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  1. This is awful. Emma West is a tragic Herione. She’s a in the gulag re-education system now. her children have been seized. She’s being excoriated on every side. The WORSt betrayals come from the “posh” gentry White classes – especially te University male types, who are “embarrassed” by her.

    I HATE them. They throw a working class White woman under the multi-culti bus, and pander to the NIGGERS and Kikes actviely engaged in destroying the White Race. TONS of White DON’T CARE. They don’t care about their own people, and the men have lost ALL natural intincts for protection of their own women and children.

    The teeny handful of us – no matter where we are – that do care, and are aware – are being dragged over the cliff of White genocide, by the vile masses. I am doing what I can to help her. It’s precious little. I’m not rich. I communicate, via the Net, with people in England that are trying to help.

    I’m at a loss. I don’t how to express this properly – but I hope I can stick aroud long enough to see the White “English”, raining shit on Emma, cooked and eaten by their pet Niggers.

    I hate them.

    Dante depicts the Fate of Traitors to be embedded up to their necks in ice, for Eternity, whilst having their flesh ripped off by hungry birds of prey. I can only hope Dante was on to something….

  2. Say whatever you want about how this country eventually turned out, but thank God I was born American.

    I HATE “Britain”.

  3. Denise,

    It is funny that you should mention that because we are going to discuss that subject in an upcoming book review of Bertram Wyatt-Brown’s Southern Honor: Ethics and Behavior in the Old South.

    The thesis of this book is that Southern culture was based on the ancient Indo-European honor code. The reason Southerners didn’t perceive a contradiction between slavery and liberty is because Southerners and Yankees didn’t share the same ethical beliefs.

    “African-Americans” couldn’t testify against Whites in court because they were excluded from the circle of honor on racial grounds.


  4. Here’s a typical example of Robert Barnwell Rhett expressing what used to be the predominant mindset in the South:

    “If you love life better than honor, – prefer ease to perilous glory, awake not! stir not! … Live in smiling peace with your insatiable oppressors, and die with the noble consolation that your submissive patience will survive triumphant your beggary and despair.”

  5. The comments on that video are horrific:

    “To be honest Britain has been? invaded so many times (by the Romans, the Saxons and the Normans to name a few) it’s pretty hard to define what ‘British’ really is. We should define our country by values, and she does not conform to the values I think Britain to stands for. I’m ashamed that she considers herself British.”

  6. Here’s another excerpt:

    “Moreover, these strictures kept armies in the field. Said a kinswoman of Mary Chestnut in 1865: “Are you like Aunt Mary? Would you be happier if all the men in the family were killed?” To our amazement, quiet Miss C took up the cudgels – nobly. “Yes, if their life disgraced them. There are worse things than death.”

    These thoughts differed little from the forms of pagan honor whose descriptions can be found in almost any relevant source. Just as Sanders identified his fortunes with those of his kinfolk, so did the Ancient Greeks, for example. “Family attachment,” says Moses F. Finley in reference to the Odyssean world, was based upon the conviction that “one’s kin were indistinguishable from oneself.” As Xenophon phrased the glory of warriors, “And when their fated end comes, they do not lie forgotten and without honor, but they are remembered and flourish eternally in men’s praises.” The personal and familial were wholly united with the fate of the deme or kin-related community, whose defense was brave men’s obligation.

  7. We should define our country by values, and she does not conform to the values I think Britain to stands for. I’m ashamed that she considers herself British.”

    Pure liberal ideology.

  8. Hunter – thank you for those excerpts. There are worse things than death. Far worse. I have been HEAPING abuse one the degenerate UnWhite UnMales – “embarrassed” by Emma. I think she must have been provoked; we all know the infamous Rodney King tapes were broadcast halfway through. One little pussy London University bitch girly man blocked me – go to all the Tram video responses. You’ll find him

    Add more abuse to these loser’s heads.

  9. Say What – OMG. The stuff that degenerates have been writing defies the outer limits of the most daft SciFi writers.

  10. England is gone, forget it. The U.S. is on the same path to ruin. It infuriates me that I can trace my mother’s family back to the mid 1600’s on this continent, and I’m expected to stand by as the sub-humans invade and multiply? Keep your powder dry.

  11. “Ever ride the New York Subway or Miami Metro Rail? Or Greyhound Bus Lines”

    People who were born somewhere 95% white and watch it change to 95% non-white over 20-30 years suffer massive psychological stress.

  12. Well said Denise!

    does she have a legal defense fund I can contribute to?

    I’m a big fan of the Culture of Honor and look forward to the review.

  13. There is another video going around of a darkie on a tram in France. He say outright that he HATES White people and threatens to KILL them.

    It’s a guarantee, very few of us will see THAT video.

    They say they are anti-racist but they are really anti-White.

    Anti-racist is just code for anti-White.

  14. “Say whatever you want about how this country eventually turned out, but thank God I was born American.

    I HATE “Britain”.”

    Politically, Britain has been a colony of the United States since WWII. In addition to America being the headquarters of the people who decide ideological policy for western nations and countries, America is also the enforcer. That’s why it’s necessary for Americans to be allowed a wee bit more freedom than the rest. Thus America, or at least the power structure that is based there, and which rules the rest of our world, is more worthy of our hatred than Britain. When Britain disintegrates, few Americans will notice or care. When America disintegrates, Britain and Europe and even the South will be free.

  15. “In addition to America being the headquarters of the people who decide ideological policy for western nations and countries, America is also the enforcer.”

    Nope. That’s Israel and the international banking families. America is the hired muscle just like Britain used to be the hired muscle. When America is finally worn out and broken, a new nation will be infiltrated and America tossed asside like a used-up whore (just like Britain was). It will be interesting to see if the subversive game will work in China like it did in the west. It won’t be as easy to hide there.

  16. Quote: “After watching the Emma West video, I found myself wondering: what would it be like to ride that multicultural tram forever? Maybe this is what it is like to go to hell.”

    Actually it looks similar to the trains that we have here in New York City. This is why so many people in NYC move to Long Island or Westchester County if they can afford it. Some even move to New Jersey or Connecticut if possible.

  17. Back in the 70s there was a William Sickles and The Adamic Knights of KKK. Robert Depugh said he was ADL Agent like J.B. Stoner. I do not know if he was a Agent but anyway he was a wild character and he was a Real Wild Bill. He had a side organization in his Adamic Knights called Konvict Killer Korps. To be in the Korps you had to bring in a bag of heads. They would ride the Subways and attack the enemy like the ancient Spartans. He had this one member who was in prison and he was found in his prison cell hanged. Bill Sickles the last I heard got put in Federal Prison for illigal gun charges. He was from Providence, Rhode Island. His Pastor of Adamic Knights was Adam White. He has one famous member who was a Olympic Snow Skier named Phil Meir. Too bad we dont have Yankees like Bill around now–with this Tram stuff. Who knows, maybe there is some Lone Wolfs around!

  18. I posted this two days ago in the forum, where perhaps Hunter saw it. A lot of stuff I post there ends up here, so for those of you who want to add to the discussion that’s one way to do it. It’s unfortunate that most articles there go uncommented on and only get a handful of views, because some very interesting stuff is put up.

    Anyone reading this who isn’t on the Forum should consider forum participation, so we can dicuss more topics.

  19. Before the 1950’s, England has been a solidly Celtic country for at least 6,000 years. (with some small amounts of Germanic people added)

    The demographic change started in the 1950’s thanks to jewish politicians and groups.

    In the 1990’s, the ideological jewish Labour Party made a deliberate attempt to make England a non-European country by allowing a huge amount of non-european immigration.

    This is simply a case of Jews genociding a European people by using immigration.

  20. Emma may be our Rosa Parks. And the nice thing is that it is genuinely spontaneous compared to Rosa Parks who was set-up by the commies and jews. Joe

  21. Rosa Parks and the American South…gets me to Leo Frank, the jew who was lynched in 1915 for the murder of a 14year-old girl in Atlanta, GA.

    I have a little flap going here in Palo Alto with a jew-run theater company who just finished a run of “Parade”. It is pure agit-prop theatre and I leafletted the thing, cops called, jews on the rampage, and now on the run since I have them by the short hairs and am taking the whole jew-jew (ju-ju) thing to the City as they are providing free rent for the theater….anyway….anyway… folks need to know the Leo Frank Case.

    Steve Oney’s And the Dead Shall Rise, is probably the best book on Leo Frank.

    The best thing about the book is the presentation of life and times of Atlanta ca. 1913.

    Also, around p. 591, Ochs, of the jewyorktimes, after massive intervention in the trial and commutation of the death sentence, more or less admits that the Jews thru their massive intervention, maddened Georgians and caused the lynching. Amazing story.
    Jewish Power was as strong then as now. Well maybe not as strong as now as I guess Georgians think Israel is just peachy…But get the book. Cheap on Amazon. Joe

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