City of Brotherly Thugs: Mayor Nutter Reacts to Shooting and Professor Shea Meets The Black Undertow

Kill-adelphia is off to a bloody start in 2012


I guess this is why Bull Connor closed the public parks in Birmingham before he would desegregate them. Southerners anticipated that “free society” would fail and took precautions in the name of public safety.

It is too bad professor Jim Shea, a retired vice president at Temple University, had the misfortune of meeting the Black Undertow last fall instead of our friend Brooks D. Simpson. The reason stuff like this happens all the time now in the North and West is because Northern liberals demonized the South and got the Civil Rights Act of 1964 passed by Congress.

Forced integration is turning Philadelphia into another failed experiment in “barbaric-democracy” like Detroit.

Update: Drudge has the story of Mayor Nutter condemning the “idiots and assholes” (aka the Black Undertow) who shot and killed three black teenagers over stupid bullshit in Kill-adelphia on Tuesday.

Note: I’m adding this here as yet another example of Kill-adelphia which we have “Great Expectations” for during Black Summer 2012. This is another sad example of the real “domestic extremists” that integrationists like Brooks D. Simpson have unleashed upon the “Free States.”

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  1. The City of Brotherly Thugs.

    What’s amazing about the old fellow, is that he had anything nice to say at all.
    Here he is, doesn’t need to worry about tenure and review and he keeps up the Stockholm Syndrome performance. It’s actually incredible how debased it all is reading his account of the beating.

    Do academics actually believe in equality after they are nearly killed by subhuman filth? Does he treat Starbuck’s cashiers and phone center workers as sweetly as he treats these sadistic monsters? He probably saved his anger for colleagues and subordinates, because you know he can’t possibly be that Christlike without taking it out on someone else later on.

  2. That park borders on some very nice SWPL neighborhoods. The professor likely thought he was safe, but as he has learned, there is no hiding from the vibrancy!

  3. Let’s turn this around:

    If an elderly retired black man with a distinguished professional career history was assaulted by several young white men for no other reason than to inflict violence on him, is there any doubt that the incident would make much bigger news, and that people would immediately interpret the incident as a racially-motivated attack – regardless of whether any racial epithets were used?

    And then combine this attack with dozens of similar attacks across the country – is there any doubt that we would be hearing about an epidemic of white-on-black hate crime?

    I’m glad you still report on this stuff. It might seem like banging your head against a wall, but the racist hate that blacks express towards whites and the everyday violence they commit against whites is something that every working class and middle class white person knows about in their gut, even if they’re not allowed to talk about it. Talking about it does make a difference and for many, it’s how white people become racially aware. Keep reporting please.

  4. My guess is that Hunter Wallace is to race realism what Monty Hall is to game shows.
    Hunter Wallace’s two-out-of-three hypothesis is:
    You can have blacks, freedom and equality, and civilization, but you must choose two out of three.
    I am guessing that the Black Undertow has 4 stages:
    1) Blacks and mulattos increase as a percentage of the population.
    2) Blacks and mulattos kill or drive out Europeans and Asians.
    3) Blacks kill or drive out mulattos.
    4) Cannibalistic blacks kill or drive out non-cannibalistic blacks.

  5. Simpson will have his turn, believe me. They sniff out and love Easy Meat. I’ve seen Niggers turn, on a dime, on their very best friend….

  6. Philadelphia is largely segregated by housing, but there’s no way people could enforce a legalized segregation.

    Operationally it couldn’t be done, it’s too fast paced, densely populated and chaotic.

  7. Those idiots and assholes need to tutor their children about ammo selection. Way too many Black on Black violent crimes only result in minor injuries due to the use of cheap, semi-wad bullets or military ball ammo. In this day an age it should be unthinkable that Black children are routinely denied access to high quality semi-jacketed hollow point ammunition. That’s some Jim Crow bullshit.

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