Shock Video: Swedish Politician Eating From Screaming African Corpse Cake


I’m not even sure how to describe the content of anymore: it is not exactly an OD-style air raid siren, but it isn’t a dog whistle either. Maybe a dog rock concert?

Note: This is quite possibly the most anti-White, PC thing I have ever seen. These are the sick people who claim that Breivik is insane.

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  1. I say whites stay out of Africa’s business….”

    Better yet, don’t get college degrees in “art” where you will be making shock-propaganda or going to parties where this is what it looks like. Surely, somebody else out there, somewhere, is throwing better cocktail gigs.

  2. “Anon says:
    April 18, 2012 at 7:29 am
    That is pretty disturbing, what point exactly are they trying to make?”

    Who the Hell knows? Niggers cut up and mutilate Niggers. Not whites. Trust a Nigger to screw up EVERYTHING.

  3. It’s a protest against genital mutilation. In some parts of the world women are forced to undergo painful procedures that involve the removal, or cutting, of areas that allow a woman to experience sexual pleasure. The body of the cake is a woman, and the head is that of the artist. The racial element is meant to emphasize the effects of such practices in African cultures. Strange art happens everyday, and most people walk by barely noticing. It’s rare that something reaches so many people and invokes such a passionate response. If the artist meant to raise awareness, he certainly achieved public awareness of the cake, but it is apparent that many are not aware of the meaning behind it.

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