National Guard Must Fight Crime In New Orleans



In the 146th year of free society, a Louisiana state representative is calling for the National Guard to be deployed in New Orleans to fight the Black Undertow after the 1 year old African-American toddler was gunned down outside of her home in the B.W. Cooper public housing projects.

Note: SBPDL drew attention to the “urban warfare” in New Orleans two weeks ago in Freedom Failed: The New Orleans Black Crime Wave.

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  1. According to slightly flakey Alex Jones, the Louisana national guard will be under federal control, not state control. That’s not good, when federal troops have to take over normal police duties. Even troops under State control is iffy—unless there is a total breakdown of law & order which I seriously doubt.

    Just about all State police units were historically formed to deal with rebellious Blacks.

    It will be interesting to see what the estimable David Duke has to say…

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