Black History Month 2012: Review: “Mugabe and the White African”

In Zimbabwe, White farmer Mike Campbell and family challenge Robert Mugabe's land redistribution program in international court


“Mugabe and the White African” is a documentary and book that tells the story of Mike Campbell and family and their legal struggle to keep their Mount Carmel farm in Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe.

Having watched the film, I found it to be a powerful illustration of what we have started calling the Iron Law of Race Relations: Freedom and Equality, Africans, Civilization. Pick any two.

Civilization is being murdered one White farm family at a time in Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe. As in Haiti, the murder weapon turns out to be the West’s own suicidal liberal ideology applied to a totally unsuitable racial context.

The political inclusion of blacks in a liberal democracy inevitably transforms a society by fine degrees from the multiracial utopia that is always promised into the “barbaric-democracy” that is always delivered. In an independent African nation like Zimbabwe, where black Africans are 98.5 percent of the population, “barbaric-democracy” can be found in its purest form.

Detroit and New Orleans are not allowed to collapse to this level because they are pockets of blackness in a majority White nation. Even in Macon County (AL), where African-Americans are 85 percent of the population, the Alabama state government still maintains the highways and criminal justice system and the neverending cycle of wealth redistribution within the Union keeps the whole charade going on.

In Zimbabwe, Mugabe and the ZANU-PF used the ideals of the Left – liberal democracy, universal human rights, “anti-racism” and so forth – to delegitimize the Rhodesian government and seize power for themselves in 1980. After the seizure of power, Mugabe and his henchmen had no use for these concepts and began to use every means at their disposal to consolidate their power, destroy their opposition, and ethnically cleanse Whites from Zimbabwe.

“Mugabe and the White African” tells the story of a White farm family struggling to apply the concepts of Western civilization such as “fair play,” “property rights,” and “the rule of law” in an Africanized country where the indigenous population has been encouraged by the West to reassert its own way of life in the context of a multiracial democracy.

The story centers around the Christian religious faith that sustains the Campbells on their farm and their lawsuit against Zimbabwe before the Southern African Development Community Tribunal. Campbell and family ultimately won their lawsuit, but Mugabe simply ignored the ruling and seized Mount Carmel and burned them out of their homes, thereby illustrating the total uselessness of the fantasy of multiracial democracy.

The SADC Tribunal itself was suspended two years later. Mike Campbell has since died from the brain trauma he suffered after being beaten by the Black Undertow which has been unleashed on thousands of White farmers in Zimbabwe and South Africa.

After a decade of land seizures and the total collapse of law and order starting in 2000, only about 280 of the original 6,000 White farmers still remain in Zimbabwe. From a high of 220,000 White Rhodesians, the White population of Zimbabwe has sunk to less than 40,000 under the Mugabe regime.

In 1980, the White farmers owned nearly 40 percent of all agricultural land in Zimbabwe and two-thirds of the best land. They accounted for three-quarters of economic output in the agricultural sector and produced a multitude of crops using modern capital intensive agriculture. They grew 90 percent of corn, 90 percent of cotton, virtually all the tobacco and other export crops including wheat, coffee, tea and sugar.

When Rhodesia was “The Breadbasket of Africa,” White farmers like Mike Campbell employed about one-third of wage earners in Zimbabwe – about 271,000 people. In “Mugabe and the White African,” there were hundreds of black wage earners living on the Campbell farm, many of whom were security guards charged with the task of defending the farm from the Black Undertow.

By 2000, the unemployment rate had surged to 50 percent. Only 1 out of 10 students could find a job after graduating from high school. Inflation had surged to 60 percent. Real wages fell by 22 percent in the 1990s leaving the population 10 percent poorer at the end of the decade. 70 percent of Zimbabweans were living in poverty. The public infrastructure was decaying, state corporations were bankrupt, crime had exploded, and Harare had become a Black Undertow city of potholes, garbage, busted pipelines, and broken street lights.

The government orchestrated land seizures of White commercial farms began in 2000 and escalated after Mugabe was reelected by fraud and intimidation in 2002. After a solid decade of redistributing land to “black farmers,” arable land across Zimbabwe lies fallow in waist-high Rhodes grass, with mudhut dwellers working tiny subsistence plots and selling their small surpluses on the side of the road. “The Breadbasket of Africa” which used to feed the entire region can no longer even feed itself.

The statistics tell the tale: since 2000 there has been a 70 percent decline in food production, a 45 percent decline in cotton, a 79 percent decline in corn, a 90 percent decline in wheat, a 66 percent decline in soybeans, a 50 percent decline in citrus, a 61 percent decline in fresh produce, a 59 percent decline in dairy products, a 69 percent decline in beef, a 92 percent decline in coffee, and an 50 percent decline in tobacco.

Hyperinflation destroyed the Zimbabwe dollar in 2009. Zimbabwe has progressed to 94 percent unemployment. Gold production has collapsed by 75 percent after an “Empowerment Bill” was passed requiring White or foreign owned businesses to hand over 51 percent of their business to Africans. The country is so broke that it was forced to suspend debt repayments to foreign creditors in 2004.

‘If the aim of the land reform was to evict whites and replace them with blacks, then it can be deemed a success,’ Mr. Theron of the Commercial Farmers Union said.

‘However, if the aim was that it should benefit the majority and not only a chosen few, then it has been a failure.’

Zimbabwe’s black population was given freedom and equality and the land was expropriated and redistributed from the White imperialists like Mike Campbell and Ben Freeth … and the crushing result of this policy after 32 years of independence and black majority rule is genocide and the collapse of civilization in Zimbabwe.

OD celebrates Black History Month 2012 by saluting Robert Mugabe and the industrious black farmers of Zimbabwe who have succeeded in reducing their own people to starvation. Their example has inspired Johnny Boyd and the Black Farmers of Barbour County (AL) to win a $1.25 billion dollar settlement from the U.S. federal government over spurious claims of racial discrimination.

Note: The documentary “Mugabe and the White African” is available on Netflix. The book is available through Amazon in Kindle and paperback versions.

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  1. Instead of worrying about the Mugabes of the world, or fretting about the potential for a Mugabe-type critter arising here, I think the white US should grow a few Mugabes of its own at the state and local level — mayors, governors and senators who apply the same calculus (we won’t call it “logic,” since it isn’t quite that; it’s a species of questionable reasoning which has been fashioned into a tool for self defense.

    Zimbabwe is overwhelmingly and historically black, and so whites can play no role in it? OK, that’s fine, I get that.

    But then, Minnesota is for the Lutheran Swedes who built it, likewise Wisconsin for the Germans, etc etc. No Somalis, no out-of-state Black welfare farmers, no mestizo moochers, no Asian graspers, no, um, diversity.

    Let’s take in the remaining white Zimbabweans and white gentile South Africans, cut the loss in Africa, and demand reciprocity on those lines. If whites have no proper business in Africa (and it’s an argument not without its compelling power) then Africans have no proper business in Europe and America.

    It’s a trade I’d be willing to make, and maybe we should have some mini-Mugabes willing to put it on the table, just to stir the pot and put those concepts into legitimate circulation.

    Like that Liz Phair song goes,

    “Make him an offer,
    Just to see what he’ll say.”

  2. If blacks in Zimbabwe cannot tolerate a few thousand commercial farmers, they deserve to starve. It’s what they want deep down. Hyper inflation, food shortages, random shootings…

  3. “It’s what they want deep down.”

    I don’t think so, I believe it’s humanly simpler and more easily digestible than that. I think they simply recognize themselves as a people distinct from whites, and they wish to be masters of their own house. They may realize that they don’t have a deep enough bench of general aptitude to create an overwhelmingly prosperous advanced civilization within their lands, but even so, I reckon they’d rather be poorer but nevertheless own their own lands in their own country.

    I don’t think that’s an incomprehensible instinct, and I don’t think anything useful is served by refusing to place black thinking and actions within the normative human context.

    Put it this way: I think blacks _should_ be masters of their own house, just as I think whites should be masters in their own. That has implications in North America that are complex and not easy to tease out simply, because of our shared and mixed history; but in Europe and Russia, nothing could be simpler or more obvious.

    I’m reminded of Obama rattling on about how working class and rural whites “resent [the intrusions of] people who don’t look like them.” As if this were unreasonable, or unheard of in human history. It should be pointed out to him endlessly, that in his own autobiography he was quite sympathetic to the quite natural resentment which native Kenyans felt about the presence and success of “people who don’t look like them” — not just the British colonialists, but the Indian, Arab and Asian merchant classes. In other words, it’s perfectly understandable, and it’s simply not the case that whites have somehow given up or renounced their quite natural urge to be at ease amongst themselves.

  4. It’s necessary to make a distinction between Mugabe’s thuggish and condemnable tactics, and his essential anticolonialist principles. The latter can and should be adopted to advantage by whites seeking to salvage their own peoples and lands from demographic obliteration. Put simply, we are all anticolonialists now. It’s a better conceptual foxhole from which to fight, than endlessly playing whack-a-mole trying to prove than one is not a “racist,” whatever that means.

    By now it’s pretty obvious, from the sheer scale of it and from the bold-faced lies associated with it, that mass third-world immigration is not a mere “immigration” phenomenon: in fact, white western countries are being colonized and destroyed by non-white, non-western peoples.

    Once this is plainly understood, it’s possible to throw out the old and pointless “pro-immigrant/anti-immigrant” rhetoric as useless and in fact a deliberate red herring. It’s easier and more effective to take the conceptual fight to the left, the cultural marxists, and the hostile elites, by using their own principles and morality: the unassailable moral high ground of anticolonialism.

    For instance if one is accused of being a racist for being anti-immigrant, one should point out that the saintly Gandhi must have been a racist too, and after all, how could that be? Gandhi expelled the British simply for being white; the basic ground of his argument was that they were a foreign ruling class, not authentically Indian. But how can this be? If a Pakistani immigrant into the UK who has only resided there for two years can be called a “Briton,” then the British, who had been present in India for over two centuries, must certainly have been Indian. (Of course anyone can recognize that they were not, but I’m using the pretzel logic of the left in a sort of judo maneuver.) If the British were not Indian, then why should the Muslim Mughals who ruled over the Hindus before the arrival of the British be considered native to the area. Would it be because of their… [SINISTER GOTHIC ORGAN STING]… raaaaace?!?

    It seems to me that rather than a blanket condemnation of Mugable’s project, whites should admit he has a point, and then generalize that point into a principle which they can employ in their own self defense under the foreign onslaught.

  5. I should add that I don’t actually expect a cultural marxist ever to be persuaded by this line of argument; rather what I want to do is clear away all their conceptual camouflage, and force them out into the open where they have to say plainly, Our bottom line is simply this: We hate you and we want to destroy you.

    Once they are forced to state it in plain daylight, openly, again and again and again, it will be that much easier for whites to rally to their own defense, who up til now have been paralyzed by the bogus and obsolete discourse of “racism”.

  6. White Nationalists have spent the last 22 years making the argument that they are not “racists” and “white supremacists” and only want to be treated fairly and “given their own homeland.”

    The other side never bothered to listen to them. I have spent more than a decade watching them make that argument to no effect.

  7. It’s one thing to have an enclave of foreigners in a city or two. Or to have a modest estate owned by a foreigner. It’s a good thing as long as it is just an enclave. It’s also perfectly natural to suspect a large influx of foreigners. But, the niggers think they can run farms as productively as a Rhodesian. All they are really doing is asset stripping. They used to feed Africa. Now they are beggars.

    The Zimbabwean is expressing his dark soul for all the world to see.

  8. The Rhodesians were doing the local workingclass and middleclass. And by that I mean blacks. Sure, their elites were stiffled, but the average black man had meat on his plate, money in his pocket and medicine to fix his body.


    Jeebus wept. A dozen cleptocrats coupled with starvation, hyper inflation and Rampant disease.

    Gissajob bwana… Pleees.

  9. White Nationalists have spent the last 22 years making the argument that they are not “racists” and “white supremacists” and only want to be treated fairly and “given their own homeland.”

    The other side never bothered to listen to them. I have spent more than a decade watching them make that argument to no effect.

    I don’t know what WN movement you’ve been watching. Considering the whole present and historical context of racial affairs, the majority of WN of views could quite easily be described as contemptuous (and gratuitous) hatred. I’m sorry that WNs seem incapable of wrapping their heads around that reality, but the truth is you’ve failed totally to play the hand you’ve been dealt.

    (Oh, and why 22 years? What sea change took place in 1990? Amren, is that it?)

  10. Hunter is actually right.

    Denying being racist, and being justifiably racist, is the main problem.

    If a retarded leftie calls you racist just say:

    “Yes so what?”

    Normally they just melt down in front of you.

  11. 22 years … approximately the time since the discourse of “White Nationalism” became dominant on the “Far Right” in the United States. There were a lot of people in the early 1990s who were inspired by the collapse of the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia to believe that Whites would acquire a “homeland” in a similar manner.

  12. the majority of WN of views could quite easily be described as contemptuous (and gratuitous) hatred

    While there’s certainly truth in this claim, the fact is that there is plenty of hate coming from the other side as well. Clearly a lot of the stuff we are forced to endure in the present day stems only from “get even with whitey” sentiment. It’s hard not to hate people who foist that on you, just saying.

    Personally, I don’t think there’s a realistic alternative right now precisely because this is such an emotionally charged topic. Not that I think WN will go anywhere, mind you, I just don’t really think any sort of second choice will emerge (not in the near future anyway).

  13. Most black opinion of whites is based on an uncomprehending hate.
    They hate that we have things they do not know how to operate, build or maintain.

    It illustrates an inferiority that fifty years of experiment and excuses have failed to erase. Who provided the sponge to wipe away the entire horizon? The nigger himself.

  14. We have left black countries to blacks, however, the reason for the large african population in SA/Rhodesia is recent immigration. The ~30k dutch colonists did not overwhelm 10s of millions of blacks in a thriving civilization through force of numbers. Likewise, “leaving black countries to blacks” merely leaves them to the next conqueror. There is a reason North Africa has lots of berbers, who rest assured, feel absolutely zero guilt over what their own ancestors have done to blacks.

    While I agree that whites should get out, doing so on a pretense that we’re leaving black countries to blacks is simply weakness that will in no way help us to defend ourselves.

  15. “Mr. Prime Minister, there is only one important question facing us, and that is the question whether the white race will survive.” — Leonid Brezhnev, quoted on p. 100 of “The scientist as rebel”
    HW wrote, “I don’t have any use for the Left … period.” It might be that the Left is now weakest in Russia. My impression of blacks is that educated blacks consciously believe in the racial egalitarian myth but subconsciously harbor severe doubts. Uneducated blacks perhaps believe in a mixture of Christianity or Islam combined with tribal beliefs — these blacks might believe that the correct rituals of juju will bring them parity or superiority to whites.

  16. I feel so sorry for the white people in black majority countries. White genocide will be complete in Africa within 50 years. If there are any whites who haven’t figured it out, it is time to get out! Sadly there are fewer countries left to escape to. Black run America has become a country where whites are slaves to the minorities. Take, take, take and then kill whitey. That appears to be our future.

  17. when I read about all the brutality suffered by our white brothers and sisters in zimbabwe it angers me big time.rhodesia was known as the breadbasket of africa under white rule.Like South Africa,whites gave into pressure from the u.n.and boycotts from sob sister white faggots like little Steven VanZandt and no talent Bruce Springsteen.Remember the we aint gonna play Sun City protests by all the mainly white singers and bands from the 80s.Well they got what they wanted when the whites relinquished their countries to black rule.Now whites are slaughtered and nobody says a damned word.White human rights are not the cool thing to protest against.When I see that scrawny little bastard Bono talk about the poor starving black children I wanna break his jaw,the little race traitor

  18. Freddie Mercury was an Iranian Zoroastrian, he grew up in East Africa. He knew the black liberation movements were bunk.

  19. Mercury and his parents were chased out of Zanzibar during it’s revolution. Something like 4,000 Arab and Indian civilians were raped and slaughtered by nigger revolutionaries.

  20. Afrikaaner farmers have been offered refuge and land in the nation of Georgia. Apparently this former Soviet state appreciates them and their industry and has welcomed them. The more sensible Afrikaaner farmers who do not wish to stay and risk slaughter have already moved there:

  21. That’s it Zanzibar.

    Although his ancestry is as I pointed out. I met Brian May (guitarist) with his kids at the LA Science Museum. Big curly mop and a leather duster jacket. Hard to miss.

    Their music is due a revival IMHO.

    Anyway, most Hindus in England were refugees from Africa. All those Patels etc. Radiologist, Surgeons, Anesthesiologists… Britain got to have them instead of the ungrateful niggers in Africa.

  22. John says:
    February 7, 2012 at 1:16 am
    Freddie Mercury was an Iranian Zoroastrian, he grew up in East Africa. He knew the black liberation movements were bunk.

    JR replies.

    Queen and Freddy Mercury were very good – excellent… one of the best ever.

    But, it was a very deeply held secret – a terrible secret…

    Freddy Mercury was “gay” – a homosexual.

    I’m sorry to have to break this to people here. I myself was shocked – never would have thought it could be so.

    Well, we live in fallen times.

    Let’s shoulder on – do our best in these rough times….

    I still can’t believe Freddie Mercury of Queen was “gay”.

    • He’s a Parsi which is an Indian of Persian descent and is a Zoroastrian. The speak Gujarati as their native language along with English of course.

      They’ve been out of Persian since it was overrun by Muslim invaders so their connection is entirely genetic but not culturally anymore.

      Now what could be classified is a more authentic Persian group is the Irani

  23. “the majority of WN views could quite easily be described as contemptuous (and gratuitous) hatred…but the truth is you’ve failed totally to play the hand you’ve been dealt”

    I don’t think it’s gratuitous but there is a very strong element of people using sites like Stormfront for primal screaming over their dispossession so it becomes more group therapy than practical politics. I can understand the reasons for it but it’s poisonous and counter-productive to mix the psychological stress relief with actual discussion and tactics. They ought to run two sections: a primal scream section where people could vent all their bitterness at what’s being done to them and a practical politics section with stricter rules.

  24. Let me tell you a story about real hate.

    Lilly livered DWL and respectable conservatives who write off this sort of thing as random, stochastic, mere criminal need to understand that blacks are a virulent dangerous pathology. Every single white who adopts a nigger, takes pity on a nigger, lets in a nigger refugee, or otherwise lets them live among us is setting up a grand home invasion. Not merely in every English house but in the homeland. I would have much prefered backing the whites in Angola and fight the niggers with bombs, SLRs, cannon etc than let them swarm in my countrymen and ancestor’s cities.

  25. “Let me tell you a story about real hate.”

    That doesn’t change the fact that venting and practical politics are two separate things. I can see the need for venting so i’m not against it but it’s partly why the original comment was right about WN not playing their hand that well – although that’s changing a bit now.

  26. To oscar the grinch,
    The Mughals who ruled over India were NOT Indians. They were descendants of Central Asian/Mid-Eastern Muslims. Indians have always been accepting of foreign people and cultures. The same would be said of Muslims if they hadn’t massacred it’s peoples, desecrated it’s temples and universities, and shoved their religion down the native’s throats. There’s a difference between living under foreign rule, and having foreigners live amongst you.

    Campbell has every right to his farm in Zimbabwe, as it is his homeland. The blacks of Zimbabwe’s claim for self-governance is justifiable, their purging of white farmers is not.

  27. i have hope that people are finally starting to see the truth. No matter what whites do or dont do it is still our fault according to white guilters and blacks. They have never been able to run a society and prob never will. These are a group of people who slept in there mudhuts for thousands of years but not one of them had an idea to build or invent. Every excuse is given for there failures except that they are at fault somehow.

  28. A good portion of the seized White farms were legally purchased AFTER the war of independence, some by foreigners. It didn’t matter. One the dogs were unleashed, whether you were the descendants of colonialists or a legal, above-board owner, you lost it all.

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