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  1. Looks like a pretty bad wound to me. But then what do I know. I’m just an Evil ‘racist’ cracker. LOL

  2. Omfg!

    Diane Sawyer ought to disbarred. Oh no that’s right there’s no licence or controlling legal authority.

    If I’m not mistaken he’s got a soaked back too, as well as a nasty gash.

  3. This is astonishing and Eunuchorn Joe needs to recant. Z’s been stitched up in more ways than one here.

    The purblind nature of the DWL must be stopped. It’s exhausting trying to fight back with mere evidence.

  4. They are anti-white, their claim to something called “anti-racism” is but a fraud and deceit. So they start a debate by claiming the moral high ground and we are left with facts and reality, this is good but we must first learn to diminish their claims to the high ground.

    “In your opinion” is a good starter phrase, since a lib starts the conversation like they are quoting the “TRUTH” you can diminish it considerably by just those three words.

  5. Did the Sanford PD sting the press? Yep. There are some bright bubbas down there. The braindead redneck assholes sure can play PR chess too.


    ABC scandalously misrepresented Z.

  6. Which side of Zimmerman shot Trayvon? The bad white side or the good hispanic side?
    Why does the media promote anti-white stereotypes endangering white lives? Is it anti-white?

    How is this not genocide:
    White countries are being flooded by non-whites. We are told to be TOLERANT. We are forced to integrate.

    With assimilation we see the extinction of one race only, the white race. Its not funny, not comedy, its white genocide.

    Its amazing how much white blood is called for by posters at YOUTUBE over this issue of Trayvon.

  7. @George Wells

    The latest seems to be that Zimmerman is 100% mestizo—his adopted father is a Jew.

  8. Earlmundo Armand Pitts III:


    In Manassas, where Zimmerman lived in the 1980s and 1990s with his parents and two siblings, neighbors tended to define the family based on their spiritual profile. “Very Catholic .?.?. very religious,” their neighbor Jim Rudzenski recalled Thursday. The children attended All Saints Catholic School on Stonewall Road through the eighth grade before going to Osbourn High School. George became an altar server and evening receptionist at All Saints Catholic Church.

  9. @ hell_is_like_newark

    That his “adopted” father is Jewish doesn’t stop Zimmerman from being 100% Mestizo or Roman Catholic.

    Also, it will no doubt come out that Zimmerman has a concussion from his rumble with Trayvon.

  10. Per the article, GZ was raised as a Roman Catholic, which I would assume his Father, Robert was as well. Unless he was raised under his mother’s (adoptive or otherwise) religion.

  11. One Banana !

    It’s all you need to know.

    – Arturo


    ps: check out my site soon for an analysis of German-made vs chinese-made autos, in a crash-test continuum that thrusts basic HBD realism to the fore.

    Here’s the point: à la good Father Mathieu Ricci, the chinks though supposedly having larger brains than whites, do not have the creativity intelligence, or the future-time orientation, as their hated betters, we euros.

    They steel our ideas, then fuck them up.

    Blacks are bad, but chinks are a significant threat, too. Because unlike blacks, the Chinese have the brains to at least attempt to copy whites.

    The chinks have copied every single last thing that White Western Civilization has ever dreamed up, and made a shittier product out of every endeavour they stole from WT.

    As an artisan, I despise the Chinese, because I often have no choice but to buy their shitty shitty tools, even though I do NOT buy made in China whenever possible.

    Just watch the vid (on my site, coming soon) and remember :

    “One Banana”


    – Arturo


  12. it’s reasonable to assume the EMT’s cleaned zimmerman up and stopped the bleeding, and considering when he left the police dept, it’s reasonable to wait till the next day to go to the hospital.

  13. I wish they would release Zimmerman’s medical report to the public, showing the broken nose, bruises, etc. It’d just about seal the deal once and for all.

    but the waters are getting a little muddy:

    “Trayvon Martin shooting: It’s not George Zimmerman crying for help on 911 recording, 2 experts say”


    “I believe that’s Trayvon Martin in the background, without a doubt,” Primeau says, stressing that the tone of the voice is a giveaway. “That’s a young man screaming.”

    I’ve heard the scream, somewhere on the internet,and it sounded high pitched. almost like a woman. Trayvon Martin was certainly past puberty, and wouldn’t scream in a high tone. It sounded like someone was getting their ass kicked…..and if he was doing the beating, why would he scream? Did he scream as he got shot?

    Like I said, it muddies the water somewhat. Anybody have any ideas about the voice identification article?

  14. adding: I thought there were two witnesses who said Martin was doing the beating. Why he would scream, doesn’t make sense to me.

  15. adding again: For Trayvon Martin to be the one screaming, it seems like it’d have to come down like this:

    1. alteraction started

    2. Zimmerman is kicking Martin’s ass, Martin screams.

    3. Zimmerman stops kicking Martin’s ass, takes out gun, shoots him

    And THAT contradicts all the other evidence.

  16. Has anyone heard Zimmerman talk? He might well scream like that.
    I’ve screamed like a girl once or twice when I’m absolutely terrified.
    Has anyone asked for Zim to scream at all? No.

  17. The guy in the article said that he compared the scream to Zimmerman’s 911 call, and came up with a “48% match,” John. I don’t know squat about voice recognition software, so I don’t know if the parameters the guy used are valid or more speculation than fact.

    The evidence I’ve seen all points to Zimmerman getting physically attacked, then shooting Martin

  18. Its obvious that trayvon was out scouting for a house to break into when he was confronted by Zimmerman. This is typical nigger behavior. Coupled with his twitter and facebook comments, it’s obvious this guy was no good. Trayvon had already proved himself to a menace to society. The drug dealing and possesion of stolen jewelry will be in evidence if Zimmerman is ever tried for murder. There is no case here for murder.
    The niggers will just have to eat this one and hope big bad YT doesn’t really get wise to media for now.
    But we will get wise as a people as long as the media keeps up thier anti-White campaign. The media is their own worst enemy. They just can’t help themselves from thier constant narrative of bashing YT.
    The jews that run the media are only speeding up the White blowback. And I thank them for this and encourage them to continue.

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