Herman Cain Suspends Campaign


It saddens me to report that Herman Cain suspended his presidential campaign this evening amid further damaging revelations of a 13 year extramarital affair with an Atlanta woman of ambiguous racial ancestry.

Note: OD has passed over the Herman Cain phenomena in silent confidence that “The Cain Train” would eventually be derailed in such an ignominious manner.

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  1. I knew that woman wasn’t white… See? Instinctive recognition. No matter how severe the race-mixing propaganda and bizarre blurring of racial lines, white people still have the natural ability to recognize our own, and differentiate intruders.

  2. How white is she? What if she is 90% white and thinks she is white? Should DNA tests be giving to get into the AR conference or any other such gatherings?
    Do blacks define what is white for us or is it a scientific measure?

  3. I’ll be as blunt as I can be. At least with no Nigger on board, the Republitards will HAVE to acknowledge – even begrudgingly- that they are the de facto Party of White Americans, as Obongo is the candidate for FURRINERS. And that MAYBE… just MABYE— we might be worth kow-towing to, in order to save this country becoming a thurd world (the ‘h’ is silent) dictatorship..

    But then again, look at who I am talking about.

  4. “But then again, look at who I am talking about.”

    Fr. John, you needn’t say anything more. The Republitards have been selling out their White base for decades and never stop pandering to “minorities”. It’s a strategy for defeat but they don’t seem to care.

    Speaking of sellout I have read elsewhere that posse comitatus is in the process of being suspended. I wonder if Hunter has seen anything about that?

  5. Hunter has been very perceptive on this issue-a de facto white party. He’s ahead of any one else I know of on the net or anywhere else in this matter. But the characters we have! Newt may just try the old kiss the niggar’s ass and there by loose. Mega use of the essay by Edsall from the NYT’s should be effective in bringing whites to the GOP for the election. So we get a clown for a president (either one-Rummy or Newt ) but perhaps a politic party for a race…. may be.
    One has to wonder how the racialist left will try to counter this plan.

  6. I went ot my very poorly attende Tea Part Christmas Party last night. Last year – there were tons of folks. Dancing, whooping it up, went on late int othe night.

    The whole thng broke up around 9:00PM, and there were lass thant 30 folks. The mood was dispiroted.One of the organizers had followed Beck to Israel, for his Restorng Goy Ass Licking event. This really hurt the group. I don’t know if this very sweet, very misguided woman was told, to her face – but she held a “Stand for the Jew Vampire Crimnal HQ”, and only about 3 people stood up. Guys that I know were dismayed. They knew it was an act of treason. “What about America?” they asked…behind her back.

    I didn’t burst her bubble last night. I will though. I’ll try to be as kind as I can be. I do like her very much. She really does want to improve the country – take our country back, la la la. I am now going to point out which country IS her country – and who, precisely, has taken her country away.

    I’ve stated away from the group, due to the Stand for the Jew Vampire HQ lunacy – and let every-one know WHY. Loudly.

    The mood at the party was very dispirited. Rightfully so. They’ve undone themselves – and they don’t know why. They don’t know why they’ve lost so many members. I’ll go to the next meeting. I’ll tell them “why”.

    They’ll eiother “get it” – HEAR it – or they won’t.

    I had a conversation with a few of the other members. I tried to be “light” – but I was curious. I asked this great big blue-eyed German guy about what he thought about Cain dropping out. These people are so ill-infomred. Not stupid- they want to BELIEVE in al the Feel Good lies they’ve been fed. AGAIN – it’s not White GUILT – it’s White VANITY and CHILDISHNESS. White self-indulgence. Anyway – this guy really didn’t have much to say..”It’s a shame….” I said something along thel ines of “Good riddance”. He was surprised. I said, “Caoin was never a viable candidate, inthe first place.” “Why”. “Cain is the House Negro of the Federal Reserve . he was NEVER a genuis CEO. Godfather’s was a failure, uderneath his tenure. He was a Affirmative Action Negro. And that’s ALL he EVER was.”

    He actually listened to me a bit. Listened. Flinched a little ,as my characterization of Cain a a House Negro. I did not say “Nigger” I said “Negro”. Not “Nigger”

    Not yet.

    I also had another conversation with another one of the Leader Gals. We talked about the failure of the group. I started talking about how Conservatism ans been co-opted, and derailed. How all the GOP candidates SUCK. That Rahm Emmaneul, whom I despise, said the gop Field SUCKS – and he’s right. I told her I am supporting Ron Paul – because – and I’m quoting myself – “Paul is not perfect, but eh wants to audit the Fed. The baating heart of the Vampires. He will END American subversion by Israel. Al lthe wars we’ve bee dragged into were for Israel’s benefit. NOT America. NOT AMERICA. This needs to STOP. This is WHY Paul has been disappeared fomr the media”.

    I went on a bit. I looked like she gulped a bit, when I named Israel – but she kept listening.

    These people are THE CORE group. They WANT to know. The dilentanttes have dropped off. Most people are Sunshine Patriots. Twas ever thus. So be it. They want to know why people have dropped off. I gave a few reasons – but not the real reasons. Mainly – what’s they’ve all done it not working. They don’t know why. Not the core, and not the dilentanttes.

    I’ll tell them why.

    They’ll either get it – or they won’t . I’ll tell them I’m going to tell them ONCE – an then I’m not going to wate my time ans resources on them any more. GET IT NOW – or go home and wait for the collapse.

    They will TAKE IT, and ACT – or not.

    I am the Wheat.

    They can decide to be Wheat – or Chaff.

  7. Herman Cain was a fill-in talk show host in Atlanta for years, and his whole act was based on shilling for the rich and calling people “Islamo-facsicts.” I thought those two positions alone would be enough to keep him above media scrutiny, but I guess not. Cain seems surprised, too!

    I wonder what it is about Cain that made him such a threat that his dirt had to be aired by the same media types who hate the “Puritanical streak” in Americans? He made a fool of himself in debates for nothing. No wonder he’s pissed off! Oh, well, I’m glad he’s gone. Too bad there is no decent candidate to vote for.

  8. Denise, same here with the Tea Party group being Zionists. And believe me, they DON’T want to know anything if it involves criticizing Jews. We’re talking about their religion here. You might as well be trying to convert a Jew to Christianity, even though they believe they are Christians.

    But like Ron Paul, they may not be perfect, but they are closer than the rest.

  9. Denise- It’s endemic.

    I noted over four years ago, my first and last attempt at the ‘political process’ on my blog:


    I’ve realized that will NEVER solve the problems. I thought that a ‘Great Awakening’ would be necessary. Now I realize God is withholding his spiritual sight from a great many people out there…. even on matters religious.

    I have been attending another church recently, (the reasons are myriad, but I won’t go into it now) after our Worship is done, and this church is good- well except for the music (what my PhD Music friends call ‘yap and clap’ – I just call it bad rock music with even worse theology masquerading as hymns….) The pastor knows I’m clergy, and he’s cool with that. He actually appreciates me being in his Sunday School class to give the truth his students aren’t getting (I mean, I’d think everyone would know this…)

    Anyway, I’ve been watching and trying to learn from this pastor, who really is exegeting quite nicely – “post-grad semon lessons” for me, you could say. My wife and I also attended his class (until today) on ‘Israel and the Church,’ and he’s been trying to wean even these people (who are not “Dispie Baptists”) away from the ZioNAZI rhetoric…. and today, we talked about Romans 9:6. ff (“for they are not all Israel wih are of Israel., etc.”). In a discussion of Abraham, Sarah, Ishmael and Isaac, I pointed out that Abe and Sarah were second cousins, and therefore, ‘of the same ethnic/racial kin,’ and God’s chosen vessels of being the progenitors of that ‘Chosen People’ we call Israel today (which is, he agreed NOT the ‘nation of Izra-Hell over in the Levant):

    And that even St. Paul contrasts Ishmael/Hagar as unfit recipients of God’s favor, and then Paul goes on FURTHER to note that even ‘covenant siblings’ (Jacob/Esau) are not immune from being excluded from the People of God, even though they are from the ‘seed’ of the covenant promise (i.e., Jacob) – Thus I was subtly trying to point out/go toward the racial link between Adam (which Hebrew word means ‘fair, ruddy, able to [visibly] blush’ – a characteristic only of Caucasoids, clearly), Abraham, and WE WESTERN EUROPEANS, but… before I could go there, the pastor noted (via analogy) that his new adoption of an ETHIOPIAN child meant that this little niglet was going to be part of ‘his’ family, just as God has adopted the ‘Gentiles’ (Meaning we Europeans) even though such a spawn never can, other than in the forensic/legal sense, be part of his family, and that the word “gentiles” in Scripture merely means Hellene- or similar white racial peoples related to the Hebrews of Christ’s day, and NOT the AshkeNAZIS who ‘say they are jews, and are not.” [Rev. 2:8,9]

    In short, this pastor- who knows that ‘Dispensationalist Xtian Zionists’ is a heresy- who sees the race-lying “Jews” as NOT being ‘God’s Israel,’ is STILL indulging in the concominant heresy of ‘Yankee Supremacism/Multiculturalism,’ by becoming a “Rainbow Baby” advocate!

    NOTHING this man will teach from here on out will have ONE BIT OF VERACITY, in that he actually still believes in the fallacy that ‘we’re all one race, the human race,’ when such hominids were not even considered ‘Human’ in 1860!!!

    I wish I had been alive in Dabney’s era. At least we see eye to eye on who is the Elect of God, and who is the Damned. (that’s why I knew that Hermann was the wrong man… being a ‘son of CAIN.’) pun intended.

    Truly, we are at the end of the world as we know it. Only via a complete theocratic monarchy could we ever hope to rescue our brethren from the vast Judaizing heresies out there, that suffuse everything from our Creeds to our Foreign Policy. And most Americans think that is awful, even if it IS the Biblical model…..
    Misericordie, Domine.

  10. FR JOHN!!!! EWWWWWWWWE!!! I’d be asking that pastor how he’s gonna like roasting in Hell, since he smashed the 7th Commandment!!!! Ewwwwwwwwe!!!!!

    He is committing abomination.

  11. Yeah, you GET it. He does NOT. Clueless….

    This ‘kid’ is in his early thirties, and I could be his father (scary thought to say stuff like that) and he truly, honestly, MEANS well.

    But the intellectual disconnect is so great, I needed to point that out to those with ‘eyes to see, and ears to hear’ just to get my point across.

  12. John, I know it’s very hard to find an explicitly anti-premillennial, and otherwise good, scriptural Christian church, since I’ve done a lot of seeking myself, since the seventies when I was an outspokenly skeptical amillennial in a dispensational evangelical seminary, over-earning grades that were given begrudgingly because I wouldn’t accept this very dangerous false “prophecy.” Over the years since then I’ve gradually given up fighting it, and learned to limit my association and support mostly to groups that “neglect” the subject, and to those very rare, small groups, and individuals, who truly ARE anti-millennial, while awaiting the probable future course of events in Palestine that will finally, irrefutably disprove the false “prophecy,” although of course when that does happen, false prophets will soon create another, to continue to distract their loyal sheep while they are being fleeced and eaten.

  13. Stephen King wrote an allegory about the “Cult” (it is a cult) with his book “Tommyknockers.” The closer you get the worse you are off, the same goes for you who spend your lives trying to name them.

  14. Fr John – a “pastor” brought a 30+ year old Afreakan Nigger into his house? He’s INSANE. Are you sure he is not a homosexual.

  15. Mosin- I don’t need to ‘find’ a Church. I am in THE Church- the Orthodox Church. But I still find great power and good models for sermon delivery among the Protestants, and the best are the ‘historic’ denominations, who have given us men such as Spurgeon, Ryle, Whitefield, Oswald Hoffmann, etc. While I could rest on my (sacerdotal) laurels, I strive to be better, to lead my charges toward holiness of MIND as well as of BODY. Which is why I only (usually) go to Sunday School, and sit outside the sanctuary, just listening to the sermon, and never enter into ‘worship.’

    Denise- no. The Pastor and his wife are in their 30’s, with children of their own seed already. The potential adoptee is a CHILD- HE is an Ethiopian, and this is typical of the ‘rainbow baby’ mentality among ‘Evan-jelly-goos’ in America.


    Mosin- I was just astounded that someone as far removed from DTS, would still be ‘operationally multiculti.’ The rot infects everywhere. Of course, that does not excuse those who call Christians hypocrites, from ‘saving their own souls’ alive, by still joining the best church they can find….. for their is ‘no other name, in heaven or on earth, whereby men may be saved,’ etc. (I am too far aware of the lateness of the hour to say one MUST be in MY church, when there often are hundreds of miles separating people from a Orthodox congregation… and they also have their WCC/NCC infiltrations, as well. No, I believe it is the ‘last days’- before God cleanses the earth of her sins, or before THE END. I only pray it is the former, and not the latter.

  16. John, but I do hold the concept of “being
    in the One church” that cannot be joined,
    at least not in the manner that most think.
    The church of God in Christ is not a human
    organisation. God sets its members in place.

  17. Fr John – I obviously mis-understood.

    The Thirty-ish “pastor” is STILL mental. Evil. Bringing something one generation removed from cannibalism into a home of Sacred White Children.

    Could…it…be possible…that..God…makes…some sort of….accident….happen?

  18. “Could…it…be possible…that..God…makes…some sort of….accident….happen?”

    You mean, like hardening one’s conscience bit by bit, to the work of the H.S. until (as St. Paul notes) a person’s conscience becomes immune to grace and truth, as if it had been ‘seared with a red-hot iron’?

    Yes. Romans, Chapter One is the definitive treatise on that. And yet, as Paul also notes, ‘Who are you, to talk back to God, o Man?’ Men are ALWAYS responsible. That’s why it is a fearsome thing to fall into the hands of the living GOD,’ as the Good Book says.

  19. Denise, here is a couple of talking points disguised as questions that I have framed to Christian Zioninnies that I have come across.

    Do you believe the Bible is the Word of God?

    Do you believe that everything that it says happened actually did?

    Do you believe that God liberated the Jews from Egypt and Israel from a score of other enemies all by Himself?

    Then why does God need America’s help to deliver Israel now?

    How is God blessing America for blessing Israel now?

    How is this economic depression and the loss of all our civil liberties a blessing from God?

    Why is He blessing us in this fashion?

    Is it possible that God doesn’t need America’s help and is angry at us for replacing Him as Israel’s protector?

    How is bankrupting America to give both Israel and her enemies our money helping Israel or America?

    Would it not be better to end all foreign aid to both countries and let God sort them out?

    How is helping people who loathe Jesus Christ, gleefully admit they crucified him, deny Him as their Lord and Savior, call His mother a whore and depict Him as boiling in a vat of excrement for all eternity honoring Jesus Christ? How does it make sense to you that He will save you from the Apocalypse by rapturing you to Heaven if you help those who hate Him?

    For leftist secular Zioninnies:

    Why does the organization that calls itself the Anti-Defamation League spend all its time defaming other people as Anti-Semites?

    What does the organization that calls itself The Southern Poverty Law Center have to do with Southern poverty or the law?

    I find it very effective to just poise the question with a lifted eyebrow as emphasis. Normally the response is a blank, deer-in-the-headlights look on the face of the confronted. Then I change the subject in a way that lets anyone else listening know that I think the confronted is a brainwashed idiot, but I am allowing him to save face.

    The important thing is not to humiliate the confronted by rubbing his nose in his own excrement. The point is to get HIM and anyone in the room who has been brainwashed like him to start thinking critically rather than be put on the defensive.

    Usually, I sense that the confronted and the co-brainwashed are doing just that. In spite of themselves, they are mulling over the question, trying to find a logical, plausible answer to it. I am not surprised when I learn that they stop attending those mega-brainwashing centers and find a new church to attend.

  20. Clytemnestra – thanks for those suggestions. I’ve been too confrontational, in the past. The Socratic Method is best. I had already decided to change my approach, with my locals, after my sad little Christmas Tea party experience. Tese creatures are Newbies. I know it. They are all “softened up” now. It’s time to move faroward, and point ’em in the right direction.

    I have already designed my method of attack. I have already decided on my over-arching thesis – “What is your county”? all of these Patriot groups ALL blather aobut “takig my country back” – but I don’t think they ever actually defined what “their country” is.

    I know what my country is.

    I am going to make my little group answe that question – and go from there. You series of questions are exellent. I will add them to my aresenal. They will be invaluable.

    Thank you

  21. You’re welcome. I love your passion and commitment to the White race. You have probably been awake for years. I only recently came into White Nationalism, myself, quite accidentally, over a decade after I had been exposed to a couple of White activists who I had dismissed as “wingnuts” at the time.

    I also have several people in my family who actually buy all that “Chosen People Schtick.” I have successfully thwarted John Hagee and his ilk from influencing members of my own family from sending their sons off to join the military and fight for Israel.

    WNists want to smash the stool of Zionism over the heads of the Sheeple, but that only scares the hell out of them and makes them go into knee-jerk defensiveness like it did me. But by sawing at the legs of the stool with discreetly planting doubt in the minds of the brainwashed here and there at every opening and opportunity, you can bring that stool crashing under some big behinds.

    My goal isn’t to demand that people who are worried about hanging onto their livelihoods, feeding their families, and keeping a roof over their children’s heads to man the barricades. My goal is to make them take whatever steps are necessary to stop feeding The Beast their treasury and their blood.

    I am responsible for quite a little baby boom in my area, BTW. When I see Mestizos walk in with large families and there are 20-30 something year old White men and women, I casually comment on how all the newspapers say that raising a child is so expensive, yet it is obvious to anyone who opens their eyes that the system is set up for the average taxpaying idiot to pay for someone to have children. LOL, you can see their brains processing the information. One new father recently told me how he got a sizable income tax return with his latest addition instead of having to pay the infernal revenue a huge amount this year.

    I can be a passive-aggressive bitch with a strong contrarian streak who just loves to futz with those who think of themselves as authorities. The message that the emperor is wearing no clothes can just as easily be whispered as shouted.

    There are one thousand and one ways to sabotage an agenda. Our biggest weakness which is the vulnerability that Whites have to manipulation and suggestion can also be our greatest strength. After all, we have reached this impasse, by the enemy instilling centuries of doubt in our Christian European culture and traditions. We can damned well instill some doubts of our own in the new Anti-White system.

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