Walter Russell Mead Admits Liberals Believe Black People Lack The Capacity To Maintain Civilization


Walter Russell Mead has a new essay on the impending collapse of America’s Black Metropolis:

“The second factor is more disturbing: there is a pervasive national sense of ennui and despair about urban areas in which African Americans are the majority. ‘We’ expect decline, decay and corruption in these places, so the Kilpatrick story strikes many editors and journalists as just another ‘dog bites man’ story: not news. Cory Booker is news; Kwame Kilpatrick isn’t.

That ennui and despair intensify when the subject is Detroit. Frankly, while the genteel world hates the thought of being racist, in reality there is a widespread belief in even the most liberal and well educated portions of the white upper middle class that nothing much better can happen in Detroit. I don’t believe that, and this is one of the reasons the city’s decline makes me angry as well as sad. Lax law enforcement and oversight from federal and state authorities allowed a climate of unrestrained corruption to grow up in Detroit over many years.”

If Professor Mead consults Escape From Detroit: The Collapse of America’s Black Metropolis, he would learn how the immutable laws of the Visible Black Hand of Economics (symbolized by the Joe Louis statue) kicks in whenever the Black Undertow becomes the majority in an urban or rural area.

The Visible Black Hand of Economics knocked out Detroit in the aftermath of the 1967 Black Insurrection. It left behind nothing but “blighted neighborhoods,” failing schools, pawn shops, title pawn stores, liquor stores, car washes, fried chicken restaurants, dollar stores, beauty supply stores, and nail salons.

Am I right, hehe?

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