Justice Department Blocks South Carolina Voter ID Law

Justice Department blocks South Carolina Voter ID law

South Carolina

“Let it be that I am a Traitor. The word has no terrors for me…I have been born of traitors, but, thank God, they have been Traitors in the great cause of liberty, fighting against tyranny and oppression. Such treason will ever be mine whilst true to my lineage.”
– Robert Barnwell Rhett

Eric “My People” Holder’s Justice Department has invoked its authority under the Voting Rights Act to block South Carolina’s Voter ID law:

“Until South Carolina succeeds in substantially addressing the racial disparities described above, however, the state cannot meet its burden of proving that, when compared to the benchmark standard, the voter identification requirements proposed … will not have a retrogressive effect,” Assistant Attorney General Thomas E. Perez wrote Friday in a letter to the office of South Carolina’s attorney general.”

BRA isn’t worthy of a particle of your patriotism.

I will just note that this is further evidence of where the Union is going and why it must be immediately dissolved. A federal judge blocked South Carolina’s new immigration law this morning. The Lost Cause will shine a little brighter tomorrow in Dixie.

Note: The Star Spangled Rag which was forced on the Palmetto State by Gen. William Tecumsah Sherman and the Black Undertow needs to be hauled down in Columbia. In South Carolina’s case, the state never legally rejoined the Glorious Union.

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  1. Racial disparities…like in crime??? baby daddy welfare?.. some damn Mexican named Perez persecuting South Carolina
    in the name of the first Nigger President..all the while the Republican party is devoted to lower tax rates for millionaires…time to keep stocking up on guns and ammo. When will our people WAKE UP???

  2. So, doesn’t this leave the door open for everyone to vote illegally? What are they going to do, profile Crackers and demand ID from us? Probably not. So what is going to stop upset White folks from voting ten times under different names?

    The DOJ and their Jew buttboy apparently don’t realize that their dirty little avenue is a two-way street.

    We need to learn to gracefully accept and utilize these gifts from the Gods of D.C.

  3. @moderator: Could you please delete my last post? It wasn’t formatted correctly. thanx

    The company that provides our electronic voting machines has ties to the Mossad.

    From Bollyn.com

    When I was at Election Headquarters at the office of the Clerk of Cook County in downtown Chicago to observe the “vote count,” I was told to wait at a counter and simply watch the television screens overhead. I inquired, “But where is the vote count happening? I was informed by Scott Burnham that I could observe the counting of the votes.”

    The vote count, I was then told, was being done in a back room by the employees of a private company, and there I could not go. When I monitored the election in Chicago in March 2006, the back room “counting of the votes” process was being run by a bunch of Venezuelans working for a mysterious company called Sequoia Voting Systems. This privately-owned and foreign company was running the elections for Chicago and Cook County, that shining beacon of democracy.

    Sequoia’s website says this:

    Sequoia is a leading American-owned election technology provider with major offices in California, Colorado and New York and an unsurpassed 100-year-plus history of providing accurate, reliable, accessible and innovative voting solutions dating back to the nation’s first lever-based mechanical voting equipment in the 1890s.

    Nobody in Chicago had the slightest clue who really owned Sequoia, nor did anybody even care. All I could find was that it was a shell company registered in the Dutch Antilles registered to another shell company in The Netherlands. The two young Venezuelans who were running the company were apparently Sephardic Jews whose fathers were film producers in the movie industry in South America.

    The election results for Cook County, produced by our Venezuelan friends, were displayed on television monitors, and the members of the press simply recorded the results and called it an election. They could not have cared less about how the votes were being counted. When I told a Chicago television reporter that I was there to see how the votes were counted, and commented that they did a better job counting votes in Serbia, she ignored the real issue and glibly responded that she was glad she was not in Serbia.

    That is how elections are done in Chicago, one of the most corrupt cities in the world, and it is very much the same in every other city and state in the United States. The counting of the votes in American elections, you see, has been completely removed from the oversight of the American people and has been turned over to private foreign-owned companies, who own the equipment and control the software that runs the voting equipment and counts the votes for most American voters.

    Some of these companies involved in U.S. elections, such as Voxeo, which processed the tally of the Iowa caucus in 2004 giving John Forbes Kerry an undeserved boost, are owned or controlled by Israeli military intelligence. Again in 2008 the Voxeo results of the Iowa caucus gave the dark horse candidate Barack Obama an unexpected victory. In many cases, the election software is controlled by the Israelis, and through back doors they are able to manipulate the results.

    The controlled media ignores the fundamental problem of lack of transparency in our elections. The theft of American elections by privately owned election and software companies tied to Israeli intelligence is an absolute non-issue in the Zionist-controlled media in the United States. So, who really controls American elections? Ask Shimon Peres or Ehud Olmert or the director of Mossad, but don’t expect the Zionist-controlled media in the United States to tell you.

    More here: http://www.bollyn.com/who-controls-our-elections

  4. I think it’s funny the Justice Department says it’s too burdensome on negroes to take the time and money to get an ID, but they have the time to camp overnight outside of stores to get $200 a pair Air Jordans.

  5. So, with this additional piece of news, a prayer of malediction isn’t such an oddity, anymore, eh, Hunter?

    BTW, Thanks for posting that YouTube video of “Dixie” – from the first time I heard that song as a child, in a cartoon, until I watched, and then later read, Mitchell’s GWTW, I have come love that song. It makes me happy so that I smile and tap my toe when I hear it. Unlike the most unsingable anthem known to man, save the French Marseillaise. I’d rather have ‘My country, tis of thee’ or ‘America,’ than the Star-bungled banner, as a Nat’l Anthem.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  6. Merry Christmas to Hunter and all the OD regulars. May Saint Niggerless bring you a White Christmas, with or without snow.

  7. I remember when “Dixie” was played at halftime of SEC football games by marching bands and the whole stadium would stand up and cheer. Sadly those days are long gone as the Cultural Marxist were successful in deleting Dixie down the memory hole.

    Here is an earlier rendition of Dixie by Gid Tanner and the Skillet Lickers, a Georgia fiddle band from 1926


    Here is one called Soldiers Joy, from 1929 with better sound quality. You can skip the add after 4 seconds.


    And “Four Cent Cotton” by Lowe Stokes

  8. Chairborne says:
    December 25, 2011 at 5:29 pm
    I remember when “Dixie” was played at halftime of SEC football games by marching bands and the whole stadium would stand up and cheer. Sadly those days are long gone as the Cultural Marxist were successful in deleting Dixie down the memory hole.

    Jack Ryan responds:

    As in most areas, I suggest we go local – small is beautiful. Sure – the big boys are all PC, the TV networks are PC, SEC football is PC – we’re all supposed to worship Black SEC student athlete gods. But in local, smaller areas PC doesn’t rule. Support other sports besides football and basketball. Hockey is now popular in the South. I’ll bet there are great options for minor league hockey where the hockey teams could even be called…..


    Imagine a sport played by (lots of local) white lads, where tickets are too expensive, where beer is good and not expensive, where the crowd is all White and teams can be named REBELS against Yanks – and there are bands that play Dixie and also Northern Union war songs if anybody can remember of find them. If the NAACP pushes for some type of boycott of small city, Southern minor league hockey because many teams are named THE REBELS and the Stars and Bars are proudly displayed and bands play “Dixie” – well, just accept the Black civil right boycott. The state of South Carolina’s tourism business didn’t suffer very much from the NAACP boycott. Maybe South Carolina beach towns lost $ because they were invaded by Black rap parties.

    O.D. readers need to stop being so nostalgic for some beloved White past. SEC football hasn’t been White since ~ 1972. White children born in 1972 are what – 39?

    We want to target White youth ages 13- 30.

    Let’s make nostalgia a thing of the past.

  9. December 25th, 2011
    S.S. Chicago

    I just want to wish Hunter, and all O.D. readers my very best – Merry Christmas everyone!

    My Christmas has been great, everyone is in a good mood and my neighborhood and the whole Chicago city has treated me well. Black African Americans have been especially nice – so who says all Black people are bad. Detroit and Birmingham Alabama may be collapsing, but my view of Chicago is positive.

    I also want to share good Christmas wishes to any decent Jewish people reading O.D. “Some of my best friends are Jews” – but they don’t control big TV Networks or the Washington Post, or the Federal Reserve, or hi-jack once solid Conservative magazines and think tanks and push Neo Conservative Jew wars and other horrors.

    To these very bad, evil wicked Jews I hope you are having a miserable Christmas Day – as you feel lonely, not really an accepted part of this great Christian Nation… that’s because you bad and evil Jews are not accepted in this good Christian Nation, so you should either repent, change your evil, wicked, anti White ways, or maybe make it….

    This year in Jerusalem

    Support Israel – the Homeland of the Jews…..

    Send them Home!

    God bless everyone on this beautiful Christmas Day.

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