Second Teen Attacked In Portland

Yet another teenager assaulted in Portland near MAX train

In Portland, a 15-year-old White teenager on his way home from a wrestling match has been brutally assaulted by a 5-foot-10, 200 pound, African-American motorist in his thirties who jumped out of his car, punched the boy, knocked him to the ground, and kicked him in the face multiple times.

“Friends of the South” in the North and West are encouraged to share the reality of Portland’s emerging Black Undertow problem with the integrationist Brooks D. Simpson who believes in “equality before the law” and “civil rights” and who strongly opposes “racism and white supremacy.”

Without that “racism” and “white supremacy,” Portland will inevitably shed its Whitopia status and become a Black Undertow city like St. Louis, Birmingham, Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, or New Orleans. In demonizing the South for Jim Crow segregation, Northern liberals like Brooks D. Simpson are inviting the Black Undertow plague to move into and spread terror into your own communities.

Go over there and tell Brooks D. Simpson, Rob Baker, Andy Hall, James Epperson and the rest of the gang that the South was right! Show them that “free society” failed in Haiti and Congo and that its going to fail in Portland too unless something is done to restrain this insidious force which lacks the capacity to maintain civilization.

Note: This whole incident comes after … well, it comes after we reported a mere two days ago that the Black Undertow had assaulted a 14-year-old White girl on a MAX train in suburban Portland.

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  1. His mom should have told him to avoid all contact with blacks. She said she was teaching him something in the first article you linked to, but evidently she forgot to say that.

    Avoid contact, if contact is absolutely unavoidable keep it brief and polite and then bug out. Don’t invite into home, don’t give out info etc etc don’t open the door.

    Trouble is I’d guess up there they don’t live around enough of them to know it in their veins.

    Also the earphones keep coming up in these attacks. People really shouldn’t use them so much. It cuts down the audio info and input you need to assess danger. Some people drive with their headphones in too. this kid was metaphorically like a zombies deadened to the world around him.

    You don’t need to talk with anyone in the street either.
    actual reality

  2. Next to the article about this kid is another telling symptom of the problem:

    Portlanders mark the anniversary of the Haiti earthquake. The altruism of the folk there really knows no bounds. Sadly, no good deed goes unpunished.

    The impact of the quake was so severe because these Haitians are such a backward savage throwback. They can’t cope with anything more advanced than bare subsistence. I feel some pity naturally, but they have been a basket case since 1805 approx. The concern for them speaks volumes about the big hearts of Europeans and Americans–yet every penny spent on them is a waste.

  3. Every attack that goes unanswered with a counterattack will generate more non-white attacks on whites.
    Welcome to the jungle.

  4. Well there is awareness of the problem by a lot of ordinary White people in Portland. And the TV station at least tells us the race of the assailant, something that doesn’t happen in the clip above.

    Another amazing fact is that according the the NY Times 48% of blacks in Portland are on food stamps.

    This is amazing when you think about it, as there is no legacy of black poverty in Oregon. There never was Jim Crow here, much less slavery, or sharecropping, or segregated schools.

    Almost every Black family in Portland arrived no earlier than WW2, when they came to work in military production jobs, similar to many working class Whites who arrived at that time. So given 60 years in a liberal utopia, with access to the same schools as everyone else the net failure (to feed oneself, and need foodstamps) rate as a group is 50%.

  5. It’s same with Jamaicans in the UK. They came as voluntary workers. None came in chains to London, Birmingham ( the original) Manchester, Bristol yet they failed at the same rate and need subsidy and special policing. Luckily they are only 1% of the national population. However they are as much as 10% of London. This explains most of the stabbing murders in London. Most of the drug deals, most of the muggings.

    The blacks are a transhistorical, transgeographical menace.

  6. 300RUM has the right of it. negros don’t understand much but they do understand violence and the will to use it. White folks need to harden up

  7. Speaking about NorthWest cities, I hear that Seattle, Washington is having problems with its Black undertow too. Yo’all might want to look into it.

  8. Well I am not calling for violence.I have lived in a majority black area for a long time.My sons were great soldiers but they moved on.My wife had enough and moved.They tell me I need to leave before it’s to late,but I have em surrounded from the inside and besides ,life would be boring if I didn’t always have to watch my back and had no reason to train.

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