The Color of Crime: Oregon


In Oregon, African-Americans are 1.8 percent of the population, but are responsible for 15 percent of murder, 10 percent of rape, 18 percent of robbery, 10 percent of aggravated assault, and 6 percent of burglary.

Oregon doesn’t have a serious Black Undertow problem … not yet, but the Brown Tide is pouring into the state and accounts for a larger share of violent crime, and the welfare state is reportedly good there.

The word is spreading … come to the Pacific Northwest to despoil the last redoubt of urbanized America.

Source: State of Oregon, Report of Criminal Offenses and Arrests, 2009.

Update: Joseph Rose claims at The Oregonian that “MAX beating was ugly, but the reaction by some has been much worse.” In the DWL mindset, it is worse to be a “racist” than to violently assault someone.

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  1. At 1.8% this means the population is close to that of the UK. What is the color of crime in the UK?or other American states with similar percentages?

    I wonder if the 1.5% or 1% mark is the tipping point. or is it even less? .5%?

  2. I just glanced through the report. I saw arrests broken down by race but not by actual offenses. Did I overlook this? If not, why doesn’t the state collect this data? From the crime stuff I’ve been reading at Unamusement Park blog, it looks like the actual offender rate for blacks would be even higher than the arrest rate.

  3. Arrests and offenses are not the same thing. Every offender isn’t arrested and every arrestee isn’t convicted. The Black Undertow gets away with a lot of crime. Especially property crime.

  4. Jane,

    Again this is a state where there is absolutely no history of slavery. Every black there is there as a result of migrating to a good unionized factory job or even better. Oregon has an excellent welfare state combined with a public infrastructure you’d be hard pressed to find the equal of in France, Sweden or Japan.

    They ruin literally everything.

  5. That is very good news. Those folks out that way remind me of Minnesotans in the 1970’s. The vast majority of them have never had a prolonged conversation with a nigger, but they profess to know more than all of us ignorant bastards who spent our entire lives having to deal with those Black bastards.

    They have no idea that in a few short years they will be looking back at right now as the good old days.

    Fuck ’em. The best cure for liberalism is niggers.

  6. “The best cure for liberalism is niggers.”

    And that will be my new all-purpose reply when any of my Chicago liberal cousins begin lamenting in quieted tones about the decline of their once-affluent DWL neighborhoods.

  7. 52% of homicides are committed by blacks; most by black males aged 18-49.

    In other words, about half of all homicides in the USA are committed by less than 3 percent of the population.

    Leftists don’t argue with facts. How could they? They’d lose the debate.

    Rather, they appeal to our emotions, flooding us with White guilt (and it’s flip side, black rage.) The result: Most White Americans prefer to live in abject denial rather than risk being labeled a ‘racist’.

  8. “MAX beating was ugly, but the reaction by some has been much worse.”

    That says it all. I bet all the “reaction” was, was a white person identifying that it was a black person that did the crime, and being outraged by their general violence against whites. In the DWL mind, saying words against black people is worse than multiple physical assaults committed by black people.

  9. In the DWL mindset, it is worse to be a “racist” than to violently assault someone….

    It’s not worse to be a racist— it’s worse to complain, or even notice, or in any way discuss, any acts of non-white ethnic violence, including from “mexicans” or asians, even if the crimes are among the most horrifying in the history of the world.

    In that context, Racist seems to mean noticing or discussing genocide.

    To notice the death of others is considered “rude.”

  10. “it looks like the actual offender rate for blacks would be even higher than the arrest rate.”

    Because the scale of violence and crime is so much greater in black neighborhoods there’s no time to deal with it all so “serious” has a higher threshold. For example, fists and up might be serious in a white neighborhood but only knives and up in a black neighborhood.

  11. Clearly we also have black victims and witnesses who will not come forward, and whites who do not come forward for fear of reprisal and being painted as racist.

    Assault requires that the victim pursue charges. That can be tough to do if you live among them.

  12. I’ve seen these correlative statistics between Negroids and crime for decades. I have even written papers on the subject. There are myriad organizations crying foul every day! Yet, over the last 50 years it has only gotten worse. We, the collective Folk, needs a different strategy or we will disappear while screaming the same statistics. We need real political power. It is fine to identify the issues plaguing our Folk. Let us embark on the solution!

    Sid Gilmore
    National Socialist American Labor Party

  13. John – racial percentages don’t matter. What matters is who is in control. 1% of Blacks will DESTROY 99% White – if Blacks and Jews are in control. Jews OWN England. They’ve been attacking and corroding Enlgad for centuries. The Post colonial Blacks have been brought into to finish things off. It’s not just demographcs – it’s culture. it’s ideas. The destruction of White identity, and Christianity, is MUCH more complete in Enlgand, than in the USA.

    The alchemy of Jew Acid on White America is pretty wide – but only “deep” in certain areas. I’m in Yankeeland – the Northeast. There are places, in the NorthEast that are VERY White. Whites that have NEVER lived around anything else but White. The Whites in my State still have very tight family ties, and are religious – which is good – but they are dangeorusly niave, nd are being deluded by Judaized, corrupted “Christian” Marxist ideology. And Blacks are being brought in, under Section 8. This is a fatal combination.

    The almost 100% White New England States of Maine and NH – they are lovely places – but “socialized”. They’ve been fairly de-Christianized They don’t have a clue as to what THEY are in for. Yankeeland has been fatally poisoned by Utopianism. They may well be doomed.

    (Vermont is a rich Commie Jew/White Golem bug-out State. RI has been owned and operated by Jewry since that bought George Washington with a party, and flattery. RI was “Israel” before Israel existed).

    Hunter’s Dixie – the Southern Whites are surrounded by Blacks – but they KNOW they are White, and Africans are Africans. This makes ALL the difference in the world. This knowledge is wqhat MAKES the world.

  14. Denise: Your comments are good and accurate. Miami Beach use to be called Little Jerusalem. Broward County in Florida use to have more Yiddish Speaking Jews than Israelie. Singer Island in Palm Beach, Florida is a world of its own. Its vacation land for the Northeast Liberal Establishment. The best Black Crime reporting is on NNN NEWS on google. With wrong mind set people are already in the Fema Camps. Multi-culturalism in the long run will sober up alot of people, some will cling to the rotten mind set and go to their grave with it………

  15. It’s fascinating to see the paper quickly pounce on the natural reaction to black-on-white crime and blame the people who are reacting. Who you going to believe, you own eyes, or me a lying hack?

    Rose is excremental.

  16. On the up side, Oregon is a “shall issue” state for concealed handgun permits and it is legal own machines guns. 🙂

  17. DWL’s are in complete denial about the race issue. Like I said in an earlier post, many of these DWL’s will literally fall on their own sword before they’ll admit they were wrong about the niggers.

    If anyone is that stupid to actually believe we’re all the same, then I say good riddance. I believe there are plenty of white people who should be culled and are our worst enemy.

    My mother-in-law belongs to the Lutheran church. Her church makes quilts and gives them to the darkies overseas. These niggers sell those quilts on the black market in exchange for guns. These little old white ladies spend HOURS on these quilts. They are exquisite. And they are pissed away by some congoid ape for an AK47.

    When I first met her and told her why I would not be attending her church and why, she understood. She agrees with me, the quilts should be given to poor whites who would gladly have those items. But OH NO, the guilty white liberals in her church wanna give those prized items to the niggers in Africa. Makes me sick.

    My wise grandma (who was very racially aware as was my Mom) used to tell me do not trust niggers, Jews or the yellow race. I don’t care how long you know these people, they will always side with their own when SHTF. I’ve never forgotten that.

    After the dust settles and things fall apart and I feel they will, hopefully the good whites who understand racial reality will survive, thrive and make white babies.

  18. I am going to buy every one on this web site a box of tampons(every one acts like there pussy are bleeding)By the way the south sucks with or without blacks.

  19. “I am going to buy every one on this web site a box of tampons(every one acts like there pussy are bleeding)By the way the south sucks with or without blacks.”

    god tried to kill blacks, isolating them from civilization. He sent malaria and the tetsi fly. But the white man just had to intervene. He had to bring modern farming, medicine, plumbing the train and automobile. He stupidly brought them forth from their continent to live among us. And then the plague of locusts spread all over North American and European cities. I don’t expect advanced civilization to survive the blight.

  20. John – you are too pessimistic. Ideas create action.

    We WILL survive and thrive. We have a world of mayhem to face down, and defeat – but we will be stronger for our trials.

  21. Through Afro-America: an English reading of the race problem (1910) by William Archer
    p. 60, a Memphis bookseller in 1910 explains to Archer:
    “… the reason there aren’t more outrages is that we whites have learnt how to protect ourselves against the negro, just as we do the yellow fever and the malaria—the work of noxious insects. You’re at the Hotel Gayoso, are you? Well, you see the wire gauze screens over all the doors and windows? That is to keep out the musketeers; in the same way we must keep the nigger out of our lives.”
    p. 232, Archer states:
    I do not understand how any white man who has ever visited the South can fail to be dismayed at the thought of absorbing into the veins of his race the blood of the African myriads who swarm at every hand. James D. Watson Issues Apology for Comments About Blacks
    Hunter Wallace’s two-out-of-three hypothesis is:
    You can have blacks, freedom and equality, and civilization, but you must choose two out of three.

  22. We WILL survive and thrive. We have a world of mayhem to face down, and defeat – but we will be stronger for our trials.

    well said

  23. You should do the crime stats for the State of Connecticut and the city of New Haven in particular. That city is the home Yale University yet is a crime infested hellhole almost on par with Camden, New Jersey. New Haven is considered the 4th most dangerous city in all of America. Also, the mayor there wants to give voting rights to illegal immigrants. It’s a crazy place.

  24. But, but, but,

    I thought the NW was supposed to be some sort of homeland? 😉

    Places are what we make them, methinks.

    A Reader

  25. Those Oregon blacks are very well mannered compared to the sorry bunch of blacks that inhabit Minnesota. In Minneapolis and St. Paul, blacks are less than 12% of the population, but account for upto 90% of certain crimes (robbery, murder). Oregon has it made compared to Minnesota. But, Minnesota has had blacks longer than Oregon, so just give it time. BTW: guess what OR and MN have in common? They both are in the top 10 highest welfare benefit states. If you give it away for free, they will come.

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