Black History Month 2012: “Greater Liberia” Goes Full Gangsta

Charles Taylor and "Greater Liberia" go "full gangsta" on West Africa


“He killed my ma, he killed my pa, but I will vote for him.”

Don Cheadle and Chris Rock made headlines last year by publicly yearning for Obama to “do some gangsta shit” in his second term.

There is a considerable amount of frustration in the African-American community with Obama’s leadership style.

The first black president has come across as a milquetoast moderate and a loser in his fights with the Republican House over raising the debt ceiling. This has disappointed the African-American base who are waiting for Obama to start acting like a more authentically black leader.

What is an authentically black leader? What does it mean to go “full gangsta”? These are some excellent questions which provide us with an occasion during Black History Month 2012 to discuss the leadership style of one of the greatest African-Americans of our times.

As we saw in Black History Month 2012: The (Black) “Land of the Free,” President Samuel K. Doe of Liberia was the first head of state in world history to be tortured and publicly executed on television. The execution of Doe was the beginning of the Charles Taylor warlord story arc that would dominate Liberia and West Africa for the next fourteen years.

Charles McArthur Taylor was an Americo-Liberian who spent his early twenties as a college student studying economics at Bentley College in Waltham, Massachusetts and Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts. During his nine years in America, he became actively involved in Liberian student politics and developed a reputation as a dissident.

After returning to Liberia following Doe’s coup d’état, Taylor became the director of the Liberian government’s General Services Agency and was placed in charge of procuring goods, works and services worth more than $100,000. He used this position to take commissions on each government contract he arranged and embezzled more than $900,000 into his American bank account.

Accused of embezzlement in 1983 by the Doe administration, Charles Taylor fled to the United States but was detained in Somerville, Massachusetts after Doe issued an arrest warrant and a request for his extradition to Liberia.

After paying guards $50,000 in bribes in 1985, he sawed through a barred window in a laundry room in the Plymouth House of Corrections and used a knotted sheet to escape from a maximum security prison. His wife and sister-in-law picked him up at a nearby hospital and he drove a getaway car to Staten Island where he fled the United States.

Like Fidel Castro in Cuba, Taylor spent the next four years as a revolutionary drifting around Africa, searching for allies, and plotting to overthrow the Doe regime. With the support of Libya, Burkina Faso, and Côte d’Ivoire, he raised and trained a rebel army of 168 guerrilla fighters and launched an invasion of Northern Liberia with his self-styled “National Patriotic Front of Liberia” (NPFL) on Christmas Eve 1989.

As we have already seen, there are 16 indigenous tribes in Liberia in addition to the Americo-Liberians. When the Americo-Liberian ruling class was overthrown by Samuel K. Doe in the 1980 coup d’état, Doe took power and relied upon his coethnics in the Krahn tribe to retain power.

In 1985, Doe was nearly overthrown by a coup d’état led by Thomas Quiwonkpa (his former partner in the coup that had overthrown Tolbert), and he responded with a violent crackdown on the Gio and Mano tribes in Nimba County that left thousands dead. Seizing on the volatile ethnic resentments boiling underneath the Doe regime, Charles Taylor and the NPFL launched the First Liberian Civil War to overthrow Doe and Krahn supremacy.

Thousands of Gio and Mano yearning for vengeance against Doe soon flocked to Charles Taylor and the NPFL standard. Doe responded by sending in the Armed Forces of Liberia (mostly drawn from his own Krahn tribe) and massacring Gio and Mano civilians. It wasn’t long before Liberia was embroiled in a full scale tribal “chimp out” over control of the state.

Within six months, the NPFL (which split into two factions under Charles Taylor and Prince Johnson) had overrun Liberia and was laying siege to Monrovia. At that point, Nigeria and its allies in ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States) intervened in the conflict to prevent the Liberian Civil War from spilling over into other countries and destabilizing the entire region.

President Doe was captured, tortured, and executed in September 1990. In the wake of his death, this left behind three factions in control of parts of Liberia: Charles Taylor and Prince Johnson (NPFL), Nigeria and ECOWAS, and the Krahn supporters of Doe who were driven out of the country and who reorganized themselves as the “United Liberation Movement of Liberia for Democracy” (ULIMO).

From 1990 to 1996, these three factions (NPFL, ECOWAS, and ULIMO) fought over the spoils of war in Liberia. Charles Taylor established himself as a warlord in control of “Greater Liberia” outside of the capital in Monrovia. He made hundreds of millions of dollars trading in gold, diamonds, iron ore, timber, and stolen goods in his territory.

It was during this period that the Liberian Civil War became infamous for its crossdressing child soldiers and drug addicted cannibals who fought naked. The most famous of these Liberian generals is General Butt Naked (he fought for ULIMO under Roosevelt Johnson) who used to mutilate innocent children and drink their blood and converse with Satan before going into battle.

After 14 peace agreements, the warlords finally agreed to end the fighting in 1996 and submit to demobilization and national elections. Charles Taylor was finally elected president of Liberia in 1997 on the most original campaign slogan in the history of democracy: “He killed my ma, he killed my pa, but I will vote for him.”

He won 75 percent of the vote because Liberians hoped that allowing him to legitimately take power would finally end the bloodshed. The U.S. mediators which included Jimmy Carter threw their hands up in the air and endorsed the election as a triumph for “democracy.”

In 1999, the ULIMO reorganized as “Liberians United for Democracy in Liberia” (LURD) and resumed the war – this being the Second Liberian Civil War – with the support of Sierra Leone and Guinea. By 2003, the Côte d’Ivoire backed “Movement for Democracy in Liberia” (MODEL) had emerged in the south. The two rebel groups fought Charles Taylor and the Armed Forces of Liberia until they had taken over two thirds of the country.

Fearing another bloodbath in Monrovia, the international community pressured the United States to intervene in the conflict. The French had responded to the White Man’s Burden in Côte d’Ivoire. The British had taken up the White Man’s Burden in Sierra Leone. The argument was made at the time that Liberia was an American responsibility in light of our strong ties to “The (Black) Land of the Free.”

In 2003, President George W. Bush intervened in the Second Liberian Civil War – the man who was accused of “hating black people” by Al Sharpton and the NAACP after Hurricane Katrina – and dispatched the USS Kearsarge to the coast of Liberia. The threat of American intervention forced Charles Taylor to surrender power and go into exile in Nigeria.

Bush doesn’t hesitate to point out the irony in his Decision Points memoir:

“But the suggestion that I was a racist because of the response to Katrina represented an all-time low. I told Laura at the time that it was the worst moment of my presidency. I feel the same way today …

On Sunday of that week, Day Fourteen, I made my third visit to the Gulf Coast. I choppened onto the USS Iwo Jima, which had docked in the Mississippi River. Two years earlier, I had deployed the Iwo Jima to free Liberia from the dictator Charles Taylor.”

George W. Bush was telling the truth: Bush really had freed Liberia from an evil African-American dictator, a man who was despised by his own people, and he was hailed in Liberia as a liberator in the way that the neocons had falsely presumed he would be in Iraq.

Freedom failed in Liberia … the U.S. intervention in 2003 quietly marked the end of “The (Black) Land of the Free.” After 220,000 Liberians and 50,000 Sierra Leoneans had lost their lives in senseless fighting between rival warlords, the U.S. was finally moved to shoulder the White Man’s Burden in West Africa.

Liberia has effectively become a U.S. colony since the 2003 intervention. From 2004 to 2006 alone, the U.S. poured $1.6 billion dollars into Liberia to stabilize and rebuild the country. $172 million was spent on Liberia in 2009. America underwrites the U.N. Mission in Liberia which has flooded the country with thousands of peacekeepers to keep the warlords on a leash.

Last November, Liberia held the freest and fairest elections in its history. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was reelected President of Liberia, but tellingly Prince Johnson (the man who sipped the Budweiser while torturing Samuel K. Doe) won third place with 12 percent of the vote.

In light of what happened in Liberia, Don Cheadle and Chris Rock should take advantage of Black History Month 2012 to reflect more carefully upon the history of African-Americans in power before yearning to see Obama go “full gangsta” in his second term.

No one was more “gangsta” than Charles Taylor.

Note: The civil war in Sierra Leone which was started by Charles Taylor and escalated into a regional war between Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea will be dealt with in the review of “Blood Diamond.”

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  1. Reading Hunter’s B.H.M. posts over the past few days brought something to mind; what kind of mental disorder explains the attitudes of Western aid workers? How could any White person of normal intelligence not see the situation as completely hopeless? The ‘cute’ little niglets staring at you with open hands for a bag of rice one day might be chopping your arm off a couple of years later. I’m sure some of the aid workers are there for less than altruistic reasons, such as filling their resume for future
    political posts, but many seem to have that half-assed save the unsavable world zeal. If anything can be said for East Asians, and I for one do not say much in favor of their insect-like societies, I have never seen ONE aid worker from S.Korea, Japan, or China. Maybe there are some, but I haven’t seen or heard of any. If anything, Fu Manchu is far more race-realist in regards to the rape-apes.

  2. I used to live in Japan. The ONLY japanese aid workers or anything else i saw like that over there were those few who were totally infected with western style self hatred and liberalism. That kind of impulse simply doesn’t exist as a natural element of Confucian/Buddhist societies.

  3. Altruism is a very valuable trait in Whites. Dr. Kevin McDonald has written on this:

    This is very good, when dealing with ‘in-group’ aid and assistance. It also merges very neatly with the Biblical admonitions to ‘care for one’s own’ – that, if we don’t do such, as St. Paul says, we are ‘worse than infidels.’

    But when we misapply that biblical worldview, and morph it into some Egalitarian, civil religion Liberalism, we cut our noses to spite our faces-

    As I was reading this, I thought to myself, “let the pagan savages destroy each other. That would be the humane thing to do. “Let the [spiritually] dead bury the dead,” as Christ said. These hominids are not the race of Adam, they are NOT the valid recipients of the Gospel to Christendom (for sub-saharan Africa NEVER was a part of Christendom), and their actions clearly prove their damned status, anyway.

    But the fallacy of ‘universal salvation’ which Rome has expounded since 1200AD, means that foolish Whites will see the Asian, the African, and the Moor as ‘just waiting for the Gospel’ to be ‘preached’ to them. Christ made the most cogent point on the fallacy of that worldview. “It is not lawful to give the master’s bread to dogs.”
    End of Story.

  4. Charles Taylor looks like Morgan Freeman in that photograph.

    I for one, would love to see the hypocrite play a real black President for once.

    Cheadle could play Butt Naked and Rock could play Prince Johnson. Then they can indulge the full gangster in their respective “souls”.

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  8. Doe, Taylor and Butt Naked were worthless and weak. Idi Amin Dada is my all-time favorite African leader. He once had 1200 of his troops beat 1500 of his enemies to death with sledge hammers in a packed soccer stadium. And, yes, the snack vendors were on the job and they were busy.

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  10. Detroit and New Orleans are pockets of blackness in a White civilization. The black local governments are not as free and independent as their counterparts in Liberia and Haiti. That is the only reason why the situation hasn’t spiraled completely out of control there.

  11. thanks for the awesome history lessons hunter!
    general butt-naked had a “unit” (we shouldn’t use occidental classifications , “band” is more appropriate) called the butt-naked brigade and they fought naked and smeared ash over themselves to make them “white”.

  12. I can’t wait to get to Mobutu Sese Seko, The Great Helmsman of Zaire, or Idi Amin, The Conqueror of the British Empire, or Sekou Toure, The Terror of International Imperialism.

  13. The real name of this absurd character is Joshua Milton Blahyi known during the vicious civil war in Liberia as General Buttnaked, although his name wasn’t so strange compared to other so called generals like General Murder, Rambo, Terminator, Jungle Killer, General War Boss III, General Housebreaker, No-mother-no-father, General Fuck-me-quick, Babykiller and so on

  14. Chirac was alright in my book. He didn’t buy into the Iraq invasion.

    He really hated the Algerians and blacks in Paris too. As a teenage I was chased through Paris out of a metro stop toward the Pompidou (along with a German friend) by a crazy Senegalese Drug dealer with a Bowie knife. Luckily we ran into a gendarme with an Uzi, the spook disappeared. Ah to be sixteen again.

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  16. One thing you can say about these black leaders … they are all more interesting than worms like Tony Blair, Jacques Chirac, or Gerhard Schroeder.

    May you live in interesting times. . .

  17. One of the worst things about Nigger Month, for me at least, is that my birthday happens to be in it. Luckily at the very end of the month, though. Such is my curse.

  18. “Is everyone here enjoying learning more about black history?”

    Excellent stuff, it is a shame that the left will no doubt try to expunge such material from history.

  19. I like the idea of a Great Western Wall, one that would dwarf the wall around China; Naval power would cover Australia and New Zealand. South Africa would need it’s own wall as well.

  20. I just wish everyone would realize what they mean by wanting obama to “get all gansta up in heaauhh”.

    Perhaps those statements spliced over cannibalism shots from the liberian civil war would be a good youtube video…..for the 10 minutes it would stay up that is.

  21. Excellent BHM postings and comments as usual Hunter.

    Lets get some funding and mainstream this movement for real (more on that later).

    This blog gets more erudite every passing day, it really does.

    Here’s the deal: the Those Who (Shall Not) See (TWSNS) crowd are seeing their decades of efforts to suppress the truth behind the Great Late-20th Century Delusion fall apart.

    What is truly amazing is that well-informed people like those reading this comment find Addio Africa amazing, when in fact the important lessons in that film would in a sane society be common knowledge for every Westerner by the age of 5.

    I find myself wanting to kick myself for being only recent made awares of basic facts of African history, but then I get some consolation in realizing that my ignorance was programmed, intentional.

    The TWSNS crowd are shaking in their boots – they managed to get whites down to 8% of global population, their work was almost done, but then the internet came along.

    Forget 911 for truth, forget JFK, forget the moon landings or even Jesus – the greatest conspiracy, the most audacious cover-up of all time, is the plot that resulted in near-extinction of the christ-bearing people (HT Fr. John) from the face of the earth, a plot that resulted in an explosion of useless hungry negroes in Africa (over one billion on the nigometer as of 2010), while meanwhile the numbers of whites – the same whites who invented every bit of civilization and technology that enabled the numbers of non-whites planet-wide to explode – the numbers of whites have plummeted.

    That, my friends, is the greatest conspiracy of all time.

    Thanks HW for helping to expose it.




    ps: Africa Addio (via Google video) should be required viewing for every white person :

  22. Arturo,

    if you know any reasonable academics, have them read through Black Athena and the rebuttal, provide a few choice examples of Afrocentric literature claiming Beethoven, Socrates, Hannibal, Caracala, queen Caroline, Black Prince etc etc and ask them if they realize this stuff is actually mainstream black thinking. Most/many black people actually believe this stuff. Just make sure they know their own history is under methodical assault by gullible stupid aggressive retards. I didn’t notice black people much before, but seeing this crap passed off as an alternative history made me reassess Zinn, Multiculturalism etc etc. Things that I tolerated or enjoyed intellectually simply transformed into clear and present dangers to me. The nobler aspects of the altruism of the left can’t be extended across racial boundaries without becoming suicidal. Welfare, education and healthcare can’t be doled out to niggers without it destroying the host culture. You see Swedish versions of socialism fraying now that they have Somalis and Congolese abusing the system (and raping and killing Swedes).

    The rest will follow. I’m speaking here as a “formerly liberal” academic.

  23. the White hippie kids working at these NGO’s are the logical conclusion of the indoctrination they received. many were multi-generational hippies. I was responsible for keeping some of those kids safe a while back in the A-stan. They were all divorced from reality. Most thought we made them unsafe because we had guns and that they would be safe driving around the country side without us, because they were the good guys, there to help etc. They do not learn anything onve reality slaps them in the face. They blamed themselves for the hajjis failure to become more modern, enlightened etc

    engaging them is pointless. My guess is the women would have blamed themselves for their own gang rape.

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