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Hillary Country

November 30, 2011 Hunter Wallace 60

Pennsylvania Here’s a roundup of the interesting stuff on the web this morning: (1) Medicaid spending on the Black Undertow is breaking the fiscal backs […]

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November 28, 2011 Hunter Wallace 30

Cosmic America Last year, I remember Matt Parrott wrote an article about something called “Cosmic America.” It turns out there is a “Civil War blog” […]

Cavalier Liberation

November 24, 2011 Hunter Wallace 60

Dixie Here’s an amusing excerpt from Colin Woodward’s American Nations that takes us back to ideological war between the Union and the Confederacy over the […]

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The Second Republic

November 23, 2011 Hunter Wallace 30

Massachusetts This is an insightful excerpt and another preview of Yankee Month into the origins of the Second Republic which was created by the Radical […]

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BRA’s Dream

November 18, 2011 Hunter Wallace 22

California I’m sharing this here for Paul Kersey who has wrote an amusing post about the People’s Liberation Army in China chortling over BRA’s demise. […]

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Practical Amalgamation

November 16, 2011 Hunter Wallace 6

Illinois It has been a running theme here that BRA was anticipated by Antebellum Southern secessionists and Jim Crow Southern segregationists who accurately predicted the […]