Breivik’s Defense Statement


Here is a transcript of Breivik’s 73 minute self defense statement:

“Responsible Norwegians and Europeans who feel morally obliged to not see that Norwegians are made to a minority in their own country.

They’re not going to see that we are made to the minority in their own country, we will fight against multiculturalism in the Labour Party and others working towards the same goal. The attacks were preventatives attacks in defense of the Norwegian culture and my people.

I acted in self defense on behalf of my people, my religion, my ethnicity, my city and my country.”

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  1. Re: Jews

    What percentage of them are the enemy? It is less than 100 percent. It is greater than 25 percent. I would say that about 50 percent usually passively go along with the 25 percent who are actively hostile.

    Among the remaining 25 percent that is not actively or passively hostile, the number of Jews who are supportive or persuadable is much lower. 10 percent of Jews would probably be a generous estimate.

    Political opinions fall along a spectrum in every community. The Jewish spectrum is not the same as the Protestant spectrum or the Catholic spectrum. It is tilted much more heavily to the Left than any other community that comes to mind.

  2. 2083 identifies four categories of “traitor”. “Category A traitors”, described as “the most influential and highest profile traitors”, include political, media and industrial leaders; the book advocates the death penalty for them. “Category B traitors” are said to include “cultural Marxist/multiculturalist politicians” along with “journalists, editors, teachers, lecturers, university professors, various school/university board members, publicists, radio commentators, writers of fiction, cartoonists, and artists/celebrities etc.” The death penalty is suggested for this group as well, but “Punishment can be reduced under certain circumstances”.

    “Category C traitors” are less powerful individuals who facilitate groups A and B. 2083 does not avocate execution for these people but states that they are “considered as acceptable indirect casualties in larger operations where WMDs are involved” – an obvious justification for Breivik’s atrocities. Finally, “category D traitors” are people who are deemed to be innocent of Breivik’s charges (see below) but to have aided guilty parties, and so are considered unworthy of any punishment but still “acceptable indirect casualties

  3. The takeaway is: he did what he did.

    Perhaps it solidifies the right, perhaps it unravels them there.
    Should be interesting.

  4. I’m against killing except in self-defense, and I do not condone what Breivik has done. All I am saying is that his actions are having and will have a tremendous psychological impact upon the race realist/WN movement around the world.

  5. This has become a popular tactic with White Nationalists over the last few years which is crying crocodile tears for the Palestinians. The other is talking about how you want all peoples to be free and be able to choose their destiny and yadda yadda so you can sound like some sort of human rights activist (ex:David Duke). It’s a stupid tactic and should be ceased.

  6. I actually encountered a poster on another site who used the “holocaust” to justify White genocide. I took him to task using Mantra points and made him squirm. He was posing as a WN.

    I can’t morally justify what Breivik did but understand it on an emotional level. But emotions and morality don’t always coincide. WN violence is perfect propaganda for the ADL and SPLC anti-White types. IMO it hurts us far more than it helps, a net loss.

    The only reason John Brown is considered a “hero” is because the CSA lost.

  7. Just wondering, Ulfric, how do you know when the tears are crocodile and (allowing your poetic depiction of tears) when genuine?

  8. Mr. Wallace,

    ” Breivik stated he was angry about destruction of Norway, and he took out that anger on rising generation of socialist scum. “

    Spare me the trouble of reading Brevick, if you would, and inform me, please, what is your definition of “socialism?” If you check wiki for example, you will find “rightist” “Conservative Revolutionaries” of Europe were “conservative socialists.”
    They were not, however believers in multiracialism, quite the contrary.

    I take it that Brevick associated his opposed stripe of “socialism” with multiculturalism and the inevitable time when non-Whites “took over” Norway.

    Fine, if so.

    But obviously if non-Whites combined are but 2.9 % of
    Norwegeans, this would be a considerable time away. Time enough that killing
    his quantity of Norwegian liberals/socialists-in-bloom puts him beyond the pale.
    But exploring further, can you cite any extant political programs of the vanquished
    which called for importing substantial numbers of non-Whites or Muslims?

    If so, what was the timetable?
    If not, by what rationale could Brevick deduce a non-White or Muslim
    “takeover” of Norway within his sight?

    Perhaps by a similar rationale, you would have praised James 1 if he had refused to sponsor Jamestown.

  9. “The only reason John Brown is considered a “hero” is because the CSA lost.”

    Breivik has said as much in reference to his own future notoriety.

  10. No, John Brown would be considered a Hero in any case. He got the Symbolism right. Pitched battle vs Federal SOLDIERS, a pungent oration, and then got hisself hung. Really well-done. Brievik murdered defenseless teens, White teens, threw up his hands and bleated “don’t shoot” when the police arrived, and will moulder away in a nut-bin for the rest of his evil life. I suspect that, soon enough, HardRights and WNs will find better role-models than Breivik the Kosher Butcher. “Occulus”? He needs to crawl back down the Hasbara Hole.

  11. Robert Oculus, you don’t make any sense. You say Jews are not the Enemy, then say they are involved in all the Enemy’s front lines of Kulturkampf. You say Jews have turned their backs on God, and then say that Palestinians (many of whom are Orthodox Christians and have lived in the Holy Land for centuries) are ‘worthless &*^%s.’

    How can a brother in Christ be worthless, and Jews not be guilty? It’s not that they have turned their backs on God, they are an IRREDEEMABLE race- especially now that we know Psychopathic behaviour is ‘hard-wired’ into those soulless creatures who enjoy pain, dominance, and perversion. And even a convert Jew like Nathanael Kapner can point out the psychopathocracy of his own race, for crying out loud!

    Get rid of the Jew, and the moral renaissance in Christendom will either convert or convict the [sic] ‘gentiles’ who are now our worst enemies. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were either married to one, or some dispie Israel-firster.

  12. Breivik clearly believes himself to be a hero.

    Either acquital or capital punishment. He WANTS to be a martyr.

    And THAT – apart from dead traitor teen multiculti robotoids, their culture-destroying parents, and ‘numbers of Norwegian dead’ – is what both fascinates the populace (If HE can do it, maybe WE can be free….) and terrifies the NWO types. (We must never let someone like him inspire the proletariat again….)

    Which, all things considered, is a grisly, but a good thing. Someone once was crucified as a bad thing (rebel, statist non-conformist), that turned out to be a good thing (Savior, redeemer). Vlad Tepes is revered in Romania… and so is Corneliu Codreneau- both are/were Orthodox Christians. Same enemies, different eras.

    Who is the enemy in our era, and did Breivik wound THAT beast, ‘nigh unto death’? THAT is the question that cuts through all this crap about ‘persons dead’ and ‘crazed ideologies’.

    Reading ‘The Sealed Train’ while perusing all this ‘sturm und drang,’ I would gladly have shot Lenin and the Bolsheviks in 1917, rather than let the next seventy years have happened. And thought myself a righteous priest for doing so. Clearly, the Israelite priests, just as the Black Regiment, just as Codreneau, had clergy defending the Fatherland, and being considered righteous. How will history (not the Jewsmedia, or Norway’s Liberal/Braindead Majority) see Breivik? Only time will tell, and whether or not it becomes a Shari’a paradise, or a Western Christian nation once more…. God often uses a Darius or Nebuchadnezzar to do HIS holy will, even if the instrument is flawed…..

  13. “Brievik murdered defenseless teens, White teens, threw up his hands and bleated “don’t shoot” when the police arrived”

    His justification for not going down in a blaze of glory was to use the platform provided by a trial to make his argument against those he considered traitorous. Once again, he covered all of this in his arguments.

    I don’t understand how you can refuse to read his writings out of “principle”, than state with assurance what you beleive to be his intentions and thought process. You can’t have it both ways. You don’t have to agree with what he did to realize the guy has dotted all his “j”s and quaed all his “Q”s. He is a complex individual, and is not easily pegged. He was about 20 steps ahead of most racialists when it came to elemental analysis of kinetic political action, especially in the European context.

    In short, he’s smarter and more motivated than the average racialist, so the average racialist feels inferior and threatened. You don’t have to agree with his actions to respect his dedication and resolve.

    The people he killed were kids like Trayvon Martin is a kid. Quit adopting the marxist narrative.

  14. @Jim

    C’mon, those kids were NOT Trayvon Martin. Not even.

    I don’t really know what to say about it. I’ve been following this discussion, and I agree with everybody, on different points. Everybody is right I guess. I wish it didn’t have to come to things like this — fratricide for the greater good. Anyway, I’ll go back watching from the sidelines.

  15. I didn’t say they were Trayvon Martin. I said they were children like Trayvon Martin was a child, in reference to the ridiculous media narratives that also proclaim roaming packs of wild feral niggers “youths”.

  16. @Fr. John+ : Some Jews are with the Enemy. Most are not. Those that are with the Enemy are not on the Bad Guys’ side because of their ethnic, cultural, and religious heritage, but rather in spite of it.

    Some “palestinians” are Christian brothers or are non-Christians willing to live in peace with other people. Most are not. Those that are on our side are not on the Good Guys’ team because of their ethnic cultural and religious heritage, but rather in spite of it.

    You do realize that Kulturkampf was a 100% Protestant ( = secular, Masonic ) production, right? The Hebes had nothing to do with it. It was Bismarck and the the Prussians all the way. The current Kulturkampf is likewise a 100% Protestant ( = secular, Masonic ) production. The Jews on board are just there to provide accounting and financial support to the goyische Scale ‘n’ Compass gang — the same crew that has been behind every act of evil since the Tower of Babel.

    For the record: I am a German-American Catholic of the Throne-and-Altar variety, and I am married to a nice German-American Catholic girl. I do not believe in dispensationalism, nor in any theory of “hard-wired” racial evil, and I am forbidden by my naturally sunny disposition and my religion from hating anyone. I simple recognize the obvious fact that people of different races, cultures, and religions cannot live together in peace, and I support the revival of Christendom as a federal empire of ethnostates.

  17. “@Fr. John+ : Some Jews are with the Enemy. Most are not. Those that are with the Enemy are not on the Bad Guys’ side because of their ethnic, cultural, and religious heritage, but rather in spite of it.”

    I disagree- vehemently. And the weight of history- and Christendom- is on my side.

    ” I am a German-American Catholic of the Throne-and-Altar variety, and I am married to a nice German-American Catholic girl. I do not believe in dispensationalism, nor in any theory of “hard-wired” racial evil, and I am forbidden by my naturally sunny disposition and my religion from hating anyone.”

    Congrats on finding a lifemate who is of the same Volk as you. But I find disturbing the fallacy that you are ‘forbidden’ to hate. Did you not allude to the fact you say you follow the Religion of the Bible? What do you make then, of Ps. 139:22, of which Christ said, ‘the Scriptures (such as this) cannot be broken’?

    “19Surely thou wilt slay the wicked, O God: depart from me therefore, ye bloody men. 20For they speak against thee wickedly, and thine enemies take thy name in vain. 21Do not I hate them, O LORD, that hate thee? and am not I grieved with those that rise up against thee?

    22I hate them with perfect hatred: I count them mine enemies.

    23Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts: 24And see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.”

    In this Psalm, Scripture clearly points out the fact that to be a true believer in the God and Father of Jesus Christ, one MUST hate God’s enemies- and that such ‘perfect hatred’ (using in the LXX the same word for ‘perfect’ that is used by Christ in the NT, where he says ‘Be YE perfect, as thy heavenly Father is perfect, etc.’) leads one to understand that, by holding God’s enemies to that hatred –

    (which St. Paul says is predestined by the Almighty from ‘before the foundation of the world’ -i.e., “Jacob [the House/People/Church of the Living God] have I loved, but Esau [Edom/Modern talmudic Jewry] have I hated,’ etc. is not only desired, but commanded. Moreover, that ‘hating’ clearly has a continual referent, as the verb tense in the Greek, is in the continuous present…)

    we establish OUR righteousness with God, in order to be ‘led in the way everlasting.’

    Perhaps you don’t know from where I stand:

    No, the true patristic understanding of hate is contained in the words of the REAL Catholic (i.e., non-papal) saints, such as St. Theodosius, who counseled:

    “Live in peace not only with your friends, but also with your enemies;
    But only with your personal enemies, and not with the enemies of God.”

    If only Rome would remember the Truth, and not preach falsehood, we might escape from this filioquist miasma that only pretends to be Christendom. –

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