11 Year Old With Handgun Arrested on MAX Train


I know what you are thinking … this is an isolated incident, it has nothing to do with race, and it says nothing about the reality of the Black Undertow using public transportation in Portland.

Because to assume otherwise and draw a logical connection to the three other incidents in Portland we have reported on this month alone here would be, well, racist.

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  1. I’m actually begining to think that there’s a Central Niggerization Agency sending these dumbfucks out there to trash the whitopias, run whites off public transit and otherwise pollute the good things we still have. Did this guy get a memo telling him to terrorize the metro? It’s like clockwork. Obviously the Portland metro is heading for a bloodbath, thenthere will be a commission and recommendations about Oregon’s institutional rayssism.

  2. @John

    Yes. It’s called the SPLC. They actively search out the whitest areas of the country and then threaten legal action if the place isn’t “diversified” (niggerized) to their satisfaction.

    I doubt Portland will ever see open racial warring between niggers and whites, no matter how much Covington fantasizes about it. The niggers there will continue to chimpout until the white liberals migrate away and incoming waves of Mestizos fill their void and then set upon the niggers, who will in turn follow the liberal whites to wherever they fled to. Lather, rinse, repeat.

    There won’t be a revolution in the northwest. It will just slowly, steadily become Aztlan North.

  3. The U.S. federal governmen has been the Central Niggerization Agency ever since Ape Lincoln. Blacks move to Whitopias because there the White cops hassle them less and the they get more welfare and the young bucks get more blonde, blue-eyed sluts and athletic scholarships. And the heboons and sheboons get better educational opportunities.
    http://www.nytimes.com/2011/07/06/education/06atlanta.html Systematic Cheating Is Found in Atlanta’s School System
    The scandal has revived age-old questions about the ability of urban youth to achieve …
    http://www.nytimes.com/2010/08/08/education/08atlanta.html Cheating Scandal Haunts Atlanta School Superintendent
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDMP3TUjQP0 Atlanta Public Schools Cheating Scandal (ramzpaul)
    … American southerners … recognized that when the Lord saw fit to punish the South with black and foreign troops, many of them Irish Catholics, it was a foretelling of the end of the world and we should all prepare. – Alice Teller, Jan. 28, 2012, The Occidental Observer
    In 2008 A.D., police solved 35% of the homicides in Chicago, 22% of the homicides in New Orleans, and 21% of the homicides in Detroit.
    http://www.timesrecordnews.com/news/2010/may/24/unsolved-homicides Unsolved homicide rate climbs
    In Chicago, New Orleans and Detroit, should people put up giant billboards that read: UNSOLVED HOMICIDE VICTIMS, HIGH SCHOOL DROPOUTS – RACISM KILLS, DESTROYS EDUCATION AND GETS AWAY WITH IT ???
    I suggest that we form an anti-NY anti-Times that runs items like:
    The only thing that makes life endurable where Blacks abound is the Jim Crow principle, and I wish they’d apply it in New York both to Niggers and to the more Asiatic type of puffy, rat-faced Jews. – H. P. Lovecraft
    http://www.heretical.com/miscella/hplc-dr.html The Private Views of H. P. Lovecraft
    The U.S.A. has been Aztlan North of the Non-Border ever since LBJ. MLK brought freedom and equality to his people. In another context:
    “I think it’s disturbing,” said Trimet spokeswoman Mary Fetsch.

  4. Look into this kid’s family history… the whole family are gangbangers or connected to them. The boy’s sister was allegedly killed last year by her gang banger boyfriend. Sister’s father was killed last year too apparently and was convicted of attempted murder.

  5. “I know what you are thinking … this is an isolated incident….”

    What I was thinking is; this should demonstrate the importance of training, mentoring and protecting White children to White fathers

  6. @313 Chris

    The good folks that work at the SPLC aren’t bulletproof or made of non-flammable materials. And if Portland liberals simply migrate, again, in response to negro chimpout, maybe the non-urban good’old boys in the area they relocate to should consider using them for target practice.

    If it’s white-on-white crime it’s not “hatecrime”, right?

    “There won’t be a revolution in the northwest. It will just slowly, steadily become Aztlan North.”

    That assumes all conditions will remain equal and unchanged during the slow, steady process of colonization. A little thing called “economic-societal collapse” might help put a wrench in the construction of “Aztlan North”

  7. The Pacific Northwest doesn’t have any special sauce. It has just been lagging behind other parts of the country in jumping on the diversity bandwagon. Oregon and Washington now have Upper South demographics.

    It won’t be long before Washington is more non-White than Alabama. We saw California go from the Golden State to Mexifornia in zero to sixty. States like Alabama and Arkansas may have a lot of blacks, but they are not rapidly changing.

  8. I wonder if any DWL will ever wake up one morning and realize that he/she is judged guilty of the ‘crimes’ of a tiny minority of their White ancestors, while they themselves excuse the savage behavior of the vast majority of niggers?

  9. What crime did the European commit?

    Being better at stuff? That’s about it.

    Liberal types are just cowering hoping they are the last to go in the cannibal’s cauldron.

  10. As John shows, BR-UK and BR-Canada are even more tyrannical than the system we have here in the United States. They have taken Negrophilia to a whole new level of tyranny.

  11. The comments at station are basically the bad parenting variety. IOM BRA is failing so badly that the DWLs are halucinating while awake.

  12. The comments are oscillating between “those who see”
    and those still excusing the conduct with spurious reasoning.

  13. This feral specimen is the natural result of lavish subsidies for poor procreational choices. BRA is a dysgenics program, whereby the poor, the stupid, and the impulsive are rewarded with cash bonuses for every mistake they foist upon the public weal.

    The “Cash for Bastards” program must end.
    All applicants for welfare must be sterilized before receiving assistance.

  14. Just the blacks.

    White people, even the most degraded and beat down, are capable of something useful.
    I like the Roman and Greek ideal of The Goddess Fortune. You can have bad times and redeem yourself. Europe has had Its ups and downs. Europeans ought to be given the benefit of the doubt accordingly. Not so blacks. They are a fucking scourge.

  15. Fortuna’s identity as personification of chance events was closely tied to virtus (strength of character). Public officials who lacked virtues invited ill-fortune on themselves and Rome: Sallust uses the infamous Catiline as illustration – “Truly, when in the place of work, idleness, in place of the spirit of measure and equity, caprice and pride invade, fortune is changed just as with morality”.

    From wiki. Fortuna agreed with Gary Player. Fortune loves virtuous Dedication to practicing.

  16. In an Ideal World, a beautiful, curious young White child finds some old books, or newspapers, and asks Mommy and Daddy, “What are Black People? I’ve never heard of that before. I’ve never seen any….”

  17. When, long ago, the gods created Earth,
    In Jove’s fair image Man was shaped at birth.
    The beasts for lesser parts were next designed;
    Yet were they too remote from humankind,
    To fill the gap, and join the rest to Man,
    Th’Olympian host conceived a clever plan.
    A beast they wrought, in semi-human figure,
    Filled it with vice, and called the thing a NIGGER.

    Thanks for the link on lovecraft, jew-york times!

  18. Down in Johnson and Tarrant counties in Texas there is a fairly concerted effort by Whites and Old Family Mexicans to steer Mexican illegals towards Massachusetts and Connecticut. They simply engage suspected illegals in friendly conversation and get around to telling a fabricated story about an illegal former neighbor (or co-worker, employee or in-law) who moved up to the Northeast and they just love it up there. Benefits galore, etc.

    Stealing a page from their playbook, I recently planted a seed in the heads of of a nigger couple who were panhandling outside a convenience store somewhere in central Arkansas.

    I had a jacket on, so they couldn’t see my tattoo that says FUCKA BUNCHA BEING NICE and the others that incorporate symbols of hate.

    In my best impression of an NPR newsreader’s voice, I asked them why they were wasting their time in the South where they have absolutely no chance of getting ahead when they could be living good out in Oregon. Then I went on to weave a tale that paraphrased “Big Rock Candy Mountain”.

    After I paid for may gas and was heading to my car the young buck hollered to me that he was gonna check that out, and I thought, “Yeah, I know you will, and even if you don’t, some of the niggers you tell about it will, and so will some of the niggers they tell about it.

    As I’ve stated many times, the best cure for liberalism is niggers. Oregon deserves the cure. Even if they don’t get cured, at least every nigger who gets steered up there won’t be ruining shit in the South.

  19. “Look into this kid’s family history… the whole family are gangbangers or connected to them.”

    MAOA – it’s genetic. The DWLs may not realize it but they’re breeding sociopaths.

  20. Denise: Jewburgs are pretty much nig proof. Sheenies are a clever bunch when it comes to looking out for their own. They know how to circumvent the Equal Housing Opportunity laws that they were instrumental in creating.

    If I were a billionaire I would buy up every house that became available in the gated communities where the highest level people of the SPLC and the ACLU live, then I would fill those houses with the biggest, blackest, stupidest and most violence prone niggers that the world has ever seen. That’s probably the only way the Jews are going to get lashed with the whip they braided, and I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

    So, in the meantime, I’m going to try to figure out a way to send lots cannibals to liberal enclaves. As soon as I have time to do it, I would like to start a website that ranks states according to their level of Negrophilia. I would disguise it as a pro-lift-a-nigga-up site and list the many benefits that certain areas have to offer to our obsolete agricultural equipment.

    Here’s something else to ponder: White Nationalists and Black Nationalists sound exactly the same when they are talking about Jews. Farrakhan would pick right up where Hitler left off if he could. There must be a way to use that.

  21. I’d be mainly concerned to keep Jews onside. You can’t make war on everyone at once. I’d just prefer to introduce blacks to Davey Jones. Keep it simple.

  22. PRB – sure there is a way to use Anti Kike antipathy. The second Nigs start spouting off aobut Whites – calmly and symapthetically tell them that it’s not Whites but Kikes. Did you ever read ” The Secret Relationship between Jews and Blacks” put out by the NOI? I did. It’s not fancy prose – but it’s rock solid scholarship. Yup. It is. The entire book is done with Jewish sources. That are verifiable.

    If you or ANY other Whites cites this source, with Blacks – they are so astonished that a White gives credibility to a Black source – they are absolutely wowed. They are suddenly your very best friend. All hatred evaporates. Send ’em after the Hebes. And I wil send ’em to Jew towns. Even if they can’t move in, they can cluster round the edges, and cause lots of “trubbles”

  23. Denise: For the time being, I just want to punish the running dogs of the Zionist oppressors and turn them against their masters.

    Every place the Jew has lived he has become hated by the host population. They don’t start out being hated by everyone, but it gradually comes to that as the Jews lose their yes men and supporters. The liberals are their yes men and supporters. By the time the liberals make that final White Flight move to the exurbs, very few of them are still liberals. They just need a little nig nudge.

    Hitler wised up the Jews that got away. They have never before managed to get their little tick legs embedded as deeply in a country as they are in America right now. They are going to be hard to remove this time around. Turning their cheerleaders against their fifth column will be a good start.

    It’s truly a shame that niggers are too stupid to teach each other about the amazing tool that acetylene and other torch gasses can become when combined with a furnace igniter and an electric household timer. Lots of niggers are converting to Islam in prison, and nigger prison Muslims hate Sheenies even more than you do.

  24. I believe as some of the other posters alluded to that these flash mobs are staged and I wouldn’t be surprised if they came from the Holder office in the white house. I believe these apes are being paid with a rock, some cash and probably an Ipod or SmartPhone.

    PRB – I’m definitely going to do what you’re doing (encouraging the Orcs and the nigs to move to areas like Washington and Oregon) and let them get a taste of what we have to live with.

    Hunter is right, in Alabama, there are a lot of blacks, but in the small town I’m in, they’re a minority and they behave. They’re the older southern blacks who mind their own business.

    In the winter months I’m in South Florida. I cannot wait to talk to these orcs and especially the black Haitians to dump South FL and entertain the NW and the upper NE for jobs and opportunities.

    I’m going to paint this rosy pictures of food stamps galore, free food at the food bank and how much better their healthcare is in those east coast hospitals.

    This makes me very happy. I cannot wait to go out tomorrow.

  25. John – Oregon is FULL of anti-white whites would shoot you in the back or turn you into the feds if they know you’re a racist or pro-white. I lived in Oregon briefly and wouldn’t touch that state again with a ten foot pole. Portland is full of left libs who would rather be accused of being a serial killer than be called a racist.

    The self-hating whites who are brain dead need to see first hand how non-whites have destroyed a state. That is precisely why I left California after 20 years of living there. I hated to leave. I had no choice. The anti-white whites and the Jews in Sacramento made sure and laid out the welcome mat for any disgusting Mexican who wanted to waddle across the border, but if whitey needed help or a job, they were ignored.

    In the small Alabama town I’m in, it’s about 5% black and they behave. I wish it were 100% white but that’s not going to happen unless all the older blacks die off and are not replaced.

    Would I love to find a white only town? I’m looking and once I find her, I’m there for good.

  26. Sad to say, as I have read these comments, most of the posters here are violently angry at having negroes living in areas where they live. Then, when they see no solution, the want to inflict that anger on whites who have (for whatever reasons) been ignorant/clueless as to the real problem Blacks create, and look with longing on the LLBean types who inhabit the Pacific NW. That is envy.

    Both unrighteous anger and envy are sins. And frankly, what good is it doing, if you lie and then steer less than normal intelligence types to areas where they have not been part of the political/racial landscape, there to merely become a canker on the face of every place in America that you don’t live in, or can’t live in? Is that fair? Both WA and OR have their own hispanicization issues, and Seattle looks more like Hong Kong, than a formerly Scandinavian logging camp. (‘The bluest skies you’ve ever seen, are in Seattle, And the hills are greenest green, in Seattle….”)

    Do we start sending Negroes to Rawles’ ‘WHITE-aho’ (for instance) because they are a white enclave, filled with preppers and isolationists- and do so, even when/because Rawles himself still/yet/unbelievably believes the multiculti lies, as observed in his books – an/or his theology? One black bastard in Coeur D’Alene was all it took for Atty. Edgar J. Steele to be ‘ousted’ from the CONSERVATIVE political party he wanted to run in, which then led to his FEDGOV sham trial, where a White informant to ‘set him up.’ And Steele lived in Idaho!

    You mention the SPLC. have you not read/seen or heard that their ‘HQ’ looks like a ‘max security fortress’ against attack, bombs, etc.? And in DT Montgomery, AL.- why? WHOM DO THEY HAVE TO FEAR? (You should already know the answer)

    It is not the individual black or the individual liberal white that should be the target of our righteous hatred. It is the tribe that has sought INTELLECTUALLY to destroy us, from day one, beginning in this nation, over a hundred years ago. ELIMINATE THAT SOURCE, and one can handily recapture the minds of whites, and put the blacks in their place. It’s the only final solution to this problem. And it’s no coincidence that Germany had seven years of peace, before the ‘international bankers’ on the other side of the pond, caused the war that ultimately gave them Palestine, while destroying Germany…

    Or why Ron Paul’s message is negated/ignored/downplayed by the Media- for, when all is said and done, His ONE idea (Audit the Fed) is what sends craven fear into their dark, damned and ugly souls, and frightens them to the marrow of their bones. CUT OFF THEIR MONEY, CUT OFF THEIR LEGITIMACY, and you can CUT THEM OFF.

    End of story. Hunter, you know what I am talking about. You’ve known this for years…

  27. Fr John – and others – I am in Yankeeland. My WORST enemies are the Jews worshipping, COMPLETELY naive White “Christians” who don’t have one shred of REAL experience with Niggers na Orcs. I’ve tried to warn them. Nice;y ,and then angrily. They believe whatever Glenn Beck tell’s ’em, and get furious with me, for contradicting Beck.

    Well they NEED real world experience. Up close and personal. They DESERVE REAL WORLD Beverly Melton experiences. When they experience enough of their own getitng robbed, assaulted, and KILLED, by their Beck beloved Nigs and Orcs – MAYBE they’ll ome around.

  28. Denise, I disagree.

    The British used to send settlers into NREs Nigger Rich Environments. We used to send batallions of Infantry to protect them and cavarly to case down and sabre the slovenly darkie.

    Then after conquest and subjugation some of the lads would come home and tell everyone else about the darkie savage and show them the spear scars to prove it.

    The black man doesn’t belong in the Northern hemesphere, he doesn’t belong in Asia or the Western hemesphere. One nignog is a nignog too many.

  29. Denise is right.

    Fr. John – this isn’t about envy. I have NO envy for the LL bean types. I have plenty of money. I don’t need to envy anyone.

    I’ve completely given up on my brainwashed family. Most of them I’ve written off. Because they think I’m such a radical I don’t even discuss politics with them anymore for fear they might turn in their racist relative! Horrors!

    I’m damned angry at the clueless whites who still champion uncontrolled spic immigration and will lay off my white nephew to hire a spic for half the price.

    John and Fr. John – IMO, you’re off base here. I agree that ending the FED and putting an end to BIG JEW is the answer, but until the kikenvermin are gone from the USA we’ve still got a problem on our hands with the nigs and the illegal spics. Not to mention the gooks who milk the government for free nail salon courses and section 8 housing for their old dried up kimchee eating grandparents. Who BTW gets SSI after grandma is in the US for 5 years.

    The liberal white churches bring in the nigs from Somalia and letting them loose on a town full of good whites. Then when the white girls get raped and murdered, they blame it on anything but race.

    ARA is full of white people. Dumb-assed, brain-dead cell-phone addicted EMO freaks who would bash anyone of our heads in if they got a chance. Look what they did to Zundel’s house in Canada? They burned it down. I would revel in it if one of those freaks got attacked by some feral nigs.

    If you don’t listen, you’ll have to feel. And when a nig is up close and personal to you or your loved ones, your attitude changes.

    If a white man or woman is that mentally ill to still cheer for the nigs even in the face of a brutal crime, then these white folks need to be culled from our society and shunned forever.

  30. “The British used to send settlers into NREs Nigger Rich Environments. We used to send batallions of Infantry to protect them and cavarly to case down and sabre the slovenly darkie.

    Then after conquest and subjugation some of the lads would come home and tell everyone else about the darkie savage and show them the spear scars to prove it. ”

    I just got all warm and fuzzy feeling reading that. Must have been a great time to be a White man.

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