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  1. If America is not a legalized caste system I’ll eat my dog’s food tonite. Tree Honkeys are way below Skittlezens in the caste order who are an order of magnitude below the white libs of the “Super Zips.”

  2. @robroy, the day i realized that was when my liberal white family turned its nose up at the white family of “crackers”, my father calling them “rednecks”, but yet they had nothing but priase and smiles for shiny niggers. that was when i got sick of libtard society, but yet the crackers don’t trust yuppies either. amerika has had a caste system since catholics first showed up, or “sinners” appeared. but today that caste system has become detached from our european ancestry, the “nobles” (as they see themselves) pedisatlize the outsiders, and it serves them well, as it marginalizes their kinfolk and prevents competition. white people need to get morals based in their blood and eyes, not Television. of course im preaching to the choir here.

  3. why should us Crackers trust yuppies, DWL’s/ SWPL or super zip Whites? From what I can tell they despise Crackers, or really any working class White person but especially a Southron working class White man. Unless they need to hide behind one of us, but as soon as we’re done saving their ass it’s back to despising.

  4. There was a big problem, even in the 1970s. My large midwest metro high school had 50% of each, (white and black) but was in flux, whites flighting out. Among the Euro Americans was a cross section of working class and shalle we say, yuppie class.

    The yuppie class with but a rare exception, loved rock of course but also disdained country music and preferred soul and funk to anything with twang.
    Of course country music then represented some of the best folk-influenced storytelling
    strains of our Anglo heritage. When more whites prefer James Brown to Merle Haggard, something is very wrong.

  5. exactly, Amspirational. the thing is that these castes are maintained through completely IMAGE based ideals. a yuppie needs his image of kakis, etc and his dave matthews, but these things are detrached from biology, im am the descendant of irish gravediggers in glasgow, the lumpenprole of dickenians england, and thanks to henry ford and “college” the decsendants of gravediggers are yuppies. and it goes both ways, the sons of anglos, dutchmen and danes are scorned and derided as rednecks by poles and irish and scots (the bottom of the medieval ethnic caste). so really we need to just forget about all this non-issue bullshit and look out for whitepeople, as whitepeople (im preaching to the choir here)

  6. we are being systematically anhillated by the “others” and they are proxies of the super libtard whites.
    im not sure why they hate their own kind so much , nor do i understand what their motivation is.
    really who do these yuppie douchebags think they are impressing? the “others” use them as much as the libtards use the “others”

  7. The whole purpose of a European caste system has been turned on its head. Instead of the high society embracing a sense of responsibility to their lower class kin, they scorn them and promote the “other”. I feel this is due to the industrial revolution and the rise of the white middle class. The elite are no longer needed for their traditional purpose. The elite need us to retain power more than we need them to ensure our safety and prosperity, and it has been that way pretty much since Samuel Colt. The Western “elite” failed to evolve to properly serve the needs of an advancing society.

  8. Descended from Cornish hard rock miners on one side, Virginia coal miners on the other.

    I guess that’s why I’m always digging a hole for myself!

  9. All white people need to arm themselves,learn how to use their weapons with confidence and get a conceled weapons permit.If you have a family member or friend who served in the US military or police force ask them to help you with your weapons.You DO NOT have to be the victim.This is the only way when we are forced to live with the evil beasts.

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