    From Wikipedia.

    Why is Vermont so much more liberal than the rest of northern New England? New Hamphshire has more Scotch-Irish in its background, and lake Champlain acts as a magnet to draw liberalized, wealthy elite types from New York and southern New England.

  17. Re: TabuLa Raza’s list of percentages by state: Percentage is higher in urban areas in every state, such as Atlanta, in Georgia, and so, percentage is higher for states that have larger urban areas. But remember that the RURAL parts of every state, such as “Pennsyltucky” in Pennsylvania, for example, do not reflect the percentage of the state as a whole. Thoroughly urbanised New Jersey appears to be the heartland.

  18. TR – Jews always do Kabbalistic Black Magic things with numbers. Take that total, and quadruple it, on the Spawn of Satan infestation.

  19. South Dakota – 295 Jews. Somebody tell me what that state’s doing right?

    It is a flat and bleak landscape. It is cold there. There are no major cities. It is agricultural and Christian. Jews also dislike Wyoming.

  20. My family has had property in Vermont for 30+ years.. spent a lot of time out there:

    Vermont got invaded by hippies and other far left radicals. Their source of income largely comes from University of Vermont (which attracts a large number of out-of-state students) as well as a number of smaller private colleges (Middlebury College).

    Prior to the hippie invasion, Vermont had lost population. Once dominated by farms, much of the agriculture left for greener pastures (Vermont has more rocks than topsoil) * out West. With a low population and with power concentrated with the majority (town meetings) it didn’t take long for a influx of leftists to dominate the politics both at the local and state level.

    Vermont then systematically destroyed whatever industry it had with high taxes and insane environmental regulation. The state had huge veins of marble, soapstone, and travertine running through it. Want to pull it out the ground? Good luck in getting permits (it will never happen). The local soapstone dealer in Castleton now sells soapstone from India. The last major marble operation is under constant threat from the locals who want it shut down. They have gone as far as to block rail access to the site, when the quarry operators wanted to get truck traffic off the road. And don’t get me started on the cost of electricity. The push for ‘green’ energy has driven rates as high as $0.25 per kWh. Its going to go up higher as the lefties want to close the largest (and only) nuke plant in the state.

    So anyone, outside of the low paying tourism industries (skiing) pretty much got forced out of the state. So that pretty much leaves as a voting block a culture that feeds directly or indirectly off the government tit. Either through government educational grants or by turning students into debt slaves via student loans that cannot be discharged in bankruptcy (and are backed by the taxpayer). This gives these hard core leftists a 1st world living standards when normally their policies would put them into a life of poverty. Want to go to Middlebury college? Tuition is now over $50k per year. A lot of that I bet, going to the six figured salaries of tenured professors of ‘life critical’ wimmin studies programs and related courses.

    Even with all this taxpayer support, Vermont is still an economic corpse. The tourist industry, thanks to radical environmentalism, took a major hit over the past decade. The state lakes were invaded by an aggressive weed (Eurasian Milfoil) which once pristine lakes into a putrid pit of rotting lake weed, almost devoid of fish, and almost unusable. The invasion could have been wiped out years ago.. easily.. But the “all chemicals are bad” crowd made sure that the most effective means of eradicating the weeds could not be used. Now virtually every lake is contaminated. We pay divers to come in and harvest the weeds by hand.. every year.

    Brandon, one a nice little town near my place is full of shuttered stores. Even the over-payed hippie professors can’t keep the place alive.

    Sorry.. long winded post.. Bottom line is, cut off all these Federal subsidies to higher education and leftists hellholes like VT will finally implode under their own weight.

  21. Thanks hell_is_like_newark – that was an excellent first hand report.

    I think you/we should spread this story in slightly edited form so mainstream Conservatives can play up what happens to Liberal/Left environmental utopias and highlight the environmental destruction and now immigration. Like in Europe, where the White Leftists “Greens” lose all support over their treasonous policies on race, immigration, the anti White Greens most lose their monopoly on pushing clean environmentalism. Racially conscious Whites must go for this issue and it should be our natural issue. Safe, prosperous White countries like Finland, Switzerland and Iceland have clean environments – Lagos Nigeria and East St. Louis do not.

  22. The most important resource VT has are two senate seats and YKW will drive any voting blocks out of the state that may rival them for control of those seats. Those “environmental” and “anti-business” positions are just cover stories to depopulate VT so that YKW can control the politics of the state.

  23. If paleo conservatives had any brains at all they would seek to colonize a vulnerable state like VT and put that whole state solidly in the red category.

  24. The Lefty Jews in VT don’t want industry. It’s “dirty” .Industry creates “pollution”. I was told this first-hand by one of them.

  25. I was listening to local public radio while driving through Maine and New Hampshire a few weeks ago, and the issue of demographics and politics came up. The program’s host then went on a screed about the “educated” people moving up from Boston and New York who will change the politics from conservative to progressive.

    The area is very white, and I read an article in a Portland, ME paper that wasn’t so keen on the influence of the town’s few Hispanic immigrants.

    I also noticed that quite a few old churches were converted to homes or businesses. I have the impression that townies like to convert old churches to other uses.

  26. Ironic though that one of the professors there wrote a biography of William Pierce that was sympathetic and still has a job.

  27. @Denise: That is the COVER STORY they sell to gullible whites to take advantage of the natural altruism of white gentiles. Do you think they would tell the truth that their goal is to control US politics so that they can continue to tax us and send 5 billion of our money to their favorite country in the mid-east, and that those two “bargain” senate seats in VT play a pivotal role in their designs? THAT story wouldn’t be so appealing to altruistic whites who might want to take an even-handed approach to middle eastern politics. The sorry state of affairs is that some white women seem obsessed about not having more than one or two children and are particularly vulnerable to the environmental scam story because it gives them an excuse not to reproduce at replacement level or above.

  28. “. . .feeds directly or indirectly off the government tit. . .”

    Quite so- the federal tit can be inflated to whatever size is needed, until

  29. H-Newark, good post. Another case of rural community invaded, outnumbered, corrupted and destroyed. Rural, agricultural Pennsylvania, with some of the best farmers, and overall, the best productive farmland on the continent, is on the front line for destruction now.

  30. “Farmland preservation” has such a nice ring to it: “Endangered farmland” and rural, agricultural communities can be “preserved” only by completely banning all urban-background and other urban-lifestyle “city people,” and all foreigners, and other outsiders from settling in, overpopulating and finally destroying the few remaining truly rural, agricultural areas of ANY state.

    State versus state? Or country folk versus city ways? White farming folk in EVERY state love their land, and want to stay in their own places.

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