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  1. I’d be willing to bet that there weren’t “several thousand” at the rally in Miami. Maybe several hundred, but not thousands, much less the 75,000 that were predicted to be there.

  2. The Trayvons are now saying that Zimmerman was a pussy who got smacked down by No Limit Nigga who could not stand losing.

    Okay black people, do you understand that being beaten is life threatening? These blacks think it is normal to be beaten. They really are revolting.
    The HD YouTube clips are full of comments saying that Zimmerman lost so he shot.

  3. The girl he was on the phone to, ought to be grilled.

    If a phone went dead on a loved one I’d frantically call the cops or find the family.

    If she did not call around imediately after after the phone went off I don’t believe this black bitch for a minute.

  4. XYZ,

    Photo 33 is your real syrup of ipecac. Two wide-eyed and very young white children in the middle of that maelstrom holding Trei’vahn signs. To think that a parent would actually deliver their innocent children into that rapacious maw beggars belief.

    Wanton endangerment of your most vulnerable loved ones in service to an overtly hostile enemy reveals again the astounding power of propaganda. Remember that the next time someone derisively mocks “lolz jewish mind control rays.”

  5. When blacks mention “racism” what they mean is it’s a metaphysical concoction. Of course no whites ever think to ask for a definition or examples, they mostly by their training just sit there and nod their heads.

    But this metaphysical concoction can be pushed too far, as an example the Piers Morgan interview of that nut jobber black fool pushed it too far. White liberals have to appear to be like Spock not Reverend Hog Jowls.

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