Touré’s Meltdown


Piers Morgan gets fed up with Touré and becomes the first mainstream journalist to openly laugh at the stupidity and ignorance of Organized Blackness:

Update: Public opinion is shifting on the Trayvon Martin case. Sharpton is losing.

Note: Sitting there and listening to Touré’s sanctimonious “niggawhine” was too much for even Piers Morgan to swallow!

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  1. No Limit Nigga Distortions

    No Limit Nigga Fuzzy Video

    No Limit Nigga Warp/Taint/obfuscation/lies/pander/jive

    it’s endless now!

  2. It’s hilarious to see how he starts off with an aggressive stance and how he’s going to school Piers on “the issues”. And how Piers isn’t buying it. “…a bunch of fatuous nonsense”.

    That really is the problem for them, isn’t it? No one is buying into their “fatuous nonsense” and the current generation is refusing to be intimidated by them and their threats of violence, looting, burning, raging.

  3. It’s already gone to far. The black agitators can’t step back without loosing credibility to their followers and they can’t keep going without loosing the support of ever more whites. Their only out is the arrest and indictment of George Zimmerman.

  4. 1. Toure sounds pretty nativist there with his “you’ve only been here 6 years” stuff.
    2. Toure is very clearly gay. I’ve never heard of him before this video. Is he out or is he “on the DL”?

  5. @John

    I’d be interested in knowing that too. So at least the nigger scum won’t take us by surprise this time, like they did in 1967. Or at least not all of us.

    I don’t mean to sound foreboding, but the vibe in the air around here is beginning to remind me of that scene in ‘Lumumba’ where the Belgians are arming-up right after the Force Publique mutiny. Nobody is saying anything out loud, and with good reason, but damn if you can’t feel it. I’m not looking forward to the coming summer. And how fucked up is that? White people dreading nice weather because they know that it stimulates niggers to violence and mayhem… You know, every day that it’s chilly and rainy, I’m beginning to accept as a blessing — one more day to prepare, tactically, physically and mentally for the inevitable.

    Like MajikFireHornet, I think, remarked on that other thread, if you haven’t weaponed-up yet, you better do it now, while it’s still calm.

  6. “White & Confederate says:
    It’s already gone to far. The black agitators can’t step back without loosing credibility to their followers and they can’t keep going without loosing the support of ever more whites. Their only out is the arrest and indictment of George Zimmerman.”

    That’s what I’m afraid of. I don’t want to see our justice system perverted by people willing to throw Zimmerman to the wolves to further their own political careers and placate the mobs.

  7. If they throw him to the Hyenas The blacks will just find another excuse to chimpout.

    It’s better to get this over with. The the cost is likely to be lower the sooner they lift the veil on their intent.

  8. Repeat after me fellow confederates :

    “One Banana”

    That’s all you need to think when confronted with the pitiful spectacle of negro criminality.

    “One banana.”

    That’s all you need to know when the subject of the “achievement gap” comes up.

    “One Banana”

    The go-home message that explains negro dysfunction all over the world.

    “One Banana”

    Is all you have to say when someone claims that Trayvon Martin was an innocent little child viciously stalked and gunned down by a racist white Hispanic.

    This is how it works: your average banana weighs 120 grams. This, in turn, is how much less the negro brain weighs, on average, compared to the brain of a white person.

    “One banana.”

    The “one banana” difference explains it all !


    – Arturo

  9. I am now on the Gucci Piggy site. There’s a post about a new attempt at slandering Zimmerman:

    This is the link direct to the story. This is UNREAL. Really beyond anything. The thrust of the “story” is that Zimmerman LIVED. They are outraged because he lived. Some FILTHY little NIGGER beastling attacked him – and the NY Post is outraged because Zimmerman LIVED.

    I’ve also been reading the stupid, sub-human comments and posting of Niggers, supporting st Trayvon, on various sites. They really are stupid feral subhuman beasts. They are not Human. They do not belong in Human civilization. They are beasts of the field. Wild, ravening beasts of the field. Mindlessly emotional. raving, OFFENSIVELY stupid, vengeful – facts mean NOTHING .NOTHING. Rabid wild beasts that should have NEVER been tolerated for one single second.

    I want their worshippers to be FED to them.

  10. The claims of the funeral director (who is black, and obviously in favor of Trayvon) basically confirm Trayvon as the aggressor. If you watch the video interview of him on top of this article, he specifically talks about injuries on his knuckles, as if you’d need anything beyond redness or swelling on your hands after you used them to punch someone.

    But he says absolutely NOTHING about ANY injuries that would support Trayvon as the VICTIM, like the ones confirmed on Zimmerman by surveillance, police, witnesses, etc. The kind you’d expect if Zimmerman was the one on top, pummeling him for nearly a minute on concrete. The ONLY injury on Trayvon is the gunshot wound.

    The article title could easily lead someone to believe Trayvon’s body showed no sign of brawl because he was NOT the victom, but then it goes on to act that the ONLY EVIDENCE for that would need to be self-inflicted injuries on his FISTS.

    “Kurtz’s account appears to contradict George Zimmerman’s claims that he shot Trayvon during a life-and-death struggle.”

    Yes, if you believe that a spotless (other than the gunshot wounded that ended the fight) Trayvon and a Zimmerman with a broken nose, gashes on the back of his head etc. could really point to anything other than Trayvon as the overwhelming aggressor.

    Un-fucking-believable. I don’t know if this is a new low for the MSM, but it’s remarkable even for this case.

  11. That’s more or less it is it not?

    A fugging funeral director, inspected the knuckles?

    The reason you body swells up after a fight is the cortisone for healing. Zimmerman shot him and thus the endocrine system was shut down. Stupid fucking jig. Course the twerp didn’t bruise up his knuckes because his cirulation was cut off by a lead slug.

  12. I’m amazed that Toures didn’t rattle off all the racial narratives that the British Empire has run into right back at him. They spent several centuries dealing with and exploiting racial narratives all over planet earth, and of course in no case has the minority faired as well as the one here. Not even close.

  13. They left the reservation on this one, this is their bridge to far. They thought they “wuz all growed up”, and and could use all their “speshul learnin'” to run a big time race hustle all on their own. Any competence left the white house when the ballerina quit to go run Chicago.

  14. I want their worshippers to be FED to them.

    Damn right ,Denise.Reminds me of what Badeagle said.
    “What is it about white people,they worship the Negro.Everything is about the Negro.”

  15. What racial Narratives?

    Piers is leftist. What does logic have to do with being a Brit?
    Either you are logical calm and lucid, or you are a babbling black. It’s not Piers fault he is bright and has a bullshit detector. How do you think the Empire got as big as it did? Wallowing in self pity?

  16. The “no limit nigga” met his limit that night…screwed with the wrong guy who had conceled carry, got smoked; period, case closed!!!

  17. “What racial Narratives?

    Piers is leftist. What does logic have to do with being a Brit?
    Either you are logical calm and lucid, or you are a babbling black. It’s not Piers fault he is bright and has a bullshit detector. How do you think the Empire got as big as it did? Wallowing in self pity?”

    Shiites vs Sunni, arab vs black, hindu vs muslim,etc he really could have laid into the whole “you couldn’t possibly understand” bit.

  18. It’s not the Imperialist’s fault that niggers nigged. The reality of Empire is that those Flashman types were as hard as nails and they shut up the soft libs at home. It was never divide and conquer. We just fought hard and were ruthless in battle and generous after we won.

  19. It seems the anti-White MSM is working overtime to keep this at fever pitch, almost guaranteeing murder and mayhem at some point if Zimmerman isn’t thrown under the bus. I can’t help but believe that that is exactly what they want: riots or a lynching.

    If/when it happens DON’T FORGET to hold these vicious, anti-White bastards responsible. “Civil rights” has been nothing but extortion, aided and abetted by the MSM from day one.

  20. I disagree. I think Toure kept his cool and was unaffected by Morgan’s attacks, even as he continued with his nonsense. And ultimately Morgan only got defensive because his own journalistic ego was bruised.

  21. Nick – wrong. Morgan was rightfully insulted by the Nigger’s niggerisms. The Nigger was just too stupid and programmed to stop spewing forth.

  22. Piers got his butt handed to him. He got defensive and all uptight like a little girl next to Toure. Toure is a light weight, but in this situation, he made the guy look stupid and out of touch. This blog is great, I will be sure to send it to everyone I know.


  23. Toure was too fucking stupid to even realize what happened to him.

    Negro arrogance 101, get your ass kicked, still think you won the fight.

  24. do we or do we not have a black president?…WTF else can America do to prove we dont give a shit what race you are….we only care how you treat others.

  25. This “proffessional negro” Toure’ a.k.a. Theo Huxtible needs to be pissed & shit on…he’s so ignorant to everything it’s a joke…whenever Piers brings up a good point the proper-speaking baboon starts up with his racist bullshit…and the “hurt of the American’s soul” bullshit…America DOES hurt but that is because all the niggers get the jobs instead of the qualified white people because if the don’t frigging Reverend Al will be on TV protesting…give the fuckin monkeys EVERYTHING….free food, free money, heat, hot water, section 8 housing, clothes, transportation, medical coverage and they STILL complain about the white man…if they didn’t ACT like animals-shooting each other in the street, having 15 kids with 13 different fathers, talk like they be havin a mofuckin dick all up in they mouf then sheeeeiiittt- maybe people wouldn’t call them animals…
    how come every time a bunch of small-brained, illiterate baboons jump an old white man you don’t see every white reverend, preacher & deacon on TV???
    because they’re fuckin ANIMALS that”s why…no wonder they shot Abraham Lincoln…what was he thinking??? they shoulda kept them fuckin roosters wherever they came from…because they are very dirty, savage beasts…with Nikes on…next time a nigger gets outta line or calls you a “racists” tell him “spell that”….I bet he can’t…fuckin grape soda-and-biscuit eating monkeys….fuck Tayvon…one less nigger is ALWAYS good….that’s one less nigger shooting someone & robbing people..

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