Travel Warning: Avoid MLK Boulevard and New Orleans

Stay away from Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard


As OD gets ready to celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 2012 next Monday, we are issuing a national travel warning to our readers to avoid all streets, drives, roads, and boulevards named after prominent figures from the Civil Rights Movement like Martin Luther King, Jr, Rosa Parks, Ralph Albernathy, etc.

These dangerous streets are likely to be inhabited by representatives of the Black Undertow. Don’t be tempted by the cheap gasoline or the need to stop at a convenience store to use the restroom.

Even if you have worked for decades on Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard, it is better to piss in your pants than to patronize a business in a black neighborhood. Nothing is worth the price of your life.

Update: The Black Undertow is off to a roaring start in the “Chocolate City,” as the AP reports “18-hour outbreak of violence stuns New Orleans.” This is the beginning of winter and 12 people have been murdered in 12 days!

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  1. Clyburn on MSNBC, ignorant Bumbling patois speaking race baiter.

    Why is he being interviewed? Cynical rotters. There is no Dem primary down there.

    The nutter is comparing Obama’s first term to a doctor in triage.

    Romney, a Bteam candidate at best is simply going to be buried by the the press. They keep bringing Dems on to discuss internal Republican politics. Or the just like Gingrich.

    GOP corrected Clyburn by pointing out that GM did actually go into bankruptcy. Clyburn is a full on ignoramus.

  2. That Ap would have helped in 1993, I left the Hoosier dome after a motocross race and followed the signs telling me how to get to the interstate. Well it was straight down MLK blvd, miles of dark territory and one functioning street light. Had friends who got off the interstate following signs to the downtown during some summer weekend and it cured them of the pathology of white guilt in the few miles they had to traverse.

    Don’t know if those signs are still there or they quietly took them down and directed people to another exit, but it is fairly well known never get off onto MLK in Nap’town.

  3. Here in Nebraska’s capital city (83% white 3.8% african-american) one of the freeways leading into downtown is “Rosa Parks Boulevard”. What do you do about false positives on the I-Phone ghetto app?

  4. Actually, MLK Blvd in the northern half of Berserkeley CA is quite nice. South of downtown and in Oakland, not so much…

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