Dekaney High School Riot


It looks like we are having a big education day here … this time African-Americans at Dekaney High School in Houston have provided us with an instructive lesson in what it is like to attend an integrated high school in the United States.

Note: In case you were wondering, this was not an isolated incident. The second video is a recording of a similar riot that took place at Dekaney High School last year. YouTube is full of similar videos of other fights and riots that have been recorded with smart phones.

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  1. The city should change the name of the highschool to ‘Da Coony’. The end of the first video is hilarious when the newsnig says that the riot only involved a small number of students and the rest of the ghetto gremlins were just bystanders. Hey smokie, did you see the same video clip that I did?

  2. I would love to see a documentary with footage of 1950’s and 60’s civil rights marches and speeches interspersed with current videos of Black Mob attacks and public transportation beat-downs. A good title might be”Freedom Failed”. Perhaps Roger Corman would allow the director to use footage of William Shatner in “The Intruder”.

  3. Dekaney Principal suggests higher security & extra police in the school… orange jumpsuits & chains? It seems that’s only thing that works. Oh dear, how insensitive!

  4. Theodore Bilbo wrote a book “Take Your Choice: Separation or Mongrelization”.
    I suggest that the problem with black Africans is worse than that. If you could somehow manage to send black people back to Africa, then what would be the long term outcome? What would happen if leaders like Idi Amin or General Butt Naked got the A-bomb? Do you want countries with average population IQ 70 governed by a cannibal with an IQ of 80? I suggest that the book of nature might be: “Take Your Choice: Civilization or the Continued Existence of Black People”.

  5. This is why “white flight” has existed since the beginning of time…….

    “There is no sense in being “black” (or brown for that matter) if you can’t act like it…….” This should be our mantra! It is straight and to the point. It doesn’t require a lot of thought either…… Comprende amigos?

  6. countries with average population IQ of 70 and governed by a cannibal with an IQ of 80, are not capable of making the A-bomb, let alone delivering it. Unless it the AIDES bomb

  7. Europeans are the original white flight.

    Scene Rift Valley:

    A mixture of what we would identify as Middle Easterners, East Asians and Europeans.
    They are around camp in heated discussion:

    “Forget this place. Everytime I kill a deer the Head Nigger In Chief and his offspring steals it or waits for my kids to eat after I go off to the next hunt and beats them up
    for the carcass.”

    “agreed. We should leave this place. Everytime I make a painting to tell storiesto the kids about his they behave, one of the sheboons always scowls uncomprehendingly scratches it out and pisses on it.”

    ” Me too. I was making this thing that hurls spears twice as far. Like an arm extension.
    I call it an Atlatl. It’ll make us better hunters. Double the food we catch. Anyway, the HNIC came by the hut and looked at it threw it sideways with this bizarre sideways
    handgrip. Hit my woman! Bastard! now she’s got an infection. Then the HNIC grunted called it useless and snapped it to bits and trampled my other samples.”

    “Atlatl, I can make a salve for you woman’s wound. This plant I found will help. Perhaps we might need to cut off infected flesh though. Anyway, yep that stupid witchdoctor brother of the HNIC, he stole the flints I carved for surgery. He exchanged them for elephant dung. I’m tired of it all. I know it’s cold up north but these half monkeys are too lazy and stupid to exploit the resources we might find. They’d have to survive off the sweat of their brows and be cooperative, if we marched up as a group we might out run the ooking and eeking horde.”

    “wouldn’t they follow us like always?”

    “yes, but wehave no choice. Additionally I think they will go back to doing the easy stuff like eating rotten fruit, stealing eggs out of nests, eating carrion. They will be happier with us gone. I’m certain that there a big world beyond this valley. Room enough for all the families brave enough to move.”

    “what if they pursue? ”

    “about those super spears Atlatls? They will hold the pack off right? Can you show us how to build them? I’ll get the medicine I brewed, it might help your woman.”

  8. Next day the group are packed up and about three miles out of the Valley…

    A group of blacks pursuing the families of the Out of Africa Anabasis.

    “Ooga, boogaloo, booga, where ma food? Where you put wimmins?”

    “sorry we no more food Gibs you. No more women. No more boys to beat up.”

    “U dair! You all by self.” said the HNIC raising his fist, murder flashing in his eyes.
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    the niggers pour forward and strike the leader down. Hitting him with clubs and stabbing him with sharp sticks. He dies.

    “up boys, up and at ’em!'”

    suddenly from behind the rocks a dozen humans appear hurling atlatls. The HNIC is struck three times, he begins to wimper. The niggers circle the old chief, as spears from long distance methodically strike one after another of the war party.
    A voice calls out from behind a rock.

    “stop following us or we will kill every last one of you. You can’t step any further in this direction.”

    the remaining niggers, abandon their dead to the vultures and head south.

    The group of families slowly emerge from cover. They collect at the scene of the altercation where the medicine man was struck down. They greive, they give thanks, they consider he was a bit soft for parleying with the HNIC, but consider him noble enough for attempting to settle the exodus peacefully. They bury him with a few choice words and lesson learned. They cut of the head of the HNIC and place it facing the direction they came from, to deter the superstitious niggers. They then head off with
    dreams of a better world.

  9. 2001 shows the HNIC using a club. I’ve refined some technical things and pointed out possible differences in culture.

  10. John – CLASSIC and tragic fatal mistake. The fleeing Whites, and whatever else they are, should AMBUSH the Niggers -and finsh off the problem once and for all. No mercy. No quarter.

    No repeat mistakes. No PROBLEM.

  11. I think that they did make a mistake. They must have made a mistake, right?
    That’s why I wrote the story with that ending.

    They let the thieving cowards go. They buried their own dead and started a totem religion to scare the simpletons. They also tried diplomacy, which failed, however they did prepare a good ambush. I’d also imagine that they were grossly outnumbered and running out of missiles. They could not have risked the darkies bursting into the camp to savage the women and children. Only a dozen or so men were capable of using the Atlatl. Which had a material and psychological impact. Also I introduced the idea of fair exchange: weapons for medicine.

    The HNIC was too dumb to realize he had been shown the next evolution of armament. Too brutal to use the refined weapon.

  12. Here’s some Data on the Atlatl:

    It extended the range of a light spear or short dart by utilizing a lever motion. It was very accurate at ranges of 20 meters but could strike out much further. As well as its practical use as a hunting weapon, it may also have had social effects. John Whittaker, an anthropologist at Grinnell College, Iowa, suggests the device was a social equaliser in that it requires skill rather than muscle power alone. Atlatl samples are commonly found in Asia, Europe, Australiasia and the Western Hemesphere.

  13. @stonelifter: I am quite sure that a country with an average population IQ of 70 and a cannibal dictator could not develop an A-bomb – but I am also quite sure that some people will sell anything for money. The cannibal dictator might give sanctuary to Moslem terrorists who are very capable of developing an A-bomb with a delivery system or a highly effective bioweapon. Do black people and Moslems need to be eliminated so that any form of civilization (European, Oriental or even mestiz0) can survive?

  14. Have you noticed that EVERY report involving Black perps ALWAYS has a Black stand-in in the video. Race consciousness is supreme in BRA. A normal mind (few left these days) would at once judge this to be cowardice, but in BRA cowardice has been redefined as “sensitivity.” And it is all in the name of that wonderful principle of equality. BTW, how well I remember black depravity on every level when in school in the 60’s and early 70’s. It was impossible not to know it to be true so prevalent and grotesque was it. However, the propaganda machine in BRA known as the public school was always in high gear and pounding us with the vile fiction of the emperor’s BEAUTIFUL clothes.

  15. They don’t need to be eliminated, but they do need to be kept in check. I’m a life long solider. I don’t believe in bullshit like leave them be, or nations can be friends. There is the strong and there is the weak. The strong must do what it takes to remain strong, and keep the weak weak, or the tables will be turned. I do not want the tables turned on White folks. We are still on top. It’s best to deal with potential threats early so they can not become serious threats. We as a people need to do what it takes to stay on top and keep others down. Making sure non-Whites kill each other and that non-Whites have little to no access to technology would be part of that plan.

  16. LessIQ,
    “Do black people and Moslems need to be eliminated so that any form of civilization (European, Oriental or even mestiz0) can survive?”

    Why do Jews always think in genocidal terms? Is it something to do with the 3000 years of inbreeding?

  17. Muslims? Or Middle Easterners? Persians? Turks? Uighers?

    2 billion of them? That would be hard to do, not not desirable either.
    All that would need to be done is for Europeans to breed faster. Blacks are a pathology though.

  18. well i go to dekaney in it is alot of trouble up there the teachers dnt teach nothing the kids talk back and stay in the hallway the teachers up there act like we are their homeboy and girls or something its hard to walk down the hall way and somebody not to say somthing to you thats why all the fights come from people talking to others crazy and now in days people not going to have that i have been there for two years and i am so ready to leave i hate that school the police peper spray people for no reason

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